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  • QuickBooks Online
    QuickBooks Online
    (1508 reviews)

    I wanted a solution that would quickly and easily pull in data from banks and process payroll and provide basic accounting features, with enough flexibility to allow me to manually adjust entries easily. But there is nothing easy or powerful about Quickbooks Online. It is the perfect combination of glitchy and restrictive.

    Lawrence S.
    Lawrence S.
    G2 Crowd User
  • Propeller CRM
    Propeller CRM
    (3 reviews)

    Managing a fast-moving sales pipeline with 100% efficiency. We never miss logging opportunities, we don't have to set aside time every week to update the CRM. Just log it right from Gmail. Our business has grown 2X in the last 3 months, and I would attribute that largely to our improved efficiency and organization from using Propeller.

    Tyler H.
    Tyler H.
    G2 Crowd User
  • Visme
    (18 reviews)

    I need apps that not only make graphics and presentations, but save time and make things look great. Back in the day I would use Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and html. Today I can use web-based apps (Pixlr, vectr, and Visme) and while they are simple, they have the core features that are needed to make images that wow. The simplicity saves me time, and the output is professional grade with hardly even trying. It's fun, fast, and turns out really great end results.

    Tammy L.
    Tammy L.
    G2 Crowd User in Sporting Goods

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