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Contract management software is used to streamline the contract lifecycle process. Professionals, such as salespeople or account reps, who are involved in the negotiation side of contracting are tasked with defining terms and service level agreements, ensuring compliance, monitoring risk, amending agreements, and executing contracts. Legal departments on both sides of a deal participate in the contracting process to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, as well as with internal company rules. Contract management software simplifies these processes by allowing users to create, store, manage, redline, and share complex business contracts. Contract management software typically fits into a portfolio of tools used to handle overall vendor or contractor relationships and commonly integrates with CRM software, quote management software, accounting software, and e-signature software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Contract Management category, a product must:

  • Include a repository of documents which can be stored in different categories for each type of contract
  • Offer templates which can be customized by the users involved in the creation of business contracts
  • Provide the ability to easily create, edit, share, and collaborate on contracts internally (with other employees) and externally (with customers or partners)
  • Comply with business legal requirements as well as with the internal business rules of the parties involved in the contract
  • Notify users when changes are required based on business rules, and include approval workflows to finalize contracts
  • Track and monitor the contract creation and delivery process, and allow users to estimate the efficiency of the process and find ways to improve it
  • Manage the entire contract lifecycle
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    Mediatrack eliminates the need for paper contracts completely. When the client reviews their booking via Mediatrack online and accepts the booking all booking details including reference numbers, dates of issue, ad size, price, position, costs and conditions are automatically transferred to production layouts.

    Metridea Enterprise Contracts is a scalable, browser based application with a simple, intuitive user interface allowing easy contract creation, management, and reporting

    Connect anybody in the Organisation to essential data so that you control and automate processes.

    Mochadocs is on a mission to replace the world’s annoying contract management tools with solutions that people love. Mochadocs contract management platform is the most powerful and comprehensive contract management solution available, putting the management of contracts into the hands of any business. We love to simplify contract management. We serve companies located in more than 50 countries.

    Model N CLM is a leading-edge multi-tenant SaaS contract management platform that delivers speed, security and scale for rapid enterprise-wide adoption and usability.

    Revvy Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is an enterprise-grade, Salesforce-native solution that enables organizations to create and manage all types of sell-side contracts, including sales contracts, service contracts, NDAs, SOWs, and more, in one place. Revvy CLM makes creating and managing contracts faster and more effective via an integrated process that spans across the entire contract lifecycle, from contract authoring to negotiations to execution. As a result, sale reps have more time to increase pipeline coverage, maximize revenues by closing deals faster, and delight their customers by making the contracting process faster and easier. Revvy CLM also reduces risk and increases compliance by reducing errors, ensuring use of standard contract language, and providing a secure and searchable "single source of truth" for all contracts.

    Revvy Contract Management is an enterprise-grade, Salesforce-native solution that enables organizations to create and manage all types of sell-side contracts (e.g. sales contracts, service contracts, NDAs, SOWs, etc.) in one place.

    With negPOINT you can create tenders and auctions easily and quickly. This enables you to record and store offers from your suppliers in standardized form online.

    Novatus provides cloud-based contract management software that helps manage, negotiate and administer contractual agreements.

    Onit Contract Administration and Contract Review & Approval are two separate apps that combined provide a flexible and customizable foundation on which companies can build their own contract management system.

    Efficiently manage contracts from inception to archive.

    A real time contracts register, searchable database & multi-tiered contract management facility

    Optimus BT's eContract software integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint and enables companies to keep track of complex business contracts.

    Origin Systems has created an SaaS contract management system that easy to use. Focused on small to medium-sized businesses, it also delivers enterprise capabilities. The primary value is to eliminate time, resources, and counsel fees when managing all aspects of your contracts and documents and to significantly reduce legal fees.

    otris contract is a web-based solution for contract management and administration.

    Paperless Online is a webbased document management solution which enables users to create custom forms and document, capture electronic signatures, and more.

    PaperTracer automates workflows by integrating paper and digital documents into a centralized database for your contract or document management. Its tracking and reporting capabilities simplify audit procedures to support management and regulatory compliance requirements for your workflow processes.

    Poseidon is a contract management software that allows clients to design solutions that meet the entire organization's contract management challenges.

    Newgen Provider Contract Manager helps Health Plans develop a centralized and automated system to process and manage contracts and all subsequent requests. Built on Newgens advanced Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) systems, it delivers speed and accuracy across the contract lifecycle.

    REACH is an award-winning enterprise-class remote transaction platform that reinvents the digital customer experience. REACH's proprietary technology bridges the gap between businesses and their customers in the digital world. We help businesses connect with their remote customers in real-time, efficiently, conveniently and securely, without losing the human touch. Our solution enables businesses to verify their customers' identity, communicate and collaborate, simplify documentation signing and streamline sales and complex transactional procedures. A brief video of REACH in action can be seen here: http://bit.ly/Reach_The_Video REACH’s platform is being used by over 100 Enterprises and SMBs from various industries and verticals, including many Fortune 500 companies. The results are higher conversion rates, faster processes, reduced legal risk and an overall boost in user experience.

    Contracts and Obligations Management System (COMS) is an enterprise-class web application capable of efficiently managing contracts and obligations. COMS allows creation and management of Contract Attributes (Metadata), Contractual Obligations, and Litigations and Appeals arising from contracts..

    Improve process efficiencies and cost savings in your bidding and contracting processes by automating the entire process from start to finish. Sourcing Director includes on-demand RFx, Reverse Auction and Contract Management and Authoring.

    Unlock more value from every contract and each contract lifecycle

    Simplessus Contracts is a modern software tool for contract management. With this contract database you keep appointments, deadlines, costs and revenue in sight. Well-known companies use Simplessus Contracts for efficient contract control.

    Exsellant is the proven innovation leader of Contract Automation and Contract Life Cycle Management software solutions. Simplify Contracts��� provides a secure, centralized, highly-scalable and robust foundation for best-practices contract management. From the simplest to the most robust of needs, our software has been designed to provide customers with the most robust capabilities available to scale as their organization and your contracting processes grow and mature. Delivered as an subscription service in our Contract Cloud���, Simplify Contracts��� provides companies with an affordable, turn-key solution to contract management and enables customers to rapidly establish best-practices contract management processes throughout their entire organization.

    SMART by GEP is the industry's leading cloud-native, unified source-to-pay platform with comprehensive spend, sourcing and procurement functionality, including spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, supplier management, and procure-to-pay. SMART by GEP is a thoughtfully conceived, beautifully designed digital work environment, precision-engineered for sourcing and procurement professionals, bringing consumer-grade usability and experience to the business-to-business workspace. With intuitive design, stunning visual appeal, intelligent interfaces, and ability to move the user fluidly and naturally from task to task, on any platform and any device, SMART by GEP drives adoption rates that are among the highest in the industry. It eliminates routine and redundant processes, accelerates or shortens complex tasks, intelligently provides tools and resources to people to achieve more, get better results and succeed in their work. SMART by GEP leverages the power and scalability of the cloud to offer a single, digital workspace for all stakeholders that enables and accelerates digital procurement transformation. Designed as an open platform, SMART by GEP allows enterprise procurement teams to harness the potential of new and emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and IoT, to achieve truly transformative business outcomes.

    Sports Decisions revolutionizes the management of sports contracts by completely dematerializing their administration from the signature to the production of the reporting.

    SutiContract is an online contract management software for faster contract cycles and total compliance and for end-to-end contract lifecycle management.

    Symfact is an international company with an industry leading software solution for document and process management. We focus to provide a single software platform to address the multiple domains of Contract and Compliance Management. Our software helps you deal with Governance, Risk and Compliance, thereby reducing risk and increasing efficiency and productivity.

    Business process automation for budgeting, forecast, financial reporting and financial consolidation.

    SciQuest's Total Contract Manager is a contract lifecycle tool that is designed to improve the contracting process.

    Trackado is the powerful, easy-to-use and beautiful contract management solution.

    TRACPro revolutionises how local government manage contracts with external providers.

    Discover the Future of Spend Management. Tradogram provides customizable tools to streamline: Requisitions, Purchase Orders, RFQs/RFPs, Contracts, Delivery Tracking and Invoice Matching. Also, manage the process with: User Permissions, Locations, Budgets, Items Catalog, Supplier Management, Projects & much more. The latest technology with top security & performance criteria at a straightforward price. Get your FREE account today & see how easy it is to use.

    Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software from Ultria centralizes contract storage, tracks compliance across multiple dimensions, and reduces creation cycle time. Ultria CLM can be configured to meet specific enterprise objectives.

    Universal Contract Manager (UCM) is designed specifically for ease-of-use and adaption to your unique requirements

    The vFinance platform offers automated product management during the whole contract life-cycle, taking into account the commercial, regulatory, reporting and accounting requirements.

    VISIBLETHREAD DOCS Document analysis and sales proposal software tool for Proposal Management Teams and Contract Teams. It instantly pinpoints non-compliant content and poor readability in your sales proposals and contracts. - Shred RFPs & contracts and create a compliance matrix or responsibility matrix in minutes - Cross reference RFPs and proposals for compliance and scan contracts for risk indicators - Improve document readability and ensure single tone of voice for your proposals & contracts CUSTOMERS Boeing, Accenture, Engility, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and many more. TESTIMONIALS "The immediate impact of signing with VisibleThread was that we were able to complete compliance matrices much faster. Where we might have taken up to 6 hours to convert a 70 page document, we now convert that document in minutes." Tom Barth - Director Bids & Proposals | Rapiscan Systems "We have had VisibleThread inside our organisation for a couple of years now. It has decreased the time it takes us to develop a compliance matrix for the bid process by about 50%. We more recently are incorporating its use into contracting as well. We have seen 80% decrease in amount of the time it takes to shred a contract and develop a matrix that allows us to evaluate our performance against that contract." Holly Meyer- Business Development Director | Noridian Healthcare Solutions BENEFITS - Scans MS Office and PDF documents. - Shred RFPs & Contracts in Minutes - Automatically Generate a Compliance Matrix - Automatically generate a Responsibility Matrix - Reach Faster Bid/No-Bid Decisions - Ensure Compliance by Spotting Gaps & Risks - Speed Up Readability Proofing and Editing - Ensure Alignment on Win Themes - Extract Acronym Definitions & Occurrences in the Document - Reduce “Scope Creep” due to Ambiguity in RFP/Bid Response - Identify Federal Acquisition Requirements (FAR) and Flow-Down Clauses

    Volody Contract Lifecycle Management Software helps legal team to achieve corporate goals by accelerating sales cycle and to improve negotiating outcomes

    Zycus is a leading global provider of procurement solution suites across the Source-to-Pay cycle. Our product portfolio includes applications for strategic and operational procurement functions, such as eProcurement, eInvoicing, Spend Analysis, eSourcing, Contract Management, Supplier Management, Financial Savings Management, Project Management, and Request Management. Zycus' Contract Management Solution simplifies complex contracting processes involved while dealing with hundreds and thousands of suppliers, provides visibility into the contracts and ensures strong compliance management.

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