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Endpoint antivirus software is any program that prevents and/or detects the presence of malicious software within an endpoint device. These tools typically contain detection features for identifying potential malware and computer viruses that attempt to, or actually penetrate, a device. Most tools possess some form of firewall to stop any virus, worm, trojan, or adware that attempts to penetrate the device. Companies use these tools to protect their devices and the sensitive information within them. These tools typically possess some feature to assess a device’s or network’s health and alert administrators of any infection present. This can help ensure each device in a company’s system is secure. These tools should not be confused with firewall tools, which may have the same features, but also prevent hackers and other parties from penetrating networks and devices. Other endpoint security tools include endpoint detection and response (EDR) and endpoint management software. EDR tools possess a wider range of capabilities for identifying malware and device penetration, along with tools to remove malicious elements. Endpoint management tools help users manage which devices are connected to networks and ensure the security features of those devices are up to date.

To qualify for inclusion in the Endpoint Antivirus category, a product must:

  • Possess malware identification and/or removal features
  • Possess anti-virus and/or antispyware features
  • Show health status of individual devices
  • Distribute updates as new virus signatures are detected
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    Norton Internet Security software protects your PC with antivirus and antispam technologies.

    Malwarebytes Endpoint Security brings all of our industry-leading protection and remediation technologies into one powerful solution. This multi-layer defense model breaks the attack chain by combining advanced malware detection and remediation, malicious website blocking, ransomware blocking, and exploit protection in a single platform. Malwarebytes Breach Remediation, our threat detection and remediation solution, scans for and remediates malware, reducing dwell time and the need for endpoint re-imaging. It integrates seamlessly into existing security stacks.

    ESET’s Endpoint Security solutions leverage a multilayered approach that utilizes multiple technologies working in a dynamic equilibrium, which has the ability to constantly balance performance, detection and false positives. ESET Security Management Center can be installed on Windows, Linux or via Virtual Appliance. After install, all management is done via a web-console, allowing easy access and management from any device or operating system. All ESET Endpoint products despite the OS can be managed from a single ESET Security Management Center instance. In addition, ESET Security Management Center supports full Mobile Device Management (MDM) of Android and iOS devices. Multiple users and permission groups can be created to allow access to a limited portion of the ESET Security Management Center instance. This allows full streamlining of responsibilities across large enterprise teams.

    In a multi-vector attack, cybercriminals combine a variety of threat technologies, deployed in numerous stages, over multiple points of entry, or vectors, to infect computers and networks. To keep businesses, their users, and their devices safe, Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection offers a unique blend of layered multi-vector protection that stops threats across email, web browsing, files, URLs, ads, apps, and more.

    Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2018 delivers multiple layers of protection against ransomware. It uses behavioral threat detection to prevent infections, and protects your most important documents from ransomware encryption. With Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2018, you can stop worrying about losing your data or money, and enjoy life and your devices.

    Avast is the global leader in next-gen cyber security products for consumers and businesses and protects over 400 million people online. Avast offers products under the Avast and AVG brands, that protect people from threats on the internet with one of the most advanced threat detection networks in the world. Avast digital security products are top ranked for mobile, PC and Mac. For businesses, Avast offers comprehensive antivirus security that keeps your devices, data, and employees safe from the latest cyber threats. Work and browse confidently from anywhere knowing your business is completely protected. If you are a MSP or VAR, you can also deliver enhanced managed services to your customers and take your business even further. Just choose from our Avast CloudCare cloud-based protection solution or our full-stack, remote monitoring and management platform.

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business offers a tightly integrated combination of superior security technologies and far-reaching systems management capabilities, which can all be controlled via a single management console.

    Panda Endpoint Protection provides centralized protection for all of your Windows, Mac and Linux workstations, including laptops, smartphones and the leading virtualization systems.

    Kaspersky AntiVirus is the smarter way to protect everything on your PC… to help keep you safe from viruses, spyware & Trojans – and help stop ransomware locking up all your files.

    Complete security that includes encryption, web filtering and patch assessment

    CylancePROTECT redefines what antivirus can and should do for your organization by leveraging artificial intelligence to detect AND prevent malware from executing on your endpoints in real time.

    Malwarebytes Chameleon technologies get Malwarebytes for Windows installed and running when blocked by malicious programs.

    NOD32 Antivirus is ESET���s most basic security offering, providing stateoftheart security for a single PC.

    SpamTitan blocks spam, viruses, malware and other email threats by over 99.9%. We provide sophisticated email security for your business without making it complicated.

    Get back to what your business really needs you for : Online security threats are serious business. Hackers and malware can sneak in and disrupt your operations, costing you time and money. Worse still, hackers and malware can take down your business completely. Our business antivirus reduces that risk and disruption for you and guards against the latest threats: hassle and worry you just don't need. Features include * File Shredder * Firewall * Smart Scanner * File Server Security * ID Protection * Link Scanner * Ransom Ware Protection * Remote management

    VIPRE is a leading provider of advanced security products purpose-built to protect every major attack vector from today’s most costly and malicious online threats. Leveraging decades of proven industry expertise, our award-winning software portfolio includes comprehensive email and endpoint security, along with real-time threat intelligence and the industry’s premier sandbox for next-gen malware analysis.

    Avast Pro Antivirus is advanced security for your personal computer (PC) or laptop that combines antivirus and antimalware protection with other technical features designed to help prevent a cyberattack.

    Trend Micro Antivirus + Security is a subscriptionbased antivirus and security product for personal computers with Windows operating systems.

    More powerful than ever, our latest edition works even harder and smarter for you and your business. It comes with - * Accelerated scanning engine * Link protection * Enhanced Firewall * Advanced encryption for your critical folders and files * Secure deletion of unwanted files * Protects against Ransom ware * Email Server Security * Email Protection * Remote admin Tools * 24/7 support

    Business-grade protection, privacy, and performance for endpoints. Avira’s protection-cloud AI technology gives you not only a real-time malware scanner and virus detector, but also an early warning system, which analyzes unknown files in the cloud – anonymously – from millions of users, to protect you from threats as they emerge in real time. Real time antivirus protection — Shields your business from viruses, spyware, Trojans, and other malware. Complete web protection — Ensures your employees don’t land on phishing or infected websites. Powerful network protection — Prevents hackers from tapping into your network and stops malware from spreading. Online management console — Offers an online dashboard with centralized security management for all your devices. Anti-phishing and web protection — Scans all incoming/outgoing traffic for phishing attacks, malicious URLs, and infected attachments. Network protection — Scans network traffic on all 65,000 ports on each of your endpoints, keeping your corporate and customer data secure. Flexible management — Schedule reports on quarantined emails, set administrative permission levels and enforce content-filtering policies. File server protection — Secures all confidential data stored on your servers against malware. Resource-light server security — Your servers maintain their peak performance even under heavy-load conditions. Premium support — Includes support from our experienced service team via phone and email. Germany-based Avira knows security: Our Avira Antivirus Pro was named “2016 Product of the Year” by AV-Comparatives. For over 30 years, independent antivirus reviews have typically placed Avira among the top security software available.

    McAfee AntiVirus Plus is a cloudbased antivirus service that can protect personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones from viruses, malware, and other security threats.

    Cross-platform antimalware protection for all types of servers, including file, SQL and web

    Falcon Prevent uniquely combines an array of powerful methods to provide prevention against the rapidly changing tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by adversaries to breach organizations – including commodity malware, zero-day malware and even advanced malware-free attacks.

    Expedited, complete cleanup, plus ongoing protection to stop malware from coming back.

    CloudCare is a free, cloud-based, endpoint security administration platform that makes it significantly faster and easier to monitor threats, resolve issues, and deliver multiple layers of protection to your customers.

    Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a light-weight anti-malware program to clean and protect your PC from all internet threats: viruses, ransomware, spyware, trojans, adware and other malware. It uses a triple-layer prevention engine: Surf Protection, Real-time File Guard and Behavior Blocker. Surf Protection blocks access to fraudulent and dangerous websites, while the Real-time File Guard scans for more than 10 million types of malware in real-time. It recognizes dangers immediately when they try to run or are being downloaded from the Web. New malware signatures updates are available at least 24 times per day. The third layer, the Behavior Blocker with Live Cloud-Verification and Anti-Ransomware, scans and monitors all running programs - all the time. It catches zero-day threats that aren’t yet included in the signature database and as soon as a program does something suspicious, it’s stopped and alerted. It provides the ultimate protection that others can’t catch.

    Safeguard your email with simple set-and-forget protection against malware and spam. Safeguard your email with simple set-and-forget protection against malware and spam. Safeguard your email with simple set-and-forget protection against malware and spam.

    You need advanced detection and protection technology to protect your computer against modern and complex threats. Secure Anti-Virus provides protection against viruses, spyware, infected email attachments and other malware. Automatic updates and realtime response guarantee the fastest protection against all new threats.

    IBM Trusteer Rapport is an advanced endpoint protection solution designed to protect users from financial malware and phishing attacks. Using industry-leading technology, Trusteer Rapport is designed to defend against MitB attacks, remove malware from endpoint devices and protect customers by preventing them from entering phishing sites. Trusteer Rapport offers a broad security solution that can help your organization reduce costs, enhance your fraud detection and prevention, and help to provide a seamless customer experience.

    Barkly replaces legacy antivirus with the strongest protection, the smartest technology and simplest management. Barkly blocks attacks across all vectors and intents, including exploits, scripts, executables, and ransomware. Barkly's patented 3-level architecture enables unmatched visibility into all levels of the system, including the CPU, to block attacks. Barkly is incredibly simple to manage and deploy: no policies, configuration or security expertise required.

    Get unbeatable protection from every type of malware with Comodo's award-winning free Antivirus. Lightning fast cloud scanner blocks malware even if you don't have the latest updates. Blocks ransomware and zero-day threats by locking them in a secure container where they cannot infect your computer.

    enSilo offers a complete endpoint security and malware protection solution, designed to stop malware post-infection real-time from causing harm and tampering or exfiltrating data from endpoints.

    An ESET Virtualization Security for VMware NSX and vShield appliance streamlines the agentless protection of all virtual machines and provides high performance security that won't slow down your VMs.

    HitmanPro digs deep to rid your computer of any lingering infections. Quick, specialized scanning, with easy removal, gets your computer back to a pre-infected state in no time. It can also run right alongside your current security software if you’re looking for another layer of security, or a second opinion on how that security is performing.

    K7 AntiVirus is designed to be a homeuser friendly virus removal software, with protection against viruses, Trojans, malware and spyware.

    Scan AntiVirus with Cloud Security for Home and Small Office Edition is a specially designed security solution that provides realtime protection to computers from objectionable content and security threats, such as Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Botnets, Hackers, Spam, and Phishing.

    Detect and block advanced threats that elude traditional analysis with multiple-layer inspection and customizable sandboxing

    The AMT (Agentless anti-Malware Technology) is a new proprietary Minded Security technology for detection and management of malware software.

    AppGuard’s patented technology prevents viruses, fileless malware, botnets, polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, targeted attacks, in-memory attacks, ransomware, phishing, watering-holes, drive-by-downloads, and other undetectable advanced threats.

    AVL SDK for Mobile provides antivirus solutions for a variety of mobile security products or services. By integrating AVL SDK for Mobile, you can immediately get the world’s leading antivirus detection and processing ability. No matter you are vendors providing BYOD or MDM services, or vendors customize their mobile systems, or security software developers, or network equipment vendors or cloud service providers, you can all obtain the most effective mobile malware detection and identification capabilities.

    AVL SDK for Network is a kind of antivirus engine that can be used in network devices, including NGFW, UTM, router and so on, to detect malware and spyware on Windows platform. It can effectively discover the potential high-level threats through deep analysis of network traffic with several methods.

    BluVector Cortex is an AI-driven sense and response network security platform. Designed for mid-sized to very large organizations, the platform makes it possible to accurately and efficiently detect, analyze and contain sophisticated threats including fileless malware, zero-day malware, and ransomware in real time

    Bugssafe Total Security is a software designed to offer protection against viruses, spyware, trojans and other malicious programs.

    Cofense PhishMe uses industry-proven behavioral conditioning methods to better prepare employees to recognize and resist malicious phishing attempts–transforming one of your biggest liabilities into your strongest defense.

    Cylance Smart Antivirus is compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and macOS laptops and desktops

    Cylance ThreatZERO experts blend technological expertise and personalized, white glove service to optimize Cylance security solutions. Get the most out of your investment while creating a protected environment that runs smoothly, accountably and effectively

    Proactive malware detection and protection to suit any client or security scenario.

    Falcon Complete™ changes the game by making endpoint security powerful and easy for all organizations. Falcon Complete combines CrowdStrike’s industry-leading protection technologies with the people, expertise and processes necessary to provide the most effective, worry-free approach to endpoint security.

    CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint protection unifies the technologies required to successfully stop breaches: next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response, IT hygiene, 24/7 threat hunting and threat intelligence. They combine to provide continuous breach prevention in a single agent.

    Formata offers secure form endpoints for sites and apps.

    G Data Antivirus Business technology was developed to protect corporate data in a centralized environment with security safeguards for servers, workstations, notebooks, and Android devices.

    InfiSecure is a web security platform to detect and block online threats.

    NP AV is a PC protection software designed to offer virus removal tools and internet security.

    PCKeeper Antivirus is an easy way to keep yourself safe from online threats. With automated protection and regular updating you won't bother about your online security.

    PT MultiScanner is a multithreaded malware detection system designed to find threats with precision and speed by combining multiple anti-virus engines and supplementing them with other detection methods, including retrospective analysis of malicious files and reputation services.

    Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway (formerly GWAVA) provides inbound and outbound protection for your company enterprise network and messaging system.

    Smartguard is software designed to manage internet, bandwidth and network security.

    Premium spam and virus protection for your domain. Without user or traffic limit. Easy setup, learning spam filter, the power of the cloud.

    Akamai SPS Secure Business provides enforcement of content policy and state-of-the-art threat protection with unequaled simplicity. Delivered as a seamless part of a provider's Internet service, it is easy for providers and their subscribers to manage, yet provides comprehensive visibility, control, and protection for all Internet-connected devices. Service options range from simple content filtering and parental controls to multi-layered, defense-in-depth features that protect from a broad range of the latest malicious Internet threats, including ransomware, botnets, phishing, and zeroday malware attacks

    Akamai SPS Secure Consumer protects households from online threats, including phishing, ransomware, viruses, and all types of malware, to shield them from identity and financial theft. Network-level technology enables online content filtering and usage monitoring that is precise and powerful, yet simple to use. Service providers can build trust and inspire loyalty by providing advanced cyber threat protection for subscribers on all service provider networks, including fixed line, mobile, and Wi-Fi hotspots.

    Akamai SPS Secure Public Wi-Fi is a security-as-a-service offering that service providers can supply to their business customers. It blocks inappropriate and unsafe content on the Internet, simply and effectively. Settings can be managed from anywhere, on any device, including tablets and smartphones, for any location small or large, including small and mid-size businesses, airports, entertainment venues, theme parks, shopping malls, train stations, smart cities, municipalities, government organizations, and more.

    Sunrise Total Security is a computer security software.

    Detect and remediate advanced malware threats with ThreatSecure.

    Total Defense Anti-Virus is comprehensive anti-virus and anti-malware intended to protect personal computers (PCs) and laptops from malicious threats. Total Defense Anti-Virus is anti-virus and anti-malware program that can work to protect Windows laptops and desktops from malware, ransomware, trojans, and other types of malicious threats to your system. The leaves a small footprint so that it does not interfere with any of the other processes running on your computer, while still effectively ensuring that you are protected from various types of cyber-threats. Total Defense Anti-Virus also features automatic USB (universal serial bus) scanning capabilities that can protect your computer from portable USB-based threats.

    Trusted Knight is a provider of security software solutions focused on defeating newly developed malware and crimeware trojans.

    Vade Secure is the global leader on anti-phishing, spear phishing, malware and ransomware filtering.

    We prevent computers from becoming infected with viruses, worms, bots and other malware. Prevention is the #1 malware mitigation strategy within a complete defense in depth security plan. The U.S. CERT, and similar organizations in Australia and Canada, recommends application control technologies as the #1 solution to malware attacks. White Cloud Security blocks all executable and scripted malware by only running software you intend to run! TRUST LOCKDOWN is essentially an “App Firewall” running in DEFAULT DENY mode. We block 100% of malware that tries to run as an executable or script. Our security driver intercepts the loading of all executables and scripts, takes their fingerprints and determines if they are on your TRUSTED Apps list. • Only Trusted Apps are allowed to run • Untrusted Apps are ALWAYS blocked If an App isn’t trusted, it won’t run. Period.

    Zenedge Malware Protection is an inline security control that detects malware at the edge - before it reaches your web applications.

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