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  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro
    QuickBooks Desktop Pro
    (744 reviews)

    I would highly recommend QuickBooks Desktop Pro to anyone in need of accounting software, because QuickBooks has been around for so long and it's updated so frequently, I am not sure if there is any software that has its capabilities. I have contacted QuickBooks for help a few times and they are always quick and efficient to fix my problems. If I ever run my own company, which I hope I do, I will purchase Quickbooks in a heartbeat.

    Blakely W.
    Blakely W.
    G2 Crowd User
  • Pipedrive
    (650 reviews)

    Pipedrive has helped our business to improve our sales process starting with the lead generation and management, tracking of all sales activities and sellers. The sales forecast is very important to make adjustments in the prices that are offered to potential customers to accomplish our sales goals.

    Katherine A.
    Katherine A.
    G2 Crowd User in E-Learning
  • RStudio
    (277 reviews)

    If you have to run lot of data in R and you are a beginner or not a bioinformatics guy, use RStudio, the interface is good and user friendly, everything is pretty clear in the screen, you will know when something is wrong with your code and RStudio gives you some hint to make the code work.

    Patrick S.
    Patrick S.
    G2 Crowd User in Writing and Editing

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