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Pharmaceutical companies use clinical trial management systems to manage clinical trials as part of their pharmaceutical and biotechnology research activities. Medical research institutes and research centers managed by hospitals may also use clinical trial management software. These systems help healthcare companies improve the quality of their products, optimize their times to market, and ensure compliance with industry specific regulations. This type of software is used by researchers to define, implement, and track results of clinical trials. Administrative personnel of clinical trials also use this type of application to find and schedule participants, and track their involvement in the trials.

Clinical trial management software may require integration with other healthcare solutions such as laboratory information management systems (LIMSs), hospital management systems, or analytics and data management solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Clinical Trial Management category, a product must:

  • Find and manage participants for clinical trials
  • Plan and track clinical trial projects , including milestones and deadlines
  • Capture and analyze clinical trial information
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with laws protecting the privacy and the health of the participants
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