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Customer data platforms (CDP) are used to consolidate and integrate customer data into one single database. These tools offer marketing teams relevant insights needed to run campaigns. A CDP can grab information from sources such as websites, mobile apps, and email platforms to offer a complete view of your customer. After retrieving this data, a CDP can then help organizations predict the optimum next move with a particular customer. This allows businesses to learn what needs to be done to retain specific customers. A CDP can also be utilized by customer service teams to cater their support to each individual. Email software, data warehouse software, and other platforms that store data can typically integrate with a CDP.

To qualify for inclusion in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) category, a product must:

  • Provide a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Gather data from multiple sources into one platform
  • Unify customer profiles across systems
  • Improve targeting for marketing campaigns
  • Allow users the capability to predict the optimum next move with a customer
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    Our Marketing Automation tool, driven by an advanced SCV database, helps you to deliver market leading results

    RedPoint Customer Data Platform is a customer data platform software that makes it possible to combine data from multiple sources to provide continuous availability of customer data across the enterprise.

    Related Marketing Cloud (RMC) is a personalisation and marketing automation tool for data-driven Omni-channel marketing. One-to-one consumer relationships powered by all in one platform to drive higher revenue, improve customer lifetime value, grow audience, and boost performance. We are proud to provide you the following services: Customer Data Platform, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Targeting, Product Recommendation, Customer Journey Manager

    Sales Infinite is a holistic platform that combines CRM with complete Customer Lifecycle Management and E-Commerce.

    SessionM is a customer engagement platform empowering the world's most innovative brands to forge stronger and more profitable customer relationships. The platform scales for the enterprise, globally.

    ShoppingFeeder is feed management and multi-channel marketing platform for online stores.

    Sidetrade is the most compelling A.I. Software Company shaping the future of Customer Engagement and empowering Marketing, Sales and Finance people to grow sales and accelerate Cash. Sidetrade is now #1 Financial Cloud on the Sales-to-Cash Cycle. Seamlessly integrated with existing CRM and ERP, Sidetrade leverages Artificial Intelligence to disclose untapped new business opportunities, increase upsell, reduce churn, predict customer payments and accelerate cash flow generation. Over 1,500 companies, of all sizes and sectors, in 80 countries, employ AI Sidetrade solutions for sustainable growth. With its Artificial Intelligence platform, Sidetrade use predictive data science to take the guesswork out of the customer relationship. The advanced use of machine learning and human collaboration empowers businesses to proactively improve operational effectiveness of the end-to-end customer cycle via smart sales prospecting, streamlined cash collection and case management processes.

    Sirdata offers audience data enabling publishers to provide targeted and relevant advertisements to their consumers.

    Sito Mobile offers real-time location-based marketing and advertising solutions.

    Splio is an omnichannel marketing platform that combines marketing automation and loyalty marketing. Splio enables marketers to manage their transactional and relationship-based loyalty programs online and offline, as well as coordinate powerful marketing campaigns based on customer knowledge. More than 500 brands around the world use Splio every day, including The Kooples, Kusmi Tea, Givenchy, Le Slip Français, Caudalie, Degrenne, Intersport, Longchamp, Lindt, Air China, and Cache Cache.

    Connect the dots: Detect new opportunities, develop an intimate understanding of customers, partners, and markets, spot trends and back your sales team with next best actions. Squirro delivers these insights in real-time, automatically, in pre-trained enterprise ready applications.

    Make Your Website More Relevant For Every Visitor

    When it comes to customer analytics, Stratifyd is unparalleled in the market because our AI-powered platform is the fastest time to insights, uses unsupervised machine learning and sentiment modeling to unearth unknown insights, and utilizes predictive intelligence to provide accurate CSAT scores and explanations, even when customers don’t respond to surveys. Our platform delivers the most comprehensive insights in the data analytics space.

    The StreamAnalyst project was started in April 2015. It combines innovative technologies to generate quality audience statistics for Internet radio, webTV, VOD and other streaming media. We make reliable, independent, intuitive and accurate audience statistics available to everybody from anywhere at anytime.

    Stride’s customer data platform bridges the gap between your legacy marketing cloud, your best-in-class point solutions, and the digital experience you want to deliver. Stride connects first-party data from any source, in any format, and creates a holistic customer profile that updates in real-time. Stride enables marketers to create highly personalized customer experiences using rich audience segmentation and hyper-targeted campaigns without IT or engineering.

    Customer intelligence software for CX and market research data

    SYNTASA is helping enterprises generate real-time, actionable customer insights to enhance the customer experience and drive conversions.

    Tapad Customer Data Platform (CDP) lets you leverage first-party data in combination with Tapads scaled identity solution to drive results. Its features allow you to build high-performing segments for acquisition, cross-sell, upsell and churn prevention.

    TrueStats automatically tracks 22,000+ devices, geolocation, demographic, campaign and e-commerce data. Events can track any amount of custom data with a simple call.

    Trunomi is the multi-award-winning Consent Management and Personal Data Rights Platform driving a new level of transparency and trust between business and consumers.

    A Marketer Omni-Channel Customer Data Platform with powerful CRM, Customer Engagement Tools, and Loyalty capabilities to build personalized and long-term relationships in real time.

    Usermind provides the first unified platform for orchestrating the customer journey. With Usermind, companies can define and automate customer interactions to improve revenue, retention, and profitability. Built for non-developers, Usermind makes it simple to integrate enterprise applications, map data between them, automate end-to-end processes, measure their impact, and take instant action to improve business outcomes. With this infrastructure in place, enterprises can experiment and execute on customer experience with the agility of a startup.

    The V12 CDP harnesses the power of each of these data sources and blends it with our suite of industry-leading 3rd party data assets to create one single version of the customer truth. Get to know your customers like never before and develop actionable insights to deploy unified customer journeys, wherever and whenever your customers prefer

    Velocidi is a customer data software company headquartered in New York. Our private customer data platform empowers businesses to control first, second and third-party data and unlock the right marketing insights, decisions and actions that drive growth. The Velocidi Private CDP is the first of its kind to combine both media and customer data in either a private cloud or an on-premise deployment. We give brands a holistic view of their customer journey, with superior data privacy and security.

    Verto Analytics measures the complex behavior of multi-screen, mobile consumer on every device, app, screen, and platform they use.

    Webtrekk is an independent premium customer analytics platform that enables unique cross-device solutions. Webtrekk combines market-leading web and app analytics technology with a powerful dashboard engine for impressive visualizations and user-centric, cross-device audience management based on raw data, as well as activation of the data for online marketing purposes in an intuitive complete solution. Artificial intelligence and machine learning make Webtrekk the smartest customer analytics platform of the industry.

    Everything from strategy, content creation, configurations, testing, reports, analysis, support and optimizations. It's a complete managed service and we secure your success.

    Zylotech is a self-learning customer data and analytics platform that enables clients to cross-sell / up-sell to their customers. Powered by AutoML, the platform continuously unifies internal and external data, and enables ongoing micro-segmentation, non-obvious pattern discovery, and recommendations, which can be activated through a variety of marketing clouds & orchestration engines.