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Best Crop Management Software

Crop management software, also known as crop planning software, monitors and optimizes the crop production of a farm. With crop management software, farmers, growers, and agronomists can better understand the costs and variables that impact and affect overall crop profitability. Crop management software helps farms maintain clean, accurate, and up-to-date field and crop records. Beyond that, crop management software enables more accurate and precise food tracking and traceability.

While farm management software includes some crop management and reporting functionalities, crop management software is specifically concerned with streamlining and monitoring the crop performance and food supply chain lifecycle. Farms can utilize crop management software to automate and streamline any upcoming food safety audits and compliance reports.

To qualify for inclusion in the Crop Management category, a product must:

  • Be specifically leveraged by farmers and agronomists to coordinate aspects of their agribusiness
  • Analyze and/or forecast farm and crop growth and yield based on gathered data
  • Facilitate tracking and traceability of crops from farm to sale
  • Integrate with other farm management devices and/or solutions

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    At Croptracker, our mission is to make crop production more profitable, efficient, and safe. Since 2006 we have helped growers, packers, cooperations, and associations of all sizes to maintain accurate records, connect their teams, and optimize their operations through our integrated software and consulting services. Track and record nearly everything in your farm - including your sprays, harvests, packing materials, storage, shipping, and teams. Over 50 reports make your audits painless and give you a bird's eye view of your operation, allowing you to identify and resolve problems quickly. With Croptracker, you can spend less time in your office and more time on your farm. Visit us at croptracker.com to learn more and sign up for a free demo.

    AgOS Crop Planning is an agronomy crop planning tool with a agronomy sales emphasis.

    Agrinavia is a IT managment solution for plant production.

    AgriXP is a platform designed by farmers and their crop consultants to track field data.

    Software that is a revolution in the scientific marketing sector which is here to help the farmers, buyers and sellers.

    Agvance Agronomy is built to provide the right tools at exactly the right time across your entire operation, creating real efficiencies, better communication and happy customers.

    Only one system fully-automates your entire grain operation. Agvance Grain measures and tracks grain by profit center or across your operation, in one flexible, adaptive tool, providing accuracy and efficiency for your company.

    Solution to sync all agronomy services such as logistics planning, field scouting, crop management, and more.

    Cropwin is a customizable tool for integrated crop management and culture monitoring.

    Core software modules are developed internally by FBS programmers using Windows-based fifth generation languages, open-architecture databases, multi-user access with record-locking, and Internet-delivered software updates. Interfaces have been developed for a wide-range of third-party software (including web-based dashboards), and the system has been optimized to run in Citrix, Terminal Services and Software as a Service (SaaS) environments.

    Gatekeeper offers unrivalled connectivity, enabling you to manage all of your cropping activities in one place

    ET Grow provides a central portal for internal crop management, which helps to increase accountability and awareness within your business. Manage multiple zones and locations, and easily track all data of your crops from sowing to delivery with the easy to use app and web solution. This production/inventory function of ET Grow creates a more efficient and well informed environment

    Australia's market leader and award winning production recording used by farmers, Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Colleges across the world. Farmers at last have a tool, which will store and analyze all their paddock records simply and efficiently. It covers chemical applications, cotton production, crop monitoring, seeding & planting, fertiliser applications, fodder production, harvest delivery, mapping, Smartphone App - Pocket PAM2.

    PANTHEON Farming helps with bookkeeping, records, make analyses & projections, make more efficient decisions, & saves time and money.

    Crop Management software for Farmers, Agronomists and Contractors. Suitable for all types of users and businesses.

    Phoenix solutions have been designed specifically for the agricultural industry and includes a range of ag production modules. These modules function together as an´┐Żintegrated farm management system´┐Żthat is both innovative and easy to use.

    Plan-A-Head has for the past 30 years developed software systems specifically for the agricultural market.

    Manage your organic or diversified farm from seed to sales with our Mobile and Web software applications.