Content Marketing Expert Insights

by David Burn

What trends have you been seeing of late in the content marketing space?

Widespread adoption is the most impressive trend I am seeing. Also, content marketing’s integration with social media marketing—these are two strong legs for relationship marketing to stand on. Another trend that is hard to look away from is the utter collapse of the self-imposed wall between editorial and advertising. Some people in media are upset about it, but the historical point-of-view on this issue fails to see editorial as a product that media businesses produce and trade in. Media isn’t a gift to humanity, it’s a product. Today it is also a service, as more and more brands are employing long form serial content to connect with an audience around topics of interest.

How do these trends affect companies looking to purchase a content marketing platform?

When properly conceived and executed, content marketing is a demanding, daily practice. Thus, the need for tools, strategy and editorial framework is essential. Without this structure in place, you’re Tweeting into the wind.

Some companies create a lot of content; at what point should they consider using a content marketing platform to enhance their efforts?

Whether you produce and share content on a weekly/monthly basis, or an hourly/daily basis, the benefits of software as a service from Hubspot, Little Bird and others can be critical to staying on course and realizing a return on content investment. These SaaS “platforms” will help you map the connections between influencers, and uncover the best content for your prospects and current customers.

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