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Admission-based nonprofit software provides nonprofits with operational solutions. Nonprofit organizations often operate in scientific, research, religious, or educational settings; one type of nonprofit might globally promote a specific cause while another may provide access to cultural spaces via admissions and ticketing. Not-for-profit museums, zoos, science centers, and botanical gardens, for example, have distinct software needs. Admission-based tools deliver solutions tailored to event registration, ticketing and admissions, donations and fundraising, membership management and benefits, and point-of-sale. Admission-based nonprofit software is often implemented with other nonprofit systems, such as donor management and fundraising software. This solution also often integrates with back-office tools including nonprofit CRM and nonprofit accounting.

To qualify for inclusion in the Admission-Based Nonprofit Software category, a product must:

  • Provide software for admission-based nonprofits
  • Offer online and on-site ticketing, admissions, and reservation solutions
  • Supply online membership management features
  • Comply with secure processing of one-time and recurring payments
  • Integrate with back-office solutions
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