Best Construction Estimating Software

Construction estimating software offers contractors and construction businesses a job costing tool for specific projects. These solutions are used to provide bid prices based on resource and labor costs, other overhead, historical cost evaluations, cost reporting, and the ability to manually adjust the bid price, among other features. Construction estimating tools are essential to construction companies and contractors landing business, therefore they are included in construction suites, but can be purchased as standalone products. Estimating may also be a feature of construction accounting software, and the functions can be applied to other verticals, such as architecture and other engineering roles.

To qualify for inclusion in the Construction Estimating category, a product must:

  • Estimate costs and budgets for potential construction projects
  • Create bids based on the estimations to be utilized by companies or contractors
  • Use historical data to base future estimates on past costing

Construction Estimating Software Grid® Overview

The best Construction Estimating Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: Quick Bid
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders. High Performers include: SmartBid and PlanSwift
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution. Contenders include: Sage Estimating and iSqFt
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them.
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What You Should Know About Construction Estimating Software

Construction estimating software helps construction managers, contractors, and companies better calculate and/or project the total cost of a construction project. The most appealing aspects of construction estimating software are its accuracy and automation; speed plays an important both in both.

However, let’s back up a bit.

Before a contractor can begin a construction project, they must submit a bid to their clients. That bid is made up of all sort of elements: from estimating the cost of materials or the number of manpower hours to comparing resources and labor costs with competitors. A construction project simply cannot begin without drafting up an estimate of how much it will cost. And that cost fluctuates, especially if somewhere along the line, something wasn’t accounted for or was either over- or underrepresented in the initial bid.

The potential for human error is massive in construction projects, where, unfortunately, errors can be costly. Construction estimating software, then, can help more accurately draft up bids, aid contractors and construction professionals in moving away from time-consuming legacy tools, and instill more confidence in your clients.

Essentially, construction estimating software is a giant boost up from and modernization of spreadsheets.

Construction estimating software can either be purchased as a standalone product or bundled within a construction suite or construction platform. In a nutshell, however, construction estimating software provides users with tools that automate data entry, pulls the most up-to-date prices of materials and equipment, and identifies labor and overhead costs. That automation goes hand in hand with accuracy and speed, as it reduces the potential for users to misattribute a number here or forget to double check the availability of a material there.

Additionally, construction estimating software enables both the easy adjustment of estimates as well as instant takeoffs. With this software, contractors can automatically calculate the amount of money a client should expect to spend on a certain material, based on the available data of current prices. That helps contractors make sure they stay close to the original estimate, as software can keep track of any deviations and alert both contractor and client if the final cost changes.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a construction estimating solution:

Is it easy to use? Sure, doing away with pen, pencil, and calculator is preferable and helps your business look more polished and professional. However, construction estimating solutions come with a learning curve. No matter how speedily the tool can make your estimating processes, if your contractors struggle with the tool or the tool turns out to be more of a hindrance than a help, it will not be used to its potential.

Is it compatible? As mentioned previously, construction estimating software is sometimes delivered within an overall construction project management solution. If it doesn’t, it should at the very least offer APIs or seamless integrations with other third-party systems, that will, in turn, work as unified system to streamline construction projects.

What is its database made up of? A construction estimating solution is only as helpful as its materials database. The solution’s price checks, takeoff accuracy, and estimate breakdown is all dependent on the extensiveness of its resource database.

Why Use Construction Estimating Software?

By utilizing construction estimating solutions, contractors and companies can bid more and win more clients. With this software, construction professionals can spend less time on calculating and recalculating, and more time cultivating productive client relationships and jumpstarting financially sound construction projects. After all, it makes sense that you’d want to reserve the number of hours for actual labor and project oversight, rather than getting bogged down in the research and proposal stage of those projects.

But construction estimating software isn’t just for that pre-bid stage. It can also be useful post-bid, as a construction project progresses along. The tool can keep track of materials and ongoing costs, and can even predict any potential deviances to the initial estimate.

Additionally, most, if not all, construction estimating tools generate reports. Those reports equip contractors with even more proof of progress and support the need for more materials or labor, should that need arise. (Transparency is the name of the game here.)

The most compelling reason to use construction estimating software is speed. Increasing estimation speed results in time saved, meaning increased efficiency and productivity. Speed goes beyond cutting down the number of hours you would have spend on drafting up an estimate of goods and services; it also enables users to more quickly track the status of an order or the whereabouts of a purchase. Additionally, construction estimating software is a boon for processes. Companies can make processes more consistent, bettering the entire construction project lifecycle in the future. (This will be helpful if and when a construction business needs to scale.)

Some of the benefits of utilizing construction estimating software are:

Reduction of formula errors – Previously, takeoffs and bid estimates had been completed via spreadsheets. Excel spreadsheet functions are difficult to master and are just as prone to human errors as data entry.

Data deduplication – Software keeps hold of entered values, so users don’t need to input the cost and required number of materials more than once. Via integrations, users can further reduce the possibility of oversight.

Standardization – That means standardization and consistency across a single project, across multiple projects, across an entire organization, across numerous collaborators.

Collaboration — With construction estimating software, your project managers can better supervise project progress, delegate responsibilities throughout the entire project lifecycle, and more easily review the expenses accrued versus the resulting total profit.

Who Uses Construction Estimating Software?

The primary users of construction estimating software come from medium- to large-sized construction companies. That makes sense, as independent or small construction companies most likely deal in a lower number of construction projects. (However, that’s not to say that the software is exclusively used by larger construction companies.)

The software is designed for, and supported by, construction professionals from varying backgrounds. Contractors, subcontractors, architects, civil engineers, operations managers—they all can use construction estimating software.

Whether you work as a carpenter, electrician, plumber, or site manager, you don’t necessarily have to worry whether or not your business will benefit from construction estimating software.

Simply put: regardless of your construction company’s specialty, you will benefit.

However, what you, your business, and your contractors will have to do is weigh the pros and cons of investing in construction estimating software. Do you have the bandwidth to overcome the pain points of this kind of software’s learning curve? Is it (financially and/or productively) worth it to adopt new technology? What aspects of your construction project lifecycle are you trying to streamline, make more efficient, or entirely overhaul?

These are the questions and parameters that will determine the users of construction estimating software.

Construction Estimating Software Features

Takeoff – Takeoff is part of the cost estimating process, allowing estimators to effectively estimate the quantities of items that are determined necessary from initial blueprints. Takeoffs can happen manually or digitally.

Materials and resource cost database(s) – A database full of material inventory, along with the cost of those resources. Users should be able to pull material prices directly from the database, which should be comprehensive and up to date.

Historical (job) database – Database that tracks and monitors the materials used, contractors employed, completion of jobs, etc., of past construction projects. Users will leverage the data to better estimate costs, time, and resources spent on similar projects.

Real-time (or as close to real-time as possible) calculations – Construction calculators will automatically estimate/determine the costs of a construction project. The calculators should have the ability to update costs as a project progresses.

Blueprint and/or CAD image import and export – The ease with which a user can import and export an existing or newly created blueprint/CAD image is important.

Bid proposal generator – The software should be able to pull data from takeoff, the resource cost database, the historical database, and any imported data into an integrated proposal generator. That generator is responsible for efficiently and accurately calculating bids that can then be submitted as part of a construction proposal.

Bid proposal templates – Either the software comes prepped with bid proposal templates where users can drag and drop data points, or the software allows users to create specialized templates to use in the future.

Edits/adjustments to specific and/or overall bid estimates – The ability to monitor and update costs and track any alternate or substitute resources used during a project will be helpful for progress tracking.

Project progress reporting and tracking – While construction estimating solutions shouldn’t offer comprehensive project management functionality, these tools should still be able to keep tabs on a construction project in context of helping users align the initial project estimate with its most current state.

Work breakdown structure – Provides a template that breaks down construction project requirements into more manageable tasks and action items. Users should be able to adjust the work breakdown structure as a project progresses.

Trends Related to Construction Estimating Software

Many of the trends in the construction estimating software space specifically are related to trends in the overall construction software industry. For example: Drones are becoming more and more commonplace in the public sector; why not the professional one?

Project tracking and job costing are just as important as the process of creating and generating construction project estimates. Their importance can be seen in numerous construction estimating solutions that place emphasis on technology and support.

The importance that users place on ease of use can never be underrated. Software functionality and desirability go hand in hand with ease of use. Additionally, users expect the same level of intuitiveness from software as they get from their mobile devices, tablets, and other personal pieces of technology.

Furthermore, software that is either cloud-based or can be used on mobile devices is desirable. Users don’t want to be tethered to a desktop; the construction industry is one that is very field-focused. Collecting data on the scene, uploading into the solution, and getting an updated view of the progress of a project and materials used is ideal. This way, contractors can keep their clients up to date as well as stay efficient within the scope of the project and competitive in the market.

Potential Issues with Construction Estimating Software

Aside from the very real blocker that a steep learning curve can prove to be, a few other issues can potentially crop up when deploying and implementing construction estimating software.

Integration – Compatibility is vital with construction estimating software. For example, if the software refuses to, or is reluctant to integrating with, accounting solutions, then it adds an unnecessary step to the construction project lifecycle. While construction estimating software may take care of the financial aspects of a construction project, if it doesn’t integrate with the accounting solution you use to keep track of the financials of your overall construction business, then that’s a huge misstep.

“New”-ness – There’s a reason why spreadsheets are so common and rampant within the construction industry. They are familiar and they’ve been around for quite some time. (It’s very much a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” scenario.) Additionally, while construction estimating software tries to be as high-level as possible, some specialities are too niche for the tool to adequately support.

Cost – There’s more to the cost of construction estimating software than the actual cost of the tool. Training, support, and the provision of software updates need to be taken into consideration, as well. (That last one is important, because if a vendor doesn’t offer regular updates to the product, then a company runs the risk of noncompliance as well as missing out on construction industry trends.)

Software and Services Related to Construction Estimating Software

Construction AccountingConstruction accounting solutions take basic accounting software capabilities and specifically tailor them to the construction industry. They provide users with financial management and accounting insights into construction projects and the company as a whole.

Construction ManagementConstruction management software provides companies with project management, scheduling, workforce management, and field service management functionality.

Construction SuitesAs defined by G2 Crowd, a construction suite is a construction-specific platform that bundles together construction accounting, construction estimating, and construction management capabilities.

Project ManagementProject management software helps employees and team members manage projects, coordinate team goals and tasks, and keep track of both the overall picture and granular aspects of an ongoing project.

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    Quick Bid is a powerful bid building software, which empowers construction estimators to bid jobs in a fraction of the time and much more accurately than with manual methods. Quick Bid automates material takeoff, with current vendor pricing and labor costs. Amendments before bid day are easy. You don’t have to recalculate the entire bid, just the specific changes. The Bid Navigator or Bid Wizard has tabs for you to view equipment, labor, markups, and conditions. Quick bid organizes your estimates and packages them in a printable, professional report.

    SmartBid is the leading construction bid management software for general contractors worldwide. The preconstruction software simplifies bid management for prime, commercial and residential general contractors. With SmartBid, users can access a secure web-based and mobile platform to streamline their bid project data, documents and subcontractor communications. Using our robust and customizable system, GCs can take advantage of a number of value added partnerships and integrations that provide them a wide range of tools and modules to simplify, integrate and customize their preconstruction process. All data and projects are guaranteed private and secure, only shared with those given authorized access. With unlimited 24/7 live support, we guarantee users, their subcontractors, unmatched customer success in their preconstruction process.

    PlanSwift is a digital Takeoff and Estimating software built on a powerful platform allowing unlimited customization of parts, assemblies, and estimation reports. PlanSwift allows the user to quickly measure linear footage, square footage, pitches, angles, cut and fill quantities and much more in minutes. The speed and accuracy of PlanSwift Takeoff and Estimating software has enabled PlanSwift customers to save countless hours of time, as well as saving the hassle of material overages and shorts. PlanSwift's industry leading training programs get estimators and subcontractors ready to takeoff quicker and easier so you can begin saving time and money faster. Color coded takeoff items ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked, and comparative overlays improve the change and adjustment process. PlanSwift was designed for construction operations of any size, in both commercial and residential industries that receive and measure digital plans or satellite imagery. PlanSwift integrates with Microsoft Excel, including 64 bit, Sage, Turbobid, Vision Infosoft, MC2, and many more business applications. During the 14 day free trial (offered with no credit card required), you can receive a free product demonstration and personalized assistance from an experienced estimator. PlanSwift is compatible with all Windows operating systems, and one license can be used on multiple computers. PlanSwift is available as a subscription for $79/month or as a one time fee for $995. Optional annual maintenance and support is available for $200/ year and is never required.

    Sage Estimating is a software solution designed for the construction and real estate industries that provides electronic takeoff, cost database, job costing, project scheduling, and more.

    iSqFt allows you to manage your bid process and streamline your vendor selection, project sharing and document distribution.

    Procore is a cloud-based construction management software application that helps firms increase their project efficiency and accountability by providing streamlined project communication and documentation. Users are able to manage their projects from any web-connected mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Procore provides users a way to collaborate on projects and view documents, such as submittals, RFIs, contracts, schedules, and drawings. Everyone from general contractors and architects to engineers and construction management firms can edit and share project data from the job site while facility owners can view the progress of each project in their portfolios. Enterprise-level businesses leverage Procore to manage construction projects, field communications, drawings, documents, and more. Procore operates under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, allowing general contractors and project managers to buy the software on a subscription basis.

    Corecon’s cloud based software suite helps engineering and construction firms manage their projects more efficiently. The software helps people with different roles and responsibilities work together regardless if they are at the office or jobsite. The software suite includes modules for estimating, vendor bid management, contract administration, procurement, time tracking, correspondence, documentation, and scheduling. Being cloud based, contracting firms will have the ability to access their project information anytime anywhere and make quick and informed decisions. With its built-in wizards that automate complex tasks or comprehensive executive dashboards to analyze project budgets, Corecon provides cutting-edge technology to maximize the profitability of one’s projects and make all departments work more efficiently.

    HeavyBid is a construction estimating software that allows you to build, review, and make changes to estimates and manage bid day by analyzing sub and supplier quotes, managing customers and closing the bid.

    JobNimbus is the first CRM and project management software developed from the ground up to be an ultra simple, usable, yet powerful tool to help you take control of your business like never before. JobNimbus was developed with the cooperation of leading industry trainers to solve the problems of contact and project management. Originally built for contractors and the services industry, JobNimbus has expanded to include businesses from real estate to law firms to ad agencies. JobNimbus' inherent simplicity makes it easy for anyone from any industry to get organized and increase profit margins fast. Get organized, save time, and earn more than ever before with a simple, effective solution.

    Spectrum delivers complete business management for small & large construction companies. From construction accounting to project management, from the office to the job site, and across the entire life cycle of construction work, Spectrum has helped thousands of clients manage and grow their contracting businesses. Spectrum Construction Software represents more than three decades of continuous innovation and investment in the latest technologies. We have done more than simply put Spectrum in the cloud—it is designed specifically for the cloud, providing an interface that allows you to work from just about any connected device, anywhere and anytime, by simply launching a web browser. Spectrum delivers the convenience of true cloud computing. Spectrum users enjoy the convenience of the cloud while still providing complete control over data security and user access. Spectrum Construction management software delivers unmatched ease-of-use There is nothing easy about running a successful construction business. That’s why we designed Spectrum construction software to be as user friendly as possible—so you can spend time running the business, not figuring out how to run the software. With Spectrum construction management software, there are no complex menus to master and memorize. Start from the interactive Spectrum Dashboard that you customize to fit your needs, and dive into detailed information and the work you need to get done. As you work, a responsive InfoBar is always present, giving you one-click access to tasks and data related to what you are doing. All Spectrum applications work together seamlessly. Instead of opening several different applications to get one job done, simply start working and Spectrum gives you multiple ways to move forward with a single click, either through the intuitive InfoBar or through links directly from your data. And as you start new tasks, the web-based structure of Spectrum’s interface opens new work tabs. When you need to pick up where you left off on previous tasks, simply click on the tab you need. Spectrum construction management software gives you the tools you need to communicate, collaborate, and help everyone work better together Document Imaging Pane - Spectrum Construction Management SoftwareSpectrum is the first construction software to deliver fully-integrated web-based document management. Wherever work takes you, documents or images associated with your work are available through an image pane on the Spectrum desktop. View purchase orders, contracts, submittals, work orders, RFIs, job site photos—virtually any type of file associated with your task at hand. Adding a new document or image is as easy as dragging and dropping the file onto the image pane. The Spectrum Dashboard is an information portal for everyone in your company—not just licensed Spectrum users. Each person’s Dashboard can be customized with apps to fit the job they do. There is a growing selection of apps available and tools to help you build your own. Spectrum applications and mobile apps are completely integrated, giving you a complete view of your projects. Metrics such as Work In Progress, Cost to Complete, Over/Under Billing and Earned Revenue are available on a single screen. Spectrum also helps ensure that everyone you work with—owners, architects, subcontractors, vendors—all have access to the latest information. Spectrum’s Project Management Plan Room gives you a cloud-based platform to share documents, send, receive and track communications, and maintain an audit trail of all project activity and correspondence.

    WinEst is a construction estimating software solution ath allows you to craft and manage project estimates that integrates third party programs to help you manage your business.

    BuilderTREND is an award winning construction management system for home builders and remodelers. It combines project scheduling, project management, customer management, and service management in a single suite. As a Web-based platform, this system can be accessed anywhere with a computer or mobile device. BuilderTREND provides pre-sale tools, including a built-in CRM system and quick bids and proposals. Project management tools include scheduling, budgeting and time sheets. Customer management tools include change order and selection management, warranty requests and payment processing. This system also integrates with other valuable solutions, such as QuickBooks and Xero. BuilderTREND provides each company with an account manager to provide unlimited training and support. Also included are daily webinars, the BuilderTREND Learning Community, a 24/7 help section and BuilderTREND University.

    eTakeoff is an electronic viewer and takeoff solution for estimators across all construction disciplines with the ability to manage productivity, accuracy, share and review takeoff details, and more.

    T-Bill is a Windows time and material billing system that is designed to generate and track service work invoices.

    RoofCalculator is a roof pricing software that allows you to calculate bundles of ridge, rolls of starter, sheets of valley metal and more.

    Trimble Accubid Classic is an electrical estimating software solution that facilitates the complete construction workflow, from electrical estimating to purchasing, project management and billing.

    CostX® is used by many different quantity surveying, commercial/residential construction and subcontracting firms around the world because of its superior electronic takeoff capabilities and integrated workbook. Some of the main features of CostX® include: • Measuring counts, lengths and areas with a single click • Supports scanned, PDF and CAD drawings, and also 3D BIM models. • Compare drawings and highlight the changes to identify drawing variations • Live-linked workbooks that can be taken down to ten levels • Ability to hide or show different drawing layers depending on what you wish to work on • Ability to create unlimited rate libraries • Subcontractor comparison/ Bid Day workbook In addition, we have a range of products designed to suit all needs and budgets.

    GeneralCOST Estimator for Excel is a construction estimating software that allows you to manage your bid accuracy and speed, and have your vital information where you need it, when you need it.

    Offers powerful takeoff capability from paper drawings with a digitizing tablet, and seamless linking to estimate pricing programs such as Microsoft Excel, with the finesse of the more basic program.

    Get the information you need, when you need it. Use our online estimating solution to find and validate local or national construction costs, build complete estimates, or get quick, conceptual estimates for a variety of building types. RSMeans data is your go-to source for the latest costs - anywhere in the U.S. and Canada - and helps you build competitive estimates or budgets quickly, with all of the information you need right at your fingertips. Quick, intuitive and easy-to-use, this web-based solution gives you instant access to hundreds of thousands of material, labor and equipment costs from our comprehensive RSMeans database, delivering the accurate information you trust.

    STACK Estimating is a software that manage company's item and assembly catalog, calculate costs, and build custom formulas.

    The Estimating Edge is a trade estimating software solution that is integrated with a drawing module that includes features to help you manage your estimates and more.

    1st Choice Electrical Estimating is an estimating system that allows custom assemblies creation, provides quoting tools, multi-conductor feeder and HVAC options.

    Bid4Build is an enterprise construction estimating system that gives you features such as, estimating for residential through commercial construction, specialty estimating including insurance and electrical, and supports construcitonal trades.

    BIDBUILDER is an estimating software for builders and remodelers that contains a preloaded residential database with material and labor pricing and can be expanded and customized to suite your business needs.

    Builder Helper is a web-based construction management software for home building and construction industries that facilitates the communication between you and your customers by providing 24/7 access to real-time project information.

    Candy is an integrated estimating, planning and project control application that allows you to manage the pricing and planning of a project, controlling at site level, through to the final certificate.

    CMiC Professional is an integrated system that is developed around features and benefits that help you manage your finances, projects, documents, and analytics and reports.

    CoConstruct is a web-based and mobile construction project management software designed that has features to help address the various challenges that many builders and modelers encounter on their construction projects

    Construction Cost Estimator is an estimating solution that allows you to create a project estimate on-site, and then email a pdf to your customer or print a hard copy with features and functions to help you manage your business.

    Databuild Estimating Software allows building industry professionals with estimating, ordering and accounting to help manage the accounting aspect of your business.

    eMeasure is software that's made to measure! Combine Fast, Easy Takeoff with the Power of Excel. eMeasure allows you to measure from digital construction plans & blueprints with ease by quickly and accurately taking off areas, lengths and counts. Then, once your measurement is complete, drag and drop your measured dimensions (lived-linked) straight into your standard Excel spreadsheet using our plug-in. It couldn’t be easier! Visit now to see more.

    Estimate Master is a custom estimating software for small business that allows you to create estimates that fit your business, manage your productivity, organize your estimate data, leverage your QuickBooks investment and expertise, and more.

    Estimating Takeoff Software allows you to view and measure the drawing on your computer screen and integrate results with your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

    EstimatorXpress is an estimating software for extensions and new builds, renovations and alterations, loft conversions and more and will automatically convert the estimate into a professional quote with your preferred markup and profit applied.

    eTEK Construction Systems is a featured ERP/Accounting tool for construction professional consulting and service industries with 4-tier multi-phase project management and job cost with tracking of actual cost and T&M billing.

    Fast Estimate is a building estimate software that puts you back in control of your project tenders with spreadsheet and databases.

    FastPIPE is a mechanical estimating software designed for commercial and industrial contractors who need a tool to estimate construction costs.

    Flooring Estimator is a program that can help you manage time and money by handling carpet, sheet goods, tile and hardwood estimates with the ability to generate invoices and proposals, match pattern, borders and enter borders, and more.

    Job Simplicity manages estimating and quoting through bid and trade management, scheduling, and change management providing you with job cost reporting and variance reports, cost to complete tracking, cash flow reporting and more.

    Simple, Quick, Effective,Construction Estimating Program designed by a Professional Construction Estimator with twenty years experience bidding multi-million dollar projects.

    Generate More Leads, Convert More Sales and Lock-in Your Customers For Life! MarketSharp Software offers remodelers, contractors and home service pros a simple-to-use, web-based CRM (customer relationship management) solution. With MarketSharp, you will lower lead costs, increase closing ratios, and improve overall office efficiency for greater profit potential! MarketSharp is the leading industry-specific marketing and management solution to get more leads, track every customer interaction, maximize sales opportunities, shorten production timelines, create satisfied referral-giving customers and have complete visibility into the profitability of your business! Plus, the secure, permission-based anywhere, anytime access makes it perfect for any mobile device to provide your staff with comprehensive customer/job information at their fingertips. To enhance your MarketSharp experience further, you can connect, sync and share information with many of your favorite industry programs and services like Quickbooks, HomeAdvisor, GuildQuality, and many more. In addition, to supercharge your MarketSharp proficiency and maximize your results, you’ll have access to knowledgeable, in-house Customer Support Specialists, numerous ongoing online training programs and your existing database will be expertly converted for immediate use within the system. Discover how MarketSharp has helped over 3700 remodelers save time and increase sales. Visit or call 800-335-4254 for a FREE Demo.

    Methvin | Estimating is an online estimating application that allows you to generate quality cost estimates and winning bids allowing you to link worksheets to multiple tasks, set variables and to break tasks into sub schedules for pricing.

    METS is a material estimation and tracking system with tools and information you need to build and maintain WBS, BoQ, work orders and transactions related to projects.

    Swiftender is a simple, modern tendering solution that is specifically designed for Ontario General Contractors working in the ICI sector. Our platform will save you time, help you make better decisions, and generate more winning bids. Take advantage of Swiftender's powerful features and get in touch today.

    PipelineRFQ is a software solution that allows you to customize your CSI codes and descriptions with subcontractor selections processes, sending options, project bid list management, and more.

    PriceGuide lets you print your own customized Flat Rate books so you can give an upfront price that makes your sales easy.

    ProEstimate Heavy is a crew based highway infrastructure estimating software system specifically designed for heavy/highway contractors and subcontractors to assist in the preparation of bids.

    Quantum Project Manager allows you to track and manage your project needs by producing estimates and bid proposals for a project, complete contract documents, generate progress billing payment applications, and more.

    QuickMeasure OS is a construction takeoff software that allows you to complete your takeoffs with the click of a mouse with tools to help you manage accuracy and more.

    QuoteSoft is a cloud-based estimating software solution that allows you to work across multiple plans with features to help you manage your costs and time.

    SAPPHIRE Supply is designed to be an one-stop solution for whole-house estimating, EWP and lumber design.

    simPRO Software develops end-to-end business and job management cloud solutions for the trade and service industries, in particular, the security, HVAC, solar, plumbing and electrical industries. Its comprehensive office and mobile solutions are designed to automate workflow to improve business processes, productivity, and profitability. Established in 2002, simPRO Software has since grown organically and through customer demand, servicing more than 4,000 company clients and 90,000 users worldwide today. Clients range from small contracting operations through to corporate enterprises with thousands of staff.

    Takeoff Live is a construction takeoff and estimating software that provides a paperless way to help you manage your costs and productivity.

    TakeOff Plus is an estimating software that allows you to estimate by stick, unit price, assembly and/or by lump sum by generating summary and detailed estimates, proposals, and change orders, track job cost, update vendor pricing, and more.

    TurboBid is a powerful estimating software solution that makes it easy for even the smallest contractor to complete accurate, consistent and professional estimates regardless of the type of work, whether it's new residential, light commercial, remodeling, service work or flat rate pricing. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for even the less tech-savvy users to quickly learn to make the most of the software. TurboBid also offers exceptional customer support including live on-line training, an extensive library of video tutorials and live chat help. TurboBid’s database includes tens of thousands of material items that reflect pricing from Trade Service as well as pricing for up to 5 selected vendors. TurboPricer is a unique pricing service for materials. Use it to electronically update vendor and market pricing. Calculate material installation times using an established labor unit that can easily be adjusted to reflect the estimate. The extensive database contains thousands of pre-built assemblies for all types of work. For service and remodeling contractors, TurboBid has flat rate pricing assemblies. Submit line item flat rate pricing on a room by room, or task by task basis. Fully customizable flat rate price books are ready to be printed or exported to PDF for use on iPads or any tablet that supports PDF. TurboBid offers detailed reports and bid packages. By providing detailed formal proposals, quantity take-offs and detailed bid prices, customers will have confidence that they know exactly what is included in their estimate.

    Turbo Estimator is a construction estimating software that provides slide-out help, the ability to duplicate estimates, with material lists, trade categories and more.

    Visual Estimator is a Windows-based estimating solution that provides powerful functions and reporting to manage productivity and accuracy in construction cost estimating.

    Work In Progress is an integrated construction accounting software that includes job costs, accounts payable, checkbook, budgeting, change order control, customer billing and more.

    XactRemodel is an estimating software solution designed to help you manage accuracy, time and your bottom line with the ability to draw and scope structures, roofs and more, and allows you to show customers the structure and proposed model as a floor plan or in 3D.

    247PRO is a web application for contractors to create professional estimate proposals quickly and close more sales.

    3RHINO Contractor is a mobile software that integrates sales, marketing, lead management, product management, and business management.

    6x6builder is a cloud-based construction estimating and management system that allows you to add items, create custom items, total material quotes, and more.

    Thanks to its inherent simplicity, Active Takeoff will instantly boost your productivity on all your takeoff jobs. Even if you've never used a computer before! Stop spending countless hours measuring your paper plans manually and get more accurate results at the fraction of the time it used to take. No incompatible scales. Supports Imperial or Metric systems. Thousands of users are already using Active Takeoff, and they love it! Get your 14-day free trial at today !

    ADVANTAGE is a unit cost estimating software that can produce estimates that are ready to present to your customer giving you access to current pricing for building materials and labor in your local area helping to manage accuracy in the estimates.

    Advisor is a web-based project history and bench marking solution that allows you to access your company's historical cost data to establish estimates and bench marketing studies.

    The B2W Estimate software application provides centralized cost data and structures along with specialized functionality for heavy civil construction estimating and bidding. Leveraging the intuitive, easy-to-use application, companies maximize accuracy and speed, standardize estimating processes, focus more attention on strategy and win more bids at better margins. Benefits: • Increase revenue and profitability by estimating more accurately to win more jobs at better margins • Bid faster and with less effort, utilizing centralized cost data and specialized features • Eliminate risk and competitive disadvantages of estimating with spreadsheets Key Features: • Central resource database with up-to-date labor, tasks, materials and equipment costs • Specialized functionality for creating bids from databases, templates and cost structures • Flexible pay item, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) or hybrid estimating and bid formatting • Easy to learn and deploy, with familiar, intuitive user interfaces and construction estimating logic • Scalable, enterprise-class performance for fast, reliable operation • Simultaneous work on an estimate by multiple estimators • Automated DOT bidding with pre-populated pay items and import/export of bid forms • Export to project management, accounting and field tracking systems • Advanced bid analysis and management reporting • Audit trail and error-check wizard

    With BEAMS, there is no need to switch between other programs when estimating or quoting or keeping track of your accounts. BEAMS was designed for the construction industry in 1993 and the software is now used by many companies in many sectors.

    Benchmark Estimating Software is an estimating and bidding software that allows you to streamline your cost estimating processes and manage the consistency and accuracy of your quoting.

    BidGenius is a bid solicitation and management software designed to centralize the distribution of bid invitation and bid management for general contractors.

    BidPlanroom is an easy-to-use web application that streamlines the commercial construction bidding process for general contractors and their subcontractors giving GCs unparalleled control over their bid projects.

    Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for estimating structural steel erection and other steel related construction work activities.

    Bidtracer is a bid management software solution that allows bids to be saved in the system and have multiple customers assigned to each project bidding with the ability to track core business processes, manage data protection, and more.

    BidWorx is an estimating and takeoff software designed with customizable features to help you manage your business.

    Bizprac provides estimating, job-costing and accounting software designed for construction, trade & service sectors that includes an integrated system and reporting.

    BrickControl is a cloud-based application that helps you manage your projects with estimates, project progress reports, certifications, cost analysis, and more.

    Buildee gives you the ability to assign a cost to each quantity raised and thus determine the cost of a project in seconds.

    BuildTools Construction Mgmt is a web-based platform that provides a connecting point for everyone that is involved in the construction of a home and manages communication, project schedule, budget and more.

    CADEST is an estimating software that allows you to manage blueprints from your computer and manage accuracy of your takeoff material, estimates and bids.

    Causeway Estimating software for construction contractors cuts traditional tender enquiry costs by up to 50% while providing enhanced visibility of net cost and value. This advanced tendering software helps to win more profitable work, manage costs more efficiently and reduce risk.

    CBD2 Estimating is a management tool for controlling construction costs that is integrated with cost-to-complete accounting system and designed to automatically calculate lumber, roof, sheetrock and more items with manageable input.

    Chief Estimator is an integrated construction estimation software that offers multi-level estimate breakdowns, foreign currency support, unit price or lump sum, and more.

    Clear Estimates is an estimating software for construction contractors that allow you to add customers, materials, generate reports helping you create estimates, proposals and more.

    Concerto Enterprise is a sales and operations cost calculator for high-tech contractors that allows building automation and controls and provides confidence in the bid price and guides the post-sale design.

    Construction Partner is a construction accounting software that meets your needs to help you manage job costing, payroll, estimating, accounts payable, general ledger, and more.

    Cordell Estimator allows you to have control over your quoting and estimating with the ability to prepare estimates and manage time, to help you get back on site and on the job.

    Our Cost Estimating solution, CostOS is specifically designed for companies that want to increase their competitiveness by responding to modern estimating challenges more quickly, with less effort, more accuracy, less risk, and with an increased level of confidence. We recognize that the cost estimating process is at the core of every project related company. CostOS is a mission critical system which allows you to value engineer and differentiate your solution whilst meeting your clients requirements. Helping you to win more work.

    Craftsman Site License is a Windows-based estimating software that allows you to have databases for new construction, remodeling, concrete & masonry, and more with the ability to export to Excel or QuickBooks Pro.

    Efficient and accurate estimating and takeoff in one seamless process.

    Current is an estimating software for mobile contractors that allows you to manage sales and business with the ability to create estimates on site, print or email estimates, manage paperwork and data entry, and add jobs to Quickbooks.

    D4COST is an estimating software that supplies you with a library of real projects to validate any preliminary cost, develop a preliminary or conceptual square foot cost estimate, cost feasibility, valuation study, or budget.

    e4Clicks Project Estimator is a cost estimating and project management software that delivers integrated cost estimating, project management, contract management, document management, and visual estimating in a single program.

    EasyEst Estimating Software is a solution for general contractors, home builders, remodeling contractors and sub-trade contractors that allows you to adjust cost and modify descriptions on pre-built PriceBooks Database to meet your needs.

    Total Build is an estimating program that allows you to produce quotes with a set of reports for renovations, alterations, repairs, refurbishments, conversions, and trade specific tasks.

    Easy-Pro Builders Estimator can help you estimate costs of your building projects and activities.

    eCaliper is an integrated job cost/accounting software that is designed for your trade and is developed to meet your construction management and project management needs.

    The EJMProject system is crucial in managing a project throughout its lifespan: from the estimate to the final accounts.

    Electrical Bid Manager is an electrical estimating software solution that includes features and functionalities to help you manage your business.

    Estimating & Leads Management for remodelers, builders, and contractors.

    Our mission is to help you build a profitable, successful contracting business by providing purpose-built estimating, project management and operations management tools, built, tested and proven by industry experts from the mechanical, electrical and plumbing industry.

    Built for the smallest of operators to the largest companies, ESTIMATE is the fast, accurate and intelligent solution for all construction estimating needs.

    Estimate Rocket simplifies your estimating and invoicing process with tools that keep you organized and more responsive to customers.

    Esti-Mate Software Version 4.5 is a program for residential construction building professionals that automatically converts takeoff dimensions from blueprints to an itemized list of waste factored delivery order quantities.

    CLIWin Estimating System is an estimating and bidding package for DOT jobs as well as private jobs that helps you manage margins and more.

    Estimator allows you to create manageable bids with item master that allows you to create a library of previously bid items, to be re-used on new estimates, helping manage redundant data entry.

    Estimator360 is a cloud/online based software solution for construction estimating and management, which includes a comprehensive catalog of pre-package unit cost assemblies, real-time supplier costs, client/customer interaction, contracts, change orders, automated scheduling, time sheets, dashboards, reporting, and accounting.

    estm8 is a construction cost estimating software that provides cost estimates, bidding process with ability to import and export data to and from Microsoft Excel and more.

    Expert Estimation is an estimating software designed to give you the tools required to produce first principles estimates and streamlines the task of costs estimating allowing usability and tender volumes.

    Explorer Pivot is a job cost, project management and service toll that can also manage costs, revenue, and documents that helps manage accounting procedures and provides a complete audit trail.

    EZ Construction Estimator is an estimating tool built for contractors that provides features needed for bidding and more, to help manage your business and estimates.

    ESTmep+ is a construction cost estimation software that helps mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors manage bids, detailing, fabrication, and installation workflow.

    FabTrol Systems is the global-leading provider of steel fabrication management software. In one integrated, modular solution, FabTrol software provides a better way to manage estimating, drawings, materials, production, and shipping.

    Produce better bids with help from our home construction estimating software.

    Fast Track Estimating is a software solution that provides a way to produce estimates and material purchase lists that allows you to build templates for common jobs, clone existing estimates, and more.

    GALA construction software is a software solution that resolves calculation, planning, expenditure control, and accounting of derivative works.

    Global delivers a solid estimating solution for thousands of commercial builders, project builders and quantity surveyors.

    Goldenseal is an integrated accounting, estimating and project management software solution that helps you run the business side of your business by controlling expenses, giving estimates, tracking inventory, and more.

    InSite SiteWork Earthwork and Utility Estimating Software combines ease-of-use with the most powerful sitework take-off features available. Calculate cut and fill, stripping, strata quantities, paving and concrete materials, topsoil re-spread, areas, lengths, trench excavation and backfill.

    IntelliBid provides technology tools you need to generate bids and estimates with a customized database, vendor pricing, online material pricing, and more.

    iPD is a integrated project development solution with functional aspects of road and bridge construction from cost estimating and electronic bidding through final contractor payment.

    Mudshark allows you to easily calculate, track and analyse material for your earthworks projects in a richly interactive and fully 3D environment.

    MyOnlineToolbox is a contractor construction software that allows you to automate the basics of your business and create estimates, invoices, track payments, create work orders, and schedule work orders.

    Operations Centralizer helps construction companies manage estimating speed, productivity, and estimate accuracy with settings that can be used to customize different activities with the help of roles, user management and lookup tables.

    OPTICON is a construction business software built for construction enterprises that allows you to get an overview of your construction activities in one dashboard with project control, digitized functions involved in building construction and more.

    Pantera Global Technology is an organization focused on providing innovative SAAS solutions for the construction industry including powerful program, project, and bid management systems for all phases of the building cycle.

    PlanGrid is construction software made for the field. Our cloud-based construction document collaboration platform is being used by major construction firms on more than 500,000 projects, and we currently store more than 60 million pages of digital blueprints, making us the world’s largest blueprint repository. PlanGrid’s platform allows plans and markups to be instantly shared with everyone on a construction project, no matter where they are. It lets contractors and architects collaborate from their desktop or mobile devices across all their project plans, specs, submittals, photos, RFIs, and punch lists. PlanGrid emerged from Y Combinator in 2012 and has since secured funding from Sequoia Capital, Tenaya Capital, Box, 500 Startups, Y Combinator, Navitas Capital, Google Ventures, Sam Altman, Paul Bucheit, David Sacks, and Professor Raymond Levitt.

    Power! Estimator is an electrical estimating software with intelligent assembly estimating, itemization electrical estimating, proposal/contracts, bid summary, labor hour units, purchase orders, and more.

    PrebuiltML is a take-off software for dealer, builder and framer that automate the management of customer preferences, stocking lengths and preferred product while communicating the information gained during the take-off, so everyone in the process has the exact material list and digitized layout they need to do their job well.

    PriMus is the SMART software for quantity surveyor, cost estimating and BoQ needs.

    ProContractor is a cloud-based software solution for estimating, project management, and accounting that helps you manage the project lifecycle from bid to project completion.

    ProDBX is the all-in-one software that helps contractors run all aspects of their businneses.

    ProEst is a construction estimating software that allows you to create estimates, perform digital takeoffs, manage the bid day process and generate reports and proposals.

    Project Manager GCT is a construction management solution designed for small to medium sized contractors built with functions and reports you need to create cost estimates, work schedules and tracking, and more.

    At Pronovos we produce intelligent software that enables construction companies to achieve the best possible outcome in any market condition.

    Quick Estimator is a construction estimating software that helps you produce professional looking estimates with features like estimate templates and assemblies that allow you to create estimates.

    Quilder is an estimating software designed to help you manage time and money, search supplies, and manage your paperwork with the ability to produce estimates as PDFs, template design, and more.

    Super fast, accurate take-off and estimating software for costed estimates of building plans. Seriously simple. Improve quote accuracy and save time.

    Red Rhino is a software that provides you with estimating capabilities to manage accuracy and profitability with interconnecting modules for purchasing, billing and project management designed to grow your electrical contracting business.

    Resi-Cost is a web-based software application for estimating the cost to build a new home that allows you to interactively make decisions about your design and material choices providing a cost estimate for your home design.

    Sigma is a construction cost estimate solution that gives you the power to generate cost-estimates in a spreadsheet-like program, that offers key features and capabilities of object driven estimating.

    SP Estimating is a spreadsheet based commercial construction estimating program for general contracting, concrete, civil, sitework, and framing.

    Square Takeoff, Inc. is a construction software company specializing in the automation of the construction takeoff, estimating and bid management process for the commercial and residential construction industry.

    Summit Estimating is a Windows and web-based construction estimating and commercial management software solution that offers remote site capability for you to produce estimates with scanned document imaging, importing from Excel and more.

    Save time and resources with onscreen takeoff. SureCount takeoff software will dramatically improve the way you estimate and increase your ability to takeoff more projects in less time.

    TakeoffExpress is essentially, digital takeoff software that allows you to generate measurements from digital drawings. It supports any file or camera image. You can also generate takeoffs from satellite and aerial images such as Google Earth, Google Maps or other aerial imagery apps such as NearMaps, Eagleview or Pictometry.

    The Estimating Software is a mechanical estimating software with digitized take off for single office plumbing to international contractors.

    Appia is a web application for construction administration and inspection for capital improvement and infrastructure projects that manages daily reporting, funding, items, change orders and payments with real-time collaboration.

    Ticon is a project management solution for construction and civil engineering industries that allows you to track planning, estimating, project progress and more.

    Time and Material Plus is a software program designed to process billable data and deliver transparent billing results.

    Valesco Estimating is a software solution available to construction and civil engineering industries that is designed to help you work from an imported bill of quantities or from a manually created bill of quantities using drawings and specifications.

    With multiple crews in the field you need to know where you stand at all times. Construction Management Software tells you instantly where you stand down to the penny!

    Valesco Estimating is a software solution available to construction and civil engineering industries that is designed to help you work from an imported bill of quantities or from a manually created bill of quantities using drawings and specifications.

    WinTRF Estimating System is a Windows-based multi-platform solution that allows you to configure features to support multiple estimators working on the same project.

    Xpedeon Estimating System is a construction estimating software that implements industry practices for estimating bids and manages the efficiency and accuracy of the bidding process.

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