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Best Auto Repair Software

Auto repair software includes products that assist automotive technicians with car repair procedures and office tasks. Car service businesses (e.g. body shop, inspection, collision repair) utilize these tools to manage vehicle databases and track information, such as repair history, maintenance schedules, job estimates, and various diagnostics, as well as repair mapping and ordering parts. Managers can also use some auto repair products to organize and communicate with their workforce. Auto repair systems may provide tools for or integrate with products that handle billing, accounting and inventory management Drivers can use some auto repair solutions to estimate the cost for personal car repairs and get quotes from local mechanics.

To qualify for inclusion in the Auto Repair category, a product must:

  • Provide one or more tools for managing automotive maintenance and repair operations including customer databases, parts inventory, job scheduling, and repair instructions
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    Alldata provides OEM service and repair information for automotive service and collision industries with a suite of products to help manage your traffic, processes and repair quality.

    CCC ONE Total Repair Platform brings the functions of your business together in one application to help manage shop performance, business, and costs.

    Get top-reviewed POS SHOP MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE + great customer service starting at $95/mo! Lookup VINs, attach photos with vehicle inspections, scan inventory, text-message, email, track mechanic efficiency. For repair, tire, specialty shops & warehouses. Choose Cloud, Multi-Store Data-Sharing, or non-subscription. Integrates Parts & Labor, CRM, QuickBooks, Sage 50, Tire & Wheel. Includes fleet, preventive maintenance & more. USA & Canada. Data Conversion available. No Annual Renewals required!

    FastTrak was designed from the ground up to support the flow of work through an automotive repair shop. The cycle of inspection/diagnosis, recommendation, customer approval, repair and quality control are fully managed through the system. FastTrak also includes extensive performance management capabilities providing key performance statistics and comparing them to benchmarks to identify areas of weakness and strength as well as software capabilities to improve in these areas. With extensive interface capabilities FastTrak provides one of the most feature rich, powerful software solutions in the automotive repair industry

    R.O.Writer is a shop management software that helps manage your business by centralizing your activities by managing profits, efficiency, and predictability.

    Desktop solution for repair order workflow management. Features include payment processing and back office capabilities.

    Mitchell RepairCenter integrates the tools that help you generate profit by managing your repairs, customer satisfaction, and business.

    Identifix is an online source for vehicle diagnostics, factory-scheduled maintenance plans, and OEM service & repair information with a database of vehicle symptoms, short-cut tests, and confirmed fixes to help the diagnostic process.

    Protractor.NET is a cloud-based managment and accounting solution that allows you to manage productivity and efficiency with estimating, automatic calculation, dashboard and key reporting, and more.

    Quick Quote is an estimating software for automotive mechanical repairs that stores customers information and history from estimate to work in progress and then the final invoice.

    ShopController® 10 Shop Management Software will streamline your business operations, boost your productivity, and maximize profitability at every level of your business.

    Repair Facility is a solution for automotive repair facilities that allows you to manage estimating accuracy, repair quality and workflow with estimate writing, estimate compliance, repair tracking, insurance partner communication, and more.

    Auto Body Estimator 35 is a collision estimating and shop management software that provides information for oem and aftermarket parts.

    Auto Body SchedulerPlus is a management software that helps you gain control of your shop's workload by managing efficiencies and profit, control production schedule, manage cycle time and touch time, and more.

    AutoFlow 4:G is a bodyshop management tool that allows you to view a snaption of the activity within your body shop and allows you to manage reporting tools with estimating, courtesy and hire cars, accounting, online services, emails and SMS messaging, and more.

    Auto Repair Bill is an cloud-based auto repair invoice software that allows you to manage invoices, quotes, and bookings with detailed client and vehicle billing dashboards, repair orders, and more.

    Auto Repair Boss is a automotive software that provides inventory control, accounting, customer mail outs, estimates/invoices, sales tracking, and more.

    AutoS2000 is a shop management software that will help you manage your productivity and your bottom line with work order management, estimates creation, customer marketing & tracking, vendor management, and more.

    Autoshop Controller is is a management software designed for creating invoices, managing your shops accounts receivable, profit margins, customers, vehicle histories, vendor purchases and more

    Auto Soft is an integrated auto bodyshop and workshop management system designed to help manage your profits with invoicing, job cards, estimating, accounting, electronic opinion based estimating, reporting, control of courtesy cars and parts control.

    Bay-masteR is a shop management software that provides solutions for handwriting, older software, and performance to help manage your daily operations.

    CC3 is an autobody management system that helps manage the process of job costing and repair order and posting financial transactions to an integrated accounting system, allowing you to bridge the estimates and supplements in one system.

    Microsoft's global partner in the business vertical market of Aftermarket Auto Repair and Tire Retail / Distribution.

    CRISMA provides auto body repair shop owners and managers the management tools to help manage the workload and bottom line.

    Digital Wrench is an automotive repair order software solution that allows you to configure settings for auto repair, diesel repair, boat repair and more.

    Mechanic and Auto industry Appointment Scheduling Made Easy. The EZ-Auto-Scheduler has been designed for the auto industry and is customizable to the way you do business.

    GarageAdministrator is a shop management platform that generates estimates, schedules jobs, manages inventory and employees to track costs and calculate profits.

    GarageKeeper provides invoicing, customer tracking, inventory control and service management allowing you to automatically update information on parts usage, services, and more.

    HITS is a cloud-based auto repair and tire software for retail, commercial, and wholesale industries to provide, POS, inventory management, parts and labor estimating, and real-time inventory online.

    Karmak Fusion is a Windows based solution that is designed to handle the varied demands of operating a full-service business that includes accounting, parts inventory, service, sales, and more.

    LANKAR PRO is a shop management software that allows you to control and manage technicians and inventory, accounting, payroll, and online marketing, in one system.

    The most complete and robust auto shop marketing platform for acquiring, retaining and communicating with customers.

    Mobile Manager Pro is an integrated shop management software solution that allows you to text your customers their vehicles multi-point inspections from a handheld device, and manage accuracy, time and more.

    The Real-Time Labor Guide® was built by mechanics for mechanics. It helps them be more successful in their business by saving them so much time with the necessary but constant task of giving estimates, plus provides several shop & customer management tools to make running their business easier. If you’ve ever used a flat rate book to look up a labor time you know how time consuming and complicated that can be. Or perhaps you’re a new mechanic just coming out of school. You’ve heard of these so called “labor guide books”, you may even have seen them before, and even though you know they contain valuable information there is no plan to use them anytime in the future because all that information is available on the computer. But not all software is created equal. What if there was an online labor guide resource that was so easy to use that all mechanics – from the newest technician to the most seasoned veteran would feel comfortable using it? What if this labor guide became such an indispensable resource that it would not only replace the old books but also was the new measuring stick against which all other labor guide resources were held to? What if – as a bonus – this online labor guide resource was so powerful it could help you convey a professional image to your customers while ensuring profit maximization? Lucky for you – you’ve found Real-Time Labor Guide!

    Shop Boss Pro is a web-based application that allows you to manage your shop from anywhere with paperless features, an integrated estimate guide and email and text notifications.

    SHOPpro is an automotive shop management software that allows you to manage customer relations, business volume, and your bottom line.

    Vantedge Bodyshop Management Software provides estimate importing and repair order tracking as well as tracking your customers vehicles and insurance companies and repair and part status, and more.

    Yes Management System is a automotive shop management system that helps you write work orders, track maintenance and recommendations, retain customers, manage inventory, and order online.

    Online booking software for MOT and vehicle servicing. Online scheduling and garage assistant.

    AB Magique is designed to help fulfill today's commercial companies needs with features like the drawer effect, multi document, panoramic window, internet advantages, and more.

    Kukui's All-in-One Success Platform can quickly determine how your business and marketing programs impact revenue with POS-Integration. Attract new customers with AdWords campaigns managed by a certified Google Premier Partner. Retain your customers with custom emails, postcard campaigns, and a brand new Follow Up Module.

    AllsystemsMax is an auto repair shop management software that gives you control with standardized service procedures, and shop management with, scheduling and job creation, customizable invoices and estimates, online parts look up, and more.

    Modular automotive workshop software that offers customer and vehicles management, job card creation, quoting, job and invoice history.

    Applus+ AutoLogic is a shop management tool that offers customer history, account statements, inventory control, invoicing, estimating, mailer feature.

    Auto Care Software is a modular automotive business management software with system access control, general ledger, booking diary, automatic purchase orders.

    AutoExplorer 100 is an advanced automative diagnotisc system. AVS specializes in developing automotive solutions concerning vehicle diagnosis and M2M/telematic applications for the repair workshops and the sectors of Transport, Industry and Education.

    AutoInTouch Live is a Electronic diary, jobs cards, invoicing, CRM, parts inventory, reporting, VRM and postcode lookup, marketing engine, and accounts.

    AutoPlan is a comprehensive software solution for workshops, garages and manufacturing companies, that is easy to learn and very simple to use.

    AutoRepair Cloud is a cloud-based multi-platform software system for running your auto shop business. It gives small and midsize businesses complete control over the auto shop business processes; It helps to manage customers and inventory, repair orders, workflow tracking, inspections and invoicing with ease and keep track of the annual/monthly budge allowing to run the business like a fine-tuned machine. Techs can see all important data arranged in one place and complete each order fast and smooth. Key features: • Easy vehicle/customer management • Appointment scheduling • Inspection templates, reports, estimates and invoices • VIN code scanner/decoder • Mobile application to share workflow with the customer • Cloud-based solution, no need to install the software • Credit card readers for PayPal, Square and Clover

    AutoRepair Cloud for car owners is a cross-platform solution that allows you: to keep you vehicle maintained at all times, track the history of repairs, schedule a timely maintenance with your repair shop/mechanic or find the closest repair facility if you happen to break down far from your home. Web version, Android and iOS apps allow to access our solutions from any of your device.

    AutoRepairMaster POS is designed to help your service writers by managing customer service and profitability including vehicle inspection, estimating, invoicing, scheduling, vehicle service history, employee productivity, and more.

    AutoServe1 is a hands-on selling tool that helps your staff educate and communicate the value of their service recommendations to your customers.

    AutoShop Desktop is a management solution that handles management tasks with estimating, invoicing, point of sale, and more.

    Automotive management software that provides maintenance scheduling, shop management reporting, inventory history, and invoicing.

    Auto Shop Writer is a computerized management system for automotive service centers that handles paperwork associated with conductive a service business with features to help with day-to-day service operations.

    AutoSoft Online is an automotive software and computer system designed for the administration of auto repair shops with customer and vehicle management, parts inventory reporting, listings, and documents, work orders, and more.

    Auto Station enables you and your team to manage all products/ parts, services, customers, suppliers, contacts, purchases and sales in one easy-to-use system.

    autotext.me is a cloud-based web application that provides you with superior uptime, responsiveness, and reliability. autotext.me is the collaborative tool for your automotive repair shop.

    An extensive Windows automotive shop management solution designed just for the automotive repair industry.

    AutoVoto is a mobile app based productivity, marketing, file sharing, communications, documentation and customer retention platform.

    AutoWay is a Windows based bilingual system that provides an integrated shop management system to help you manage costs and inventory and provide financial reporting.

    Auto repair solution. Features include customer and work order management, vehicle service histories, and customer feedback tools.

    Aztec Garage Master Pro is an auto repairing and garage system. It helps to the stock statement, invoice statement, a record of purchase, and remote access to any electronic gadgets.

    Mobile and Web-based software for shops to manage Invoicing, Marketing Campaigns, Scheduling, Parts Ordering, and Repair Estimates.

    DMS with features such as order processing, inventory control, and accounting integration. BlackPurl is a vehicle retail and service app made for humans. Intuitively sell your units, track your parts, or arrange a service - with the app doing most of the work, not you. With BlackPurl, youll be able to streamline your business processes, increase your teams productivity and automate your ordering. That means greater profitability and consistent cash flow for you.

    Manage your repair shop with this all in one solution. Geared specifically for small, independent shops.

    BodyNet is a workshop management solution that allows you to create opinion estimates from your own labor and parts database and imports details of other estimating systems.

    Bodyshop Booster is a mobile sales generator that allows you to manage sales and advantage with remote auto damage estimates to help manage your bottom line.

    Business Management is a web based solution for automating the functions of auto dealer businesses including warehouse management and purchase order processing. MAM Software provides reliable, innovative and economical business-management software solutions that deliver competitive advantages to businesses in the automotive aftermarket, building supply and distribution industries.

    Car Inventory To Go is a hosted Inventory Tracking System - This means no software to install or servers needed! Car Inventory To Go is the mobile and online solution that streamlines the tracking of your costs, expenses and sales as well as making reporting easier.

    CarVue is a cloud-based workshop and vehicle sales managment system that allows you to manage your business from one screen with core modules- contacts, vehicle workshop, accounts, products, and sales and reports.

    Collision Repair Management System is a full software application to manage every aspect of collision repair shops, and provide streamlined conversations with customers.

    Complete Auto Reports is a invoicing and auto repair management software company that is comprehensive, simple and effective.

    Complete Auto Reports (CAR) is a secure cloud-based auto repair software solution designed to help automotive repair facilities manage their business processes.

    Crash-writeR Estimating is a software that uses industry standard collision estimating databases for your collision repair estimates with OE parts pricing, PDR, custom charges, supplements, auto detail, survey sheets, and more.

    CRMS is a specialized collision repair solution including estimating, job costing and GP, technician allocation, & GL accounting with payroll.

    DentTraxx is a web based Autobody management system with estimating, scheduling, photos, and docs.

    EMDECS is a cloud-based maintenance software for heavy-duty equipment that combines fleet and repair shop management into one package allowing you to track where everything is in your shop, manage profit and loss, preventative maintenance, and more.

    ezWrench is a POS software that provides marketing, employee and inventory management capabilities for the Car Wash, Quick Lube and Automotive Repair Industry.

    Fleetminder is a fleet maintenance and workshop management software that helps manage job cards, inspections, maintenance planning, compliance, vehicle history, business intelligence reporting and more.

    Fullbay is a cloud-based and works on any device connected to the internet, comes with free upgrades and unlimited support. Using Fullbay allows you to see real time stats, free yourself from the shop, never get behind on invoicing again.

    GarageHive is an auto repairing and garage software system, for medium and large size organizations. For car service management, spare parts management, CRM and financial management.

    GaragePlug is a next-gen SaaS based platform for multi-brand automotive garages to manage and track business on the go.

    GDS Workshop Manager is an integrated software application for managing daily workshop activities, creating invoices, and maintaining accurate workshop service records.

    Repair Shop software for automotive, tire center, fleet, truck , boat, motorcycle, equipment,

    iAutoFocus allows you to manage the aspects of collision repair from tracking sales and production to job costing, invoicing, repair notes, cycle times, employee efficiency, profit margins, and claim processing.

    Shop Management System is a solution for your shop automation needs that integrates data transfer from the estimating system, digital imaging, paperless office, automated parts ordering and repair processing, and more.

    Custom mobile apps for your auto repair shop.

    Instant Estimator offers an online tool that helps consumers evaluate their damage before initiating a claim allowing auto body service buyer's information to make informed decisions based on the severity and estimated cost of repairs.

    InvoMax is an automotive shop management software that provides print windshield stickers, email and cell-phone service reminders, sales and tax reports, automatic warranty tracking, and more.

    Web-based solution with accounting, customer communications, and parts management for single-site workshops and garages.

    Master Repair 8000 is a shop management software that allows you to manage, control and track your business with managed accuracy, time, and productivity.

    The MaxxTraxx shop management software system is a robust and complete solution with 30 years automotive and repair industry expertise. We feel that it is the best auto repair software solution available in this segment. It is also the most feature-packed and cost-effective choice. MaxxTraxx is not just another Repair Order writing software either. Its extensive list of capabilities along with its logical workflows sets it apart from the other shop management or fleet maintenance accounting applications out there.

    Mazsoft Workshop is a automotive management system that provides auto repair management, customer management, and accounting integration, to help manage your day to day operations.

    Workflow solution that helps service writers and customers track the repair process of vehicles, assist with upselling and CSI scores.

    MechanicDesk is an automotive/mechanical workshop management software that is very powerful and comprehensive, yet easy to use. MechanicDesk is also a web based company providing innovative ideas for people and businesses.

    Mitchell 1 Automotive Repair is an auto repairing and garage management software. It helps for analyzing, shop management,and marketing.

    MOTGMS is an online booking solution for MOT services with booking from anywhere on any device, a workshop diary, database, email marketing, job sheets, invoices and reports, and more.

    MotoEzee is a fully-featured garage management system, which includes features required for the end-to-end running of garages or workshop businesses.

    MyShopManager is a Marketing Platform built for independent auto repair shop owners

    NAPA TRACS provides estimating, technical information and shop management software solutions designed to help you manage and grow your business.

    Nexsyis Collision is a complete management and accounting system for collision repair providers, including MSOs, Independent Operators, Dealerships, and PDR. Includes customer relationship management, scheduling, advanced production tracking, parts ordering & tracking, document management, reporting, and a full financial package.

    Omnique is a shop management solution that allows you to manage your business's efficiency and profitability, with tools needed to support your shop.

    PifPro is a web-based software management solution ideal for all sizes of automotive & transmission repair shops. Shop owners, service writers, mechanics, and bookkeepers can perform common tasks such as repair estimates, repair orders, invoices, and reports with ease.

    PIF Pro is a cloud-based automotive repair shop management software that allows you to manage your data with SMS messaging, photos, VIN decoding, online parts ordering & management, and more.

    Planning Plus specializes in assisting your business to get on with business. Planning Plus allows you to managie sublets and identifying OEM repair methods, along with multiple other daily tasks that need to be performed.

    PM Attendant is an online point of sale system that provides an alternative to the quick lube industry that allows you to access the system from any browser.

    PMCLogic is a paint and material program that calculates, estimates, invoices the items used, and the cost to return a vehicle to good condition.

    A mechanic marketing solution to gain more new business, improve return business and manage bookings.

    PTM-VISION is a shop management software that allows you to control your business with a resource planning module that allows you to track your technicians time on every job, and helps manage performance and accountability and more.

    QuickQuote is an estimating software for automotive mechanical repairs. Quick Quote stores your customer's information and history as it follows an easy path from estimate to work in progress and then a final invoice.

    An end to end solution for workshops. It includes CRM, Job card, Billing & Invoicing, Inventory management, Vendor management & Reports.

    The market’s most comprehensive OE mechanical parts fulfillment solution.

    Repair Shop Director is an automotive software solution that provides tools and features to help you manage your business.

    RepairShopPro is a shop management software solution that automates the day to day business management challenges with integrated invoices, estimating, parts inventory control, purchase ordering, and payment acceptance.

    A full-featured texting program for the auto repair shop with scheduled messages, customizable templates, photo capability, and more.

    A small engine & window screen repair shop solution with features for better tracking of customers, statuses, machines, and employees.

    Ritty is an auto repair invoicing software for small to medium sized shops it offers fast order entry, invoicing, and customer management in a web app that can be accessed from anywhere with any device.

    Rome Technologies Management Solution enables you to operate the very best body shop, in real time. The management system integrates with the most current estimating systems, making transition to service seamless and easy

    RPM Toolkit is a rapid profit management solution that allows you to manage your shop, staff, and customers remotely.

    SEcureMetrics Service is a reporting option that provides performance management and analysis reporting for the fixed operations areas of the automobile dealership with DMS integration, the ability to manage and save report layouts, and more.

    ServiceShop is an automotive shop management software solution integrated with time management, service, invoices, estimates, labor line association, length labor descriptions, source tracking, and more.

    Total Auto Shop Management and Repair for Mobile Devices.

    ShopMAX1 is a complete automotive management package, including: Service Managment, Parts Inventory, Financials, Marketing and Client services. ShopMAX1 offers all the electronic tools you will need to oversee the entire repair operation while giving your customer the tools they need to be involved with the repair process.

    Web based customizable auto repair estimating, job management, invoicing and customer portal solution.

    Shopmonkey is a smart and simple software to run, understand, and grow your repair shop. Shopmonkey makes running a repair business easy with a cloud-based platform that is expertly built for the modern age.

    Shop-Probe is a business solution for auto-body shop management with real-time job costings, parts tracking, job and shop reporting, the ability to import payables and receivables with Quickbooks, and more.

    Increase auto service sales by flagging recurring-services, hidden in your shop database, with predictive analytics.

    SimpleFlow is an auto repair shop management software with real-time dashboards that provide an overview of shop operations and customer repair orders.

    Create smog check work orders in seconds with an affordable work order system that markets to your customers automatically.

    STAR Service Manager is a featured parts, service, and repair management system that offers tax calculations, with integrated credit card processing, technical support, and more.

    SWS Garage Management System is an auto repairing and garage software.

    The TechMan garage management system is the perfect solution to support your growing garage business and workshop with powerful yet simple-to-use tools for the everyday workings of your garage and advanced measurement and reporting facilities to ensure you have a close eye on exactly how well your business is performing from anywhere in the world.

    Simplify your life. Supercharge your shop. Auto repair software that drives results.

    Business Center will provide you with a true paperless shop experience.

    TireShop is a user-friendly shop management solution for single or multi-location tire and auto repair shops. TireShop's custom written Windows interface allows the user to do more in less time with less hassle.

    Repair Manager is an automotive repair shop software for small independent auto repair shops that provides you the ability to manage your shop or dealership with repair orders, repair history for each vehicle, sales reports, and more.

    Vehicle Data and VIN Decoding product suite offers the most comprehensive and detailed vehicle datasets available on the market today.

    Online garage management system for the MOT testing industry. Offers workshop diary, day planning, online booking, and messaging tools.

    Web-Est provides a web-based logic-based collision estimating software with the ability to write an estimate from your shop, in the field, or working at home with a database of vehicle frame details, and more.

    AutoShop for Windows is a Task Based system and can separate up to 32 jobs on a work order. Separately proposed and calculated jobs mean better work order print-outs for your customer. Whether you're creating a quick estimate or a complete work order, AutoShop gives you five different ways to write up the job. Scheduling is made easy too. Our drag and drop scheduling system will save you time and ease your work load. AutoShop has many more features to compliment the way you do business.

    Workshop Software Online is an automotive workshop software solution that allows you to manage your business with job management, customer engagement, Smartlink integration, Xero integration, and more.

    WorkTracer is a Windows based software package for small to medium sized repair shops that streamlines tracking and management of repairs & includes, customer accounts, print & email invoices, manage quotations, and more.