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Cloud migration software helps companies upgrade systems and update data by assisting in the relocation of files through the cloud. These solutions, also referred to as content transformation or content integration tools, often provide features for data encryption, data backup, and documentation for migration records on both a systemwide and file-specific level. They often integrate with entire classes of software such as enterprise content management (ECM), or they’re geared towards products for SharePoint migration and Office 365 migration.

Most migration tools can transfer large pools of calendars, contacts, documents, and communications to cloud applications or storage tools. Successfully utilizing a cloud migration tool can save IT departments significant time and simplify future cloud data integration practices. They can also simplify the organization, consolidation, and integration of a wide range of data types.

To qualify for inclusion in the Cloud Migration category, a product must:

  • Sync applications with cloud storage systems
  • Assist with migration of large numbers of files and various file types through the cloud
  • Provide data security tools, backup assistance, or integration with backup software to keep files safe during migration
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    SkySync is an Enterprise Content Integration platform that dynamically bridges disparate storage systems together.

    The Worlds Easiest-To-Use Data Integration Solution for S3, Azure Storage and Google Cloud.

    SyncGene is a sync service and web app for your Contacts,Calendar and Tasks.

    Tzunami Inc. is the leading provider of SharePoint Data Migration solutions, offering migration from various ECM systems to SharePoint, both on the Cloud and On-Premise.

    Zscaler global cloud delivers the entire gateway security stack as a service. By securely connecting users to their applications, regardless of device, location, or network, Zscaler is transforming enterprise security.

    365Appz is ready to use SharePoint intranet solution which helps to increase employee engagement within the organization.

    Advik EML to PST Converter is a utility which has the capacity to convert multiple EML files into one new PST file. So it can import PST file into Outlook to access complete emails in one fell swoop.

    Affinus provides enterprise integration solutions for Microsoft BizTalk Server and Azure.

    AI.DATAPOINT automates and manages the process of cleansing, categorising and migrating data from current information repositories to a new single consolidated environment either on premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of both.

    Data Transmission Service (DTS) helps you migrate data between data storage types, such as relational database, NoSQL, and OLAP. The service supports homogeneous migrations as well as heterogeneous migration between different data storage types.

    Alibaba Cloud Data Transport is a PB-level, point-to-point, offline data migration service. You can use secure equipment to upload large amounts of data to Alibaba Cloud. Data Transport can help you resolve common problems associated with data migration to Alibaba Cloud. Common issues include expensive dedicated lines, lengthy transmission times, and potential security risks.

    Alooma enables data teams to have visibility and control. It brings data from your various data silos together to your data warehouse, all in real-time.

    Zscaler global cloud delivers the entire gateway security stack as a service. By securely connecting users to their applications, regardless of device, location, or network, Zscaler is transforming enterprise security.

    AppBridge offers enterprise-ready content transformation software to help businesses migrate to Google Apps.

    AppPorter analyzes applications and their data dependencies, translates each application into a modern container, and imports the fully functioning application, free of dependencies, into the cloud, without rewriting any code.

    AppZero is a server management software uses application images rather than server or machine images to migrate applications.

    AVAMIGRATRON, is a comprehensive Office 365 migration product. It is the only tool of its kind so far, which covers the key scenarios of IBM connection to Office 365, Dynamics AX on-prem to Dynamics AX Office 365 operations, G Suite to Office 365, and Slack to Microsoft Teams migration. AVAMIGRATRON also has the ability to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 and SharePoint on-prem to Office 365. AVAMIGRATRON addresses the issue of interoperability by exactly identifying what needs to be migrated. This falls under data, functions, workflows, version history and state of workflows. We have mapped where in most cases these are all migrated from source to target automatically. The scenarios that require remediation are functions and workflows due to platform differences or complexity. This is achieved as a repeatable service with its distinct methodology that has been perfected from the hundreds of migrations AVASOFT has done so far. AVAMIGRATRON is built on a loosely coupled design using Web API driven framework. This design approach was adopted to meet the distributed environment requirements. This also allows AVAMIGRATRON to run on multiple instances simultaneously enabling the migration of huge data quickly.

    Accelerate your Migration, Management, and Protection of Office 365 and SharePoint

    BSR Pro makes it incredibly easy to backup, import, and migrate your database between WordPress installs.

    Wise-Sync synchronises accounting data between ConnectWise and cloud accounting software Xero and QuickBooks Online

    CloudFuze is a Multi Cloud Management and migration platform, The benefits of cloud storage are multiplied with CloudFuze, a system that allows cloud-to-cloud migration. From the start, cloud storage has provided valuable solutions for businesses. As cloud storage services have quickly multiplied, an entirely new and much-needed type of cloud migration service has emerged. CloudFuze allows simple drag-and-drop transfer between more than 40 different cloud service providers. Our award-winning cloud transfer system allows for seamless cloud to cloud migration of data.

    Cloudiway is a SaaS migration and coexistence platform that allows businesses to move data and content from one environment to another. Its many migration projects are supported with G Suite, Office 365, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Amazon… and a large choice of items can be moved: mailboxes, files, collaborative sites, archives and lots more.

    ONTAP Cloud is a data management solution designed to provide protection, visibility and control for cloud-based workloads and control both cloud and on-premises resources from a single, centralized management console.

    Integrate data from a new or existing software package with ConnectWise Manage. Move data between these applications when you want, as often as you want. Minimize cost of labor and reduce errors by automating data transfer between applications. Visualize data already in your system in a format that makes sense to you with a custom report. Increase revenues with reusable custom reports which you can then provide to customers

    Seamlessly move data from a source database to any number of relational, non-relational, cloud, desktop or in-memory databases for easier access, data reporting and analysis. Read more

    Micro Focus ControlPoint is a data migration and dark data cleanup solution.

    DataHelp EML to Office 365 is a migration tool designed to import multiple EML files into Exchange Online user account without affecting file structure.

    DataHelp PST to Office 365 Migration tool is designed to import mailbox data (emails, contacts, calendars) from Outlook to Exchange Obline user account.

    Double-Take Move allows you to migrate physical, virtual, and cloud server workloads in real-time over any distance. Maintain your productivity with technology that virtually eliminates risk and downtime during migrations.

    Drupal Migrator by Valuebound helps you: 1. Save time and money: within 15 minutes, you get the entire report on timeline and cost of your Drupal migration plan 2. Clear plan of action: The report lets you know details of modules, entities, themes, crons etc. 3. Increase productivity: you have complete control over various resources: both inhouse drupal developers and outsourced teams. 4. Accurate customizable reports: The reports created lets you slice and dice across migration plan.

    DXL to PST Converter is a software imports mailboxes from lotus notes DXL to Outlook PST files.

    Rodopis EasyOSS is the worlds only hosted fully web-based, back office automation software targeted at Internet service providers (ISPs), applications service providers (ASPs), web hosting service providers or Internet telephony (VoIP) providers.

    360 Enterprise automatically detects file changes which then trigger jobs so files get copied in dependable automated fashion.

    Hevo enables businesses to use all of their data to make better data-driven decisions. With its Data Pipeline as a Service, it provides Data Engineers the ability to integrate, clean, enrich and bring together data from various data silos at any time to any destination.

    Hitachi Data Mobility simplifies data management and improves storage efficiency.

    HostBridge is an integration software for CICS and system z. using hostbridge web services/XML. Helps to invoke CICS programs using JavaScript and writing new CICS transactions in JavaScript.

    Import2 is an online data import service that helps you transfer business or personal data between cloud apps.

    Infinite io installs transparently in front of storage as a network-based controller and intelligently migrates inactive data to low-cost cloud storage. Data is constantly migrated to the cloud based on intelligent policies.

    Ispirer Systems has made a great contribution to the automated cross-platform migration with the creation of its prime product Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit.

    Ispirer MnMTK 2017 (Migration and Modernization Toolkit) performs automated cross-platform database and application migration. Ispirer MnMTK 2017 supports all major databases and versions: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Informix, Progress, Teradata, MySQL,etc.

    Layer2 Solutions is one of the leading vendors of add-ons for Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure with a major focus on data integration and document synchronization. Our products help customers and partners to keep data and files in sync between 100+ systems and apps, on-premises and cloud-based.

    An effective Tool to Open Encrypted and Corrupted OST File without Exchange Server and Outlook Environment. The Tool previews entire data of OST file including Emails, Tasks, Calendars, Contacts and Attachment etc.

    BitTitan helps organizations adopt and manage cloud services in a simple, cost-effective manner with its industry-leading migration solution MigrationWiz, and IT services automation platform MSPComplete.

    MIGRATE YOUR DATABASES TO THE CLOUD FASTER AND SMARTER. Building a database migration plan used to take weeks of manual effort and required numerous technical resources. Now it can be done in less than 10 minutes. migVisor scans your existing databases, identifies attributes and proprietary features currently in-use, and informs you of the fastest path to migrate your databases to cloud-native database solutions running in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

    OfficeSuite PrivateCloud is a virtual private data centers that offers a scalable and agile method to deploying applications and other value chain components from a dedicated, secure hosted environment.

    PCVITA is aimed bridging the gap for Enterprise and Home Users through high quality products and services in the area of Enterprise Messaging Platform Migration, SharePoint Migration, Email Archiving, Desktop tools for MS Outlook users.

    Power365 is designed to solve Office 365 cross-tenant integration and migration challenges for when an organization goes through a merger or acquisition, has users in multiple Office 365 tenants, like multinationals, or has separate operating divisions.

    Proventeq is a specialist provider of Cloud and Content migration solutions that offers expert consultancy for Information systems modernisation and Technology modernisation.

    As enterprises move applications and workloads to the cloud, the creation of hybrid clouds and multi-cloud environments is growing at an enormous pace. The traditional way to manage this evolution won’t scale. The process to connect and deploy cloud networks is not only time consuming, but also requires network engineers to configure every connection, and the result is a high margin for error. The Pureport Console is a turnkey solution to privately interconnect all sites and cloud deployments in minutes, without deploying any physical infrastructure. Pureport’s intuitive, self-service console creates a Pureport virtual network with connections to a organization’s existing networks. Pureport handles connectivity, BGP peering, high-availabilty, and IP overlaps. The customer benefits from Pureport’s on-demand, hourly billing.