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Best Software Reviews

  1. 1. ExactTarget

    Peter Hoy
    Peter Hoy recommends:
    "Evaluate your social media strategy/digital marketing business requirements for your entire marketing operation , and determine how much or your current/planned operation you can enhance. Consider..."
  2. 2. dotMailer

    Sarah Scott
    Sarah Scott recommends:
    "If you just need an email tool - Mad Mimi is significantly cheaper and free to set up plus their support is very good and there isn't much at all to go wrong. Price bracket is $30/mth for around 10..."
  3. 3. MailChimp

    Mark Halliday
    Mark Halliday recommends:
    "If you're looking for a straightforward email solution, and you're earning your list and want to follow good email practices (from what I can tell MailChimp has a definite position on what type of ..."
  4. 4. Constant Contact

    Kristin Hertko
    Kristin Hertko recommends:
    "If you're not already using another service to manage your email marketing and social media, give this one a try. You can sign up for a 60 day trial without entering any credit card information."
  5. 5. Oracle | Responsys

    Carrie Bloch (Stewart)
    "Figure out first what your top priorities are and what's most important, then evaluate the "how" it gets accomplished with Responsys vs. another. Most ESPs are getting to a point of being able to d..."

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