Best Software Reviews

  1. 1. Facebook for Business

    <span data-ue-widget='safe-name' data-safe-name-id='36648'>Laura H.</span>
    Laura H. says:
    "My company's social initiatives are to use our Facebook to attract new business through content and event marketing. Facebook ads have helped us bring more traffic to our page in general, in addit..."
  2. 2. Marin Software

    <span data-ue-widget='safe-name' data-safe-name-id='30158'>Erica C.</span>
    Erica C. says:
    "Due to the amount of clients we manage on the platform, it's all about scalability. Marin makes it possible to manage thousands of campaigns in a way that is organized, saves time, produces results..."
  3. 3. AdRoll

    <span data-ue-widget='safe-name' data-safe-name-id='17285'>Adam P.</span>
    Adam P. says:
    "Since we are a B2B company with high ticket priced solutions the traffic that visits our site is extremely relevant. Our bounce rates were high so we needed a way to keep this audience engaged and ..."
  4. 4. Kenshoo

    <span data-ue-widget='safe-name' data-safe-name-id='30617'>Dmitry A.</span>
    Dmitry A. says:
    "Managing campaigns directly in the engines creates room for error especially when it comes to over/under spending if campaign are not monitored properly. Kenshoo has consequently helped us with bot..."
  5. 5. Twitter Ads

    <span data-ue-widget='safe-name' data-safe-name-id='12194'>Brittany B.</span>
    Brittany B. says:
    "Shortly after signing up, you'll probably get an email from a Twitter ads account rep offering help and advice on running your campaign. Definitely take them up on that. Our account rep really help..."