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Companies that deliver cleaning services for residential or corporate buildings use cleaning service software to manage customers and their specific needs, as well as to plan and optimize cleaning activities. This type of software helps cleaning companies reduce costs through better allocation of human and material resources. Cleaning service software can also help increase customer satisfaction by providing good quality services on time and on schedule.

Cleaning service solutions usually provide basic accounting functionality, which is why integration with accounting products is important for financial management.

To qualify for inclusion in the Cleaning Service category, a product must:

  • Manage and optimize schedules and resource allocation
  • Capture customer preferences and plan cleaning activities accordingly
  • Provide mobile friendly solutions or mobile apps for field personnel
  • Ensure compliance with regulations for employee health and safety
  • Include features for inspections and quality control
  • Deliver basic accounting features or integration with this type of software
  • Track inventory of equipment and materials used for cleaning activities
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