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Assisted living facilities require software solutions to manage the wellbeing, security, and satisfaction of their residents. Assisted living software is used to improve communication with residents and their families, as well as to increase the quality of the services delivered. It also helps assisted living facilities with personnel scheduling, resource allocation optimization, and to document the services provided. Assisted living software also ensures compliance with health care and safety regulations. Some solutions provide electronic health and medical record systems specifically designed for assisted living facilities.

For optimal business results, assisted living software needs to integrate with back office software like accounting or CRM. Integration with electronic health records solutions to import patient health data is also provided by most solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Assisted Living category, a product must:

  • Assess the needs of each resident or resident groups (based on age, health situation, etc.)
  • Create standard service plans and agreements which can be customized for each resident
  • Track personnel availability and schedule care based on the needs of patients
  • Provide reports and documents to track the quality of services delivered
  • Deliver workflows to manage pre-admission and admission processes
  • Include electronic health records functionality or integrate with EHR software
  • Manage communications between caregivers and residents or their families
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