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An augmented reality game engine, or AR game engine, provides game developers with the framework for creating AR video game experiences. An AR game engine often contains an augmented reality SDK, which allows developers to design, build, and test their games. These tools enable developers to create and edit 3D characters that interact with the real world. With the help of these platforms, developers can assign behaviors to 3D objects and upload them for display in a camera view. AR game engines perform similar functionality to game engine software, but are unique in that they support AR operating systems and hardware either directly or through an API. AR game engines create games for devices that support augmented reality, such as mobile phones. While some AR game engines can also create augmented reality experiences, they should not be confused with virtual reality game engines, which allow developers to create augmented reality video game experiences that superimpose 3D objects into the real world.

To qualify for inclusion in the Augmented Reality Game Engine category, a product must:

  • Offer the functionality to create custom AR video game experiences
  • Support the creation and editing of 3D objects
  • Integrate with hardware that supports AR, such as mobile phones
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    HeroMirror offers the ultimate entertainment solution in any location with limited space size. The system creates instant snapshots for immediate share via email or on-site printing, which can be turned into a valuable branding and revenue opportunity.

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    LiveAvatar creates unparalleled levels of entertainment in a fully gamified AR environment perfect for education and entertainment. 3D Characters can either be ready-made, such as SEAN the alien, or subject to custom content development with a wide range of options.

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