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Bot platforms are tools used to build and deploy interactive chatbots. Companies utilize the tools to create intelligent, conversational bots to interact with customers and help provide information to users. These platforms provide development tools such as frameworks and API toolsets for customizable bot creation. These bots tend to be scalable to serve on multiple communication platforms and across multiple devices simultaneously. Some offer advertising and payment features as well. These tools also provide maintenance features to combat issues that arise after publishing.

Many bot platfoms are built on top of artificial intelligence and machine learning products for advanced performance and analytics. They also utilize natural language processing (NLP) tools to interperet text and interact with AI platforms.

To qualify for inclusion in the Bot Platforms category, a product must:

  • Provide bot deployment capabilities
  • Provide bot development frameworks
  • Allow users to define behaviors and program responses
  • Provide users with tools for performing maintenance and updates to published bots.
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    TARS is a platform that allows users to create chatbots with no programming knowledge needed.

    Alexa lets people use their voice to interact with technology so they can spontaneously ask questions in a way that feels natural. Alexa for Business gives you the tools you need to manage Alexa-enabled devices, enroll your users, and assign skills at scale.

    With Chatfuel you create chatbots to engage with your audience on messengers. provides a platform where anybody can build a chatbot using simple drag & drop templates. These chatbots can collect data from website visitors by asking scripted questions - 24/7, fully on auto-pilot.

    Dialogflow is a conversational user experience platform enabling brand-unique, natural language interactions for bots, devices, applications and services.

    SLINGR is a CRM software for Slack Teams love that integrate with Google Contacts and Calendar, it track projects, notes and follow up items without leaving chat.

    BotEngine allows you to create a chatbot for any web service. Integrate it with live chat software (LiveChat), Facebook fan page (through Facebook Messenger) or instant messaging apps (Slack, Kik, etc.)

    Azure Bot Service enables developers to create conversational interfaces on multiple channels while Language Understanding (LUIS) helps developers create customized natural interactions on any platform for any type of application, including bots.

    ChatbotsBuilder is a platform for building Facebook Messenger chatbots. It’s an online tool that its customers can use to create and register bots for Facebook pages they manage, specifying for each bot a set of “answers” triggered by words typed by the users chatting on Messenger with that specific page. enables machines to speak fluently with humans. is a build-once-deploy-anywhere platform that builds voicebots and chatbots; Alexa skills, Google Home actions & Facebook Messenger bots in minutes. We leverage machine learning to build an enriched, fluent and natural correspondence between humans and any voice-enabled device or service.

    Flowxo allows you to build, host & manage bots in one platform.

    Botkit is a popular open-source toolkit for creating bots for messaging platforms.

    Botsify helps people build chatbots for their businesses without any coding knowledge.

    ChatScript is a "next Generation" open source chatbot engine, based on the one that powered Suzette.

    Kore is an enterprise software provider of an all-in-one Bots Platform (as-a-service) and cutting-edge smart technology for enterprises to build and deploy out-of-the-box or completely customized chatbots for their customers and workforce.

    PandoraBots is a platform for building and deploying artificially intelligent chatbots.

    Recast.AI is the collaborative end-to-end bot platform for developers. The strengh of Recast.AI comes from three main pillars: technology, bot building and community. Firstly, we are developing a strong and powerful natural language processing (NLP) technology. This technology, based on deep learning, allows our users to analyse sentences, detect their intent (classification) and extract key information called entities (named entity recognition or NER). Recast.AI provides by default an extensive enrichment of 35+ entities such as location, datetimes or temperatures. To this we've also added emoji support, sentiment analysis, dialog management or expression suggestions, leveraging data augmentation to drastically fasten bot building. This NLP technology allows the creation of chatbots in any language, from English to Hebrew through Japanese. Second, bot building is done through our free platform. In this platform, we've developed a complete suite of tools for bot building. Developers can train their bot, build their conversational flow in a visual builder (using our unique Bot Skills technology), connect bots to any channel in a few clicks (Messenger, Slack, Kik, Skype, etc) and monitor its use. All of this for free. Finally, from the beginning, Recast.AI has been a collaborative platform. Today, more than 25,000 developers use our technology and tools. Bots built on Recast.AI can be forked, Bot Skills can be shared, and you can work collaboratively on a bot. The community also exchanges tips and tricks on our Slack Community. While our technology is used by developers all around the world, we also work closely with major corporations to automate their customer supports with chatbots. With Recast.AI, you have all tools necessary to the building of powerful bots and can provide great conversational interfaces in a heartbeat. is an enterprise-level bot building platform. is an API that makes it easy for developers to build applications and devices that you can talk to.

    Aspect CXP Pro empowers enterprises to deploy contact center & customer engagement self-service solutions on voice (IVR), text/messaging (chatbots), and mobile channels (disposable apps) with a design-once-deploy-anywhere approach. CXP Pro speeds up time-to-market, lowers customer service cost through automation, lowers average handling time (AHT), frees agents from repetitive tasks, improves the customer experience through 24/7 availability, and increases first contact resolution (FCR).

    Botanic offers a SaaS solution designed to let companies build their own branded chatbots, virtual assistants (voice), and avatars.

    Bot Manager relies on the simple premise that bots are not all created equal. Many bots play a legitimate role in your online business strategy. Others harm your business by reducing competitive advantage, getting between you and your customers, or committing fraud. Bot Manager provides a flexible framework to manage bot traffic based on the needs of your business—to better engage with your customers, improve your security posture, and control the traffic coming to your website every day.

    Build conversational AIs 10x faster leveraging Cognigy.AI and explore great enterprise features for developers.

    Converse.AI enables companies to semi or fully automate real time customer success conversations using bots.

    Dexter is a bot creation platform targeted at writers, publishers, and business owners.

    Engati is one of the best free chatbot platform to build bots in minutes without programming. Build once and publish across 8 major platforms - FB messenger, kik, telegram, line, viber, skype, slack and website. Supports intelligent paths, train, copy, analytics and private labeling.

    Gupshup is an advanced bot and messaging platform.

    KITT.AI makes natural language understanding easier for developers.

    Manybot is platform for businesses and professionals to create messenger apps without coding.

    Message,io is an enterprise bots service that is deployable to Slack, HipChat and Skype.

    Meya is a bot creation platform that can be connected to any popular messaging app or intelligent assistant.

    Octane AI is an easy way to create a bot and engage your customers and audience via messaging.

    Oracle Digital Assistant provides the platform and tools to easily build AI-powered assistants that connect to your backend applications. A digital assistant uses artificial intelligence for natural language processing and understanding, to automate engagements with conversational interfaces that respond instantly, improve user satisfaction, and increase business efficiencies.

    Parlo delivers intelligent automation for customer and employee interactions with the enterprise. Using AI and machine learning, Parlo bots reduce time to delight in these interactions and brings increased efficiencies for the front and back-office. Parlo’s cutting edge NLU engine breaks down complex language and executes contextually relevant business requests. Using neural semantic models, Parlo continuously trains itself, saving the enterprise valuable time and resources spent on routine tasks.

    Sequel allows you to build your own AI-powered bots - with no engineering required - and publish out to messaging platforms.

    Smooch helps small and large companies deliver messages in their software at scale through one reliable platform.

    Walkie is an easy to use software to write and test bot dialogues.