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    Huawei's NetEngine20E-S is a versatile mid-range routing platform for use at the access and aggregation layers of enterprise campus networks. It features an energy-efficient, rugged, and redundant hardware design for high reliability

    NetEngine40E Series Universal Service Routers are an excellent choice for mission-critical applications in government, transportation, TV broadcasting, finance, and power utilities implementing Smart Grid technologies

    To keep pace with the exploding demand for bandwidth and services, large enterprises and ISP data centers need the high performance, scalability, and resiliency engineered into Huawei's huge-capacity NetEngine5000E Series Cluster Routers

    The NetEngine9000 series core router (NE9000) is Huawei’s flagship core router. It was created for large-scale Data Center Interconnect (DCI), super core nodes on the carrier backbone network, metro core, and core nodes on large-scale enterprise networks

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