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Audio conferencing applications connect disparate parties of a conversation through a hosted voice connection. It has the capacity to perform small group calls but is more commonly used to facilitate meetings and other professional communications. It is also a good tool for massive communication and can host conversations between multiple, large parties. Audio Conferencing tools aid companies that employ people in remote or work from home roles, as well as companies communicating from separate locations. They also simplify the process of making international calls by providing localized dial-in numbers, eliminating the need for international phone plans. Audio conferencing solutions often integrate with Web-based solutions, such as Webinar or Web-Conferencing for advanced web-based features such as chat, instant messaging, screen and file share.

To qualify for inclusion in the Audio Conferencing category, a product must:

  • Provide audio communication for meetings & Collaboration via PSTN or mobile network
  • Be capable of multi-user audio conference calls on an audio conferencing bridge
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