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Assessment software is mainly used by educational professionals to create and administer tests to students via digital platform. Tests and assessments are designed to be taken on computers, tablets, or other digital devices.

Assessment software provides instructors with a format for writing questions and inserting answers, which in turn allows students to take assessments through a portal or mobile app. Once assessments are completed, assessment software grades the test, instantly offering scores upon completion. It is generally considered the preferred alternative to environmentally damaging paper-and-pencil assessments.

Assessment software can be used as an independent tool, but it typically works in conjunction with other types of education software such as student information systems (SIS) and learning management systems (LMS).

To qualify for inclusion in the Assessment category, a product must:

  • Be designed for use in the education industry
  • Include test creation features
  • Be able to administer digital tests or assessments

Assessment Software Grid® Overview

The best Assessment Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: McGraw-Hill Connect, ALEKS, Nearpod, Istation, and Edsby
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders. High Performers include: iSpring QuizMaker
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution. Contenders include: NWEA Assessments and ExamView Assessment Suite
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: Assessment Generator and Chalk & Wire Learning Assessment
G2 Crowd Grid® for Assessment
High Performers
Mcgraw hill connect
Assessment generator
Nwea assessments
Examview assessment suite
Chalk wire learning assessment
Ispring quizmaker
Market Presence
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    Assessment reviews by real, verified users. Find unbiased ratings on user satisfaction, features, and price based on the most reviews available anywhere.

    Nearpod is an innovative and interactive classroom tool to create, engage and assess.

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    Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces is a Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn't know in a course.

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    McGraw-Hill Education Connect is a robust toolkit of learning resources designed with the flexibility instructors need, to unlock the potential of a diverse student population. Connect provides opportunities for both formative and summative assessment. Our adaptive technology provides students with a safe place to make mistakes encouraging deliberate practice and enabling them to move one step closer to mastery. AUTO-GRADING Your valuable time and expertise should be devoted to teaching—not grading. Connect will automatically grade assignments and quizzes, providing you with easy-to-read reports so you know which students need more guidance. CONSOLIDATED RESOURCES Who has the time to sift through multiple files, folders and click through various websites? Not you. Everything you need to be an effective educator is at your fingertips; consolidate all your course materials with Connect. TAGGED LEARNING OBJECTIVES Focus on what’s important: learning outcomes. Within Connect, you can create assignments and run reports to quickly assess whether students are learning crucial course content. SMARTBOOK SmartBook is a digital version of your course textbook. It contains the same content within the textbook, but unlike a typical eBook, SmartBook actively tailors that content to your individual needs as a student. SmartBook can be accessed online through your laptop. And, many SmartBooks are available on tablet, too!

    Winner of more than 30 industry awards, Edsby is the most comprehensive learning and analytics platform available just for K-12. Edsby enables personalized learning experiences and gives school districts, regional or national governments powerful ways to measure their educational effectiveness. Unlike other systems, Edsby was designed specifically for K-12, so it includes assessment and reporting features for the unique needs of junior and elementary students. It respects regional policies, terms, standards and data security required in K-12. And it has tight connections to a district’s existing data so all educators and students can benefit from the system while reducing educator workload.

    iSpring QuizMaker is a powerful test building tool that allows you to choose from a variety of questions types, add multimedia to questions and answers, provide students with feedback upon their answer choice, allow multimple attempts, limit test time, and even more.

    NWEA Assessments creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student's learning level. You'll have assessment data-and essential information about what each student knows and is ready to learn-within 24 hours.

    Computer-adaptive assessments, instruction and more

    ExamView seamlessly integrates with Insight 360, CPS, and Response for immediate student performance feedback.

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    Provides an integrated platform for learning assessment. Includes an ePortfolio, Survey and forms, Analytics, Collaboration, Accreditation Management, Field Placements. Integrates with all common Learning Management Systems.

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    Create beautiful and branded online quizzes, assessments, and surveys with scoring and instant user feedback. Grow your email marketing list by integrating with AWeber, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign and over 500 more. Mobile friendly app, easy set up and free support!

    Unifying education and improving student outcomes by helping educators, parents, and students manage the entire learning cycle on one cloud-based solution.

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    With Taskstream, you have the clarity you need to set strategic goals, address accreditation requirements, and demonstrate continuous improvement.

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    A simple way to create quizzes for business training, education or fun! ProProfs Quiz Maker is a tool to create online tests, quizzes and assessments. Quizzes can be created and shared in a matter of seconds with its easy-to-use interface that supports features such as automated grading, certificates, reminders and compliance modules.

    igication develops its platform with students, faculty, programs and institutions needs in mind, and enables institutions to close the loop that links student learning to institutional assessment and reporting.

    Tk20 offers solutions for higher education assessment, accreditation, and reporting to help foster a culture of evidence at institutions around the world.

    Cloud-based software designed to manage online assessments. Comes with account management, exam creation and delivery functionality.

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    Make, Play and Share Fantastic Quizzes for Free

    RPNow, powered by PSI, is a self-service model for secure online proctoring and identity verification. RPNow enables institutions to see students, know who they are, and what they’re doing during an online examination. Using a standard computer webcam with an internet connection, students can take a remote proctored exam online the moment they are ready – anytime, anywhere, from home or workplace - without compromising academic integrity. Efficient and cost-effective, instructors or administrators can easily set up exams using RPNow’s seamless LTI-based integration with any LMS. RPNow is scalable for any group size, one from test instance – to thousands.

    Examplify from ExamSoft provides the secure, offline testing platform your educational program needs to keep the exam environment secure and stable.

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    PerformancePLUS assessment and curriculum management software gives schools and districts the tools they need to make positive changes in the classroom.

    Blue will adapt to growing enrollment, 100 to 100,000 + FTE, and support large scale centralized and decentralized surveys. Key Features: - Integrate with existing security infrastructure (any LDAP or SSO) - Utilize demographic and response-based piping to create dynamic forms - Use nested branching to skip over questions based on responses and demographics - Use validation to obtain required responses - Provide access to forms anytime, anywhere, and through any device (web, mobile, etc.) - View real-time results and response rates with live monitoring - Send reports automatically to the right people based on hierarchy and role

    The ClassMarker hosted Online Testing software is the best Quiz maker for teachers & businesses.

    PXT Select is an online selection assessment designed to measure a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behaviors, and interests.

    Engage your students in team-based and group-learning activities with the Learning Catalytics interactive student response tool.

    Developed by educators at the University of Liverpool in the UK since 2009, Liftupp provides detailed personal portfolios for clinical practice, mapping of curricula to regulatory body requirements,and assessment tools for single best answer/ short answer questions and OSCEs.

    Online exam proctoring solution.

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    QuestBase is a web-based, cross-platform application that provides everything you need to create and manage your assessments, tests, quizzes and exams, both on-line and printed.

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    SurveyMonkey Apply is an online application system.

    Disamina is an advanced online assessment software which can be used by any educational institutions, companies & individuals. The software has some great built-in features such as Learning Management System, Accounts & Finance Management, Candidates Management, etc.

    Edbase offers the most powerful and flexible tools for online exams. You can create, administer and grade exams easily.

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    A simple and secure assessment platform that provides a frictionless process to conduct one-on-one assessments. Use the pre-loaded tests, or create your own assessments, to quickly gather student performance data and automatically generate multiple reports.

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    Web-based test and quiz creator and management tool with timed assessments, custom feedback, self-enrollment, and student dashboard.

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    Grade multiple choice tests, quizzes, and assessment papers by using your mobile device's camera as a grading scanner.

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    Test management tool for academic market. Enables online exam building, delivery, and administration.

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    Online Exam solution for your Institute & Educational website with features such as a payment gateway, analysis, reports, and more.

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    Develop and deliver better assessments with item banking, TEIs, workflow management, secure online delivery, and advanced reporting.

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    GoReact is like game film for communicators. It's a cloud-based video software for providing feedback, grading and critique of student speeches, presentations and performances.

    HP Classroom Manager offers classroom control, management, and collaboration at the click of a mouse.

    Learning Center is a web-based assessment tool that supports blended learning and flipped classrooms. With the Learning Center, teachers can post lesson materials online and create assessments to easily evaluate student learning.

    The Online Assessment Reporting System (OARS) is a powerful, easy-to-use, and cost-effective data management system for K-12 schools in California. The focus in OARS is on helping teachers make meaning from complex assessment data, and helping them to identify which students may need intervention, especially in a Common Core, standards-based environment. With powerful reporting features, multiple item banks, online and plain-paper assessment, report cards, grade books, and the professional development module, there’s something for everyone in OARS, whether you’re a teacher, administrator, RtI coordinator, or researcher.

    Create online quizzes with a mix of subjects, multiple choice, multiple answers, coding questions which includes front-end web design.

    Score is and online scholarship examination portal where users can get instant scholarships based on their marks.

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    Assessing the efficacy of Student Affairs and academic programs is important, but it can be a complex, time-consuming proposition. It needn't be. Benchworks program assessments are professionally developed, validated, and rooted in research standards.

    TestMent is an online exam software product which provides a robust platform for online exam. TestMent provides innovative and impeccable solutions for exam throughout various colleges, universities, educational institutions and also many leading corporate entities. This software is promoted by a highly qualified team and specialized in creating high impact online exam software which is highly efficient in terms of reliability and speed. At TestMent, we and our clients have a thing in common – We want the world to be a better place with quality students/candidates. We help our clients across the globe deliver glitch free assessment & increase revenue Period. TestMent is an end to end tech partner for all your organization’s IT needs. Our products help you right from enquiries, follow-ups, enrolments, lessons & assessments !

    Verificare accumulates data out of OMR Bubble sheets, survey forms, assessments and evaluations.It is a multipurpose software that can be used to evaluate examination, admission, registration, attendance, surveys, feedback, ballot etc.

    Exam software that offers test and quizzes design, grading, and analysis.

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    Aktiv Mind LMS provides an online training software for businesses to create courses and tests in order to train their teams, or for schools to educate their students. The core values at Aktiv Mind LMS are to create software that is easy to use, yet powerful enough to suit the users needs. We have been lucky enough to have a strong positive response to our platform from all types of clients across many different types of industries. Whether you are a small business with under 10 employees, or a large enterprise company with over 2000 employees, or an educational institution, Aktiv Mind LMS strives to provide you with the tools you need to train your employees or students.

    Whether you need a user-friendly item banking system, unproctored internet testing, psychometric analysis, or a complete outsourcing of a high-stakes certification exam.

    Bridge by Instructure is an innovative, outcome-focused talent management platform for businesses. Bridge helps companies elevate people, their careers, and the organization with customer-driven solutions—so they can grow and retain a happier workforce. We do this by developing learning and performance management software that promotes forward-thinking strategies, actionable analytics, and employee and leader development. Bridge supports continuous innovation and offers white-glove customer service, enabling companies to achieve desired outcomes—like happier, well-trained employees. Invest in your employees and your company. Bridge is the human capital management platform that understands that people matter most. Find out more at

    Through open, usable, cloud-based technologies, Canvas enables easy integration of the content, tools, and services that teachers need and students want. Not surprisingly, listening to users about their needs and wants—then rolling out the most usable, customizable, adaptable, and reliable learning platform (think 99.9% uptime)—makes all the difference when it comes to campus-wide LMS adoption. That’s why Canvas is adopted faster and deeper (or, is used in more ways by more users) than any other LMS. So, in the end, investing in 21st century education technology actually makes teaching and learning easier (like it’s supposed to). Canvas is the educational revolution by Instructure, the technology company that makes smart software that makes people smarter. In addition to the Canvas learning management system (LMS), Instructure offers Canvas Commons, the learning object repository (LOR) that actually gets used; Canvas Catalog, the customizable, all-in-one course catalog, registration system, and payment gateway; and Canvas Network, an index of open, online courses taught by educators everywhere. Learn more about the expanding Canvas edu-ecosystem at

    Classroom Monitor is an app and website that lets teachers capture learning as it happens.

    CourseEval HQ is an LTI external application that integrates tightly with Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) and provides an easy-to-use and powerful course evaluation functionality.

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    D-Teck is a simple, quick and accurate on-line psychometric assessment solution designed to allow decisions to be made more easily and at lower cost.

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    EasyTestMaker makes it easy for you to perfectly format multiple question types, print alternate versions, and publish to the web for online tests

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    eLumen is a curriculum and assessment management platform that allows institutions to develop curriculum, assess learning outcomes, and perform truly continuous improvement—while delivering tools to engage students and faculty in competency-based learning.

    Web-based secure testing platform for a variety of institutes and organizations offering a complete eAssessment solution.

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    World-class exam software for institutions and exams - software that lets you run the exams you need, easily.

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    EvaluationKIT is thoughtfully designed to support the course evaluation and survey needs of higher education, with features specifically designed to simplify your operations. Administering course evaluations is transformed into a straightforward and efficient process with EvaluationKIT.

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    Exam Management Made Easy. Exambler saves professors, teachers, and schools time when creating, grading, and reporting standardized exams. Provide actionable feedback instantly and stay on top of your students and grades.

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    Allows organizations to author and deliver tests online. Provides real-time certificate delivery and role-based access control.

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    ExamineYou is a web-based assessment and evaluation platform. It offers an easy-to-use and flexible test solution which provides full control over exam building and delivery. Its powerful users and contents administration system makes it suitable for organisations of any type and size.

    Exampro offers thousands of past GCSE and A-level questions, their related mark schemes and examiner comments, all mapped to the current specifications.

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    Web based exam solution designed to help with administering and creating online assessments.

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    Gauge changes the face (and results) of the AMS landscape by understanding that just testing is not enough. You need testing that delivers actionable data that can then impact teaching and learning. You need assessment that improves student achievement. And it would be nice if it were a one-stop learning and assessment tool—scalable, easy to use, easily customizable, with a modern, intuitive user experience. Gauge is all of that and more.

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    Gauge is an online exam platform for training, testing and certification.

    An online exam test platform with reporting, web integration, customizable exams, and more.

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    On-line software which supports planning, achieving and monitoring organisational compliance through assessments and actions. With a free Cyber Essentials subscription to get you familiar with the tool you can subscribe to further regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Pricing is based on your organisations size but there are no user limits to restrict you. The monthly subscription includes regular updates based on emerging guidance, but there is no tie-in.

    Hundred5 is a data-driven, skills-based candidate screening & recruiting software for small to medium-sized businesses. It helps companies find qualified candidates faster with less work by screening candidates'​ job skills as the first step of the hiring process. The modern hiring process with Hundred5 consists of 3 steps: 1) Creating a short & engaging skills tests to attract top talent 2) Screening candidates'​ job skills objectively as soon as they apply 3) Getting a list of top candidates to interview based on their skills & job fit Hundred offers: - rich & engaging skills tests for better candidate screening - a growing pool of pre-built skills tests made by industry experts - applicant tracking throughout screening and interview process - automatic candidate emailing - candidate skills profile - and much more

    K-Assessment Engine is an application for measuring your training by providing practice for managing the learning process with an exam interface with multi-device compatibilities, multiple choice sing answer/multiple answer and more.

    Learnosity powers your learning platform with robust, scalable assessment tools that embed wherever you need them.

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    A complete digital exam system that manages and delivers exams securely with powerful reporting and analysis.

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    Online examination software with unique features for companies & Institutes to conduct online test series.

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    Pesofts provides a user friendly online exam software for coaching and institutes with in-built mobile application service, driven by the ideology that technology will change the way of educating students.

    Online exam software with features including conducting online exams, offline exams, local sever based exam and management.

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    ProctorFree provides continuous, on-demand identity verification and student authentication for online learning and testing.

    Don't Deliver Training. Deliver Better Outcomes! q.MINDshare is an adaptive MicroLearning tool specifically designed to disrupt the forgetting curve that follows employee training. That means more employees confidently applying training faster, leading to better and faster performance outcomes. q.MINDshare is cloud-based with app support for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Citrix. count5® was named by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) as one of Georgia's most innovative software companies.

    Ripley Systems create integrated examination and event management systems.

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    Schoolhouse Test can be used for creating and printing a paper-and-pencil test, quiz, or exam.

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    SkillExam is designed to be an affordable and quality online pre-employment skill assessment service.

    SmartEvals is designed with cutting-edge technology, providing a tremendous level of flexibility and customization. It delivers the lowest total cost of ownership when compared to both paper-based evaluations and those offered by online competitors.

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    Exam solution designed to create tests for educational institutes, schools, colleges, and education academies.

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    Service, Ease & Dependability are the pillars of our building of trust.

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    Sphere Engine is a solution dedicated to automated skill testing in recruitment, programming contests and education.

    Create, deliver and mark paper and on-screen assessments and summative exams

    Survey Anyplace's <a href="">Survey Maker</a> focuses on creating fun, mobile, and interactive quizzes & surveys. The kind that allows you to engage with your audience and leaves room for your own brand identity or personality. These modern-looking surveys entice respondents and are easy to interact with, using the latest mobile features–just like your audience. And you get more and better feedback! With Survey Anyplace it's very easy to upload the contact data you collect into your MailChimp account. As soon as a survey or quiz response comes in, the email address is automatically added to your subscriber list. Allowing you to start with email marketing straight away!

    An assessment authoring, management, delivery and tracking platform for Teachers, Schools, Universities and Professional Training

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    TAO enables the creation and delivery of effective and engaging computer-based tests online.

    Fast, Secure & easy to use full exam software with features like an ecommerce website, student panel, admin panel, android app etc.

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    TestOut provides industry-leading IT certification training through interactive, hands-on lab exercises, video training, written lessons, custom quizzes, and certification exams all in one integrated training package. We are dedicated to helping individuals advance in their IT careers through effective training courses that prepare them to pass their IT certification exams and learn skills to help them be successful on the job. Knowing that educators are key to student success, we provide educator tools that make student management and progress assessment much easier.

    Think Exam is a web based application designed to enable educators, professionals and survey organizers to manage their questions and conduct online exam.

    UbiAptitude is an online aptitude assessment tool designed to help find the most suited talent for an organization.

    Rather than fighting smartphones, Wooclap turns them into an exceptional learning tool. Wooclap is a digital solution that makes learning awesome and effective. The solution is used by large companies, universities/colleges, and Ministries in more than 100 countries. Through questionnaires and other types of animations, the solution allows teachers to measure the degree of understanding of the participants in real time. The solution is for both teachers and participants, simple and intuitive.

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