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Classroom messaging software facilitates communication between parents and teachers. These solutions are primarily used for communication regarding younger students, almost always within the K–12 range. Teachers can send parents notes about what assignments are due when, what field trips are coming up, and any information they deem pertinent. Once the message is sent, teachers can usually track whether a parent has read a given message sent via the application.

Classroom messaging software removes any existing communication barriers or difficulties between teachers and parents. These solutions enable two-way communication and the exchange of multimedia messages between parents and teachers, allowing parents to stay on top of what their children are learning, school events, pending assignments, and student performance.

Solutions in the classroom messaging category often contain classroom management software functionality, although there are several standalone messaging applications. Classroom messaging software often integrates with learning management system (LMS) software and certain collaboration & productivity software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Classroom Messaging category, a product must:

  • Include multimedia messaging options
  • Provide mass messaging and push notifications
  • Facilitate two-way parent-teacher messaging
  • Sync messages to multiple platforms, including email
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    Remind helps teachers reach students and parents where they are.

    ClassDojo is a simple classroom management using positive feedback and parent communication.

    Edmodo helps connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential.

    Unifying education and improving student outcomes by helping educators, parents, and students manage the entire learning cycle on one cloud-based solution.

    Bloomz App is the free mobile and web app connecting teachers with parents, in a secure, private, easy to use environment.Bloomz helps teachers to schedule classroom volunteers, parent-teacher conferences, communicate directly with parents and share pictures of students when they have those awesome learning moments.

    Brightwheel is the most powerful, easy-to-use software in early education! It's the easiest and fastest way to handle roster management, attendance, room ratios, assessments, photos, videos, messaging, calendars, paperless invoicing and more! Save time managing your business and classroom workflows. Save money by spending less on paper and other systems. Delight parents with photos + video updates, paperless invoicing and more!

    Class Messenger makes it effortless for teachers to send home important notes and updates about the day's learning experiences. They can even see exactly which parents have read each note. And whether via app or email, communication through Class Messenger is always private.

    ClassTag is the only app that transforms how you connect with parents, saves time on communication and brings in free supplies for your class.

    Designed to facilitate and automate communication between preK-12 educators and parents.

    ClassParrot is the 100% safe, and simple tool that lets teachers reach students the way their friends do, via texting.

    SchoolMessenger School Notification allows you to reach parents in the way they want to receive messages by sending school notifications via voice, text, email, social media, web, and push notifications.

    Storypark helps support each child's life-long learning journey by sharing photos, videos, observations and plans to support development in your own private learning community.

    TalkingPoints drives student success in low-income, diverse areas through building strong partnerships across parents, schools, and communities.