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Assisted living facilities require software solutions to manage the wellbeing, security, and satisfaction of their residents. Assisted living software is used to improve communication with residents and their families, as well as to increase the quality of the services delivered. It also helps assisted living facilities with personnel scheduling, resource allocation optimization, and to document the services provided. Assisted living software also ensures compliance with health care and safety regulations. Some solutions provide electronic health and medical record systems specifically designed for assisted living facilities.

For optimal business results, assisted living software needs to integrate with back office software like accounting or CRM. Integration with electronic health records solutions to import patient health data is also provided by most solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Assisted Living category, a product must:

  • Assess the needs of each resident or resident groups (based on age, health situation, etc.)
  • Create standard service plans and agreements which can be customized for each resident
  • Track personnel availability and schedule care based on the needs of patients
  • Provide reports and documents to track the quality of services delivered
  • Deliver workflows to manage pre-admission and admission processes
  • Include electronic health records functionality or integrate with EHR software
  • Manage communications between caregivers and residents or their families
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    Core EHR Platform is a cloud-based EHR software designed to help long-term care providers streamline and manage the lifecycle of resident care.

    MatrixCare Senior Living is a cloud-based ERH solution with care setting features to help long-term care and senior living communities deliver care and helps manage occupancy, revenues, cost of care, readmissions, and more.

    PointClickCare Business Intelligence and Analytics unites data with analytical tools to enhance your investigation and decision-making capabilities. It offers reports, real-time dashboards and data-driven analytics to turn data into powerful insights.

    Our Care Delivery Management solutions streamline interdisciplinary workflows.

    CareTracker helps long-term care facilities reduce risk and increase reimbursement as well as manage required resident documentation.

    OnShift delivers intuitive software and proactive services to solve workforce challenges in health care. Our easy-to-use cloud-based software prioritizes your people for the best hiring, scheduling and employee engagement you could ever imagine. Visit for more information.

    American HealthTech offers services and solutions created specifically for skilled nursing organizations and senior living facilities like yours. Integrated financial and clinical solutions connect skilled providers to the healthcare continuum.

    iCareManager is a system for assisted living facilities and long term care facilities that provides features designed to help manage residents information, risks, and keep your facility in compliance.

    PointClickCares Financial Management solutions helps senior living facilities and other businesses run efficiently and fulfill their mission.

    With PointClickCares Marketing solution, you can better manage the pre-admission process, resulting in improved occupancy rates. Expedite the review process with a communication tool that automatically tracks pertinent clinical and financial information to help you improve information sharing with referring providers. Youll also have the ability to verify insurance eligibility in real-time, ensuring all boxes are checked prior to admitting a new resident.

    ALIS is a holistic, resident-centric solution designed to aid in the unique real-world challenges of todays senior living communities. ALIS is inviting, self-explanatory and simple to navigate, allowing for ultimate ease in training, implementation and daily use. Built from the ground up as a comprehensive suite, the ALIS modules are in constant communication with one another, ensuring consistent and accurate information company-wide.

    CareSuite is a quality EHR designed by senior living professionals to give you the most important tools first. CareSuite helps facilities achieve long term sustainability.

    HCare1 is a long term care solution that provides the ability to securely input, view, process, and print information with resident management, resident care, and financial management to provide an integrated management solution.

    Fully-Integrated Software Solutions for Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC).

    LTC Solution Management Information Suite for assisted living and memory care facilities allows you to track all resident, operational, and financial information with one tool in real-time from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

    ResiDex offers complete solutions for managing housing and clinical care, human resource, and billing requirements.

    Yardi Senior Living Suite is a platform that helps you manage resident care services, staff efficiency, revenue, and risk with automated workflows and reporting for executives, administrators, clinicians, office staff, sales counselors, and more.

    abaqis combines resident interviews, observations, record reviews and patient data, allowing you to take action on specific quality improvement efforts.

    Adaptive Care Software Solutions develops, supports and sells web based integrated software for ongoing support of persons with extended care needs.

    ADL is an integrated solution that provides a method to record and electronically transfer resident healthcare information from the point of care to anyone within the organization.

    AdminiCare is a web-based inventory management system for long-term care facilities that provides a real-time interface with medical supply and service providers.

    Admit+ is a digital resident admissions and management platform with ADDs (analytics, decisioning, documents and signatures) for Skilled Nursing and Senior Living.

    AL ADVANTAGE assisted living software is a "Best of Breed", cloud-based, platform designed by expert senior healthcare practitioners to assist caregivers in providing the highest quality care. Our time-saving “type-once” data entry process saves valuable time, by eliminating unnecessary duplication and errors - allowing resident data to flow seamlessly into key functions, forms and reports within the platform. AL ADVANTAGE (ALA) integrates senior care “best practices” to improve resident care, community and family communications, as well as state-specific compliance. More accurate assessments, care plans and resident billing are accomplished with standardized care wording and customizable care levels. Our automated charting, reports, reminders and alerts free up caregivers to focus more fully on residents’ needs instead of piles of paperwork, which improves patient outcomes.

    Home care reporting and scheduling.

    ALChartsPlus is a comprehensive, simple to use documentation system for care planning and managing your assisted living home including medication management and staff scheduling. We keep you focused on providing care.

    ALEFsys is a web-based, integrated, assisted living software solution designed for administering ALFs with features to help you manage efficiently, liability, care, and your bottom line.

    Assessment Management System is a platform that helps manage operational performance by providing you with a single system that is capable of locating patients, residents, staff, equipment and inventory via information derived through a variety of wireless locating technologies.

    Caremerge is a cloud-based coordination platform that keeps your team informed and cohesive through an interface that allows real-time staff interaction and helps manage overall senior wellness.

    Caresoft provide easy to use software for the Mental Health and Child Development industry.

    Carevium Assisted Living Software is a web-based resident care management application that provides services for elder care, assisted living, memory care, and more designed for use with mobile tablets at point of care.

    CareVoyant for Long Term Care is an integrated EHR and billing software solution that provides tools that allow assisted/ independent living and memory care facilities to manage resident records, finances, and daily workflow.

    Caribou CLC Suite to automate resident care workflow processes for Community Living Centers.

    Clarity Healthcare for CCRS streamlines resident assessments and reporting for complex continuing and long-term care providers. Clarity Healthcare provides a integrated web-based solution for the capture and transmission of assessment data for CIHI reporting on CCRS using RAI-MDS 2.0.

    COMET is an integrated solution with multiple application to help manage all your areas of activities in a single solution including, resident information and census, patient/resident accounts, EMR/clinical, and more.

    Robintek creates customized web pages that integrate with their Content Management System, specifically designed to meet the needs of the Continuing Care Retirement Communities.

    COWORKER for Windows integrated Clinical Records and Financial Accounting Software is a comprehensive Windows-based suite of applications providing all of the power and flexibility to address the quickly changing needs of today's LTC facility.

    Using the most current INTERACT quality improvement tools, data collection and assessments are embedded throughout clinical workflows in PointClickCare, makes it easy for clinicians to use the industry-standard clinical protocols as part of their normal routine.

    Eldermark Software is a senior housing software that offers comprehensive modules including Marketing, Clinical Services and Assessments, EMAR, Risk Management, Billing, General Ledger, mobile offline charting known as Point of Care, Notify Nurse Call, and Cloud Storage.

    EOS contributes to seamless employee onboarding for long-term care facilities.

    eResidentCare is a web-based billing software designed for management of assisted living facilities that includes resident charting, scheduling and more to help you manage your patients and bottom line.

    Extended Care Professional (ECP) is an affordable, platform independent web-based software solution customized to best serve assisted living communities. ECP’s integrated solution offers an electronic medication administration record (eMAR) and an electronic health record (EHR). ECP simplifies coordination between the pharmacy and home with an automated medication check in process, assessments, care charting, alerts, task lists, and reports.

    A Compliance and Care Management System Designed for Care Managers.

    Geriatric Practice Management, LLC (GPM) is a software solution and services company devoted to the support of Long Term/Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) medical practices.

    Geriatrics Select EHT is an cloud-based EHR solution that provides secure, on-demand access to clinical information via the Internet customizable and specific to the elderly community.

    GoldCare Long Term Care is an integrated software solution that helps manage outcomes and support coordinated care for home care. community support, children and disability services, and more.

    This SaaS solution is built specifically for long-term services and supports programs.

    HDSI now delivers a total suite of solutions to meet the growing needs of long term care providers and their residents.

    Healthland Long-term Care provides accurate, up-to-date, and accessible patient information, regardless of where the care is delivered. Long-Term Care also contains the latest version of CMS-required Minimum Data Set (MDS) documentation.

    Our Senior Referral Agency Software is easy to use and allows you to work with your leads, clients, facilities and referrals by providing a high standard interface to interact, keep track and invoice within minutes.

    Senior living communication and operations technology.

    Intrigma is a physician scheduling software focused on reducing costs, saving time, and improving staff morale for physicians, medical groups, hospitals, and nurses.

    LincDocs eForms engage users with formatting assistance, contextual field presentation and intuitive navigation.

    MED e-care is an EHR vendor offering a Multi Language Adaptation service for an entire suite of products.

    MedScend is a provider of nursing home Web and handheld software, focusing on patient safety, efficiency and cost savings.

    Move-N Resident Care is a clinical software for the assisted living community that helps you provide your residents with the care they need, allowing to manage assessments, custom care plans, and your staff.

    A user-friendly mobile based solution for complete remote care management, connecting Providers, Patients, Family Members & Administrators.

    PALs Executive is an all-in-one electronic health platform for assisted living providers that helps you drive resident-centered care while meeting financial goals and regulatory compliance.

    Prefix Health is cloud software workflow and analytics tool that makes Medicaid eligibility and Medicaid payment pending in Illinois less painful for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

    QOLA is an assessment process to know and understand unique traits and requirements allowing to provide care and services that are tailored to the changing needs of that individual.

    The web-based Referral Management System can improve marketing, build census, improve case mix, outmaneuver competitors, and increase revenue.

    Sagely provides technology systems to track seniors' calendars, participation and level of engagement in events and activities.

    S-cores is a web based software, capable of being hosted from our servers on the Internet via SSL or by locally hosting. It was created to take the confusion out of calculating ADL scores.

    Senior Insight assisted living software solution provides a full array of features designed specifically around providing the highest level of support for residents and staff. With over 15 years of operational management experience, Senior Insight has been built for providers by providers. Our simple to use software will help in clinical management (med management, assessments and more), marketing, billing and document storage. We have a point of care system for your mobile devices

    Assisted living facility operational virtual works for marketing, resident care, community partnerships and family engagement.

    The Lifestyle Ledger addresses the many challenges and facets associated with assisted living communities.

    TheWorxHub by Dude Solutions is a cloud-based maintenance management solution designed specifically for both healthcare organizations and senior living communities. Its suite of applications helps users coordinate activities and supports communication between every department. The solution allows operations professionals to manage maintenance tasks, assets, inventory, capital forecasting and more. The system is also compatible with any mobile device or tablet. TheWorxHub is completely modular, so companies can pick and choose which features they want rather than having to purchase a full system. When a user submits a request, it is logged and can be tracked until it is resolved. It also notifies staff when any compliance-related tasks need to be performed, to ensure that all required safety standards are met. Anyone accessing the system can see what parts have been ordered, what work needs to be done on which pieces of equipment and much more.

    TotalCare Application Suite is a web-based solution that offers features to manage your community with resident tracking, staff tracking, a billing system, and more.

    A lead management software aimed at increasing occupancy.

    Wincare Comprehensive EHR Software package includes MDS, Care Plans, and PO/MAR. Developed for the Windows operating system.

    WinCare Clinical and Integrated Financial Software Packages for Long-term Care that easily and economically manage all of your tracking and reporting needs.

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