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Auction software provides users with a digital platform to organize, manage, and conduct live auctions. Companies use the software to conduct live auctions either as a centralized medium for business practices or for a fundraising event. Many auction tools offer features for remote, online auctions as well. These platforms provide tools to keep track of inventory and pricing prior to an auction. They include tools for time, inventory, and sale management during live auctions. They also produce reports to display profits, remaining inventory, sales figures, and other metrics, depending on the product. Some fundraising software contains tools to conduct auctions, but products in the Auction category operate solely for the purpose of auctioneering. Some also integrate with POS or donor management software to file payments and track purchasers.

To qualify for inclusion in the Auction category, a product must:

  • Provide a platform to manage live bidding
  • Provide tools to manage inventory and pricing
  • Produce reports on purchases, profits, and remaining inventory
  • Manage payments through internal features or integrated software

Auction Software Grid® Overview

The best Auction Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: OneCause, formerly BidPal
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders. High Performers include:,, Silent Auction Pro, and Accelevents Mobile Auctions
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution.
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: ReadySetAuction
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What You Should Know About Auction Software

All auction software falls into one of two main segments: for-profit auctions and nonprofit auctions. For-profit auctions are run by auction houses and other businesses as a primary source of revenue, while nonprofit auctions are either specifically for charity or used as a means of raising funds for the nonprofit itself. While these uses are distinct, there are tools that can encompass the needs of both.

More and more often, online and mobile auction features are employed during live or silent auctions. This allows much of the paperwork to be stored within the tool itself, and makes it much easier for participants to place bids at their own convenience. Consider: Rather than writing a bid on a sheet at a silent auction and circling back around to check on a bid’s status, bidders can place bids on their mobile phone and be notified when they are outbid. For the auction organizers, it is that much easier to see overall performance and easily collect payment.

For organizers of fundraising events (especially charity events), silent or live auctions are often de rigueur, so it is much easier to have an auction software that also contains ticketing and other event-planning features. Because charity auctions may take many forms, these tools are often both robust and flexible.

Regardless of whether the auction is for charity or profit, online auctions are an easily managed method of hosting an auction. While it may be difficult to assure the quality of high-end items, the ability to create an auction site, place bids in real time, automatically determine the maximum bid, and manage an unlimited number of bids makes the online forum worthwhile.

Online auction software and silent auction software are also extremely helpful for organizations that only do occasional fundraising. From creating an auction event to building an auction website, some platforms can handle all aspects of auction management so you can focus your energy on building interest for the auction itself.

With an auction tool, you can:

  • Take your live auction online
  • Engage a much larger group of attendees for your auction
  • Organize your auction catalog
  • Register donors and attendees online for live auctions
  • Produce live and dynamic auction data that is never out of date

Why Use Auction Software?

Auctions can be hectic affairs; auction software can relieve many of the headaches associated with running one. If you run an auction business, auction management software—if not online auction software—helps maintain records as well as organize the auction itself. Web-based software helps build online auctions, while auction houses may be more concerned with inventory management and accounting than highest or lowest unique bidders.

Online auctions, however, can present a multitude of challenges. Creating multiple auctions at once may prove difficult, but some auction platforms are equipped to create custom websites for one or multiple auctions. And whether you offer a penny auction, Dutch auction, or a more traditional auction, online auction software keeps you both organized and your auctions running smoothly with little input.

Nonprofit organizations utilize auctions widely, and there are many different solutions available for different needs. Auctions, however, are a proven fundraising method so auction software is commonplace in the nonprofit world. Fundraising is already difficult; auction software makes the process of running an auction easy and simple so organizers can focus more on their work.

Who Uses Auction Software?

Auction software is used in a variety of ways, depending on the nature of your business. Anyone hoping to run an auction business will obviously be looking for some kind of auction software. An auction business may be an auction house that hosts live auctions, or it may be an auction site for online bidding on various items. You might even run a site that hosts reverse auctions. Almost any auction platform will allow you to adjust the auction format and create an auction design that fits your needs. From livestock auctions to high-end art and antiques, anyone whose business model revolves around bidding on products can benefit from using auction software.

On the other side of the coin, nonprofits can benefit greatly from using silent auction software or online silent auction software, charity auction software, or fundraising event auction software. Since members of nonprofits often wear several hats, anyone charged with organizing a fundraising event or auction can put any kind of auction software to good use. Similarly, anyone looking to raise funds for a charity can leverage auction software to make it easier to keep track of lots, donors, and attendees.

Kinds of Auction Software

Auction software falls into two general categories: for-profit auctions and nonprofit auctions. Within those two main categories, there are several different kinds of auction software that may be helpful. Keep in mind that many auction platforms may support multiple kinds of auctions, making them versatile enough to support a variety of needs.

For-Profit Auctions:

Live auctions — Live auctions are still widely used and require their own specialized features. Many of them involve maintaining records and catalogs in real time so auctioneers have the most up-to-date information. Live auction software may also help manage online and phone bidders during a live auction.

Online auctions — There are many different kinds of online auctions, which differ mainly in how the winner is determined. Highest and lowest unique bidder auctions choose (usually automatically) the bidder who is the only person to bid the highest or lowest amount. However you would like your auction to function, there is likely a software solution that will help you create it.

Nonprofit Auctions:

Silent auctions — Silent auctions are a mainstay of fundraisers, and they are typically a very manual affair for both guests and organizers alike. Silent auction software, however, makes it much simpler by allowing participants to place bids using their phones or computers, and then notifying bidders if or when they have been outbid. Organizers can then easily process payment and keep track of what was sold to whom.

Fundraising event auctions — Fundraising or charity events may use more than one type of auction to secure donations. With fundraising event software, organizers can run multiple kinds of auctions, manage ticketing and attendance, and collect donations all in one place. Not to be confused with event management platforms or event registration & ticketing software, fundraising event auction software encompasses aspects of these platforms while also primarily allowing organizers to run and manage fundraising auctions easily and efficiently.

Auction Software Features

Auction software may contain a multitude of features, all of which help auction organizers build and run a variety of auctions both on- and offline.

Bidder profiles or registration — If you are running an online auction, registering bidders is crucial for knowing who bought what, and where each item should be delivered. If bidders also have the ability to create a profile, that allows you as the auction owner to gain insight into bidders’ habits and which products are more popular than others. These kinds of analytics help with details such as price optimization and auction timing, as well as monitoring bidder behavior and weeding out bots or other security risks. Registration is also beneficial to the bidders, as they don’t have to keep entering information such as their address and payment information each time they place a bid. For a live auction, bidder registration makes auction resolution much smoother if payment, contact information, and other important details are collected up front.

Bidding styles — The advantage of auction software is that the bidding style can be set at the beginning of an auction; all bidding information is then filtered through these rules to determine an outcome. For instance, an online auction can easily become a lowest unique bidder auction with little to no work on the part of the organizer, with the winner automatically chosen at the end of the auction given the set parameters.

Inventory management — Auctions wouldn’t exist without inventory, so it’s crucial to have up-to-date, accurate information about what is and is not available. For live auctions, lots can be easily catalogued and maintained before and after the auction. For online auctions, inventory is managed in real time as auctions close, so nothing is sold more than once.

Payment — For online auctions especially, gathering payment is a crucial step. With most auction software this is easy, since many tools include built-in payment gateways. Security goes hand in hand with payment, so most auction tools with a payment gateway will have some kind of security measure to ensure customer information is safe. Some online platforms may allow customers to add payment information to their profile, making it easier for all parties to complete the transaction.

Custom websites — Both live and online auction tools may contain features that allow organizers to create custom websites for their auction. Whether that’s simply an informational website or a fully online auction, that depends on both the tool and the user. The advantages of having a custom auction website, however, may be huge. Websites help a huge deal with marketing and creating interest, especially for a charity event. If the auction is occurring entirely online, a website is a major requirement.

Photo galleries — Both online auctions and live auctions can benefit from photo galleries showing the items being auctioned. Online auctions especially require this function, as customers will likely not see the actual product until it arrives if they win the auction. Photo galleries allow organizers to post multiple photos of each item so bidders can get a full idea of what they are buying.

Event planning and organizing — Some auction software contains event planning features that are especially useful for planning fundraiser events that feature auctions. Guest ticketing and registration is a major component of this feature, making it easy to manage attendance. Custom websites also play a part in this, making it easy for people to register for the event and buy tickets online. They can even potentially view the auction lots and make advance bids, helping organizers estimate how many donations they will receive.

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    Our mobile fundraising software offers an intuitive, reliable and affordable solution. Providing the ability to manage multiple fundraisers annually allowing any sized organization to connect more donors to your cause. Features include: Event Management | Auction Item & Package tracking | BidPal Mobile Bidding | Donor Management | Ticket & Sponsorships | Table Management | Online Auctions & Stores | Reporting & Analytics | Text2Give | Online, Phone & Email support

    Simplify every aspect of running your event! Eliminate check-in / check-out lines, store credit cards, sell tickets, Online, mobile, paper, live auction bidding options. Manage contacts, track donations, create auction bundles and printed material, write thank you letters and more. Simple, affordable and powerful event management software for any organization. Includes FREE phone support, FREE night of event support, video tutorials and more. Call: 888-691-5993 x1. We're here to help!

    Web-based software to help non-profit groups plan, manage, and run fundraising auctions: live, silent, online, and mobile. Use your existing credit-card processor, or one of our preferred partners. provides non-profits with auction management tools and helps you acheive your fundraising goals.

    Accelevents is a mobile fundraising and event ticketing platform. From selling ticketing your event to raising more money by using our engaging mobile fundraising tools, Accelevents is your one-stop shop for all things fundraising and event management. Our end-to-end event ticketing tool allows you to create and sell custom tickets online in minutes. From a fundraising perspective, our mobile silent auctions and raffles are enabled for both text message and online donation / bidding capabilities, people can bid from anywhere at anytime.

    ReadySetAuction is a cloud-based auction software solution for silent, live, mobile, and online fundraiser auctions. Nonprofits can manage every detail of their benefit auction in real time including guest management, donor and donation tracking, printed catalog, bidsheets and more. RSA offers online ticket & sponsorship sales, mobile bidding during events and online auctions before and after your event. It also includes full-featured cashiering with low-cost credit card processing, including fast & easy check-in, check-out and receipts, and reporting.

    501 Auctions is a provider of SaaS fundraising solutions for nonprofits with technology that helps great causes manage their yields from auctions while providing customer support.

    Run online, live, and mobile auctions. Manage ticketing for galas and events.

    Charity Auctions Today has been fully developed to provide a top-notch user friendly platform that will help you raise the maximum dollars with your auction. Charity Auctions Today is one of the most reliable online charity auction platform with no performance fees on the money raised.

    GiveSmart allows you to streamline the live action process with electronic brochures interactive leaderboards and features such as secure payments, customized websites, live auction spotters and more.

    Auctria is the powerful engine to organize and run your auction from the first donation to final collection.

    Bidopia is an integrated web service and an internet bidding solution portal that is designed to be used by bidders that provides exposure to your auctions that includes email lists, webcast live bidding, internet only bidding and internet absentee bidding.

    Mobile Bidding Platform.

    Live Auction Software is a personalized auction service that allows you to bring your live auctionsonline, with features like online catalogue listings, absentee & live bidding online, live real-time audio/video streaming, and more.

    Easy appraisal reports, inventories and workfiles.

    Auction! is a Windows software package providing software tools you need to manage a charity auction fundraising event that supports both silent and live auctions and has features such as bid sheets, event catalog, donation receipts, and more.

    Websites, marketing and SEO management for auctioneers.

    Auction Database Software

    Charity Auction Organizer helps your fundraising auction run by tracking information about your items, donors, and bidders, produce forms and bidsheets, and enter winning bids, purchases and donations on auction night on a web based application.

    Auction software for all industries. Complete auction software package that includes 1. Penny Auction Software 2. Reverse Auction Software 3. Dutch Auction Software 4. Lowest Unique Bid Software 5. Highest Unique Bid Software 6. Price Reveal Auction Software 7. Ebay Clone 8. Multi buyer Multi Seller software Our Auction Software is useful for all types of business from Electronic, cars, business, services, tenders and all.

    Forward auction management software, control bidding, bidder information, and item inventory.

    Our auction solution is an excellent way to attract new donors, generate sponsorship revenue and reach more supporters to achieve higher fundraising goals.

    Gavel Buddy is used as an auction website, clerking software, online bidding platform, or auction management solution.

    Global Auction Platform (GAP) a web based auction management software solution.

    Handbid mobile auction software allows users to bid from anywhere using their smartphone, tablets, or the web. Auction managers can sell tickets, invite, register, & allow people to connect to their auction without requiring them to register at the door. Users can bid, checkout, & pay from their phone. The entire system is real-time, meaning instant outbid notifications and real-time updates of products and pricing. Handbid is a delight to use for bidders and a breeze for auction managers.

    Highest Unique Bid Auction is one of the types of unique bids. The winner is usually the individual/bidder with the highest unique bid when the bid closes. The maximum bid value is generally kept at a lower value than the actual value of the item.

    ILance Pro is an auction software that optimizes search engines, has a themes store to upload your designs/search design layouts, has a spectrum of built in tools to keep users coming back, and has the ability to add plug-ins or add-ons.

    Auction management software for live, simulcast and online-only auctions.

    Easy-to-use, customizable software for hosting online auctions on a webpage that looks exactly like your own corporate website

    Perfect Channel Auction is an enterprise auction technology and support, making auctions work for business with capabilites to fit your needs such as multiple auction options, CRM services, and more.

    PHP Pro Bid is the first product on the market to include comprehensive support for both online auctions and E-Commerce. Whether you require a solution for online auctions a-la eBay or general E-Commerce - PHP Pro Bid is your all in one solution. is an open real-time bidding platform.

    Scriptsoft is an online auction software with features to help you run your auction such as user registration, messaging, bidding, selling, and more.

    Unieauction is an auction software that builds an online bidding site which comes with features to run the auction on the site with various features in one platform such as multi-bidding, conversion, payment gateway and more.

    The Vero Auction System is the industrys only enterprise-class auto auction management system, designed with maximum flexibility.

    A comprehensive auction management solution.

    Includes mobile bidding, unlimited items, and unlimited bidders.

    aeManager is a web based auction management software solution that is accessible from any device and location with features and tools that will help you manage your business.

    AJ Penny Auction allows you to create a profitable online penny auction website, manage your online auction operation with features such as, user registration and account verification, newsletter signup, login and update profile abilities, and more.

    Auction Broadcaster allows you to include internet users as part of your live auction with audio and video streaming supported from an admin panel, with features such as admin auction management, customer management, reports, and more.

    Auction Co-Chair ends the complicated process of tracking donors, donations, and guests through spreadsheets.

    Auction Flex is the market-leader in auction software for live auctions. Auction Flex's capabilities include cataloging, clerking, cashiering, accounting, mailing list management, inventory management, multi-parcel, and much, much, more. Auction Flex also provides a seamless solution to upload your auction catalogs to your website and accept internet absentee bids, conduct internet-only auctions, or offer webcast live internet bidding.

    The Auction Information Systems PRO 2003 software was designed to help those schools, and organizations which hold auction fund raisers.

    Auctionity’s solution provides decentralized blockchain auctions in real-time. The aim of Auctionity is to make auctions safer, faster, and more reliable through blockchain technology.

    AUCTION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Bringing It All Together For a Better Client Experience Designed with a clean back office user interface and fully responsive easy to use mobile web content management solution, our all in one inclusive package reduces your operational overhead and improves client service and brand experience…

    AuctionMethod software that provide services and business support for companies that want to streamline their operations and boost sales with internet auctions.

    The Tracker-Series! | Auction-Tracker v7.00 From the pioneering developer of event fundraising software! Auction-Tracker provides the “balanced” approach to event management in one application. We make it possible for you to easily manage live and silent auctions as well as other highly successful zero-dollar cost, time tested gala fundraising opportunities. Licenses for Auction-Tracker are distributed as either single computer or multi-user/network. Auction-Tracker is designed to install and run on either on premise or cloud-based, computer technologies. Our applications are more than event management… they are event fundraising development! Tracker-Series applications are powerful data management tools that facilitate strategic analysis and planning, bringing all your fundraising efforts together for consistent, long-term growth. While Auction-Tracker is well known for providing the most complete long-term management of your event in one comprehensive application, get ready to expand its functionality with powerful add-in components. Our add-in components are designed to engage your audience, expand your events reach and offer that personal touch to make your patrons feel special and welcomed! ~ The Tracker-Series! | eBid-O-Gram v1.00 eBid-O-Gram is integrated electronic bidding for Auction-Tracker. Simple by design, key features include: • Traditional software licensing means the end to excessive “per event” license fees as well as revenue percentage take charges typical of this market segment. eBid-O-Gram is purchased one time under traditional software licensing, providing significant savings over multiple events. More revenue to support your mission! • Eliminates multiple data sources; eBid-O-Gram’s real-time integration allows the bidding App to read information directly from and post bids, purchases and gifts to a single event management application source, Auction-Tracker. • Preservation of financial data in real event fundraising software eliminates spreadsheets, manual entry and loss of data long-term. Provides continued ability to easily analyze your year to year financial event trends. • Our Bid, Buy, Give design minimizes the guest’s learning curve allowing more time to bid, purchase and give with confidence. • Simple design is usable by guests of all ages, increasing participation and acceptance. • eBid-O-Gram incorporates automated notifications including, outbid, guaranteed bid, items closed, purchase inventory status and more to keep your guests fully informed of bid and purchase status. • Fully scalable, can be used without vendor on-site if desired. On-Site service options are available. Contact our office for more information! Add-ins include: • Auction-Tracker Stage (Patron Recognition Software) • Auction-Tracker Live! (Online Benefit Auctions) • iExpressPay Advantage Card Processing (Event Card Processing) • MyEvent Registration (Online Event Registration) • Financial Ledger (Mange All Event Expenses)

    AuctionWorx Enterprise is a auction website solution that includes auctions, fixed price, and classified listing that can be configured through the admin control panel.

    This is an e-auction website that helps supply chain people or companies to get a competitive price from their suppliers.Users can create e-auction in four steps and prior to bid event, users can upload documents which helps suppliers to understand the bid scope.

    Online Auction Software easily installed on your own website.

    bidlogix provides real time solution software for online auctions, webcast auctions and asset sales that includes features such as timed aucitons, reports for sellers, custom branding, invoicing, and more.

    Bidpath is designed to streamline the commercial transaction process by giving you full control and transparency over reverse logistics and sourcing processes.

    Business Auctions are single-seller systems designed to allow clients the ability to list merchandise and/or services for sale as the exclusive seller.

    Cause4Auction offers simple mobile auction platform for schools and nonprofits. offers an enterprise product for e-commerce auctions that require advanced features. This solution accommodates complex integrations which necessitate communication between the clients in-house systems and the auction system to efficiently run large scale business applications.

    Enuuk ProLink is a web software that allows you to escalate, mirror, and sustain your business with webstores, security, multilingual capabilities, direct payment or invoices, and more.

    GalaBid allows you to design an auction in minutes that your guests can access from a smartphone, computer, or tablet that allows you to do bulk uploads for item details and create image galleries with a point and click menu.

    Great Giving is a fundraising management solution for events and online auctions

    An easy to use auction calendar for your website and more.

    LotNut is an auction search engine which allows potential buyers to search by item to find cross-auction results.

    Lowest Unique Bid Auction is one of the types of unique bids where the winner is usually the individual/bidder with the lowest unique bid when the bid closes. The maximum bid value is generally kept at a lower value than the actual value of the item.

    Maestro Auction is am event management software that provides you with what you need to plan, conduct, and analyze an auction that includes milestone tracking, budgeting, attendee management, and more.

    Online Bidding, Inventory, SSL Secure Registration, PCI Compliant Payment Processing, Bulk Emails, Archives, and Website Integration.

    Merkeleon is used as a ready to set auction, the system is easy to operate and administrate, yet innovative and complete. A large number of exclusive features and functionalities make it stand out in the market

    MM Auction Manager allows media outlets to monetize their audience and grow ad revenue in a dynamic interactive experience you can maintain ad revenues, have integrated sales solutions, generate leads for you and your advertisers, and more.

    Online Auction Platform allows you to run your own branded online auction website where you have control over your data and your bidders.

    Online Auction Solutions (OAS) is auction software that provides all the tools you need to conduct online auctions

    The Accelix auction system is oriented toward lot-based block auctions where a catalog of items is prepared for entry into the system in advance, and the auction takes place for all the items in the catalog over a fixed period of time.

    Credit Card Payment System for Auctions and Events

    Pearl Bids will help you set up your auction and manage your donations, attendees, donors and billing.

    Penny auction management software that includes social media integration, user management, and coupon capabilities.

    Penny Auction is an auction game, where participants pay a non-refundable fee to place a small incremental bid. The auction price increases by a small amount such as 0.01 or 0.06 cents.

    ProcurePort is a leader in providing Cloud Hosted e-Procurement Solutions and Sourcing Services. The ProcurePort Reverse Auction Software and Spend Analysis Software provide a robust e-sourcing toolkit for organizations of any size. ProcurePort provides easy to use and affordable E-Sourcing Software accompanied with consulting services to enable procurement excellence. Automate your Source to P.O. process using ProcurePort

    Propenny auctions is the largest and most advanced software development team in the penny auction industry. Our Key feature of software is we use Node.Js and to update auctions realtime.

    Regit Art was developed to ensure that the world of art is provided with better management frameworks.

    Reverse auction management software that includes payment managerment, referral program, and dispute management.

    A reverse auction is similar to a unique bid auction as the basic principle remains the same; however, a unique bid auction follows the traditional auction format more closely as each bid is kept confidential and one clear winner is defined after the auction finishes.

    ProcurePorts reverse auction software is delivered via the cloud as a SAAS solution.

    Sharp Auction Engine is a cloud based solution for conducting timed online auctions that gives full control over user's own private label online auction house, complete with a robust invoicing system, automated payments, easy consignor management, and much more.

    Silent auction management softare.

    Simple Auction Site is an online auction software package customizable to suit your business needs and offers an auction solution from hosting your site to building your auction to designing your print catalogs and invoicing your customers.

    Swappys live auction allows its audience to connect with unique and coveted objects spanning from antiques, jewelry, art and collectibles.

    Simple software for fundraising auctions.

    Web based Auction Management software for non profit and charity gala auctions helps connect members and build community within your organization as you raise needed funds.

    Visual Auction provides everything you need to manage and run an online auction business.

    Visual Penny Auction allows you to run your own Penny Auction.

    A complete, powerful and flexible online auction solution

    Branded online auction solutions that run from their own websites.

    xcAuction delivers the auction functionality that is configurable and can be custom tailored to suit the needs for your online business with features like auction management, usage fees, interactivity, and more.

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