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    I have used SAP for more than five years in the market, and I have never heard that a company complains about the product itself, on the contrary it allows invoicing in a simple way. Yes there are customers who have complained about the service provided by SAP parthners, but that is another issue totally different from what is the SAP system itself.

    Alejandro R. Z.
    Alejandro R. Z.
    G2 Crowd User in Marketing and Advertising
  • Salesforce CRM
    Salesforce CRM
    (6051 reviews)

    You absolutely must have clearly defined business processes and documentation before you begin to implement Salesforce. Don't count on your implementation firm to provide this expertise. While they know the product, they are usually poor at helping with process improvement and definition. You will spend way more in technological implementation than necessary if you don't do this work ahead of starting.

    Ryan T.
    Ryan T.
    G2 Crowd User in Management Consulting
  • AgencyAnalytics
    (48 reviews)

    I've always hated reports. I hate doing them and I hate sending them. I used to be in a company where they always positioned their reports in a positive light. That's not the reality of the internet! With Agency Analytics, I can auto send the report. It'll contain everything good,bad, ugly. My clients can trust that the reports will have the same compenents every month and nothing is monkeyed with. Additionally, the reports are so easy to read, I teach my clients how to read them. Then, if th...

    Andrea Lynn D.
    Andrea Lynn D.
    G2 Crowd User

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