Content Marketing Expert Insights

by Andy Crestodina

What trends have you been seeing of late in the content marketing space?

One of the biggest trends is in publishing length and frequency. More marketers are publishing less often, but publishing longer, higher-quality posts. It's great news for the business.

The internet doesn't want more content. It wants better content. If you want to be a trusted authority on a topic, you need to put out the best, not the most.

How do these trends affect companies looking to purchase a content marketing platform?

Well, that trend doesn't affect the need for a content marketing platform. But for any brand that is active in content marketing, there is a big set of tools that are important for making the job easier. These include content management tools, social media management tools, analytics tools, customer relationship management tools, email marketing tools and potentially marketing automation.

Some companies create a lot of content; at what point should they consider using a content marketing platform to enhance their efforts?

For companies considering marketing automation, they should make sure that they've first reached a high-level of manual activity. You don't need to automate anything until you've put processes in place to do it efficiently in a manual way. Make sense?

Here are criteria for companies that may need to automate their content marketing:
• Companies that have a marketing process in place (they publish and promote consistently)
• Companies that have a lot of leads (probably, daily form submissions and leads that range from low to high quality)
• Companies that have content beyond just web pages (downloadable content)
• Companies that have a large email list of diverse subscribers (and need segmentation)
• Companies that do more than just email marketing (social, webinars, etc.)
• Companies with a "high consideration" product or service (long sales process, multiple decision makers)
• Companies that have a marketing team (probably 2+ people at least)
• Companies that have a sales team (probably 2+ people at least)

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Andy Crestodina
Co-Founder / Strategic Director of Orbit Media Studios
Andy Crestodina is a co-founder of Orbit Media, an award winning, 35-person web design company in Chicago. Over the past 15 years, Andy has provided web strategy advice to 1000+ businesses. Andy has written hundreds of articles on topics including search optimization, social media and Analytics. He is also the author of Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing.