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Best Child Care Software

Child care software manages the internal operations (like scheduling, attendance, and billing) of child care centers and preschool programs, as well as facilitates communication (messaging, notifications, alerts, and feedback) between parent and teacher. The software streamline and centralize child care center operations on a single platform. The software simplifies and increases the efficiency of the creation and modification of regular progress reports, billing invoices, student profiles, and overall documentation. Child care software increases parent engagement and classroom management via technology/mobile devices. Child care software is usually cloud-based, deployed on already existing mobile devices, and works alongside accounting and student information systems, and often includes features of digital visitor management software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Child Care category, a product must:

  • Be exclusively used within the child care industry and not apply to any other industry
  • Automate attendance and check-ins
  • Track development and progress of children’s learning
  • Offer a platform of communication between parent and teacher

Child Care Software Grid® Overview

The best Child Care Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: EZCare
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders High Performers include: Tadpoles
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution. Contenders include: Procare
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them.
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    Child Care reviews by real, verified users. Find unbiased ratings on user satisfaction, features, and price based on the most reviews available anywhere.

    EZCare online software is designed for today's childcare professional and makes enrollment, billing, scheduling, and parent engagement easy. Web-based and mobile optimized, you can access your data on every device. EZCare family engagement tools include EZSmiles, a mobile app that keeps parents connected to your center throughout the day, and a parent portal that lets parents make payments, and update child/family information. These tools promote family-child conversation and increase engagement at home.

    Tadpoles is revolutionizing the childcare and preschool market by helping to streamline operations through mobile technology.

    Procare Software's All-In-One system powers 30,000+ child-centered businesses and is the ONLY comprehensive childcare management solution designed to grow with you. The modular format streamlines child/family data in childcare centers, daycare, after-school programs, school districts and child activity centers. Procare simplifies tuition collection, classroom management, parent communications and data access with the exclusive integrated services of Tuition Express, KidReports & Procare Cloud.

    Brightwheel is the most powerful, easy-to-use software in early education! It's the easiest and fastest way to handle roster management, attendance, room ratios, assessments, photos, videos, messaging, calendars, paperless invoicing and more! Save time managing your business and classroom workflows. Save money by spending less on paper and other systems. Delight parents with photos + video updates, paperless invoicing and more!

    Child Care CRM is a web-based customer relationship management and marketing system designed specifically for the child care industry.

    Childcare Manager helps simplify the management childcare centers, preschools, and before/after school programs.

    Famly provides features for seamless child care administration, child attendance, staff management, reporting, parent communication, child development and much more. Famly is developed in close cooperation with a wide range of childcare providers to ensure that everything it does comes from a deep understanding of your everyday workflow. We believe in building lasting customer relationships through dedicated 24/7 success support.

    An online way to manage enrollment, scheduling, attendance, billing and communications for your center, afterschool, and preschool programs.

    sparkADMIN offers an integrated software package to meet administrative needs with the diverse curriculum features sparkPRO can offer.

    ChildCare Office Pro is a complete software package complete with guardian, child and employee information.

    Kidkonnect™ - The most popular choice in school Apps. Kidkonnect™ – The smartest way to connect schools , parents and teachers. Kidkonnect is available in smartphones as well as a web based application. Kidkonnect™ - Helps schools to Communicate, Share, Organize and Learn. Kidkonnect™ - The ultimate school to parent communication tool. This School Application provides schools with an easy way to update parents everything they need to know about the school, like Diary, Insta Alerts, Personal Comments, Events and Galleries, Holiday Calendar, School Notices, School Timetables, Absentee Forms, School Documents, and much more. Kidkonnect™ - Gives real time updates of class activities of your loved ones. Now teachers can access Kidkonnect™ from their smartphones, This helps them to share classroom updates in real time. Kidkonnect™ - is very flexible to allow schools to create their own customized content and provides a great alternative to SMS alerts by using Free Push Alert Notifications directly to the parents smartphones and Web application. Kidkonnect™ - can be plugged in to Schools Existing website and can be easily accessed. Kidkonnect™ - Our Fun n learn Feature allows the school to share the class activities / curriculum with parents. This helps them to view and practice the same at home, Kidkonnect™ - Makes easily access Information anywhere anytime.

    KidReports was founded in 2011 in order to help parents stay connected with their children. Since then, we have grown into a complete tool for digital classroom management, parent communication and engagement, and licensing compliance. Now in use across the United States and internationally, KidReports provides the most customizable and flexible set of tools for tracking activities, messaging parents, and keeping digital records.

    Minute Menu Kids Pro is used by about 30,000 family child care providers across the US to record menus and attendance, manage child information, prepare their taxes, invoice parents, prepare lesson plans, and more!

    The only all-in-one, all-inclusive, cloud-based child care solution! Smartcare is an easy to use childcare software solution that has changed the way child care center owners, directors, teachers, and parents connect. Whether you're using SmartCare on an iPad or the web, our user-friendly software does all the hard work for you while you focus on what matters most...children! We serve customers with single locations of 20 or more children and multi-location enterprises. Simple monthly payments, support, training & set up.

    Abacus is an award-winning nursery management software which allows child carers to concentrate on providing a loving environment for children. By taking the time-consuming nature out of administration tasks and invoicing, it allows settings to focus on what they do best. Like every child, your setting is unique and the difference Abacus makes to the way you work becomes clearer over time. Here are just 4 ways in which our software can transform the way you manage everyday tasks: Data security With so much sensitive data, you need to be sure it’s all held safely and cannot be lost easily. With Abacus, you can safeguard personal data 24/7. You can even lock down parts of the system so that only certain members of staff can access it. All this makes it much more secure than a paper-based system. Staff management Abacus allows you to store staff information, schedule shifts, manage ratios and diarise training, enabling you to always stay on top of your team management. Super quick invoicing Abacus calculates free entitlement, childcare vouchers and more, so the invoices parents receive are always accurate. Parents can receive invoices straight to their inbox so you can save on printing, too! Remarkable reporting With Abacus nursery management software, you can run reports to make sure nothing gets forgotten. Whether it’s outstanding payments, free entitlement allocation, registers, milk or occupancy, you’ll always be on top of things.

    Affinety Solutions advanced billing and attendance feature is ideal for managing child care program for school aged children as well as infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

    bob' the Child Care Manager has many features to save you valuable time and to help you organize your administrative tasks and to give you more time to focus on what's really important . . . the children!

    Childcare by Tadpoles is revolutionizing the childcare and preschool market by helping to streamline operations and parent communication through mobile technology.

    ChildCareIRiS is a cloud-based application that is designed to support child care providers by easing common staffing pain points so providers can focus on operating their high-quality programs more efficiently.

    ChildDiary is a new service that extends the communication between educators and parents by enabling educators to document daily records, development observations and also share spontaneous communications that can be shared instantly with parents.

    Preschool tool that enhances productivity and communication between kindergarten, DayCare, teachers and parents.

    Daycare Works allows School Districts to organize and manage Before & After school care, school clubs, sports teams and community education programs through a safe online, web-based or mobile, portal from one central online location.

    Our innovative systems make it easy to manage enquiries and marketing, enrolments, waitlists, room transitions, staff rosters and ratios, visitor tracking, invoicing and all other aspects of day to day childcare administration.

    extendedReach offers an easy, affordable way to track children, foster homes, case notes, reports, and outcomes.

    EZCare online software is designed for todays childcare professional and makes enrollment, billing, scheduling, and parent engagement easy. EZCare eliminates administrative hassles and simplifies recordkeeping

    WARNING! If you are looking for boring administrative software you have come to the wrong place. HiMama is fun, easy-to-use software for savvy child care programs that are tired of paperwork taking over their centers. HiMama provides an easy way to record and share children's activities, everything from silly and fun moments to learning and development to involve parents and improve outcomes for children. The program also has powerful reporting and staff management features for directors. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2hkF9ub

    iCare is a profitable way to manage childcare and create better parent-teacher communication.It's the easiest and most profitable way to manage childcare and create better parent-teacher communication.

    Instant Nursery manager has everything that you will ever need, saving you hours of management time.

    This is what KigaRoo offers to Kindergartens, Daycares, Nurseries, and Nannies.

    MyDaycare Plus is a friendly solution for child care centres on the market.

    NoHo Software offers an integrated suite of software products designed to meet the needs of both subsidized and tuition based childcare programs.

    Remini enables teachers and directors to document and share photos, messages, videos, newsletters, events, developmental milestones and much more to tell the story of each child at our school.

    Looking for software that does everything AND is easy-to-use? Sandbox manages all of your administrative tasks, processes electronic payments, and lets you communicate with your parents. Sandbox is fully web-based with modern screen designs that make it easy-to-use from anywhere. See why our customers love Sandbox with your own free 30 day trial today!

    School CRM is an innovative Customer Relationship Management Application specifically designedfor Child care industry that enables you to Measure, Manage and Improve your Lead Management, Marketing Campaigns which Results in ImprovingProfitability and Staying ahead of your competition.

    SchoolLeader is your childcare management software solution to take efficiency and productivity to new heights. Discover the very best in full featured management software designed specifically for the Childcare, Preschool, and Daycare industries.

    sparkPRO organises staff time, systemises procedures and provides a platform for consistency and quality during curriculum delivery.

    The TAI Mainframe life reinsurance administration system is a full featured system for IBM mainframe environments. It supports single and joint life products, disability income, and long term care for ceded, assumed, and retroceded processing of all types of reinsurance arrangements.

    Tend.ly is a Care Relationship Management Platform that helps Early Childhood Education & Care centers ditch their daily paper sheets and engage with parents in an easier, more meaningful, digital manner. Our platform allows daycares & preschools to send parents real-time updates of a plethora of activities, including pictures & videos of arts/crafts/learning/play time, potty usage, nap times, meals, incidents, etc. It also has a centralized calendar for announcements, curriculum and menus. Directors can also use a number of standard & custom reports to keep track of important statistics, such as teacher-to-child ratios, number of children checked into the facility, etc.

    Tiny Tweets is a web based solution for nurseries/child care providers catering to their needs of simplifying the tedious task of maintaining the daily dairy.

    123Daycare is an easy to use software for daycare centers, preschools and family homes and allows you to manage programs, classes, and families, track payments & more.

    Abacus Nursery Software is an award-winning nursery management software thats features include one click invoicing to detailed child information.

    World Class After School Care and Childcare Software

    ALISS is an automated life insurance sales system.

    Alpha Cares has developed a revolutionary approach that helps eliminate frustrations and uncertainty associated with the child care business, especially in the area of business logistics.

    BestClass allows you to power online registrations and payments with a suite of tools tailor made for classes, camps, events and after school programs.

    Parent Relief's bizAdvantage consists of various tools that helps children's service providers manage their services better

    The platform enables you to easily log all information about childrens activities and learning.

    With BumbleBee, all your family data is at your fingertips. Build classrooms for today and in the future. Print sign-in sign-out sheets. Replace out-of-date spreadsheets.

    BumbleBee Childcare Software streamlines enrollment & waitlists. From keeping inquiries to managing classroom rosters, to taking online applications, BumbleBee Child Care Software lets you stay on top of it all.

    Cake can help the child care providers manage their childcare facility more effectively.

    Cheqdin Childcare Software is an all-in-one, complete childcare solution for Childcare centres and parents. With our cloud-based web portal and mobile apps, childcare centres such as Nurseries, Out of School Clubs, Preschools and childminders can manage their day to day business with ease and go paperless, reduce administrative workload, save valuable time and money. Our sought-after app in the early education sector is creating smiles, capturing priceless moments and improving communication between childcare providers and parents across the globe. With Cheqdin by your side, engage and collaborate more with parents and get great features like digital attendance, ad-hoc bookings on the go, secure real-time photo and video sharing, instant messaging, daily reports and much more!

    childCareApp is a user friendly windowscomputer application for Single User, LAN Client-Server and Cloud. ChildCareApp is designed for the management, preparation and reporting of child care family registration, attendance, fiscal and food program data.

    Child Care Daily App bridges the communication gap between parents and child care centers throughout the day.

    Your childcare ERP. It's childcare management made easy. A solution that fits all. Customizing for all clients, big and small.

    Childcare Sage was designed with your needs as a professional childcare provider in mind.

    Direct communication between parents and childcare providers.

    ChildTrax gives foster care caseworkers more time to serve children and families, thanks to intuitive design that simplifies service documentation, data management and reporting. The developers of ChildTrax, who have foster care experience, know the work is challenging enough without time-consuming paperwork.

    ChildWatch is a web-based childcare management software service. It provides anywhere access on Windows, Macintosh, & Mobile for childcares and CACFP sponsors.

    Clonnecto offers a way for schools, day care centres, pre-schools, clubs, sports and other schools to connect with parents and carers, sending important information directly to their mobile phone, cell phone or tablet.

    Smart Communication for Organizations managing Kids Create smart online forms; collect data; send email; send SMS; send Push Notifications and post to Social Media.

    Comarch Life Insurance software is designed to handle all areas of individual and group life insurance.

    Connect Childcare's package combines everything you need for Managers, Practitioners and Parents into one simple software system.

    CRAFTS simplifies financial, child, and attendance administration for home agencies, montessori, and center-based childcare programs.

    CubbySpot is a Free web based solution that helps child care centers fill open spaces faster through better parent communication and simplified waiting list management.

    DayCare Information Systems PRO is designed to make your home daycare more professional, organized, and efficient.

    Daycare Manager Pro covers all facets of managing your daycare business, from client profiling to accounting and reporting.

    DaycareWaitlist helps you to organize your waiting list. That's our primary focus and we've developed awesome tools to do it well.

    Debit Square - For Children allows you to track all kinds of information on the children in your care or your own children

    Innovative systems that make it easy to manage enquiries and marketing, enrolments, waitlists, room transitions, staff rosters and ratios, visitor tracking, invoicing and all other aspects of day to day childcare administration.

    Australia’s most comprehensive childcare documentation and programming software. EarlyWorks is a comprehensive early childhood programming, documentation, portfolio and family communication system. EarlyWorks simplifies and streamlines all aspects of childcare documentation and programming across an entire service.

    EasyNido is a business tool to manage all aspects regarding your nursery in a safe way

    ECAP helps identify the best available foster family for each child by matching the child with the families most likely to provide a stable placement.

    ECCEsoft is readily accessible, intuitive management modules suitable for all types of Pre-School Childcare Services, from a one person operation to a multi-site provider.

    Early education software to document learning and inform parents, nurturing parent-teacher connections.

    EduKids Connect Systems provides a mobile and web based information system for childcare centers to connect with parents, improve compliance and reduces costs.

    EduManage is a cloud-based daycare management solution that simplifies reporting, payments, and course scheduling.

    ZChildTrack is a comprehensive online childcare management software with automated billing/payment, parent portal, site access and multiple attendance options.

    Fastoche brings everything you need into one simple and accessible suite and boast invaluable features.

    Gloryosa is a web based solution that makes planning easy and quick, which features include attendance tracking, billing, and communication functions.

    Happy Feet is a platform for directors to connect & communicate with parents and staff, seamlessly and provides real-time picture updates.

    HeadMaster allows you to login to access student information, class schedules, grades, attendance, behavior, and so much more while on campus or from home on your mobile device.

    HiMama Preschool & Child Care App is fun, easy-to-use software for savvy child care programs that are tired of paperwork taking over their centers. HiMama provides an easy way to record and share children's activities, everything from silly and fun moments to learning and development to involve parents and improve outcomes for children.

    HoppingIn allows you to sell daycare spots that wont be used. It works by adding up the empty spots opened by you, plus the amount of absences reported by parents.

    Preschool Management Software for non-profit cooperative preschools

    Just Fill Out is an online enrollment solution designed for daycares, child care centers, summer and day camps, schools, and more. The software allows users to create custom enrollment forms to collect child information, and publish forms online for parents or guardians to complete and submit.

    Every care center can create a better connection with the families that they serve. Kangarootime.com automates check-in, tuition billing and payment and child-specific instructions for daily care.

    Kaymbu is the leading family engagement and classroom documentation tool for early education programs. From simple photo sharing to rich visual assessment, Kaymbu connects educators with young, digital-native parents.

    Keedgo is a mobile app that connects after-school and youth activities with parents for efficient communication and scheduling.

    KidCheck provides secure childrens check-in systems, and helps you streamline your check-in process, improve security, easily track attendance, and create a positive parent and visitor experience.

    Kid-e-Sys is an online child-care management system. It helps manage all your administration, accounting and communication needs.

    KidGenius is software designed specifically for childcare centres. It provides tools for attendance tracking, photo sharing, activity records, child profiles, parent messaging, etc.

    KidInspector is a leading parental control software for computers, smartphones, and tablets that allows parents to monitor messages, calls, WhatsApp, Facebook activity and more

    Kidjournal is a digital solution for child care centers that allows journals to go paperless and communication between the facility and parents.

    KidKare lets you manage your daycare business from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. KidKare makes it easier for you to manage your child care business via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

    KidKeeper realize that your profession has enough complications without your business software adding to it...so we've kept it simple.

    Kid Konnect is an information system that connect schools parents and teachers, through Web as well as smartphones.

    K I D S is an automated attendance system designed to decrease the time it takes for a parent or guardian to drop off and pick up their children at child care centers while also increasing security.

    Redefining Childcare Technology with CCMS Software

    KidsONE is a high quality, affordable computer program for your child care or preschool facility. It can handle the needs of in-home daycare providers as well as large free-standing child care centers.

    CCMS Software for efficient and engaged Child Care

    Kinderkribbe is a free mobile application that lets daycare centers and kindergartens share activities and pictures of the children in a quick and secure way with the parents in real-time.

    Kinderlime provides an all-in-one cloud-based solution for childcare centers, preschools, aftercare programs and multi-site K-12 programs. Our app and web-dashboard allow for simplified sign in-out, attendance tracking, auto-billing, daily sheets, parent messaging and reporting. Our intuitive software helps you manage your program from one dashboard and keeps parents happy and engaged.

    Kinder m8 is a simple & powerful software in early education that upports you with communication, education and administration.

    KINDERPEDIA is designed to provide kindergartens owners with an effective management tool.

    KinderSoft is used in a wide range of nursery facilities including private day care providers, preschools, out of school clubs, children's centres, corporate child care, the NHS, and more ...

    Kinderstreet provides a unique web-delivered solution for early childhood, after school and adult education programs.

    Kinder Tales is here to provide caregivers with the tools needed to spend less time managing the facility and more time sharing their love and knowledge with the children they care for.

    KinderTrack is our flagship product, installed in many childcare subsidy agencies in five states, ranging from very small agencies with just a few operators to very large ones, with hundreds of operators, generating tens of thousands of provider payments a month.

    KINDIEDAYS APP IMPROVES YOUR DAYCARES DAILY ROUTINES: Kindiedays helps teachers and parents communicate and collaborate in real-time.

    Kindyhub is passionate about giving our kids a great start in life, so we can also include additional features such as Healthy Kids and Get Active promoting healthy choices and lifestyles for children.

    KomodoKAMS is the world's FIRST robotic camera solution tailored SPECIFICALLY for the needs and usage patterns of the childcare industry.

    Learning Clubhouse software is a modern, all-in-one solution that uses center data to help childcare providers gain insight into their business and simplify daily tasks.

    LifeCubby celebrates early learning, and connects life chapters for parents by giving them a FREE account that they can keep and use forever!

    LifeSpeed provides application processing functionality through a purely-electronic format. LifeSpeed gives brokers and carriers alike a new alternative to the intractable means and high overhead costs associated with traditional paper-based operations.

    Little Vista is a tablet based childcare tool that simplifies activity recording, eliminates paperwork, connects parents, and frees carers up to do what they do best... care for children!

    Complete Client and Child Information including Alternate Pick up Information and Non Custodial Parent Information.

    MAX is software designed to help with child care.

    A smart, simple software that can handle all aspects of running your program

    MyDaycareOnline is cloud based software solution focused on reducing the amount of time that a childcare provider spends doing paperwork. It can help with all aspects of managing your daycare, from attendance tracking and invoicing, to expense tracking and reporting. Please see MyDaycareOnline.com for more details, or to try a demo set up with sample children, parents and other information.

    Our system offers all the features you expect and more. It works on all desktop and mobile devices. Data entry is quick on in-room tablets or smart phones.

    myKidzday is a child care and preschool daily report parent communication app which allows you to attract millennial moms and dads who are evaluating child care providers.

    myMAX was created specifically for the Family and Child Care Providers with the goal of simplyfing their paperwork and improving Parent Engagement. myMAX converts your voice commands into data, completes all your state-mandated reporting and automatically sends a complete daily sheet to parents upon check-out.

    My Play Service has been developed with both businesses and parents in mind. Designed to lift the administrative burden off your shoulders and free up your time, it also offers parents greater flexibility in the way they interact with you.

    Noble Foster Care is a customized Foster Care and Adoption software solution designed for the unique needs of the Child Welfare system. Noble Foster Care is the first comprehensive child welfare information system software built on the Salesforce platform.

    Nursery Genie provides integration with many market leading applications. Seemless integration is what they strive for.

    The Red Fish nursery management system is adaptable, flexible and scalable. This system supports large, medium and small operators alike.

    Office Center is the affordable choice in child care management software for those child care centers looking for a fully developed, full featured and mature child care software program, backed by a management that has always offered Unlimited Toll Free Technical Support and an Unconditional 90 day money back guarantee.

    OnCare Child Care Management is a child care management software used to increase enrollment, reduce operating cost, speed up tuition billing, track attendance, record keeping, etc.

    Pair Up Systems is a babysitting & nanny scheduling software agency management client, candidate tracking, automated communications, and payment processing.

    Preschool or childcare center's staff can communicate with parents and send daily reports from the classroom any time.

    Parents Connect App is a child care management tool that interfaces to a parent's smartphone/tablet via a free App customized for your center!

    pb&j TV is an interactive and comprehensive childcare webcasting program that empowers preschools and captivates families everywhere!

    PolarPARENT is a secure, fully self service parent portal.

    The Pre-School Partner is a complete day care management system designed specifically for the daily administration of preschool and daycare centers.

    Prime Child Care streamlines your back office processes, communications, compliance reporting, and financials. With the Prime Child Care Family of Apps your preschool or daycare will have everything you need at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

    ChildWatch is a 100% web-based childcare management software service. It provides anywhere access on Windows, Macintosh & Mobile for childcares and CACFP sponsors.

    QK Technologies (QK) is a well-established Information Technology and services provider specialising in the Childcare industry.

    As dismissal begins, parents run QManager on their smart phones. Staff see a virtual line up of parents in the driveway allowing them to dismiss children in a secure, efficient and expedited manner.

    Sandbox Software manages all of your administrative tasks, lets you communicate with your parents, and enables you to process payments electronically or have your parents pay online.

    Set Sail Class and Care is a software suite for Daycare and Preschool Providers. They provide easy to use software on your computer or mobile device and because it is on the cloud, we take care of all installs, backups and upgrades.

    Manage your childcare center's staff, family and payments in one place.

    The product is a combination of a web and an android mobile application which helps parents track their childs school activity and progress from anywhere. Parents can track their childs school schedule and time table, class work, home work, exam schedule, report cards, health check reports, diet recommendations and counseling feedback.

    Kindergarten Management System is a fully optimized Nursery Management solution from Emstell for modern nurseries and preschools.

    Organise your setting to provide a consistent high quality delivery of personal information to parents/carers about their child.

    Provides the key features for your Learning Journeys. Thoughtfully designed by practitioners, managers and with sustainability in mind, to support all concerned.

    A safe and secure, web-based software, specifically designed for Parents and Carers.

    To enjoy and share together, sparkJOURNAL provides that opportunity in a traditional book rather than separate papers or a document on screen. It provides you with a fundraiser and a way to celebrate each childs progress while they have attended your setting.

    STARS, the flagship of CareSmart Solutions, is a web-based management solution designed specifically for the child care industry.S

    StayTrak software was designed specifically for drop-in child care centers that charge by the hour and do not have traditional classrooms or require customers to make appointments.

    TAI Cloud Solutions is a cloud based solutions to streamline customer implementation, speed up the conversion process, simplify upgrades, and provide a fully supported platform, all in a fast SSAE16 certified environment.

    TAI CONNECTOR is a extract tool that requires minimal expertise in SQL or understanding complex table structures, allowing users to query the data, pull it into Excel, or create custom extracts to feed peripheral systems.

    TAI INSIGHTS is an analytics tool that provides business transparency by giving individuals the power to understand reinsurance and portfolio risk.

    The TAI .NET life reinsurance administration system is a full featured Internet Explorer based web system for an intranet environment.

    TAI Supporting Services provied with very knowledgeable staff that knows insurance and reinsurance, as well as many policy administration systems, so it can analyze your business and identify current flaws in your reinsurance processing.

    TAI X-press is a communication tool to facilitate the transfer of electronic information from ceding companies to reinsurers and from reinsurers to retrocessionnaires. It is a separate windows based application that can be used by any company with the ability to send electronic data.

    Teeter Tooter is a childcare management software that comprises a vast range of features and is functionally advanced and easy-to-use.

    Easy to Use.Paperless. Aligned with Standards. Plan and Administer your Childcare Center in a single web app, developed with your most common routines and needs in mind.

    The Preschool App stems from the simple idea of enhancing communication between parents and preschools on one level, and parent and child at home on another.

    Ticks and Tots is a child care solution with features for messaging, calendar reminders, attendance management, childs progress updates (photos, videos, text) and more.

    TimeSavr is web based software designed for the child care professional and simplifies day to day administrative tasks through an easy to use interface featuring family profiles, child attendance tracking, staff attendance tracking, billing, reminders, subsidy tracking and much more.

    turtleTOUCH is a secure, lightweight and portable solution to the problem of giving parents daily peace of mind, and in ensuring that your teachers are keeping detailed and accurate logs of your infant's basic daily needs.

    Universal Life and Annuity software has a product editor to add new products quickly and easily. This keeps future costs down.

    Virtuclock.com offers daycare management and time system with notices, text alerts, group messaging, child reports, menus and more.

    Along with online booking and management systems they also put their mind to developing an online signing in and out system.

    WoollyCARE is a fully customizable, content management website, designed specifically for childcare centers.

    Zoment is a mobile-first platform designed to enable parents to receive timely updates (school or class alerts, daycare updates, event reminders), to track child’s progress (activity pictures, homework, attendance reports) and to monitor child safety (bus tracker) while kids are in transit on their smartphones.