Best Banking Software

Banks of all types (retail, business, corporate, or investment) need banking software to manage funds, financial transactions, and interactions with their customers. This type of software helps banks provide better services, and comply with laws and regulations specific to their industries. Some banking solutions also offer features such as financial marketing to attract and retain customers, or tools that customers can use to manage their personal finances. Banking software can improve customer experience by providing portals or mobile apps for account management and transactions. Managers can use banking software to determine which services are profitable, to track customer satisfaction, and monitor cash flows.

Integration with back office software, such as accounting or human resources, is provided by most solutions. For advances financial analytics, integration with business intelligence and data management solutions is also provided by most vendors.

To qualify for inclusion in the Banking category, a product must:

  • Manage account holder information, transactions, documents, and communications
  • Allow customers to manage their accounts online or using mobile apps
  • Create and manage financial services for various types of customers (individuals, companies, etc.)
  • Track the financial history of customers, as well as credit scores or background checks
  • Ensure compliance with security and privacy regulations
  • Deliver features to easily create financial or tax reports
  • Provide features for cash and funds management in multiple currencies
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    D3 Banking adapts to existing online banking sites, integrating with the navigation, look and feel of each financial institution's site.

    Dynamo Software has been a premier, industry-specific provider of investment management and online reporting software for alternative assets fund managers and alternative asset allocators since 1998. The Dynamo™ platform is a Cloud-based solution dedicated to improving the productivity of fundraising, investor relations, due diligence, investment research, portfolio analysis, and investor relations teams through intelligent automation for critical data management processes and advanced reporting capabilities. Dynamo Software has been entrusted by over 400 limited and general partnerships worldwide, including private equity and venture capital firms, hedge funds, real estate investment firms, funds of funds, institutional investors, family offices, prime brokers, and fund administrators.

    Finanical Risk Management from Fiserv supports asset liability management, market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, interest-rate risk and funds transfer pricing capabilities to give your organization a truly enterprise view of risk.

    TEMENOS T24 is a 24-hour real-time banking application that provides multiple application server support to a number of users.

    The Episys Credit Card module provides host access to account balance information and transaction detail.

    Geezeo Empowers your financial institution's online customers, giving them a holistic view of their financial assets, liabilities and budgets.

    Mambu is a cloud platform designed to let user rapidly build, integrate, launch and service any lending portfolio into any market. SME lenders.

    The MX platform empowers our partners and financial institutions of all sizes with the best of omnichannel banking — including a consistent user experience and contextual offers.

    BANC Mall is a web-based tool that provides access to accurate and up-to-date credit reports, vehicle and home valuations, flood reports, business reports and other relevant data.

    Bannois everything your institution needs to service users and deploy modern experiences across all your digital channels.

    CoreBank is an integral and modular core banking system that represents a strategic tool for bankers.CoreBank is a technology based on the model and organization of a modern, dynamic and flexible bank.

    Beacon Orbit-Financial Inclusion Business Correspondent Solution (Beacon Orbit-FIBC) is a first-of-its-kind solution custom-built for Co-operative Banks and uniquely conceptualized to act as bridge between the banking service and the common man at their place of work, fields and doorsteps.

    For small and mid-sized credit unions, we offer the CruiseNet platform, a Windows-based core using the latest .NET technology.

    Digital Edge is a digital banking platform which provides brand new possibilities in banking, thanks to its comprehensive set of touchpoint applications and ample digital engagement capabilities, all supported and connected with one hub.

    Finacle from Infosys helps banks transform by providing solutions and services that enable a shift in their strategic and operational priorities.

    Fin Superb is a fully Web-based, Real time application for Multi state credit cooperative society, Multi branch credit co-operative society, Thrift and Credit Society, Micro-finance Society.

    FusionBanking is a core operations platform for wholesale banks with functionality designed to promote reuse across different shared modules.

    Holvi is banking for people of action, modern financial service for the new wave of European entrepreneurs.

    PrecisionLender is modernizing commercial banking. Our sales and negotiation solution empowers bankers with actionable, in-the-moment insights and coaching, so they win better deals and build strong, more profitable relationships. Andi®, PrecisionLender'svirtual insights analyst, augments banker strengths and intelligence with the latest technology and data, delivering the best recommendations at exactly the right time. More than 10,000+ bankers at 200+ banks -ranging from $1B to $1T in assets -use our solution. Set your bank apart with PrecisionLender’sapplied banking insights. Visit http://www.precisionlender.comto learn more.

    EASE provides credit unions the ability to focus on their core competencies with seamless access to advancing technology, strict regulatory compliance, and ongoing access to industry, technology, and security experts

    Validis provides a quick, easy, and secure way for small businesses to share their financial data with accounting firms and financial institutions. Our unique, cloud-based technology collects financial data from a business’s online or offline accounting application and automatically assembles the data into a set of standardized reports in minutes. The reports are viewable in our online portal and seamlessly integrate into your existing technologies.

    Ababil is a banking system developed with the specifics of Islamic culture in mind and focus on profit sharing instead of interest collection.

    Abraxsys is a powerful, fully integrated banking solution that provides real-time, multi_language, multi-currency and multi-branch banking for retail, commercial, corporate and universal banks and credit unions.

    Accusystems -Audit Preparation allows users to pull a report by a specific customer name and see all the customer and loan exceptions.

    ACTion Deposit Account Opening is an omni-channel solution that automates the online and branch deposit workflow for personal checking and savings accounts as well as certificates of deposit and money market accounts. It fully integrates with ACTion’s industry-leading loan origination solution to give you a powerful platform to combine both deposit and cross-sell loan processes.

    Risk Management tools for commodity trade.

    Ultimate Digital Banking Solution is a retail and business customers use this to analyze account data, transfer funds, and make loan payments.

    Apex Banking System is a comprehensive solution for the integral processing of all operations in a financial organization. Apex Banking System includes an accounting system that complies with all accounting and compliance reporting standards.

    ARCS seamlessly overlays your core banking system with a simple, user-friendly solution that will dramatically improve and simplify the way your institution operates

    ARGO Commercial Lending is a solution that enables institutions to manage unique lending models and credit policies with confidence.

    Assetmax is an investment management software for independent asset managers. It includes compliance, portfolio management, invoicing, reporting, back-office.

    ATOM Syndications automates the activities associated with administering large commercial loan or lease portfolios syndicated to institutional investors. ATOM Syndications seamlessly links with existing servicing systems and provides integrated cash management, accounting and risk support for the entire syndicated deal life cycle.

    Avaloq develops and provides software for core banking.

    B2 is an all-round banking automation solution that enables a broad spectrum of bank's business processes to be automated. B2's features include card processing, payment systems, API, payment & settlement center, retail and corporate bank product, general ledger, etc.

    BANCOS is a banking that meets customers needs for flexibility and interoperability.

    BankBI is a financial reporting software for banks that integrates with core banking systems that provides a financial performance reporting system.

    Bank Communication System is a modular system that operates on IBM mainframes and supports SWIFT, CHIPS, DTC, FEDWIRE, NBES, and TELEX transactions.

    BANKERS FRONT is an integrated, modular, multi-channel front-end solution for private banking & wealth management institutions. BANKER'S FRONT is the one and only portal supporting Relationship Managers in their daily interactions and activities with their clients.

    BankFlex is an innovative banking suite offering integrated financial services management features for retail and commercial clients.

    BankingON is a mobile banking software that helps credit union members access account balances, and deposit checks using image recognition technology.

    BankMill is a core, centralized banking that allows a bank to conuct its business with its customers along with full MIS reports and internal management tools. . Its features include a centralized database, single application deployment, global employee, and global customers.

    BankOne is a full-Fledged Any Branch Banking (ABB) System for Co-Operative Banks & Credit Societies to serve your clients better.

    BankSight enables retail and business bankers to deliver meaningful experiences to their customers through timely, intelligent and actionable customer insights and a single view of the customer. The results are increased NPS scores, higher cross-sell and referral ratios that increase revenues, and more loyal, committed customers with less customer attrition.

    BankSmart is a highly scalable, rapidly deployable multi-module core banking solution that is build on cutting edge open technologies to enable and empower financial institutions with their core banking requirements.

    BankTrade is a browser based solution for trade finance, letters of credit and international banking.

    BANKTRON is an omnichannel (Internet, Mobile, Web Services etc.) solution for modern financial institutions.

    BankUltimus is a real-time, online banking solution. N-Tier Architecture, Web Interface, Third Party Integration and more.

    A "customer centric" core banking software solution that runs the front, middle and back office of the bank.

    BankWorld Mobile is a solution provide self-service banking services to all the customers with SMS texting, P2P mobile payments, and card management capabilities.

    Bansoft is a Core Cloud Banking Solution designed for online Licensed Banks and Financial Institutions which offer services such as Swift / Fedwire.