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Bug tracking software, or issue tracking software, refers to software used by quality assurance (QA) and software development teams to report software bugs and problems. Thorough bug tracking is essential for good software development. Bug tracking software provides a repository that explains how to reproduce a bug and how widespread an issue is, and allows a business to separate, prioritize, sequence, and provide communications about different bugs across many projects or applications. Bug tracking software is typically managed by a (QA) team and allows them to communicate quickly with developers, the business, and often customers about if, how, and when to fix bugs. Bug tracking software may integrate with Project Management, Development, and Test Automation tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Bug Tracking category, a product must:

  • Allow for the creation of multiple projects
  • File bugs/tickets in a specific project
  • Allow commenting, file uploading, and custom fields to track the history of a bug
  • Provide severity and/or priority for bugs
  • Have the ability to run reports by project or user

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    JIRA is the tracker for teams planning and building great products. Thousands of teams choose JIRA to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity. At your desk or on the go with the new mobile interface, JIRA helps your team get the job done.

    Instabug provides in-app feedback and bug reporting to mobile apps. It provides a seamless two-way communication with users and/or testers, while providing detailed environment report for developers. It starts with the mobile app developer integrating the SDK into the app in a process that takes less than a minute to be done.

    Instabug Reviews

    Rational ClearQuest provides flexible change and defect tracking, customizable processes, real-time reporting and lifecycle traceability for better visibility and control of the software development lifecycle.

    Full-stack error monitoring for web & mobile apps. JS, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node, Golang, Android, iOS, more.

    Open-source error tracking to monitor and fix bugs and crashes anywhere in your stack in real time. Sentry automates exception handling for every programming language and platform so you can observe and respond to issues up and down the stack: JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, Node, iOS, Android, Go, and more. Developers use Sentry to see all the details they need to identify, reproduce, prioritize, and respond to errors, including stack traces, user context, release data, and preceding events. Sentry is the world’s most widely used error tracking tool, helping more than 100,000 developers observe over 250 million events every day.

    Bugsnag provides software teams with automated crash detection and alerting tools, and enables faster bug fixes with powerful prioritization and diagnostics dashboards. To date, Bugsnag has monitored over 1 trillion application sessions from thousands of top technology companies, including Airbnb, Eventbrite, Lyft, Mailchimp, Namely, Pandora, Shopify and Square. Get started for free at

    Bugsee is a bug and crash reporting tool for iOS and Android apps. Like a black box on an airplane, Bugsee locally records everything that the app is doing. Whenever a bug occurs, everything that led to it has already been recorded: - Video of user’s actions + touches (including in live apps) - All Network traffic - Console logs and more Also, recently, an independent benchmark for mobile crash reporters  named Bugsee as the #1 crash reporter for iOS — You can see a fully functional demo at or watch the 100 seconds video -

    Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack) is a modular Agile project management solution that lets you centralize and manage requirements, test cases, issues, and other development artifacts — and their relationships. -Helix RM for requirements management -Helix IM for issue management -Helix TCM for test case management Helix ALM's modular structure allows you to license only the capabilities you need now, and easily add others later. With Helix ALM, you can: -Reduce product development risk by increasing visibility into project health. -Enable collaboration across disparate teams and departments. -Automate traceability across all work items and data — from requirements capture and risk analysis through testing and defect resolution. -Couple with JIRA via Helix ALM's out-of-the-box integration.

    Helix ALM Reviews

    Stackify offers the only developer-friendly cloud-based solution that fully integrates application performance management (APM) with error and logging. Retrace APM allows developers to easily monitor, detect and resolve application issues before they affect the business to ensure a better end user experience. Our goal is to help developers understand every millisecond spent in their code. - Code-level performance tracking - App performance reporting & dashboards - Server & application metrics - Log searching and monitoring - Error tracking & monitoring - Alerts & notifications - 30 day retention for detail data - 1,000 errors/logs per device per min - Language support for .Net, PHP, and Java monitoring. Traditionally APM products have been too expensive to use in QA environments. We would argue that they are needed there the most to prefix problems before they get to production. The best time to find and prevent software problems is while writing the code. Stackify's Prefix tool is a developer’s best friend for this. Prefix is a lightweight profiler that runs on developer’s workstations to give them details code level tracing. The same visibility they can get in production with Retrace, but instead, they can get it on their workstation

    Intelligent and easy-to-use issue tracker designed for development agile teams, from creators of IntelliJ IDEA. It serves as an online one-stop shop for tracking daily tasks and bugs, planning sprints and releases, managing agile projects. Supports Scrum and Kanban, speaks your language. Flexible customization capabilities help every team follow its own process.

    Powerful developer tools. One neat package. The Raygun Platform covers everything your team needs to gain complete clarity upon issues affecting your customers. This allows your organisation to streamline internal processes, use one vendor across the entire technology stack and collaborate to deliver high quality and reliable software. Raygun tools cover three main areas, all fully integrated with each other to unlock deeply powerful insights unlike anything your team has experienced before. APM - Uncover performance bottlenecks Identify server-side performance issues and go deeper than ever before. Have your entire team know the answers to your biggest software performance problems. Crash Reporting - Fix bugs with greater speed and accuracy Diagnose and resolve issues users experience. Developers can pinpoint root causes, without having to rely on logs, support tickets and incomplete information. Real User Monitoring - Deliver flawless software experiences Ensure users have fast and reliable user experiences whilst using your web and mobile apps. Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS), retention and customer satisfaction. You’ll know instantly when issues occur, who they have affected, when the problem was introduced and also be able to follow the progress of their resolution. From first detection to deploying a fix. If you want to achieve a complete, wholistic overview of how your software is performing for your customers, Raygun gives you the answers you need.

    Micro Focus ALM is a set of software products designed for accelerating the delivery of secure, reliable modern applications

    Airbrake gives you detailed stack traces that help you fix errors in seconds, not minutes. Drill down on recurring exceptions or filter by parameters, users or environment variables. Intelligent grouping and duplicate detection means you don't get overwhelmed by trivial errors or a mass of emails.

    MantisBT is an open source issue tracker that provides a delicate balance between simplicity and power.

    Micro Focus Quality Center Enterprise is the proven leader in IT quality management and fully supports your quality testing center of excellence (TCoE) initiative.

    Build better products and create better product experiences for your customers through visual feedback and its ability to articulate ideas or provide context to problems. Better experiences, faster websites, more accurate apps and happier people means more customers. Customers that will stay longer and customers that will be more likely to refer. Userback facilitates this relationship by connecting your people through feedback and collaboration. If you're an agency delivering web projects for clients, working in a team or collecting feedback on your site, Userback will save you time by managing feedback for all of your web apps in one place. Userback allows users to articulate their feedback by drawing on the screen and commenting on webpages. All the feedback is captured inside Userback for simple management. Connect Userback with product you already use like Jira, Hip chat, Basecamp, Slack and many more.

    Bugzilla is a "Defect Tracking System" or "Bug-Tracking System". Defect Tracking Systems allow individual or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively. Most commercial defect-tracking software vendors charge enormous licensing fees. Despite being "free", Bugzilla has many features its expensive counterparts lack. Consequently, Bugzilla has quickly become a favorite of thousands of organizations across the globe. Product demo can be found at . Use of the "Request a Demo" button will be ignored; there doesn't appear to be a way to remove it from this page.

    Phabricator is a complete set of tools for developing software. Included apps help you manage tasks and sprints, review code, host git, svn, or mercurial repositories, build with continuous integration, review designs, discuss in internal chat channels, and much more. It's fast, scalable, and fully open source. Install it locally with no limitations, or have us host it for you.

    BugHerd turns website feedback into clear, consistent tasks with all of the data you need to get the job done fast.

    codeBeamer ALM is an organically integrated, collaborative end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management platform with capabilities that specifically support large-scale Agile implementation in safety-critical industries. Its support of Waterfall and Hybrid methodologies, as well as SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework), and highly adaptable architecture make it a versatile solution that is successfully used by global enterprises in various industries. codeBeamer offers integration points with various industry standard tools (MS Office round-trip, JIRA, DOORS Bridge integration with IBM Rational DOORS, ReqIF, REST API, etc), and advanced capabilities as well as gapless traceability from requirements all the way to testing & release. Why codeBeamer ALM?

    A simple issue tracker that can be customized to fit your team's unique process. From planning, to working, to reporting, Aiveo has you covered from the beginning to the end of your project. Aiveo is a simple, customizable issue tracker for teams of all sizes.

    We love software. We love helping others create software. We love the competitive edge that software can give to businesses. We love that software makes our lives easier every day, from reserving a table for dinner, to automatically applying the brakes in our cars and saving lives. Software is just awesome! And we're happy to get your software shipped faster. Do you have a Scrum team? Then try managing your product backlogs, sprints and user stories in Axosoft Scrum. Your team will love the automated burndown charts, customizable workflows and release planning capabilities that make practicing Scrum even more efficient. As your team combines Axosoft Scrum with the other components, you will be able to associate defects with releases and turn feature requests into backlog items. For teams who just need to track bugs, Axosoft Bug Tracker is the best tool for agile defect and issue tracking. Teams can quickly add new bugs, assign them to releases or users, and move them through a variety of custom workflows. When Axosoft Bug Tracker is integrated with the other components, your team can automatically convert incidents into defects and utilize burndown charts to see how quickly bugs are being eliminated. Plus it's just $1 per year! We also have you covered with support tickets. Axosoft Help Desk provides the ability to better track and resolve your customers' support issues with email-to-ticket automation, canned responses and in-app threads. Your customers will also have a hub to self-report issues in the web-based Customer Portal. Once your team integrates Help Desk with other components, support will be able to instantly translate incidents into defects and user stories.

    Collaborate effortlessly on projects. Whether you're a team of 5 or studio of 50, Lighthouse will help you keep track of your project development with ease.

    Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Trac uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management.

    When you need to manage the testing of your project, look no further, SpiraTest is the premier test management and quality assurance solution for companies, organizations and teams of all sizes. With an open architecture and vast library of plugins for bug trackers (JIRA, bugzilla, ...), automated testing tools (Selenium, TestComplete, ...) and load testing (NeoLoad, JMeter, Load Runner...), SpiraTest will transform your testing process with immediate ROI.

    Set up quickly, log bugs easily, track them to closure and deliver great products on time!

    zipBoard is a bug tracking and visual feedback tool which lets product developers work collaboratively on their web-based (web-apps, websites & elearning) products. It lets you annotate webpages and assign tasks directly from screenshots. You can either use zipBoard while you build new products or improve existing ones with the help of collective visual feedback and task management. All the stakeholders get real-time updates during the whole process which makes it a productive and fun experience. It’s a great tool for anyone involved in the design and development process of a web-based product. Some of the people who are going to find zipBoard extremely useful are QA teams, project managers, web developers, product managers, UX designers, graphics designers, and their respective clients.

    From planning, to coding, to testing, to customer support, DoneDone is the refreshingly simple issue tracker.

    Sifter helps keep your issue tracking simple so you and your team can find and resolve more issues in less time. You save time and money shipping higher quality software.

    TaskRay: More Than Project Management TaskRay helps businesses onboard customers faster and more efficiently. By using TaskRay’s templating and automation functions high tech, SaaS, Wealth Management, Manufacturing, and Franchising businesses can build systems that scale whether they have 100 customers or 10,000 customers. -TaskRay is built on the Salesforce Platform to enable seamless customer onboarding right in Salesforce Sales Cloud ® as well as other Salesforce Clouds such as FSC, Service Cloud, HSC, and more. -Get an overview of key customer onboarding metrics and health with robust reporting and dashboards. -Utilize built in templates and automation tools to onboard customers & clients more quickly and efficiently and consistently. -Decrease your customer’s time to implement your solution and increase your retention and customer satisfaction.

    TaskRay Reviews

    Lean Testing is a free hosted test management solution. Its clean interface does not contain too many features, leaving just enough space for the ones that you need to manage your testing process efficiently! Its bug tracker is designed for highly productive software development teams, with task assignation, a comments system and even bug reporting templates. Lean Testing is the most user-friendly bug tracker out there! We help people discover how simple software testing can be.

    RT is a battle-tested issue tracking system which thousands of organizations use for bug tracking, help desk ticketing, customer service, workflow processes, change management, network operations, youth counselling and even more.

    Visual feedback and bug tracking tool for web design and development. Covers all web project parts - from the 1st image mockup to web prototype and launched websites. Every task or issue report comes with a screenshot taken from user side, technical details, links etc - all recorded automatically. Available through JS installation into website or Chrome / Firefox / Safari browser extensions. 17 integrations with Trello, Basecamp, Slack, Atlassian JIRA...

    Tuleap, 100% Open Source software development and project management tool

    Unfuddle STACK integrates the most critical tools for any software project. Bug and issue tracking, source code in Git or Subversion and reference materials all seamlessly coexist in an environment that is familiar to your whole team.

    By combining a vast and diverse workforce with a results-driven model, crowdsourced security programs outperform traditional methods-every time.

    Whether your team is big or small, you will be able to find just the right service to meet your team's needs from BugHost.

    Bugzero change management issue tracking system is a software application that allows an enterprise to record and follow the progress of every problem or issue that a user identifies until the problem is resolved.

    Easily customize DevTrack forms and fields using point-and-click operations from a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) to fit unique business requirements.

    AWS X-Ray is a distributed tracking system designed to help developers analyze and debug production, distributed applications, such as those built using a microservices architecture.

    An open source issue tracking & project management application Bug Tracking Software is highly customizable, fast and easy to use.

    Swift Bug Tracker is equipped with an easy-to-use responsive web-based Bug Tracking system to help you manage the bugs/incidents.

    BugUp tracker tool is a smart and simple bug tracking system and issue tracking system provided by InformUp. The software provides a clear and centralized overview of the development cycle.

    BugZap is a Defect and Issue Tracking Tool for Windows developed to assist in defect and issue tracking for small-to-medium size projects.

    PR Tracker is an enterprise level problem tracking system designed especially for bug tracking

    QA Recorder is a smart tool for super-fast Quality Assurance testing that allows you simply recording your browser sessions and marking your bugs.

    ReQtest is an end to end solution for software testing, bug tracking, requirement management and agile project management.

    Revizto is a real-time issue tracking software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction with a focus on collaboration and BIM project coordination. Revizto uses BIM intelligence and makes it immediately accessible and actionable for the entire project team.

    With The Bug Genie, you get amazing search functionality. Quickly filter on the information you need to see, instead of having to create complex queries to retrieve data.

    Simple bug tracking & feedback. Usersnap is your central place to organize feedback and collect bug reports. One screenshot is all it takes. Get rid of endless email exchanges and coffee-stained sticky notes.

    WebIssues is an open source, multi-platform system for issue tracking and team collaboration.

    Xpediter is Compuware's mainframe application interactive debugging tool. It also offers code coverage for mainframe application analysis.

    Advik MBOX to TXT Converter is software to convert multiple mailboxes files to text format. This tool can convert mailbox files created by various MBOX supporting email clients such as Opera Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Eudora Mail, Entourage, The Bat, Spicebird.

    ServiceNow Agent Intelligence uses machine learning to automatically categorize, route, and prioritize issues. It learns from patterns in your historical data, becoming increasingly accurate in its predictive recommendations.

    ArgusQ connects product management organizations with ArgusQ’s Certified Community of software experts. Through spec review cycles, ArgusQ will identify critical issues in requirements before they get baked into your product and get found by your customers.

    Backtrace is the turn-key debugging platform that helps teams quickly figure out the when, where, and why behind application errors. Backtrace captures detailed dumps of failed application state, automates analysis of the data and highlights important classifiers, and archives this in a powerful database.

    Bontq is a user-friendly issue tracking and project management cloud-hosted system.

    BugAware provides software developers with an easy way to track and submit bugs, defects and enhancements during the development and maintenance of software applications. Project Managers and team leaders can monitor and assign development tasks and report on all aspects of custom defined software projects.

    BugReplay is a bug reporting tool that records of a user's actions, network traffic and JavaScript logs. The recordings are synced and played back in our integrated video player where a user can see exactly what went wrong and when.

    Bugrocket is simple, understandable bug tracking for freelancers and small teams.

    BugTower is a simple bug and issue tracking system for multiple members, across projects. BugTower allows you to: - Create bugs with different priority levels - Add updates to bug reports - Have multiple projects members collaborate on a project - Have multiple projects - Available on the go with an iOS App

    Access real-time information from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Manage hundreds of projects in multiple locations OR just a few! Make informed decisions and minimize problems and errors.

    Cuzwork is a modern online issue tracking platform, designed to support multiple projects across multiple teams.

    DebugMe is a visual feedback, bug tracking & project management solution which saves time and frustration for front end web developers & project managers .

    Kanban board to track features and technical debt, suport via help desk, catch exceptions and errors integrated ith server monitoring

    Edifact Viewer helps you doing your day-to-day and bug hunting work with EDIFACT files. Web-based and free of charge.

    Developer of SaaS project management tools for software development incl. help desk, issue + test case tracking

    Errorception helps to find JavaScript errors and groups the errors together.

    eTraxis is an OpenSource bug tracking system with ability to set up unlimited number of fully customizable workflows. eTraxis can be used for tracking almost anything, but the most popular cases are a bugtracker, a helpdesk, and even a CRM system.

    The more marketing technology you add to your website, the more parties have access to your user data. We're not just talking about the vendors you have direct relationships with, we're talking about their partners who through association also gain access. With Tag Auditor, you get visibility into every vendor that's tracking the visitors on your website, so you can clean house and improve your marketing ops, tighten security, and focus on the user experience. Evidon Tag Auditor helps quickly solve where your vendors: - Cause page latency issues - increasing your bounce-rate because visitors won't wait for your content to load. - Trigger security alerts that create user doubt and site abandonment. - Negatively impact your search engine rankings because of suspicious code or spam concerns. - Increase the likelihood of data leakage through unauthorized access. - Elevate security risks. - Undermine your compliance with laws like the GDPR or ePrivacy Directive. Along with Site Auditor, you get access to our patented Trackermap tool, which generates a real-time visual representation of what's happening to your user data. Chock full of insights, Trackermap provides a panoramic view into every vendor, monitoring the behavior of your visitors, how they got access, and what they're doing there.

    Fossil is a simple, high-reliability, distributed software configuration management system with these advanced features: Integrated Bug Tracking, Wiki, and Technotes, Built-in Web Interface, Self-Contained, Simple Networking, CGI/SCGI Enabled, Autosync, Robust & Reliable.

    Gemini Testing gives you testing for the masses - easy to set up, easy to execute, easy to track and report. Gemini Testing is fully integrated into our Issue Tracking and Bug Tracking functionality so you can eliminate the frustration that comes from not knowing the status of an item. Utilize Gemini Testing and increase the speed, efficiency and collaboration of your development team at a stroke.

    Hdiv detects security bugs in source code before it is exploited, using a runtime dataflow technique to report the file and line number of the vulnerability

    HHVM is an open-source virtual machine designed for executing programs written in Hack and PHP.

    InVivoStat is a powerful, free to use, statistical software package which uses R as its statistics engine.

    Bug tracking tool that helps product and dev teams manage all their bugs and issues through integrating into a task management tool.

    Meliora Testlab is a complete browser-based test management tool for your application lifecycle management.

    PVS-Studio is a powerful static source code analysis solution for bug detection in C, C++, and C# projects on Windows and Linux. It is intended for use in detecting and fixing security and quality issues in code, before they turn into vulnerabilities, crashes, or painful debugging.

    Stack Sentinel is error tracking for your application: on the web, on the server, and on mobile. When an error occurs, simply send a payload with information about the error to the cloud, where it's analyzed, deduplicated, and aggregated with similar or identical exceptions. Integration is easy with many languages and frameworks already directly supported with libraries or easy-to-use snippets.

    Make your QA testing more efficient with 15000 professional testers around the globe. Testcloud's self-service platform enables your team to fix bugs faster and improve the quality of the apps you ship.

    TESTnetic is an end to end software test case managed and bug tracker. Avoid the complexity of multiple products with a unified approach.

    The Bug Squasher is the easiest way to manage team and client communications. Have a site bug? With a click you can track, report, assign, share and squash it! The Bug Squasher is designed to simplify and streamline project communication, website management, and upgrade your style of deliverables.

    TraceMaster interactive tracing software significantly reduces the time and accompanying costs of mainframe application development by quickly identifying the causes of program errors hidden within thousands of lines of code.

    Tracey Bug Cop visually report website bugs using Trello that automatically assign, track and complete changes for developer/client collaboration.

    Twproject is a proven, reliable and friendly project management software, full-featured and easy-to-use. Twproject’s flexibility makes it a great choice both for SMB project management and enterprise project management.

    SourceGear Vault Pro is a version control and bug tracking solution for professional development teams. Vault Standard is for those who only want version control. Vault is based on a client / server architecture using technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server and IIS Web Services for increased performance, scalability, and security.

    Veracity takes previously-scary or painful things like Branching, Merging and working Offline and makes them comfortable, powerful components of your everyday workflow. Most merges are resolved automatically, and when in doubt, DiffMerge is available to sort things out.