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Closed captioning services providers give visual aid to videos, integrating transcribed text from dialogue and sounds as they happen. Closed captioning was originally designed to help the hard of hearing or hearing impaired understand the words and music happening on television shows and movies, but the technology is also used in different situations where it would benefit the audience. Professional closed captioners offer services for some combination of real-time (live broadcast) and pre-recorded video. Real-time closed captioning involves the immediate transcribing of dialogue on talk shows, speeches, sporting events, and other programs; pre-recorded or offline closed captioning is designed for movies, television shows, games, and other media without a live element. Closed captioning services for YouTube and other web streaming can involve both types of captioning, and as the variety of live streaming programs increases, so does the need for real-time closed captioning.

Creative departments, production teams and marketing teams can utilize closed captioning services to ensure maximum comprehension and engagement with videos. Many closed captioning providers can also assist with subtitles, a form of localization which translates dialogue and text into the viewer’s preferred language. Businesses can create closed captioning and subtitles in-house with a variety of video software tools on the market. Depending on the demands of a certain project, businesses may consider outsourced transcription or other translation services. A number of language-based agencies provide a range of services related to translation as opposed to one service.

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    We provide premium closed captioning, transcription, subtitling, and audio description services done 100% in the United States. We serve more than 2,000 customers and process more than 7,000 hours of videos each month. Our goal is to simplify the process by providing a user-friendly account system, flexible API’s, and integrations with a multitude of video players, platforms, and lecture capture systems. We also provide video search plugins and a suite of tools that save time and cut costs. Implementation is quick, requires minimal training, and can easily be provisioned for additional users and departments at any time. Everything is web-based and there is no software to install. Our commitment to innovation has led to 8 patents (granted and pending)–all of which focus on making our processes more efficient and less expensive. We have won numerous awards, including the 2016 Reader’s Choice Award for best Closed Captioning Solution.

    Rev provides premium on-demand transcription, closed-caption, and translation services, and processes more audio and video every year than any other transcription or closed caption service. We are just $1 per audio minute, guarantee 99% accuracy, and have the fastest turnaround on the market. Our average turnaround times are: <2 hours for files < 10 min in length <5 hours for files 10-30 min in length <12 hours for files 30-60 min in length <24 hours for files 60+ min in length With 100,00+ customers, Rev's clients span from enterprise businesses to the individual consumer. We have 30,000+ transcriptionists and translators - primarily based in the U.S. - that have transcribed more than 100 million minutes of audio for companies like Google, Facebook, Buzzfeed, PBS, Disney, Amazon, and more. We also work with thousands of organizations across the academia, government, and non-profit sectors. In addition to converting audio into text and caption files, we offer a complete online experience. Transcripts, captions, and subtitles are delivered with powerful tools for interviews, meetings, films, and more. By sending us the audio to transcribe, you can win back hours of your day and focus on doing more of what you do best.

    Dotsub is a browser-based platform that is used for subtitling & translating online videos.

    Adobe Closed Captioning allows users to display real-time captioning, line-by-line or word-by-word, from professional captioning services or in-meeting captioners.

    CaptioningStar offers closed captions ,broadcast captions, live captions and open captions.

    Aberdeen Broadcast Services offers closed captioning, multi-language subtitling, translation, and voice dubbing services.

    CaptionLabs specializes in all things related to closed captioning and accessible media.

    Captionmax is an all digital media accessibility company that specializes in captioning, subtitling, video description and encoding services.

    Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) has been providing closed captioning services for over 15 years, producing more than 5 million caption files for over 5,000 customers. In 2003, AST was awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the United States Department of Education, providing the company’s initial funding. Founders Kevin Erler, Ph.D. and Brent Robertson then worked in collaboration with a team of expert advisors to develop the most cost-efficient, high quality, closed captioning service available today. CaptionSync by AST was developed over 10 years ago, in collaboration with a team of expert advisers from higher education and with funding from a Small Business Innovation Research grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Today AST’s CaptionSync service is the most cost-efficient, high quality, transcription and automatic captioning service available. We work with you to understand your needs, then employ a smart balance of automation and professional expertise, leveraging leading-edge technology and professional transcribers to provide closed captions, transcripts, and video search data, without the error rates found in speech recognition and crowd-sourcing solutions. The end result is a smarter captioning service. One that is fast, accurate and affordable, and available 24×7. But the benefits of our approach don’t stop there. On top of the important accessibility benefits our transcripts, captions, and subtitles provide many hidden benefits, including in-video search, access to broader audiences, and improved learning outcomes. In short, CaptionSync is the smart way to provide your audiences with even smarter video. Whether your goal is to educate, inform, or inspire, CaptionSync by AST will help you maximize the value of your video assets.

    Human-powered captions, subtitles and text translation at an incredible speed and cost

    cielo24 provides video data solutions that maximize content ROI via a hybrid machine and human technology platform.

    ClickForTranslation is a platform that offers free quotes and bulk order discounts, it utilizes human translators and also provides notary service specializes in providing translations of legal documents as well as transcription services, closed captioning and voice-over services.

    Keep track of your orders and receive delivery updates.

    Dynamic Captioning specializes in providing equal access of media to the deaf and hard of hearing community, providing captioning services.

    GMR Transcription has built a reputation for providing accurate and affordable transcription & translation services in the United States. With several million minutes of audio recorded and thousands of satisfied customers, GMR has carved a niche in providing quality transcription services in quick turnaround time. Our primary goal is to provide a professional service that is easy to use, at an affordable cost to you. We have worked with over 9,000 satisfied clients, since our founding in 2004. We have pioneered translation services in all fields, offering them in many languages and dialects. As an American Translation Association (ATA) member, we provide audio, video and text-to-text translation services.

    A standalone platform for transcription, captioning and subtitling requirements.

    JBI Studios is a full-service audio, video and multimedia production house specializing in +1200 voice talents in +80 languages.

    Lingosphere Localization Group is a professional translation and localization agency, and leader in Medical, Legal, Environmental, Financial and other industry specific translation services.

    Speechpad provides services for captioning video, including subtitles and closed captions.

    Vanan Captioning offers closed captioning services online.

    Video Caption Corporation provides closed captioning, subtitling, and audio description services.

    VITAC specializes in offering closed captioning services.