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Gain insight into products that are outpacing industry growth by delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of their users. The Momentum Grid identifies products that are on a high growth trajectory based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence. Evaluate products on the Momentum Grid to keep apprised of products that are pushing the boundaries of the market.

The Momentum Grid measures products based on their User Satisfaction and Momentum scores. The Momentum score measures changes in the product’s web presence, social media presence, employee count, and the increase in the number of reviews on G2 Crowd, all over the past 12 months. Growth is measured in both aggregate and percentage terms and scores are graded relative to the category. Products included on the Momentum Grid have received 10 or more reviews as of November 21, 2018.

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    Sales force automation from Cusent help to raise sales data standards for deal closures.

    CXRM is online software that helps you manage your relationships with customers, and optimise the experience your customers have with your business, in order to improve customer loyalty and business results.

    CyQuest is the ultimate in contact management and tracking. Going far beyound the capability of Microsoft Outlook, CyQuest provides the user with a rich platform that can be customized to fit the user's needs without having to change the way in which they conduct business.

    Desktop Sales Office 2007 is a collection of integrated programs that bring together contact management, sales automation, and even word processing for sales professionals.

    Manage customer information with ease.

    Dquip's lead management software helps you in lead acquisition, qualification, verification, assignment/routing, prospecting, and sales closure. Failure to set sales targets and monitor sales performance and tracking, managing and servicing leads.

    EcosAgile CRM is a platform for the creation of web-based CRM solutions according to the client's tailored requirements;

    edrone eCRM is a system designed to analyze customer behavior and engage them using automated and personalized messages.

    Element451 is an all-in-one admissions marketing technology and CRM platform that brings students and colleges together. The cloud-based software optimizes admissions marketing and enrollment management. Analytics, automation, and unparalleled ease of use are at its core. Element451 covers it all: Email and SMS marketing. Online applications. Visit programs. Admitted yield. Messaging app. Lead generation and more. With Element451, schools spend less time managing systems and more time reaching students.

    ENSource app acts a center piece of your omni-channel digital on-boarding strategy. You can effortlessly assign the leads coming from digital channels to your sales team on their ENSource app. The sales team can quickly complete the applications and with a press of a button forward them for approval.

    An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, centralize your business knowledge with eSolarCRM. The E Solar CRM empowers hundreds of businesses that supply sales, distribution & Installation services.

    EverGenius is an all in one software solution for any service based business. Allowing you to spend less time IN your business, and more time ON your business.

    CRM Software Provider - Whiz Sales Whiz Sales supports lots of features for CRM software. It is very effective to use for all type of business industries. All its features are updated time to time. Whiz Sales is new-age CRM Software with lots of advance features, that helps you to transform the way you do business! It is a cloud-based CRM application. WHIZ SALES IS MOBILE Whiz Sales is built on the power of SAAS on Cloud . You can run your business on any digital device. It is India's most proven and beloved customer relationship management solution. With its Pay as You Go model, the price of success is dramatically lowered. WHIZ SALES IS SCALABLE To grow revenue, you need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that can scale with your business needs. Start small and scale and expand as you grow big. Add features as and when you need. With Whiz Sales, Managing contacts and sales opportunities is just the beginning. PUSH NOT PULL APPROACH With Whiz Sales, rather than you trying to gather and get information, Information flows to you. Everything comes to you leads and opportunity management, funnel management, analytics reporting, contact management, sales target management, expenses management etc. SMART PHONE COMPATIBLE Works on any smart phone. Its advanced communication features keep managers connected with team as well as prospects/clients. This is a definite advantage over competitors as it enables teams to keep in touch with customers more closely. SAFE & SELF-DRIVEN All data fed by team members is encrypted and cloud based, hence it's safe, current, and accurate at all times. It is accessible from anywhere (post authorization) without internet connection. DEVELOPED BY EXPERTS Whiz Sales has been put together by intuitive & experienced techies based on inputs from professional sales people. Hence the product you get is functional, secure, practical, and with no frills. Whiz Sales Technology Partner in Your Success!

    eXert CRM software is designed on the basis of the current lifestyle and trending of the target audience and demographics.

    A Cloud-based CRM software provides a number of benefits such as scalability, flexible integration, collaboration, and secure data backup. This allows your organization to utilize technology that exists in the cloud.

    The Falcon System puts information at the fingertips of our Customer Service Representatives (CSR's) to better serve your customer on the first contact. Key information about your businessits locations, service types, special services, and FAQs, is easily accessible on-line. Actual copies of your advertisements, nutritional guides, etc. may be scanned into the system for CSR use in assisting your customers and employees.

    Flexie CRM software solutions and automation tools for businesses of any size. If offers Workflow Automation tools, enterprise class support and custom tool.

    Flightdeck is a highly configurable CRM system which can be moulded and crafted around any number of differing requirements, providing a tailored system built specifically for your needs.

    The Relationship Management System supports the entire customer relationship, from contact to sale to onboarding and case management.

    FollowFox is a CRM for network marketing, MLM, and direct sales.

    FreeAgent provides that competitive edge all young high-growth companies yearn for - a system to help you sell smarter, crush your sales goals, and grow your company.

    FreshLime brings together your customer, transaction, and marketing data to provide you valuable insights into each of your customers.

    FTcrm is a great app to centralize your sales Team, Marketing, and Administration tasks. One of the most important things is your time management and daily work organization. The FTcrm Dashboard helps you take control over your entire day and work.

    CRM, Email Marketing, Social Media, and more. Your all-in-one business solution.

    GCRM: Customer Relationship Management is an application of the processes and practices by firms operating in multiple countries.

    We have a strong history of building tailored CRMs for businesses in various industry sectors, including Marine, Property and Investments.

    Best SFA, rated 4.5 star by the end users in terms of user-interface, saving time, support up time, this sales pioneers a patented process through which the detailing and reporting bottlenecks faced by the sales workforce is minimized and strategic business decisions are maximized.

    Manage your entire business from just one easy to use platform. Save time and make better decisions with fully informative traceability.

    Honcho CRM is designed to integrate marketing & sales functions.

    An online centralised contact management CRM designed for small business - built-in social CRM, email, SMS marketing,Direct Mail & optional VoIP services.

    Your end to end wireless CRM solution to manage all aspects of your daily business life while in or away from the office.

    Stop losing customers and start listen what they have to say

    Find, Nurture, & Engage With Your Clients. Sell Smarter With Indition.

    InfiniteCRM boosts your business by creating winning, enduring relationships with leads, prospects, customers and partners.

    InfoCDB enables users to easily manage their information. Users can store, catalog, find and share information with ease. Software is ideal for home or small business use. InfoCDB helps improve productivity with swift access to task lists and customer data.

    IntelliStant is a CRM and business management software designed and developed for SMEs to automate critical and essential part of their customer-centric activities. We understand the challenges and concerns faced by small businesses, hence our product, price, training, and support are all tailored to offer a cost-effective and efficient software platform for SMEs. Intellistant is an acronym for "Intelligent Assistant"

    iQDesk is free business management software.

    Make first contact automatically. Engage and follow up with your leads like never before, at speed and scale.

    ItaQuod's belief is that the value of CRM to anyone is QUALITY DATA…information captured, understood and put to use. Not only do we offer an innovative way to ensure that complete, consistent, quality information is captured and organized, but we have also introduced innovations to SPEED UP the entry of data, the finding, and consumption of data, and the ability for team members to collaborate and coach on that information within the software itself. At the heart of ItaQuod's CRM solution is an embedded data structure that ensures the most compelling information is consistently captured and stored as part of lead development and opportunity sales cycles. This well-organized data empowers Sales Teams with the information needed to win business today, while at the same time being made readily available to the rest of the organization for informed decision making related to go-to-market strategy, messaging, competitive differentiation, lead generation, solution roadmap prioritizations, updated sales training, etc. ItaQuod’s software is a subscription-based software-as-a-service offering which means that all you need is a subscription to ItaQuod and the ability to get on the internet in order to use it. We also offer mobile applications for iPhone and Android that work in concert with the online application for those on the move.

    CRM and Billing SaaS for Performance Advertising Networks running on HasOffers by TUNE. item8 is designed specifically for Advertising business. It manages workflow of your Affiliates, Advertisers, their documents (including Agreements and IOs), Legal entities and Contacts. Billing features include creating Postpaid and Prepaid Bills and Invoices, editing them and adding any custom statistics. Bills and Invoices can be sent to your counterparties and paid after your approval. Integration with HasOffers via API synchronises the data in two-ways. All system currencies, countries, documents and email templates are customizable. System keeps full logs, comments and actions history for All objects.

    Our CRM solution has raised the bar and far exceeds the offerings of the current generation hosted solutions.

    Optimize your customers value with an interactive voice responder, increase sales and revenue thru the phone before redirecting customers to call centers.

    Jarvis CRM is a full-featured business solution for desktop, mobile and web. Built on the FileMaker 16 platform, it runs on Windows, Mac, and iOS

    Jigawatt Solar Tech manage the complete solar project life cycle, from lead generation through quoting, project management, and installation.

    Juggernaut does a big job without a huge effort on your part. Improve sales, loyalty and workflow with a single tool that helps you track, prioritize and coordinate.

    KEI CRM takes existing customer data (contact information, email, financial and more) and leverages it to improve marketing efforts by compiling the target market into a manageable resource for direct communications to the right person, or prospective customer. Users will improve customer communications because the auto messaging feature lets them know the minute users have received a message from them. The Document Management (an integral part of our KEI CRM system) matches messages to customer files by date, no more hunting for paper files. When users are ready to respond, all the customer's data is right in front of them.

    KIZENs completely customizable, next-gen CRM is built to work the way you do. Automatic sync and perfect integrations with best-in-class apps for automation, marketing, and commerce help your team save time and maximize growth. Easily track deals or engagement, send emails or surveys, log activities or notes, and start automations with one click on any contact.

    Lawfirm by BTS is a web-based business app which functionality includes simple quote, contact management, inventory, and much more!

    Kreato CRM is an Unified Sales CRM platform with in-built engagement tools and science driven sales intelligence.

    Leadscore is an affordable CRM platform offering sales & marketing automation solutions designed for small companies.

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