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Chiropractors and their staffs use chiropractic software to manage both administrative and medical aspects of chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic software collects patient posture and overall health data to help chiropractors recommend appropriate treatments. Chiropractic employees also use these applications to track and report on the evolution of treatments offered to patients. Some chiropractic solutions also include back office features for marketing or billing, as well as electronic health records.

While some chiropractic solutions offer billing functionality to manage invoices, many of them integrate with medical billing, accounting, or payment processing software. When electronic health records functionality is not included, integration with this type of software is also required to access information about patients.

To qualify for inclusion in the Chiropractic category, a product must:

  • Manage patient appointments by taking into account practitioner availability
  • Deliver features that help evaluate the posture of patients and recommend treatments
  • Manage different types of treatments and the relationships between them
  • Generate reports or provide analytics on the progress of treatments
  • Include mobile features for easier interactions with patients and for note taking
  • Allow practitioners to share documents and images with their patients
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