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Gain insight into products that are outpacing industry growth by delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of their users. The Momentum Grid identifies products that are on a high growth trajectory based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence. Evaluate products on the Momentum Grid to keep apprised of products that are pushing the boundaries of the market.

The Momentum Grid measures products based on their User Satisfaction and Momentum scores. The Momentum score measures changes in the product’s web presence, social media presence, employee count, and the increase in the number of reviews on G2 Crowd, all over the past 12 months. Growth is measured in both aggregate and percentage terms and scores are graded relative to the category. Products included on the Momentum Grid have received 10 or more reviews as of November 21, 2018.

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    AdSystem is the core of a family of products designed to give you a powerful competitive edge. Companies that invest in AdSystem gain better control of their business, improve their cash flow and have instant access to an arsenal of information.

    Advance Innovation Group CRM is used for practices & technologies that organization use to manage to analyze customer interaction.

    Advantage HITS is a software as a service CRM that is designed and built for the home improvement industry and helps to manage leads and sales.

    AgencyOrganizer's effectiveness ranges from linear integration of data to pioneering effective Agency Management procedures that aid agencies with organization and the ability to earn higher profits and increased market share.

    Our CRM and Contacts Management Software makes it easy to manage Contacts and create Appointments, Customer Notes, Customer Letters, Quotes, Estimates, Invoices, Tasks, Statements and Job Sheets.

    Anthill is a process-focused CRM, designed to manage unique customer journeys. Every company in the world operates differently, so we have built a platform to support individual operations and their way of working.

    Create more sales, Accelerate lead generation, Develop business opportunities, Improve accountability, Service clients effectively, Increase productivity, Organize teamwork successfully

    WebMode 4 is a Web-based CRM application running on IBM Domino. It is run and administered entirely through a Web browser, and does not require IBM Lotus Notes.

    Atlas CRM allows users to manage customer information and record interactions across Atlassian tools including JIRA, Confluence and JIRA Service Desk. Atlas CRM offers a single source of truth for all customer information, issues, and documentation. Using Atlas CRM's range of features, businesses can record and store interaction with every customer, optimize revenue and profitability, promote customer satisfaction and loyalty, identify and manage customer relationships, and much more.

    Empower your business and transform your sales performance with Auric Prospector, the futuristic one-stop CRM solution for all your business-related glitches and crises.

    Auro CRM is a platform which helps to make Multiple Marketing Strategies, Real-time Revenue Reports, and Deep Customer Insights. Many companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.

    Ayuda lives to empower the D/OOH industry with cool, easy-to-use, innovative software tools driving the entire out-of-home workflow. The Ayuda Platform is a super-fast, ultra-rich, cloud-based suite of applications for sales, operations, finance, and even your clients.

    Automate everything, predictively target the best leads, and uncover deep performance insights with the help of machine learning and AI- all just by clicking the next contact button.

    BizPlus CRM offers webbased and desktop based versions designed to cater from one to multiuser base.

    BizScheduler is an online schedule, crm and billing solution that provides tools to help you manage your customer relationships, productivity and profitability.

    BluWave CRM Software involves using software to radically streamline all phases of the sales process, minimizing the time that sales staff require to spend on each phase.

    Boxxstep BRM (Buyer Relationship Management) is a software that helps to manage, visualize, and action in prospects and buyer team.

    Bridg provides key CRM capabilities that are purpose built for restaurant and retail.

    Whether B2C, B2B, department or group: BSI CRM adapts to your business, your processes and your IT environment, and not vice versa.

    BuddyCRM is a sales management tool built by sales professionals for sales professionals. The team behind BuddyCRM were frustrated with existing CRM software to manage their businesses so decided to do something about it. Other software was too complicated, too expensive and poorly supported. More time was spent managing the software than managing our sales team and we knew we could do better. BuddyCRM is the product of that vision. Our view is that in order to bake the perfect CRM, there are a few simple but hugely important ingredients that you need to throw in: - Firstly, start with the everyday users, the sales team. If they don't buy in and use the software as the central part of their work then don't ever bother thinking you will get decent management information. If they buy in and see the benefit, then the management data will be gold dust. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say. - Keep it simple, stupid. Make it easy to use and let users get on selling. We try and make sure no action in BuddyCRM takes more than 3 clicks. We also don't bloat with features. Too often, software makers try and cram in every single feature possible. Instead, we focus on the key features for sales teams and make those as efficient and easy as possible. We focus on Sales CRM. For things like e-mail marketing and data cleansing, we give you the tools to link in with best of breed specialist software like MailChimp and Pure360. - Give the ability to link in with you other systems (such as ERP and accounting) to display all customer information in one place. Sales people hate having to dig around in multiple sources for information for that important meeting - so Buddy crm has a single customer view that shows everything about your customer and interactions with your company, from client contact and accounting data through to marketing information, logistics and inventory. - Easy, real time management information should be available as and when required. We give you dashboards that divide data into sales teams and individuals so you can manage from the beach! - Marketing can't be forgotten. Interrogate your data in a thousand different ways within seconds to generate targeted campaign lists. Track the ROI on your marketing budget to see how much bang you are getting for your buck! - Don't make technology the barrier. Make it easy to access on PC, Tablet or phone, either through the browser or a native app. - Support is as important as the software. We work with our customers to make sure the software is customised to how their business works. Also, implementing a CRM successfully is an ongoing process, not a one off. We are with our customers for the long term - building a tool that does the job for them. After all, software is the means to the end, not the end itself! - Make the pricing fair and consistent to give you peace of mind. Up front costs should be kept to an absolute minimum. We are passionate about CRM. If you'd like to chat about your business requirements, call us on +44 121 288 0808, by e-mail let's meet over a coffee at our HQ in Lichfield.

    Any software must generate in terms of strategy, efficiency, speed and effectiveness. BuildersCRM addresses all these aspects, quite well.

    Full featured, intuitive, mobile-first CRM for iPad. Fully configurable opportunity tracking. Enterprise features at a fraction of the price.

    Bxp software own and distribute bxp, a specialist software solution providing a range of award-winning CRM, Contact Centre Management, eLearning and Quality Assurance tools aimed at maximising efficiency and profitability.

    Cas CRM is a CRM toot that improve customer management processes across business areas helping you to build long-lasting customer relationships.

    The solution enables users to effectively convert leads and opportunities into revenue-paying customers with its powerful engine. It helps organizations to boost operations with features such as sales lifecycle stages (including estimation), quotation management, authorizations, calendars & activity trackers and many more power-packed options through its robust, easy-to-use and comprehensive platform that is agile enough to suit the size and scale requirements of any business.

    Simple to use, cloud-based CRM software application.

    Cerrebro is a cloud-based, end-to-end CRM & field team management application, that connects your workers, customers, back-office and management seamlessly across devices. You can manage it all from anywhere through a simple dashboard interface, and redefine productivity regardless of industry.

    ChannelOnline empowers VARs and Solution Providers to streamline the entire sales cycle.

    Chaos Intellect combines this powerful contact manager experience with a great email client that hits the sweet spot for users like you!

    Clienteer is an intuitive and highly configurable relationship management platform designed specifically for hedge funds and institutional asset managers to assist in the areas of investor relations, sales & marketing, operations, compliance, and the various workflows related to these activities. Clienteer provides a comprehensive suite of features within an easy to use and powerful user interface, allowing users to manage communications with their investors and prospects while also keeping track of client accounts and transactions. Unlike some CRM tools, Clienteer supports multiple deployment options that can scale to the needs of any size organization. Whether it is hosted by our clients, a third-party, or in a private or public cloud, Clienteer's flexible desktop, mobile, and web-based solutions are unrivaled.

    Simple and easy CRM to manage business for trade organization with services and products. CloudCEM's intuitive estimation, contract generation, project management, time tracking, scheduling and document management features empower the business productivity resulting in shorter sales cycle, increased manageability of ongoing projects and profitability.

    Strengthening existing relationships with your Customers & Prospects is the most cost-effective way to create new business and Conrep makes it easier to do so

    ConSol CM is a software for any situation. It epitomizes flourishing customer relationships and the highest quality for value-creating and internal processes at a smart company.

    CONTACTBOX combines the simplicity of an address book with effective functions of a CRM system.

    CONTACTfile CRM is your 'contact file'. It serves as your very own CRM solution. With CONTACTfile you'll have CRM tools at your fingertips; you'll be able to keep and find details of your contacts whether at home or work, be reminded to do things, import and export your data, and many other things!

    CRM - contact, constituent, or customer relationship management, is a application that stretches across industries and verticals ranging from state and local government to sales organizations to higher education institutions.

    Contact Wolf is a contact management software solution that is easy to learn, quick to master and will transform the way you manage your contact data.

    Core4 CRM management software is customer relationship management at its best: end-to-end management of all customer touch-points and commitments, from external interactions with your customers to internal project management and task and time tracking, including work orders and invoicing.

    The system provides Customer Relations Management (CRM), Process Control, Scheduling, Cost Item Tracking (Inventory & Time), Account Financial, and more.

    Aapya- Customer Experience Management solution for restaurants to manage the operations & improve the same and the customer experience.

    eep your business within sight with our extensive intelligence tools.

    CRM Core is a set of modules for managing contact records within a Drupal site, providing support for contacts, relationships and activities. It provides basic CRM system components and a framework for extending these components to build a custom system that will allow an organization to effectively meet their needs with respect to contact, relationship, and activity tracking.

    CRM.ES has an important list of modules that will help you get the most out of the application.

    Access Files, Contacts and Calendar From Anywhere

    CRMUnleashed is a simple and online sales productivity software for small and medium business. It is a very simple and easy to use that's why it cracks many situations very rapidly. It has a further comprehension of your contacts and clients with CRM Unleashed Sales Force Automation.

    CROSS-CRM l'outil indispensable des pros de la Relation Client - Reporting, Data Visualisation et Quality Monitoring des centres de relation client

    Cruzata CRM is an intuitive & easy to use platform which automates sales and marketing for small & mid-sized businesses, freelancers and sales professionals to organize & manage potential leads, contacts, clients, organizations, vendors, with modern and simple interface.

    Sales force automation from Cusent help to raise sales data standards for deal closures.

    CXRM is online software that helps you manage your relationships with customers, and optimise the experience your customers have with your business, in order to improve customer loyalty and business results.

    CyQuest is the ultimate in contact management and tracking. Going far beyound the capability of Microsoft Outlook, CyQuest provides the user with a rich platform that can be customized to fit the user's needs without having to change the way in which they conduct business.

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