E-signature Software Review: New crowdsourced vendor rankings

Today’s release of the e-signature software Grid℠ features rankings of six vendors based on 500 ratings from real users. E-signature refers to software platforms designed to gather signatures without printing a document and physically signing. Companies are adopting e-signature solutions to reduce the cycle time to gather signatures as well as reduce costs of gathering and storing signatures on paper.

Grid for esignature

How e-signature vendors compare

Three vendors — Silanis e-Sign, DocuSign and Adobe EchoSign — earned spots as Leaders on the Grid℠. Silanis earned the highest customer satisfaction score, which is calculated based on the average ratings reported by users in the 45-question review survey about all aspects of a e-signature vendor’s product and services. DocuSign earned the highest scale score, which is based upon a vendor’s size, online and social presence, and market share.

AssureSign, RightSignature and Sertifi were categorized as Niche products on the Grid℠. All three earned high satisfaction scores but lower scale scores, indicating that they do a good job meeting the needs of their smaller customer bases.

Check out the Grid℠ for e-signature and access our research for more detailed information. And be sure to write an e-signature software review for the one you use to add your perspective to G2 Crowd’s crowdsourced rankings.


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