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App monetization software helps mobile application developers and publishers earn money from their apps through mobile app advertising. Doing so allows developers to offer their app to users for free, but is also commonly used to supplement other revenue sources such as paid downloads and freemium models. App monetization software is used by the software developers and mobile publishers to create and format ad units inside the app and streamline the selling of the ad space through mobile ad networks and exchanges. App monetization platforms are sold both as best of breed products specifically for selling mobile apps, or as part of a more comprehensive publisher ad management product. App monetization software is paralleled by mobile advertising software that advertisers use to purchase the ad space made available in apps. Ad networks and ad exchanges serve as the bridge between the two sides, and app monetization platforms must integrate with those to ensure ads transition smoothly through the online ad buying process.

To qualify for inclusion in the App Monetization category, a product must:

  • Offer software development kits (SDKs) for the ability to create and manage ad units within mobile apps on iOS, Android, or Windows devices. Mobile website ad units are also sometimes available within these platforms as well.
  • Integrate with third-party ad networks and exchanges, and/or offer access to its own proprietary ad inventory offerings
  • Automate processes for trafficking and managing ads
  • Track ad conversion and audience demographic information
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    Unity Ads allows you to supplement your existing revenue strategy by allowing you to monetize your entire player base - including the ever-important 97% (industry average) of players that will never make an in-app purchase.

    Facebook's Audience Network allows you to monetize your iOS and Android apps, as well as mobile websites with targeted ads.

    AdMob brings together best-in-class technology in a single platform, so you can gain insights about your users, drive more in-app purchases, and maximize your ad revenue.

    AerServ is the leading inventory and audience monetization technology for mobile publishers.  AerServ helps thousands of mobile publishers increase revenue through AerServ's ad mediation platform, and increase yield by delivering brand-based ads from the aerMarket ad exchange. AerServ's mediation layer is powered by OpenAuction technology, the industry's first true, comprehensive unified and simultaneous auction. AerServ's entire platform and infrastructure is built with a publisher-first objective and provides best in class support from account managers and software engineers. The company was founded in 2013 and has offices in Irvine, California. Visit AerServ at www.aerserv.com or follow us on Twitter at @AerServ

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    DoubleClick for Publishers is a complete ad revenue engine that helps publishers capture the full value of every impression across demand sources and channels. Seamless integration with DoubleClick Ad Exchange provides instant connection to millions of quality advertisers, while the natively integrated sales management platform streamlines operations for maximized sales at minimized costs.

    MoPub is a hosted ad serving solution built specifically for mobile publishers.

    Tapjoy maximize the value of every user for freemium mobile app publishers with its Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform for mobile apps uses market leading data science, user segmentation and predictive analytics to drive deeper engagement and optimize revenue from every user.

    ONE by AOL: Publishers enables publishers to maximize their digital advertising revenue while providing the controls to minimize sales channel conflicts. It is built by industry veterans from Advertising.com and ONE by AOL: Ad Server, leveraging over 15 years of global experience in non-reserved, yield optimization and ad serving technology.

    Leadbolt is a high-performance mobile advertising platform, helping advertisers and app publishers achieve exceptional results. Powered by direct relationships and dynamic ad-serving technology, Leadbolt allows app marketers to reach and acquire quality users at scale. For app developers, high impact mobile ad solutions and our award-winning Direct Deals Marketplace optimize inventory and campaign partner matching to drive maximum app returns. Leadbolt delivers more than 10 billion ads a month, across 65,000 apps worldwide. Leadbolt is privately held and headquartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Bangalore. For more information, visit www.leadbolt.com  

    Appodeal is the leading intelligent ad mediation solution for mobile apps. We enable publishers to maximize their revenue by engaging the entire ad ecosystem in real-time competition for every ad impression through the Appodeal marketplace. Publisher ad inventory is showcased to all available buyers on the market including all major ad networks, RTB exchanges, and DSP. Our exclusive flat waterfall bidding model serves the highest paying ads first regardless of their position in the waterfall.

    Epom Apps is an app mediation platform with optimization team that makes your app monetization easy and efficient. Integrate our SDK & access all premium brands and ad networks through a single account.

    Free Cross Promotion. Buy and sell mobile ads directly with other developers in the Direct Deals marketplace. Plus the largest mobile games-only ad network with interstitial and mobile video ads. All with unprecedented transparency and data to help you drive intelligent decisions.

    Fyber is an advertising technology company that empowers app developers to execute smart monetization strategies.

    PubMatic is the automation solutions company for an open digital media industry. Featuring the leading omni-channel revenue automation platform for publishers and enterprise-grade programmatic tools for media buyers, PubMatic’s publisher-first approach enables advertisers to access premium inventory at scale. Processing nearly one trillion ad impressions per month, PubMatic has created a global infrastructure to activate meaningful connections between consumers, content and brands. Since 2006, PubMatic’s focus on data and technology innovation has fueled the growth of the programmatic industry as a whole. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, PubMatic operates 11 offices and six data centers worldwide.

    Aarki Encore is an integrated platform that enables robust and scalable programmatic media buying, development of rich & interactive HTML5 creative, and unified optimization.

    AdColony's stunning HD mobile video ads with interactive end cards are tailored for mobile engagement to drive results.

    The Admitad company was established by Alexander Bachmann on October 1, 2009, and officially launched on March 1, 2010. Such advertisers as AliExpress, Booking.com, GearBest, Qatar Airways, ASOS, Papa John's, and many others, entrust Admitad with maintenance of their affiliate programs.

    Cheetah Ad Platform is a mobile advertising platform that works with advertisers, publishers and developers to reach and engage with global consumer audiences at scale.

    Freemius is a complete monetization, analytics and insights platform for WordPress plugin and theme developers.

    At InMobi, we are reimagining advertising to deliver real value for mobile consumers. Be it innovative ad formats that elevate the mobile experience, or contextual & personalized recommendations that drive discovery, our products are designed to inspire, engage, and delight mobile users.

    Mobfox is a world leading data-driven mobile SSP and exchange, providing publishers with all the tools they need to manage their ad serving, data layers, and monetization stack efficiently, transparently, and automatically. The Mobfox offering includes automated mediation, managed deals and private marketplace, data-based tailored audiences, access to over 200 demand sources, and a wide range of formats for in-app advertising including video, native, rich media and display.

    Nexway MONETIZE allows you to monetize your audience & increase you are per customer revenue. Nexway MONETIZE is a collection of digital services driving commerce and enabling business, working across all types of devices and supporting sales driven in-app, on the web or via any digital interface.

    OpenX’s vision is to unleash the full economic potential of digital media companies through superior advertising technology.

    PUBLISHERS maximize eCPM through technology, transparency, and innovation with an advanced business intelligence identifies the most relevant campaigns for your users while designed ad units capture user attention in a way that enhances the user experience instead of taking away from it.

    Vungle is an in-app video advertising platform that optimize technology, targeting, and HD video ad delivery to reach and acquire high-quality users worldwide, generate revenue with engaging video ads.

    Monetize your app with native and video ads from Yahoo, Flurry, and BrightRoll advertisers.

    AdBuddiz lets you monetize your Android and iOS apps with premium full screen ads.

    Adscend creates rewards-based ad solutions for apps and websites.����������

    [a•mo•bee] offers marketers, agencies, publishers and operators an innovative digital marketing technology platform and solutions.

    AppBrain is an ad network used by����������developers to promote their Android apps and monetize their in-app traffic.

    AppLovin marketing platform lets you use data to engage your consumers on mobile.

    AppNext offers mobile monetization and app distribution solutions.

    AppTap is committed to helping app developers and publishers grow and monetize their audience with native app advertising platform.

    international mobile app distribution

    Axonix is a mobile exchange and audience buying platform.

    Clickky is a full-stack platform for user acquisition and mobile monetization, which offers both programmatic and performance solutions, while currently focusing on developing its own SSP and RTB Marketplace. Clickky works with the world's top DSPs, along with more than 2900 direct media sources. The Platform offers global reach, access to premium iAB-compliant inventory and top-performing ad formats, both in-app and in-web. Via its RTB Marketplace, Clickky serves up to 100 million impressions daily.

    dJAX Mobile Ad Server is a powerful Mobile Advertising Solution that accomplishes buying and selling of digital ad inventory specifically for Mobile Publishers and Advertisers. Its supports for all types of Ad Formats and delivers these on both mobile Web pages and Applications.

    HyprMX offers mediation and mobile monetization solutions.

    Rather than paying for impressions, clicks or downloads, you set the price you're willing to pay per successful install of your software.

    ironSource offers mobile mediation and app marketing solutions.

    COPPA Compliant & Kid-Friendly Monetization for Mobile Apps. Free Cross-Promotion and Retention Tools.

    Kiip is a rewards network and mobile application that offers rewards from brands and companies for virtual achievements.

    Mad Ads Media offers optimization and monetization for small to mid-sized websites.

    An Influencer's Favorite Tool to Create Money Making, Ready-to-Shop Product Links to Share Across Social Platforms. MagicLinks is solving affiliate marketing for the social media influencer.

    The trusted independent leader in mobile advertising

    Mobilda offers mobile monetization and distribution solutions for app developers and direct publishers.

    Revmob is a mobile ad network for iOS and Android traffic it has campaign targeting algorithm that allows advertisers to pay for the final action, as well as publishers to monetize the most from their traffic.

    Selectable Media creates new video monetization opportunities.