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Corporate tax software allows businesses to streamline the tax filing process. Accountants within an organization can use these solutions to calculate taxes for company-wide transactions, file returns electronically, and store tax-related forms for both employees and the company itself. Some corporate tax software programs also offer features for determining exemptions, integrating with other accounting software, or syncing with company accounts to automatically import transaction data.

To qualify for inclusion in the Corporate Tax category, a product must:

  • Calculate taxes for large-scale financial accounts
  • Offer capabilities for filing tax reports
  • Provide latest rules and tax rate information
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    With TurboTax Business, you don’t need to know a thing about business taxes.

    Avalara aims to help businesses get tax compliance right. Avalara customers face demanding tax obligations imposed by state, local, and other tax authorities around the world, and use Avalara for efficient and more accurate solutions to manage those requirements. The Avalara Tax Compliance Suite — Avalara AvaTax, Avalara Returns, and Avalara CertCapture — offers solutions for various transaction taxes, including sales and use, VAT, excise, communications, and others. The suite enables you to calculate taxes, file and remit returns, and comply with document management requirements. Hundreds of certified integrations are also available for accounting systems, ERP and CRM providers, and ecommerce platforms. The company also offers Professional Services including Tax Advisory Services, Implementation Services, Managed Services, and Support Plans and Training to help customers prepare for and achieve compliance.

    With Bloomberg Tax Fixed Assets™, you gain accuracy and control to empower better decisions, optimize tax savings, shorten financial close times, and respond to change faster. Powered by the Advantage platform and equipped with flexible integration capabilities, Fixed Assets makes it easy to expertly manage the largest expenditures on your company’s balance sheet with efficiency and confidence.

    Vertex® Indirect Tax O Series® combines industry leading tax research with the latest software technology providing your tax department with the tools necessary to deliver accuracy and consistency in every transaction, every day. Only Vertex brings together the tax process acumen, technology innovation, and trusted industry partnerships to create an end-to-end global tax solution. Choose Vertex Indirect Tax O Series to reduce your audit exposure and free up your tax department to bring more value to your company. With Vertex O Series, you’ll manage tax on both sales and procurement transactions more efficiently and effectively. Plus, the system provides data management tools and custom reporting capabilities to support audit preparation and strategic financial decision making. Vertex O Series can not only reduce your audit risk, but also give you greater visibility into your tax processes. The end result is a tax department that provides higher value to the organization.

    Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax is built upon Vertex Inc.’s more than 35 years of tax expertise and position as the leading provider of corporate tax software and services. By enabling calculations and returns in a single, cloud-based solution, offering flexible pricing with no overage fees, Vertex meets the sales and use tax automation needs of growing businesses. From returns-only processing, tax calculations, and signature-ready PDF returns to outsourcing services that include returns filing and payment processing, Vertex Cloud provides a proven and reliable solution for businesses looking to save time, effort, and risk associated with sales and use tax calculation, returns, remittance, and compliance.

    The best choice if you're filing tax returns for your business and for yourself.

    TaxJar is the leading technology for eCommerce companies of any size to manage sales tax and is trusted by more than 15,000 businesses. We were founded to help merchants and developers spend less time on sales tax and more time growing the businesses they love. We offer TaxJar Reports, a web-based reporting tool that organizes sales tax data into return-ready reports by state; AutoFile, a service that automatically files sales tax returns; and SmartCalcs API, a modern, robust API for developers.

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    One integrated accounting, tax, and payroll solution to help you manage your business and get better visibility into your financials.

    Corptax transforms the business of tax through technology, business process expertise and award-winning support. Clients achieve breakthrough tax performance using the first and only single-platform solution on the market offering unmatched automation to align processes and workflows, enhance transparency, improve accuracy and lower risk across the entire corporate tax lifecycle. For more than 40 years, Corptax has supported the evolving tax needs of leading organizations in many industries. Today, Corptax helps over 1,000 clients in 100 countries, including 50% of the Fortune 500 and 60% of the Fortune 100, nationally.

    Give you the tools, the education and the opportunities you need to make real, meaningful progress

    A done-for-you accounting solution that includes automated data entry, a professional accountant, and financial reports and dashboards that benchmark your business with your peers.

    Drake Tax is comprehensive, all-in-one professional tax software.

    KDK Spectrum is a software company in Taxation domain.

    Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud is a tax-owned solution that works with your finance systems to help deliver effective, efficient, and transparent corporate tax processes including tax provision and country by country reporting (CbCR).

    Sales Tax DataLINK specializes in all your sales and use tax needs from tax calculation to tax reporting. Our patented software is the first of its kind: Simple, Accurate, and Customizable. Unlike other sales tax software companies, we are dedicated to providing direct control between a business and their tax compliance. We offer complete transparency through our web-based software which produces live updates 24/7 to keep you informed and in control at all times. For example, FileLINK, our most popular tax reporting software, is a multi-state filing solution that generates more revenue with reduced costs and improved realization rates. FileLINK lets you map client’s unique tax data in minutes without manipulation. Simply upload data and on-screen alerts pinpoint tax data issues. You can correct issues with a single click, while real-time reconciliation and validation ensure correct and accurate filing. You can even manage credits and adjustments or create overrides your client’s tax engine can’t handle. All with just one software. Continuing the innovation our software has brought to the industry, Sales Tax DataLINK is fully committed to providing the best possible service so your business can be optimally successful. We believe that software shouldn't make tax compliance impersonal, so we made empirical service a top priority. Sales and use tax can actually be easy with our advanced software and our localized, personal customer service. Sales and use tax like you've never seen it before: easy, quick, and competitively priced.

    SimpleTax is a HMRC recognised software, designed to be a simple way of calculating and submitting a self-assessment return.

    The Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud includes global tax determination (Sovos Global Tax Determination), exemption certificate management (Sovos CertManager), sales and use tax filing (Sovos Sales and Use Tax Filing), invoice reconciliation (Sovos Use Tax Manager), VAT reporting (Sovos VAT Reporting), electronic invoicing (Sovos eInvoicing) along with tax information reporting for 10-series forms (Sovos 1099), and ACA (Sovos ACA). SAP tax compliance, Oracle tax compliance, Netsuite tax compliance and more.

    ACAwise was created in 2016 by SPAN Enterprises, a seasoned IRS e-file provider with extensive experience in the software and e-filing industries.

    Support centralized tax configuration, management, and reporting.

    The AirPTS 1040 suite of professional tax software solutions is built based on the needs of your high-volume tax business and enables the efficiency and reliability that are essential to your success.

    Free access to self-study and webinar courses taught by skilled professionals covering a wide variety of topics.

    Keep tabs on every notice through cloud-based organization and tracking. Quickly get up to speed on specific notice requirements and follow a detailed path to resolution.

    Get more done with task management, streamlined workflows, and smart automation. Practice Management is one place to run your entire practice.

    Shave hours off every case with instant calculations, form auto-population and a collaborative client portal. It's tax resolution minus the drudge work.

    Pull every transcript related to your client in minutes, complete with hundreds of calculations. Plus, it's free.

    The Clarus R+D app automates the process of claiming research and development tax credits. Businesses of all sizes and types can qualify for the R&D tax credit. Yet the vast majority of credits are claimed by very large manufacturing companies. Why? Because, traditionally, R&D tax studies are complicated and expensive. At Clarus R+D, our mission is to make R&D tax credits more accessible to SMBs, including pre-revenue startups. As well as expand its value into industries such as software, engineering, biotech, and medtech. Get money back into your business to hire, innovate, and grow. All for a fraction of the cost of a traditional R&D tax study.

    ClearTax is an income tax return e-filing solution.

    1099 Pro is a 1099 e-filing software solution.

    Diagnostax is experts in tax diagnostics providing a comprehensive, web-based, tax diagnostics toolkit focussed in three key tax areas: HNWs, Unincorporated Businesses and Corporates.

    DisclosureLINK is the only available software for automating voluntary disclosure accounting.

    E-File Magic is an online 1098 software������������������� solution.

    FAMS is a comprehensive, easy-to-use fixed asset accounting software system for complete asset accounting and asset management.

    FileLINK‘s intuitive, point-and-click dashboard gives you more control and more safeguards over the filing process, streamlining your work. Simply upload your tax data files without file restrictions.

    Gen GST Software is a accounting software with billing, e-filing and GST e way bill tools.

    GruntWorx Technologies replace manual organization & data entry, freeing tax professionals from tedious tasks, so they can focus on profit.

    GST Keeper offers a comprehensive range of tax compliance solutions.

    TaxRaahi offers a GST Return Filing Software, designed to offer users all the updates on GST Bills and information on how it will affect them through articles, videos and more.

    HdL Prime is HdL's local tax software solution. HdL Prime facilitates efficient data processing and the sharing of critical information across departments while improving timely communication between the agency, field staff and citizens-all in one integrated system. HdL Prime includes online capabilities for both staff and businesses.

    IRS Solutions is a web-based software to assist the tax professional in dealing with the IRS tax resolutions.

    Komplitax is a GST solution for tax filing, invoicing and accounting.

    Tax Lien Software Platform in the Cloud

    The Industry���s Leading, Complete All-In-One Solution For Professional Tax & Accounting Businesses.

    OnlineFileTaxes enables users to e-file 1099s and other tax forms.

    QuickAsset is a Fixed Asset Management & Tracking software is an complete asset management tool which helps in calculating accurate depreciation and tracking the exact location of the assets

    RateUtil enhances your ERP for peak tax performance at a lower cost. It’s the just-right option between manual rating and expensive third party tax engines.

    RecoveryLINK is the only available software for automating the accounting tasks associated with reverse audits.

    RightCapital is a financial and tax planning software solution.

    The Symmetry Tax Engine®(STE) calculates payroll withholding taxes for: Federal, FICA (Social Security and Medicare), state withholdings for all 50 states, Puerto Rico and US Territories, and various other payroll related withholdings.

    TAX1099.com, powered by TechAtlantis, Inc., is an IRS- approved E-file provider for 1099, 1098, W2, and 940/941/944 and other forms

    Tax Foresight is a suite of artificial intelligence-based tax case outcome predictors.

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