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Best Audience Response Software

Audience response software allows presenters or event organizers to interact with event audiences via polls, text responses, or multiple choice questions displayed through their mobile devices. These tools are used to engage audiences and bring a level of interactivity to conference sessions or speaking engagements, allowing presenters to easily capture ideas or opinions of attendees. Audience response software is often used by event professionals alongside other event management software including mobile event apps, registration and ticketing tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Audience Response category, a product must:

  • Facilitate real-time audience voting and response
  • Be accessible via web browser, mobile browser, SMS, or mobile app
  • Display polling results visually
  • Provide reporting and analytics data on audience responses and interactions
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    Slido is an audience interaction platform for meetings and events. It allows meeting and event organisers to crowdsource top questions to drive meaningful conversations, engage participants with live polls and capture valuable event data. Slido’s focus is on simplicity, allowing organisers to create an event in less than a minute, while participants can join from any device with just one simple code. Since its foundation in 2012, Slido has helped to transform over 160,000 events across more than 100 countries by engaging millions of participants. Slido has been adopted by a number of renowned conferences, including SXSW, Web Summit and Money20/20 and has worked with high-profile clients including Spotify, Lufthansa, BBC and Oracle. Headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia, Slido has a team of more than 120 people, with offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Sydney.

    Glisser delivers interactive polls, live Q&A, and slide sharing to your audience's mobile devices, helping make your sessions more engaging and collecting lots of useful data. You can even do this without a presentation - for speaker panels or fireside chats. Glisser takes minutes to setup, with no expensive clicker-pads and nothing for your audience to download, it's designed to fit events and meetings of all sizes.

    Poll Everywhere adds live audience interaction to every meeting, town hall, training session, and class. It works on everyday devices like phones and laptops, changing the presentation screen instantly as responses roll in. Poll Everywhere takes minutes to use. It offers open-response questions to facilitate frank discussions with crowds of thousands. And it enables quick multiple-choice questions for assessment and event surveys. It even gives you the flexibility to use graphs, maps, and photographs as clickable question fields, or to create a word cloud with the audience. Use it to tap the expertise of the audience, to assess learners in the moment, to show the ROI of your initiatives in human terms, to make a quick group decision, or simply to break the ice. Poll Everywhere is whatever you need it to be for your event, your audience, and your goals.

    TurningPoint is an interactive polling software that offers instant management of polling participants, content, sessions and reports.

    OMBEA is an audience response system that displays live feedback on people's opinions and knowledge, easy to use with Microsoft PowerPoint slides for voting, engagement and assessment.

    Crowd Mics turns the audiences phones into wireless microphones for live events.

    Sendsteps provides realtime audience interaction through mobile phone. The European market leader, with offices in Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Sao Paulo, believes that interaction with the audience makes presentations more lively and conferences better fun. It's mission is to change every presentation from a monologue into a dialogue.

    Qwizdom audience response systems and apps are designed to enhance learning and user engagement.

    Event organizers, can easily setup the polls, surveys and feedback using a simple online application and the results can be viewed real-time and can be published at any time.

    Real-Time Audience Q&A, Polling, and Session Evaluations. Conferences i/o is a web-based Audience Response System that empowers audiences and give presenters actionable, real-time insight. Conferences i/o technology is used around the world at conferences, events, presentations, meetings, trainings, and professional education.

    Real-time location intelligence and engagement platform. The web-based platform turns movement and location data from connected devices (smartphones, wearables, wifi) into actionable insights and analytics.

    Crowdpurr is an Audience Engagement Platform that helps you create amazing interactive mobile-driven experiences for your live events. Our first-in-class live trivia allows your crowd to compete against each other for prizes and IQ bragging rights with live rankings, dynamic team modes, and image/GIF-based questions. Our live polling allows crowd lead capture, data and lead export to Excel, and dynamic multi-question format polling. Check out to learn about all of our exciting tools and features for your live events.

    Convert hand-balloting to electronic voting with CSInteractives customizable election software, which can include runoffs and nominations from the floor.

    The iVote-App system integrates seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint to allow polling slides to be created in seconds. Audience members respond using the free to download iVote-App. Responses are collated in real-time and results displayed instantly.

    Event planners: Make your events fun, interactive and engaging with Pigeonhole Live! Crowdsource questions or run real-time polls and surveys with your audience. Visualise responses in beautiful charts on the projector and gather insightful data about your audience. Perfect for conferences, town halls, workshops, customer engagement seminars, tech talks, conference calls and more. Use free at your events for up to 1000 audience members. Upgrade for more features.

    Harness the power of real-time audience intelligence.

    AmpLive is an audience development and targeting platform for enterprise marketers using live video. With the help of a massive (and growing) pool of data, AmpLive distributes live content across a network of high-traffic publishers at scale to reach a targeted audience. AmpLive's platform provides audience tracking capabilities to segment audiences and adjust distribution in real-time to ensure maximum engagement and conversion potential. After the event, marketers can use AmpLive to retarget audiences based on engagement, action, company or characteristic. AmpLive allows marketers to get strategic about live content, and maximize ROI on live events.

    A web-based app to crowd-source audience questions at events, conferences, webinars or town hall meeting. People can submit questions from their phones, using a web link to the event, and vote for questions that they want to be answered.

    asQ-us is a software for mobile participation and conference text messaging.

    Chatroll is a scalable, real-time chat platform that provides unmatched interaction and engagement for live online events.

    CON.FO makes your event a dialogue between the presenter and the audience

    We have been helping clients to maximise the potential of their events through effective use of technology since 1990. Whatever the meeting type, purpose, location or scale, whenever our clients come together to learn, share new ideas, network and collaborate, our expertise and event technology solutions deliver the best possible outcomes. Deploying best in class technology, from our own award-winning devices and event apps to the carefully selected third-party solutions, and drawing on our unrivalled experience in delivering events across the globe, we shape, structure, set up and deliver events of all sizes. We go beyond the provision of an event app or device, we get to the heart of your event, understand your objectives, audience and challenges, and tailor both the event technology recommendation and the level of advice and support to your specific needs. Our involvement helps to transform and to elevate events and we are proud to support event managers, agencies and end clients across all sectors around the world.

    EM Array live meeting technology optimizes information exchange and ensures analytic-driven improvement over time.

    Use a real-time engagement. Interact with your audience during live events. Allow them to be participants and future leads. Build the crowdsourcing platform.

    Event App by Lumi is a complete exhibition, conference and meeting event App, allowing companies to create the most engaging and valuable event experiences. Enable your attendees to fully participate in your event; from accessing their personalized schedule, to engaging with detailed event and exhibitor content, all with integrated social media. Directly engage and interact with audiences in event sessions with live polling and discussion, and view results and feedback instantly. An intuitive content management system allows control of every aspect of the mobile App, simplifying content sharing, communications and marketing. The App can be customized using the 40+ available features, including: • Content delivery and sharing • Individualized schedules and attendee networking • Live real-time audience and participation and analytics • Live discussion boards and messaging • Integrated social media • Configurable gamification modules • Self sign up and sign in for ad-hoc registration • Biometric login • Beacon support for proximity promotions and session check-in

    Event Farm is a solution that provides invitation, registration and event activation technologies designed to help you promote and engage your targeted audience.

    EventHub connects your event attendees to the information they need to get the most benefit from your event. EventHub leverages the power of mobile devices and HTML5 to deliver relevant Attendee based tools.

    Explori has many unique features which make it quick and easy for events professionals to analyse the performance of their events. Create insights that you can confidently rely on year-on-year and put your results into context by benchmarking against other events in your portfolio or category. - See more at:

    Platform with embeddable, responsive modules for cultivating audience engagement.

    The task of iQ-Conference is to use the potential of mobile devices during conferences, trainings and various types of events. Therefore, participants of conference events are offered a new, interactive form.

    IQ Polls is an interactive polling tool for real time audience engagement in conferences.

    Live Vote is a live-voting engine for fans, teams, leagues, and marketers.

    Live Voting App or ( LiveVotingApp ) allows for Audience Particpation in new exciting ways. You can use the Live Voting App as a classroom response system, audience participation system, a training tool, speakers or keynote speakers tool and more

    LiveWall is the tool for public events, business events, fairs, brands and customer service solutions. Use LiveWall as a tweet wall, social statistics, content aggregation platform, social CRM or narrowcasting.

    An audience communication platform for meetings and events. Fast, easy to use and no downloads required: opens instantly on any mobile or desktop device in the browser. Key features include: live Q&A, live audience polling & surveys, fully-anonymous participation option, quizzes, broadcast mode, real-time feedback, audience emotional response, raffles, extended customization. MeetingPulse platform additionally allows to create a custom solution for your organization or even a national broadcast. MeetingPulse is used by Fortune 100 companies for town halls, all hands, webinars and regular meetings and events.

    Meetoo is a real-time polling and moderated discussion platform for the workplace and the classroom. It transforms training, classes and meetings by engaging and energising audiences. The Meetoo App encourages participants to use their smartphone, tablet or laptop to take part in the discussion, making these devices a tool for engagement, not a distraction. The Meetoo platform consists of an online control dashboard, participant app, PowerPoint Add-in and live results displays.

    Improve Outcomes in Training, Education, Elections, Live Events

    MiThoughts goes beyond the limitations of the wireless keypads and software for voting that are commonly used for audience participation by allowing users to view slides, submit questions, answer straw polls and see audience responses in real time on the iPad.

    Bubo Management is an event management software that improves communications and automates information flow.

    Gives you an audience response system that promotes increased audience engagement and interaction. is a live audience response system designed to increase interaction and engagement in events, panels, meetings and broadcasts.

    The Perception Analyzer is a vital tool for more robust research, enhanced group interactions, and effective learning. This unique tool allows you to more deeply understand perceptions and better predict outcomes.

    With the ppvote conference system your audience will become as involved as you, participating and feeding back important and relevant information into your successful presentation. Gain feedback, run quizzes, see results live and much more.

    Activate your audience with interactive presentations

    Market research, presentation support, training and testing, opinion polls and surveys.

    PushOne audience polling gets your audience involved and allows you to collect data and feedback

    SlideLizard is a PowerPoint Add-In, which let's presenters interact with their audience. Participants join the presentation with a unique presentation URL and can access your slides and shared resources, but as well ask questions, vote in live polls and give feedback. After the presentation, you get a report including audience email addresses and analytics about how long each of your slides was viewed by your audience. All data can be exported to Word or Excel.

    VistaCom has powerful technology that enables you to more effectively develop business strategies, acquire real time feedback from management and staff, analyze new products, enhance training, and much more.

    Congress Rental can help you if you are looking for Audience Voting, Rental of Polling & Voting systems or Audience Polling.

    VoxVote free and easy Mobile Voting tool for ANY speaker or teacher.