Content Marketing Expert Insights

by Chad Pollitt

What trends have you been seeing of late in the content marketing space?

More and more content promotion (both earned and paid) tools and networks are cropping up to help marketers amplify their owned media. These tools and networks assist in media and influencer outreach, as well as native distribution. The adoption and innovation behind these tools are motivated, in part, by the massive growth in the creation and publication of content by brands and the failed promise that organic social media and search will always deliver enough eyeballs to make content marketing profitable.

How do these trends affect companies looking to purchase a content marketing platform?

Companies looking to purchase content marketing platforms should be looking for solutions that include turn-key content promotion on both paid and earned media channels. There are only three that I know of in existence today. That will likely change in future iterations of many of the most popular solutions. Companies can still purchase content promotion tools and services in addition to their content marketing platform today. The problem arises when companies don't even realize they have no way of actually amplifying their content once it's been published and promoted on their owned channels (email, social media).

Some companies create a lot of content; at what point should they consider using a content marketing platform to enhance their efforts?

By virtue of just publishing content to a website, companies that do so ARE using some sort of content marketing platform – whether they're publishing to LinkedIn, WordPress or Tumblr. Companies should consider more sophisticated content marketing platforms in order to scale, preserve exclusive ownership, measure, optimize and just generally gain efficiencies in their process.

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