Best Software Reviews

  1. 1. Intacct

    <span data-ue-widget='safe-name' data-safe-name-id='16608'>Jenni R.</span>
    Jenni R. says:
    "We were using Peachtree previously and had outgrown that product. Intacct gave us the ability to stop relying on spreadsheets to make our revenue recognition entries. This in turn gave us an annu..."
  2. 2. QuickBooks Online

    <span data-ue-widget='safe-name' data-safe-name-id='16037'>Kim E.</span>
    Kim E. says:
    "I solved many problems when we originally implemented Quickbooks Online. It isn't as robust as some of the desktop versions but I was able to edit the chart of accounts to make it work for all of ..."
  3. 3. QuickBooks Desktop

    <span data-ue-widget='safe-name' data-safe-name-id='20683'>Su-Lauren W.</span>
    Su-Lauren W. says:
    "IN house accounting and book keeping. Sales reports. Register tracking. We prefer to do our own in house book keeping and then send the reconciled statements and reports to the accountant for our t..."
  4. 4. Xero

    <span data-ue-widget='safe-name' data-safe-name-id='1043'>Richard N.</span>
    Richard N. says:
    "Xero is the first Accountancy tool where I didn't need a month to understand the terminology. Xero gives you a "sandbox" environment where you can test out new things if you are not sure, and an ex..."
  5. 5. Freshbooks

    <span data-ue-widget='safe-name' data-safe-name-id='36804'>Steve S.</span>
    Steve S. says:
    "I've been using Freshbooks for the last couple of years, and at first it was a breath of fresh air after getting away from Quickbooks (both online and desktop version prior to that). If you don't h..."