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Container orchestration software allows developers to deploy multiple containers for implementation within applications. These tools help IT administrators automate the process of running instances, provisioning hosts, and linking containers. These tools assist in optimizing orchestration procedures and extending the lifecycle of applications containing multiple containers. They can also facilitate deployment, identify failed container implementations, and manage application configurations. Companies use these to increase scalability and functionality of applications by adding containers and connecting information about repositories and networks. They can also improve security by setting requirements for accessing containers and keeping components separated from one another. Container management platforms may include orchestration features, but many container orchestration solutions function as a complement to the management platform.

To qualify for inclusion in the Container Orchestration category, a product must:

  • Allow administrators to provision hosts
  • Schedule and automate container deployment
  • Run instances of multiple containers
  • Alert users of failed containers

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The best Container Orchestration Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: Kubernetes, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders. High Performers include: Shippable
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution.
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: Apache Mesos and Docker Swarm
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    Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) is a container management service that supports Docker containers and allows users to easily run applications on a managed cluster of Amazon EC2 instances.

    Deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications, powered by Kubernetes

    Kubernetes is a Linux container management tool from Google.

    Docker Swarm is native clustering for Docker. It turns a pool of Docker hosts into a single, virtual Docker host.

    Continuous Delivery with no DevOps code. Frictionless Dockerized pipelines with continuous integration, automated functional testing, and deployment to any cloud provider. Manage deployments of multi-tier applications without code, scripts, or IT Automation tools.

    Apache Mesos is a cluster manager that distributes resources across applications and databases.

    A container orchestration platform for Mesos and DC/OS

    Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) is a managed service that makes it easy for you to run Kubernetes on AWS without needing to install and operate your own Kubernetes clusters. Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

    Azure Container Instances makes it easy to create and manage Docker containers in Azure, without having to provision virtual machines or adopt a higher-level service.

    Centurion is a deployment tool for Docker. Centurion takes containers from a Docker registry and runs them on a fleet of hosts with the correct environment variables, host volume mappings, and port mappings.

    Helios is a Docker orchestration platform for deploying and managing containers across an entire fleet of servers. Helios provides a HTTP API as well as a command-line client to interact with servers running your containers. It also keeps a history of events in your cluster including information such as deploys, restarts and version changes.

    Aurora runs applications and services across a shared pool of machines, and is responsible for keeping them running, forever. When machines experience failure, Aurora intelligently reschedules those jobs onto healthy machines.

    Easily deploy applications at any scale A Distributed, Highly Available, Datacenter-Aware Scheduler

    Test Kitchen automatically test cookbook data across any combination of platforms.

    Azure Container Service (AKS) is a solution that optimizes the configuration of popular open-source tools and technologies specifically for Azure, it provides an open solution that offers portability for both users containers and users application configuration.

    OpenShift provides developers with an optimal platform for provisioning, building, and deploying applications and their components in a self-service fashion. With automated workflows like OpenShift's source-to-image (S2I) process, it’s easy to get source code from version control systems into ready-to-run, Docker-formatted container images. OpenShift integrates with continuous integration and delivery tools, making it an ideal solution for any development team.

    SaltStack event-driven automation software helps IT organizations manage and secure cloud infrastructure at massive scale while automating efficient orchestration of enterprise DevOps workflows.

    Apache Brooklyn is an open-source framework for modeling, deploying and managing distributed applications defined using declarative YAML blueprints.

    Apache Helix is a generic cluster management framework used for the automatic management of partitioned, replicated and distributed resources hosted on a cluster of nodes.

    Apache ODE (Orchestration Director Engine) software is designed to execute business processes written following the WS-BPEL standard.

    Atomic Host provides "immutable infrastructure" for deploying to hundreds or thousands of servers in your private or public cloud.

    Take your apps to the cloud and automate your DevOps processes with Cloudify’s orchestration framework for cloud applications. Easily setup, deploy, monitor, auto-repair and scale your mission critical applications on the cloud.

    Consul makes it simple for services to register themselves and to discover other services via a DNS or HTTP interface.

    Fig is a fast, isolated development environments using Docker.

    The premier platform for running data-rich applications

    Shipper is a fabric for docker - tool for orchestrating docker containers. Supports parallel execution and can generate command line interface.

    Stakkr is a a docker recompose tool that uses docker compose to easily create / maintain a stack of services, for example for web development.

    appLariat is a enterprise-grade container automation platform that enables cloud-native capabilities for existing applications without time consuming and costly re-architecture efforts.

    Use azk to automate the installation and orchestration workflow of development environments for your team. You’ll also be able to maintain uniformity across those environments with no effort. Finally, the way azk builds environments makes it super easy to keep track of their evolving versions.

    Nebula container orchestrator aims to help devs and ops treat IoT devices just like distributed Dockerized apps. It aim is to act as Docker orchestrator for IoT devices as well as for distributed services such as CDN or edge computing that can span thousands (possibly even millions) of devices worldwide and it does it all while being open-source and completely free.

    Portworx provide a storage solution that spins up quickly and scales elastically based on application requirements it enable organizations to manage their applications at container speed, in seconds, not days; slash storage and virtual machine.

    geard is a command-line client and agent for integrating and linking Docker containers into systemd across multiple hosts. It is the core of the next generation of OpenShift Origin and helps administrators install and manage the components of their developers' applications.

    VNS3 is a software-only virtual appliance that allows you to control access and network topology and secure data in motion. Control a secure, scalable, highly available, meshed network across public and private clouds. Create one logical group of resources, secured in a network you alone can access. With over 3,000 connected customers in more than 22 countries, VNS3 has provided more than 500 million devices hours of application networking for the cloud. VNS3 offers customers more dynamic network controls on top of cloud offerings, including multiple VLAN peering, end-to-end data in motion encryption, application layer firewall rules, multicast, and multi-region peering. Cloud Security Software * Overlay Networking * End-to-end Encryption * cloud network * cloud security * SSL VPN * IPsec tunnels * Azure Partner * Amazon AWS Partner *

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