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AR visualization software allows businesses to create immersive experiences for consumers to interact with their products. Users upload 3D content to these platforms and scale the image, adjust the color, and incorporate the additional details needed to give the best user experience possible. These products are intended to give consumers a chance to visualize a product in their daily lives, whether that is a piece of clothing, new furniture, or other personal or business items. AR visualization solutions integrate with AR SDK platforms so that developers may create a personalized AR experience for their demographics. These platforms typically provide reporting and analytics functionalities so that organizations may understand how consumers interact with their products. AR visualization software should not be confused with VR visualization software, which enables engineers and designers to visualize data in a virtual environment.

To qualify for inclusion in the AR Visualization category, a product must:

  • Integrate with mobile devices that support AR experiences
  • Allow users to upload 3D content
  • Enable users to edit 3D objects
  • Provide analytics on consumer behavior
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    Showoff combines functionality of MLS, marketing finesse of professional staging, the purchasing power of online retailers and engagement of fixer-upper TV show

    AR, a virtual image, video or an animated model can be overlayed on top of the real image, in the form of a 3D visualisation that appears on the screen of a mobile phone or tablet. That creates opportunities for ideal product presentation.

    The simple but powerful way to create AR is with Blippbuilder. The design tool is easy to learn, and lets you add a layer of interactivity to your printed materials, anything from a poster, a print ad, event stand or book. Bring it to life with animations, games or 3D models. Add links to buy, collect user feedback, showcase how to use your product and more.

    FAUXL" First of its kind 4D Augmented Reality Artificial Intelligence Mobile Application - offering the latest, fastest and the best based on internet cloud technology solution and services, globally.

    HoloBuilder, Inc. is a San Francisco-based construction technology company that designs, develops, and sells enterprise SaaS software. HoloBuilder offers reality capturing solutions for progress documentation and construction project management. Making use of 360° imagery, computer vision, and Artificial Intelligence, HoloBuilder is the fastest and most insightful solution to document construction projects. HoloBuilder’s customers include 40% of the Top 100 General Contractors in the United States. Its investors include Brick and Mortar Ventures as well as Tandem Capital.

    Plattar leverages rapidly evolving Augmented Reality (ARKit + ARCore) & XR tech combining with consumer hardware and browser evolution to act as a new enabler for customers to experience products in 3D and/or in context without the product being physically present. These and other emerging technologies provide the capabilities to engage throughout the product life cycle - an ongoing way to tie together adoption, use and loyalty through virtual education, support and upsell of complementary products

    Sayduck offers engaging, fully interactive 3D models ready to be added anywhere online or be viewed in Augmented Reality, connecting brands and retailers

    SmartCam3D - View Live or Archived Full Motion Video with Augmented Reality Map Overlays.

    TryLive makes the virtual dressing room, or virtual trial room, a reality. Using a camera-equipped computer, tablet or smartphone, shoppers obtain an accurate view of how eyewear, apparel, jewelry and watches will look and fit or how furniture, decor, and other products will fit in at home.

    Webcam Social Shopper (WSS) is a patented virtual dressing room platform that provides retailers with a more social, visual and fun experience for their shoppers.

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