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Best Computer-Assisted Translation Software

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) software translates one language to another using translation memory—which stores previously translated texts—or crowd assistance to provide translations that are consistent with previously used language to ensure proper spelling, grammar, and phrasing. CAT software provides a more streamlined and interactive editing platform compared to simple word-for-word machine translation software. Computer-assisted translation software assists translators, helping them translate texts more efficiently and accurately with tools such as translation memory, phrase directories, and other terminology-related databases. Computer-assisted translation products often integrate with translation management software, allowing translation service providers to collaborate with translators and keep translation texts organized.

To qualify for inclusion in the Computer-Assisted Translation category, a product must:

  • Use concepts of translation memory to store language information
  • Segment text for translators to edit
  • Produce grammar and spell-checked translated copy
  • Provide tools for editing translated text
  • Provide tools for quality analysis of translated text
  • Analyze translation quality and effectiveness
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    SDL Trados Studio 2017 is the leading translation software for language professionals who want to translate and review projects, use terminology and get the most out of machine translation in one simple desktop application. Used by over 250,000 professionals - when you choose Studio - you become part of the largest translation community in the world. For more information visit

    Memsource is the translation management system for global enterprises and translation companies wanting to make their localization process more efficient. Founded in 2010, Memsource is internationally recognized for providing an intuitive yet powerful translation environment which processes two billion words per month from over 200,000 users around the world. 400+ languages, 50+ file types, 25+ machine translation engines, REST API, and patented artificial intelligence make Memsource the TMS used by many of the world’s leading brands to reduce costs, automate workflows, and optimize their overall translation process. For more information, visit User groups: - Translators and translation companies - Technical writers and support documentation departments - Marketers that sell in multiple countries - Software localization engineers - Translation buyers Functionality: - Translation memory - Terminology management - Integration with 25+ machine translation engines - Web-based translator editor and downloadable desktop editor - Supports over 50 file types - Enabled with REST APIs - CMS Connectors to enable continuous localization

    Gtranslator is an enhanced gettext po file editor for the GNOME desktop environment. It handles all forms of gettext po files and include very useful features like Find/Replace, Translation Memory, different Translator Profiles, Messages Table (for having an overview of the translations/messages in the po file), Easy Navigation and Editing of translation messages & comments of the translation where accurate.

    MateCat is an enterprise-level, online CAT tool which makes post-editing and outsourcing easy.

    memoQ translator pro is a computer-assisted translation tool, created by translators for translators. It excels at its translation productivity features. LiveDocs, Muses, MatchPatch and optional MT hits enrich standard translation memory and term base references and improve leverages; while flexible filtering & views creation options and template-based automations allow for more effective and convenient work. memoQ translator pro will make translation work easier and faster. The tool is intuitive and you will quickly learn how to use it. This advanced technology serves you, and helps you concentrate on what you do best – translation. memoQ translator pro is designed for individual work for freelance translators. If you are looking for a Translation Management System for your company, and wish to cover teamwork and outsourcing scenarios, check out memoQ server here:

    Smartcat provides a full set of translation automation technologies for companies and translators and makes it easy for them to connect and collaborate. The unique features of Smartcat are: free access for an unlimited number of users, advanced multi-user collaboration, marketplace of 110,000+ freelancers and LSPs, payment automation.

    OmegaT is a computer-assisted translation tool written in the Java programming language.

    SDL Passolo offers intelligent workflows and intuitive project management features that produce faster multilingual software releases.

    Lokalize is a computer-aided translation system that focuses on productivity and quality assurance.

    The Open Language Tools are a set of translation tools that aim to make the task of translating software and documentation a lot easier.

    Speakt provides online crowdsourced translation services.

    ATRIL, precursor on the CAT tool market with the DAJA Vu product range, is providing above all a tightly-integrated solution since 1993.

    MotionPoint solves operational complexity and cost of website localization. Unlike all other approaches, our technology and turn-key solution are built specifically for this purpose. We translate, deploy, and operate multi-lingual websites, optimizing the customer experience across channels. Follow this URL to find out the 5 Things You need To Know About Website Localization:

    Pootle is an online translation management tool with translation interface.

    SYSTRAN 8 helps enterprises and individuals communicate more effectively in multiple languages.

    Virtaal, a feature rich translation tool that allows you to focus on translation, without the tool getting in the way.

    MetaTexis is a powerful and professional tool with many functions and options you will not find in other CAT tools. allows you to localize Ruby on Rails applications using either with YAML or with GetText. provides multilingual support for your website or blog.

    WPML is a WordPress multilingual plugin to translate WordPress pages, posts, tags, categories, and themes.