G2 Crowd was founded to create a place where people will love to work. We strive to create meaning in work and provide more than just a job and more than a career: a true calling. We pride ourselves on having an environment where people can enjoy coming to work every day, by supporting our employees in their professional and personal lives.


  • Digital Content & Engagement Specialist
    G2 Crowd is seeking a Digital Content & Engagement Specialist who understands the importance of data and has the writing chops to turn that data into insightful, interesting content that our audiences of software buyers and vendors will want to read and share.

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    Director of Public Relations
    G2 Crowd is looking for a seasoned PR professional to manage outreach to media outlets and industry influencers to ensure G2 Crowd's continued success.

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    Business Development Representative
    G2 Crowd is looking for an entry-level, eager individual to join our Marketing Solutions team as a Business Development Representative who will help to fill our sales pipeline.

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    UI Designer
    G2 Crowd is looking for a UI Designer that is passionate about user, visual design, and interaction design and will create and maintain designs for our blog and web application.

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    Account Executive- San Francisco Bay Area
    We are looking for a competitive, high-energy sales professional to engage with vendors, build relationships and drive revenue in the San Francisco Bay area.

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  • Our Culture

    At our core, G2 Crowd strives to build a meaningful business that brings joy to the lives of our users and our team. People join G2 Crowd if they enjoy being challenged, like friendly competition, and can bring fun to every task. We take care of our employees by providing fair compensation, recognizing their brilliant contributions, and letting them find meaning in the mission of company. We recognized that our team is entirely composed of knowledge workers who rely upon intrinsic motivation to complete both creative and mundane tasks required to help our company win. As a team, we share a commitment to each other and the company that drives us relentlessly forward.

    Our Values

    Our values help guide us in the decisions we make and are core to sculpting our culture.

    1. Buyers come first – The problem we are trying to solve to help a buyer find the right solution that will improve their business.  We can’t forget this and it is the reason it at the top of the value list.
    2. Be compassionate and authentic – The way we communicate and interact with each other, our users, customers and the world is important.  Compassion for others moves us to help.   Authenticity ensures we communicate with transparency to make the best decisions.
    3. Learn quickly and continuously – There is always room for improvement.  We would rather make a mistake and learn from it than to take no action. In addition, as with all things we do we learn with a sense of urgency.
    4. Expect Excellence – We aren’t satisfied until we have a achieved a level that hasn’t been achieved in the past.
    5. Keep an Entrepreneurial Spirit – At G2 Crowd, you should feel and behave like you are starting a business. Versatility, Cost Conscious, Creativity, Efficiency, and Optimism are characteristics that valued.
    6. Work with Joy – We spend a good portion of our life working and believe that this time should be enjoyable and sometimes down right fun.  We strive to create an environment where we  enjoy working beside each other to achieve a common vision that brings joy and purpose to everyone’s lives.