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Chiropractors and their staffs use chiropractic software to manage both administrative and medical aspects of chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic software collects patient posture and overall health data to help chiropractors recommend appropriate treatments. Chiropractic employees also use these applications to track and report on the evolution of treatments offered to patients. Some chiropractic solutions also include back office features for marketing or billing, as well as electronic health records.

While some chiropractic solutions offer billing functionality to manage invoices, many of them integrate with medical billing, accounting, or payment processing software. When electronic health records functionality is not included, integration with this type of software is also required to access information about patients.

To qualify for inclusion in the Chiropractic category, a product must:

  • Manage patient appointments by taking into account practitioner availability
  • Deliver features that help evaluate the posture of patients and recommend treatments
  • Manage different types of treatments and the relationships between them
  • Generate reports or provide analytics on the progress of treatments
  • Include mobile features for easier interactions with patients and for note taking
  • Allow practitioners to share documents and images with their patients
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    ChiroTouch is an EHR, practice management software solution that delivers features to help you manage revenue, find and retain patients, remain compliant, and practice growth.

    MyChartsOnline is a web-based EHR system designed for chiropractors designed to capture the patient notes of chiropractors in electronic form that provides patient ID's to let you see previous notes.

    SmartCloud chiropractic management and EHR software.

    EZBIS Office is a complete practice management and electronic health records system, with features for patient accounting and billing, appointment scheduling and reminders, electronic health records, patient check-in, credit card processing, inventory control and more. The software is available in modules to provide the exact set of features you desire. EZBIS software is ICD-10-ready and includes helpful tools to assist doctors in converting patients’ ICD-9 codes to ICD-10. EZBIS is ONC-certified for the 2014 Edition of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) for 2018 and beyond.

    ECLIPSE is a practice management software with integrated SOAP and billing interfaces to help you manage your practice productivity and profitability.

    PayDC Chiropractic Software helps you manage your practice from SOAP notes to patient scheduling and billing with EHR and a web-based practice management software to help manage revenues and profits.

    Complete Practice Management & EMR software for specialty medical practices

    One Complete Solution. Total Practice Performance. While our expertise is in innovative software and billing services specifically for chiropractic offices, we pride ourselves on listening to customer needs and building strong business relationships. Our holistic approach brings people, products and processes together into one complete solution that delivers Total Practice Performance. We provide the industry’s most effective, results-oriented and comprehensive solutions for EHR, Notes, and Practice Management Software and Insurance Billings and Collections. Our award-winning software and billing services for clinical operations reduces the pain that is so often associated with administrative functions, practice operations and revenue management.

    ChiroFusion is a provider of affordable, cloud-based practice management software for chiropractic professionals. Their EHR software streamlines all business processes including patient scheduling, reporting and documentation, and billing.

    Atlas is a paperless office solution designed for chiropractic office that handles billing, scheduling, treatment and care tracking, and more to help you manage your practice.

    Autumn8 is an integrated office solution for billing, scheduling, patient management and visit notes in a paperless office environment that helps you manage profitability and productivity.

    Chiro QuickCharts is a practice management software designed to help you manage the everyday problems associated with a paperless practice.

    ChiroSoft is a software system designed for the chiropractic profession that provides your practice with features for patient files, scheduling, posting, electronic billing, statistic and reporting, and EHR/EMR.

    EMR Datacenter is an office management and insurance processing chiropractic billing software designed to help monitor and manage patient appointments.

    e-nate is a chiropractic management software that provides a paperless solution to help you manage clinical notes, record keeping, automated reports, and more.

    EZnotes is a patient document software that automatically manage time, office profits, patient compliance, litigation, and more.

    Platinum system is an EHR chiropractic software that provides front desk capabilities and allows you to have x-rays, SOAP history, spinal levels, and more to be accessed from any location in the office.

    Report Master is a chiropractic report writer that generates daily SOAP notes and initial, interim and final narratives for you with a point and click system to help you manage documentation of your patients care.

    SpineTech is a chiropractic software solution with a touch-screen based system to help create chiropractic SOAP notes.

    WritePad is an EMR system that provides randomized-text exam note and report generation systems that can help you manage efficiency and costs.

    3D Practice is an integrated chiropractic software that helps educate patients with 3D models and other features.

    Chiropractic practice management software with many features and reporting abilities for chiropractors.

    ASPC Complete is a practice management software that is designed to balance to your practice with the ability to submit your claims directly to the carrier or through a clearing house with electronic remittance advice, data sharing with scheduling solutions, and more.

    Cash Practice Systems provides software and training for running a successful cash-based practice. The software has four main pillars under one umbrella - The Wellness Score for biomarker outcomes assessments, the Cash Plan Calculator for recurring payment plan templates, the Auto-Debit System for recurring credit card payments and the Drip-Education Email Marketing System for automated email marketing. All support and training is included. Contact us for a live demo today.

    Chiropractic EHR hosted in the cloud, patient engagement portal, easy to customize, speech recognition, excellent and timely support.

    ChiroCloud is an encompassing EHR and practice management system designed around chiropractic treatment that provides features and functions to help you manage your business.

    ChiroFusion offers the most reliable & affordable practice management software.

    Chiroglyphix is a patient education software solution that uses 3D animation to help you teach current and prospective patients about their conditions.

    ChiroPractice Pro is an integrated EMR solution with a user interface, integrated patient visits, and customization to help you manage your office or practice.

    ChiroPulse is an integrated software solution that provides features to help support your office and patient workflow.

    ChiroSuiteEHR is a healthcare management and EMR SOAP notes software solution that helps you streamline healthcare procedures by allowing your staff to manage scheduling, patient billing, insurance processing, call logging, and more.

    Clinic Doctor EHr is an online EHR system that creates your SOAPs and claims, provides a billing solution and gives you assistance to help you manage your chiropractic business.

    Cloud based practice management and medical billing solution that is simple, efficient, and affordable.

    Streamline your practice with drchronos cloud-based chiropractic EHR.

    Genesis Chiropractic Software is a web-based practice management and growth software that provides tools to help you manage scheduling, documentation, billing, workflow and more.

    HandyWorks is a chiropractic and acupuncture office management and billing software that provides features to help you manage your clinic or facility.

    Herfert Software provides solutions to help you manage your clinic's needs with practice management, electronic billing and SOAP notes including front desk features, insurance billing, appointment scheduling, and more.

    iconpractice is a web-based practice software built for chiropractic clinics that allows you to streamline patient processing with features and functions to help you manage your clinic.

    Medicfusion EHR is a paperless system that is designed to meet your EHR needs with features like clinical documentation, custom forms, and more to help you manage time and money.

    NetChiro is a practice management system that streamlines patient registration and bill payment in an integrated solution designed to work as a unified tool to help manage front office, clinical treatment, and financial management.

    QNotes Office is an office and EMR solution that provide secure medical records and patient charting, with protection against medical audits with transcription features like document export and more.

    SilkOne EMR is a chiropractic EHR software that provides structured workflow to help meet your medial necessity, paperless admissions, point and click features and more.

    A Chiropractic EMR known for its interface because of the simplicity, speed and comprehensive note taking Macros.

    WonderDoc Chiropractic EHR allows you to manage your overhead, collections, and patient care with features and functions to help you manage your practice.

    3DRX Insight provides a 3D animation video library and rehab exercises tool that helps educate patients about their specific condition and the required exercises for proper rehabilitation.

    Web based chiropractic practice management software. Keeps track of chiropractic billing, scheduling, & inventory tracking.

    AcuBase Pro is a medical billing and practice management software that lets you control your daily mission critical management tasks from one location.

    BackChart is a chiropractic office solution allows you and your staff to handle the core aspects of your business from scheduling appointments to scrubbing bills.

    BPM Rx is a web-based PT software solution that provides circuit training, garage workouts, and exercise handouts for your clinic or practice.

    Chiropractic software for patient education. Takes your patients inside the body seeing and teaching the effects of their conditions.

    ChiroSpring is a SMARTER cloud-based EHR chiropractic practice management software that does EVERYTHING for one low monthly price.

    ChiroWrite is a software solution designed to help with touch screen interfaces to help you record patient visits/exams with detail, generate SOAP notes and narrative reports as needed, and store all documents securely.

    Clinic Essentials is a clinic management solution designed with features and interfaces to help you manage your daily tasks such as scheduling, invoicing, reporting, and managing inventory.

    Chiropractic practice management software & chiropractic billing software with diagnosis & procedure codes specific to chiropractors.

    Clinic Pro Chiropractic provides solutions for clinic/practice management, medical billing and EHR that allows automatic payment posting, prints forms and patient statements on paper or laser forms, appointment scheduling including tracking of missed appointments and more.

    CloudChiro is an EHR, practice management solution that provides tools and features to help you manage your productivity, profitability, and efficiency.

    CoAction Software is a chiropractic management system that allows you to build, edit, and customize SOAP notes with a SOAP display, and other features to help you manage your practice.

    DocPlus is a document management software for chiropractic offices that streamlines paperwork with a scanner and software to create documents to help you manage revenues, marketing, time management, and more.

    Chiropractic practice software focused on document management. Streamlines paperwork with a scanner & software to create documents.

    DocuRehab is a web-based practice management, EMR system that allows you to track billing, appointments, patient care and administrative paperwork in one place with reporting functions to allow you to keep control of your practice.

    Web based chiropractic software designed for chiropractors looking for a chiropractic practice management system in their office.

    Versatile Software Systems offers a full practice management solution, known as VersaSoft CHIRO (Formerly For Chiropractors Only), and has been offering chiropractic software since 1993. In that time, Versatile Software Systems has continued to develop relationships with top chiropractors over the years to create a superior full practice management suite that will fit any chiropractic office. The software is a complete office solution that includes full patient management, electronic/paper claims options, customizable appointment scheduling, chart note documentation, inventory, reporting, letter processing, paperless capabilities, digital image management, email capabilities, and much more. It is fully network compatible and will run on all current Microsoft Windows supported operating systems. The complete VersaSoft CHIRO system retails for $1,995 and includes the software, one year of unlimited support, training, all program updates, and quarterly database maintenance. Since day one, Versatile Software Systems have focused on top notch support and to maintain a very user-friendly feel to its software that most doctors and office staff appreciate. For more information and to get a free demonstration version of the software, please visit

    Greycat is a management software solution that is designed with a user interface to help you manage each aspect of your practice with appointment management and follow through, paper file management, insurance billing and posting and more.

    Chiropractic Office Management and EHR Software Built Specifically for Network Spinal Analysis Care!

    Helper provides a practice management, claims processing, e-prescribing, and online continuing education solution to help you manage your scheduling and billing activities.

    IMS for Chiropractic is a EMR software solution that is designed to help chiropractors manage time and money while also managing, workflow, costs, productivity and overall quality of your practice.

    InPhase Practice Management Software is a practice management software solution for chiropractic offices that helps you manage scheduling to billing while tracking out your marketing campaigns and more.

    Kennebec Proof Preferred is a practice management solution that provides a "fill-in-the-blank" report-driven system that allows you to provide accurate documentation.

    Mac OS X based chiropractic practice management software that features automated appointment reminders & chiropractic scheduling.

    Fully paperless chiropractic software: patient centric, business oriented, and based on chiropractic coaching philosophy.

    MWTherapy is a cloud-based software solution for your therapy practice that is integrated with EMR, documentation, billing, and scheduling to help you manage your practice.

    NexySoft is a web-based clinic management software designed to provide you front desk functions and features that allow you to manage patient files, log transactions, and schedule appointments.

    Chiropractic EMR system with digital patient files, chiropractic SOAP notes, & practice notes for medium/high patient volume practices.

    PostureRay is an EMR, x-ray analysis software that helps you computerize spinal mensuration needed to document patient care, and educate your patient(s) while building your practice.

    PostureZone is a posture screening software that creates reports to document posture adaptations and show postural changes.

    Practice made Perfect is a software solution that provides features like, patient insurance, auto and work related accident billing, scheduling, daily notes, HIPPA compliant electronic billing and more to help you manage your practice.

    PracticePerfect is an EMR and management software that gives you tools you need to manage effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of your practice while also manage compliance and patient care. is a web-based clinic management software solution that helps manage the day-to-day operations such as scheduling appointments, storing patient information, managing staff, creating invoices, and more.

    Pure Chiro Notes allows you to easily track encounters, record payments, manage your clients, & run data-driven reports that make your practice more efficient.

    Complete practice mgmt for Chiropractic practices. Affordable for all size practices from very small to very large multi-doctor, multi-location clinics. Higest level of Support and Infrastructure

    SOAPe Platinum is a chiropractic EHR and practice management software with real-time eligibility checking, ERAs, SOAP notes, and electronic billing to help you manage your practice.

    Chiropractic software with a touch-screen based system to help create chiropractic patient SOAP notes quickly and easily.

    Chiropractic practice management software that requires no previous computer skills. Interfaces with a number of EMR for chiropractors.

    Stellar Chiropractic Solutions provides solutions for the management of your practice with features and functions to help you manage overhead, efficiency, profits, and more.

    TotalMD is a medical practice management software including integrated medical coding and medical billing to help you manage your practice.

    Exercise prescription software utilising mobile apps for clients to receive programs from their health professional.

    Trainer Tool is a SOAP note management tool for athletic trainers, chiropractors and others, that provides features and functions to help you manage EMR, patient information, generation of PDF reports and more.

    Chiropractic software that includes patient management, accounts receivable ledger, patient billing & chiropractic soap notes.

    Chiropractic software that helps educate patients and grow chiropractic practices with a 3D patient education product.

    VitaLogics EHR is a cloud-based EMR system that provides a SOAP note system that streamlines bill processes and real-time statistical dashboard giving you the data necessary to manage your practice.

    A Practice Management & Billing Software for Chiropractor practices (both individual as well as large groups).