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Pharmaceutical companies use clinical trial management systems to manage clinical trials as part of their pharmaceutical and biotechnology research activities. Medical research institutes and research centers managed by hospitals may also use clinical trial management software. These systems help healthcare companies improve the quality of their products, optimize their times to market, and ensure compliance with industry specific regulations. This type of software is used by researchers to define, implement, and track results of clinical trials. Administrative personnel of clinical trials also use this type of application to find and schedule participants, and track their involvement in the trials.

Clinical trial management software may require integration with other healthcare solutions such as laboratory information management systems (LIMSs), hospital management systems, or analytics and data management solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Clinical Trial Management category, a product must:

  • Find and manage participants for clinical trials
  • Plan and track clinical trial projects , including milestones and deadlines
  • Capture and analyze clinical trial information
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with laws protecting the privacy and the health of the participants
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    Medidata CTMS was created with powerful modules for outsourcing, site monitoring and site payments you can turn on together or separately as you need them.

    The OpenClinica Enterprise Edition is an enhanced, fully-supported build that is ideal for mission-critical settings.

    Castor is an easy to use and affordable electronic data capture system for clinical trials, built by researchers, for researchers. Features include audit trails, user management, form building, randomization, remote capture (patient surveys) and much more.

    The MasterControl Clinical Suite, a clinical management software system, is designed to manage all of the documents, tasks, processes, relationships, audits, and training that must be administered and controlled throughout the life of a clinical trial.

    Academic medical centers, cancer centers, and health care systems manage hundreds of protocols at once in an environment where there are many other, often competing, concerns ranging from limited resources to meeting ever-changing regulatory requirements. Furthermore, gaining visibility into operations and maintaining effective communication across research groups can pose significant challenges. The OnCore® Enterprise Research system, the leading enterprise-class clinical research management system, has a long history of successfully addressing the broad spectrum of challenges. For over a dozen years, it has supported operations at leading research organizations across the country. What is the OnCore Enterprise Research system? The system incorporates essential modules for managing all protocols across the enterprise. The modules include clinical research management, billing compliance, biospecimen management, patient registries, and integrations.

    A Clinical Data Management System (CDMS), Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) and Electronic Data Capture System (EDC) all in one powerful, integrated solution.

    Used by more organizations around the world than any other CTMS, Clinical Conductor standardizes and simplifies complex processes for research organizations managing and conducting clinical trials. Created by Bio-Optronics, it is the leading CTMS for managing research and executing collaboratively across multiple clinical trials and sites. The role-based system provides the comprehensive features and functionality needed to recruit effectively, improve patient visit satisfaction, optimize billing, maintain research compliance, extract actionable business insight and maximize profitability. With over two thousand deployments of Clinical Conductor so far, Bio-Optronics has established fail-safe deployment process that gets organizations up and running quickly and effectively, with 24x7 support services and unlimited ongoing web-based training.

    RealTime-CTMS is a clinical trial management system designed to streamline operations within a clinical research site.

    BSI CTMS is the specialized software for clinical trials (Clinical Trial Management System) for Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and companies form the life science and biotech industry.

    Clinical Studio is an enterprise eClinical system that is dedicated to improving data quality, reducing costs, and increasing EDC usage in clinical research. The platform fully supports all phases of clinical research studies and represents a new paradigm in access to electronic data capture and management. Clinical Studio's pricing is openly published for direct, web-based purchase of the software and is available on a monthly subscription basis.

    ClinPlus CTMS was designed specifically to help sponsors and CROs overcome the technical challenges associated with managing clinical trials and was developed on the principle that by improving user accessibility and communications.

    Dacima Clinical is an advance electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical data management system (CDMS) for capturing, managing and reporting clinical research data and optimizing data collection by efficiently streamlining clinical data collection process.

    DSG manages all aspects of clinical trial study data management, from database setup through lock. DSG's data management teams provide clean, timely, and cost-effective deliverables to all sponsors.

    eCaseLink’s IWRS increases efficiency and productivity with lower error rates, and eliminates the need for costly and inefficient IVR systems. eCaseLink’s IWRS delivers savings of over $100,000 per study, on average.

    With a robust electronic data capture (EDC) system at its core, IBM® Clinical Development is an all-in-one, cloud-based data management platform that lets you design and manage clinical trials with more control, convenience and confidence than ever before. IBM Clinical Development offers a host of powerful tools—from randomization, dispensing and reporting to endpoint adjudication and ePRO (electronic patient reported outcomes)—that help you launch and complete studies more efficiently and bring needed products to patients sooner. Used by clinical professionals worldwide, the platform lets you capture, manage, analyze and report study data across therapeutic areas, trial types and time zones. A SaaS solution, IBM Clinical Development requires no special infrastructure or prior programming experience to use. Designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, you access all study data and platform functions through a centralized, password-protected web interface.

    iDataFax includes: electronic signatures, password aging, reuse, complexity and lockout rules, fine-grained user permissions, audit trails, and secure 128 bit SSL encryption of all data and document transmissions over the internet.

    InfoEd eRA Portal is a platform designed for electronic grants administration.

    Medrio offers an integrated eClinical Software as a Service (SaaS) platform with a fully hosted Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system that drastically reduces study timelines and costs by putting study managers in control of their studies.

    Octalsoft CTMS (Clinical Trials Management System) provides a single, centralized system to manage sponsor and Clinical Research Organization (CRO) study management activities.

    ACS 360 is a comprehensive cloud-based eSource solution platform for the global clinical trial market.

    Aetiol is adherent to 21 CFR Part 11 and Provides study design tools, data collection and sophisticated electronic CRFs, data quality management, integrated SAE reporting, and standard reporting.

    agClinical is a scalable comprehensive clinical trials management solution (CTMS) that enables life science organizations to plan, track, execute and control activities related to the clinical trials process.

    Allegro offers a clinical trial management for sites.

    ALPHADAS is a software solution that works with key drug development decision making and operational savings in the business.

    Appistry EAF is a platform for high-volume data and transaction processing.

    Helps you address your most pressing challenges: physician and patient loyalty, population health management, staying competitive locally, and achieving clinical integration with employed and affiliated physicians.

    BioClinica is the worldwide leader for medical imaging core lab services, providing pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies with clinical trial support for all phases and across all major indications.

    BioClinica Optimizer is a supply chain management software that simulates and optimizes a clinical trial. To identify and control situations such as supply crises, study delays, and unnecessary overages before they happen, simulation is the ideal tool to craft a supply plan.

    All Cantab tests are simple to administer and show strong correlations to brain constructs and known deficits in various disorders, as well as high sensitivity to interventions and small changes over time. specializes in leveraging artificial intelligence to accelerate clinical trials.

    Catchtrial offers special functionalities and flexible personalization for unprecedented ease of data management.

    Clear Clinica is an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software that allows to store clinical trial data on secure servers, get faster statistical reports and have risks apps monitoring data.

    Novatek's Clinical Assay Management software is a unique information management application that provides a consistent approach to the collection, management and integrity of clinical research study data. Novatek's Clinical Assay Management software tracks and manages all sample data throughout its whole analytical process and ensures a single verifiable version for all clinical and analytical data sets.

    ClinPlus is an easy-to-use eClinical technology platform desigedn to enable global clinical study teams to successfully manage and expedite clinical trials.

    Clinion™ is a 21 CFR Part 11 validated Intuitive Electronic Data Capture (Intuitive EDC) and Clinical Data Management (Paper Study) platform.Clinion™ is focused on reducing the new product time-to-market for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Organizations by providing a highly configurable and user-friendly Clinical Trials Application. Clinion™ is easy to use and configure and does not require any hardware and software requirements from the client.It is available online and can be securely accessed from anywhere by authorized users.

    ClinOps Insights is a Clinical Intelligence Application with powerful capabilities to unify, monitor, and analyze clinical operations data across studies, systems and CROs.

    ClinSite360 is a clinical trial management system built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

    The CLIRINX platform has been designed specifically for medical research conducted at academic institutions. Patient enrollment and data collection use sophisticated web-based forms.

    Clinical Trial Management built 100% native on Salesforce platform and available on AppExchange. Capabilities include: Clinical Program Management Global Trials Management Investigator Management Protocols Management Clinical Sites Management Sites Evaluation and Selection Subjects Enrollment and Management Template Driven Site Plan and Activity Management Site Calendar View Case Report Form (CRF) Adverse Events Management Payments Clinical Supply Management Real-time Reports and Dashboards

    Data+ is a revolutionary data management solution for clinical research. We deliver an all-in-one solution for research organizations - connecting the organization, researchers, and patients together. Our focus is on insights - to improve care, team and time management, and patient engagement as well as compliance using informative feedback.

    DATATRAK provides industry-leading digital software for clinical trials. Responsive to the needs of each unique trial, we simplify the management of data for modern trials. Clients can make informed decisions faster with our standard and ad-hoc reporting capabilities, right through the interface, all with real-time data. We offer EDC, RTSM, a transformational CTMS solution, Trial Design, and Training, leveraging a single truth to eliminate redundant processes. See how DATATRAK can simplify the management of data for clinical trials.

    Ddots allows users to track adherence to protocol requirements each and every step of the way from patient treatment plans to required regulatory notifications.

    DMSys 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software provides all the tools needed to perform data management, from study setup to data export for statistical analysis.

    This is an emerging sector critical for Life and Health Science industry

    DSG Designer lets the user be the creator with complete control of workflow to help streamline trial execution. DSG Designer offers the design flexibility to mix and match your eCRFs in both a Table Layout and Free Form Layout together within the same study. DSG’s unparalleled support services and hands-on training ensure that you build studies end-to-end. We help you create reusable templates and eCRFs that can lower your cost to deliver a completed study for regulatory approval. Accelerate the design process with our complete and exhaustive library of pre-defined edits based on years of full service edc experience.

    DSG’s eCaseLinkTM Drug Safety system streamlines the safety recording, reporting process, data entry on Serious Adverse Events (SAEs), and can store documents associated with the safety event that facilitate the generation and tracking of queries.

    eAdjudication ® supports Endpoint Adjudication with a user-friendly Cloud Software exclusively designed to support Study Leaders, Committee Members and the Q.A. Staff across the central review & assessment of subjective or image based endpoints. eAdjudication software is provided as an all-inclusive Cloud Service package bundled together with hosting, technical management, validation, training & support: > unlimited users Licenses of the software; > configuration to map the Adjudication Charter and Workflows; > ISO 27001 cloud hosting for system and database; > server, database and study data complete technical management; > standard users support / integrated online Helpdesk; > standard users training / testing in a Clone "Stage" environment; > GxP validation package documentation & support.

    eClinDirect, DSG’s web-based CTMS, is a project management application that helps you to capture and share a wide variety of clinical trial project status information across multiple studies.

    DSG’s award-winning eCaseLink software is the most advanced EDC solution in the industry. eCaseLink 8.2 is a truly integrated eClinical solution that seamlessly combines CTMS, EDC, IWRS and Safety into a single system, cutting costs and giving you control over your entire study. Unlike other systems that attempt to force completely unrelated systems to work together, eCaseLink was developed from the ground up as a truly integrated system whose parts work effectively as a whole. eCaseLink helps you to see everything that’s happening with your study in real time, at all times. This unmatched level of control helps you to make mid-study changes, contain costs, improve safety and increase ROI.