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Board management software provides a workspace for board members, chief executives, and other professionals in charge to stay organized, make timely decisions and plan progress cohesively. These collaborative tools allow access to agendas, documents, notes, calendars, and contacts that can be used to inform and fortify the corporate meeting process. Files can be uploaded within the workspaces, and users can then be assigned access according to their roles and clearance levels. These tools are most commonly executed among leadership teams, whether that be a parent committee or board of a large corporation. Board management software can be used alongside structured or team collaboration tools that are open to involvement from employees or participants at varying levels of authority.

To qualify for inclusion in the Board Management Software category, a product must:

  • Be intended for use by board or committee members, or similarly ranking directors
  • Enable the creation and storage of material such as agendas, meeting minutes, team notes, and more
  • Allow for communication and engagement between members
  • Enable features to collect group feedback
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