Content Marketing Expert Insights

by Clare McDermott

What trends have you been seeing of late in the content marketing space?

The trends or ideas I see most of late:
1) The realization that you'll never arrive. For example, it used to be that content marketers believed they needed to figure out the right portfolio of tech solutions to create a best-in-class content marketing program. In fact that job is never complete. There will always be new solutions and new tactics; and existing tools will become obsolete or less relevant. Now apply this experience with other areas of content marketing ... and it's clear content marketers will be forever optimizing and never masters of the craft.
2) A flight to quality. No more churning. No more creation for the sake of creation. Now the push is to be creative. To stand out not because you've figured out the best process or the best techniques, but because you've hired the most creative storytellers or the smartest person in the room. Quality will stand out more than technical finesse (though you need that too).
3) Marketers are finally buying in to content strategy (or "intelligent content"). There are many people smarter than I on this topic so will leave it at that.

How do these trends affect companies looking to purchase a content marketing platform?

Learning about content marketing technology is an ongoing, never-finished job. And it's not only the job of a marketing technologist but also a requirement for senior marketers.

Some companies create a lot of content; at what point should they consider using a content marketing platform to enhance their efforts?


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