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Customer success software is used by businesses to ensure, through interactions with the company, customers achieve the outcome that enterprises anticipate them to reach as they use the product. This software uses detailed analysis of past behavior to create a “health score” to predict future satisfaction of a customer, allowing companies to systematically grow an established customer base, identify any red flags, and increase customer retention rates. These products are used by customer success and sales teams for the purpose of optimizing customer relationships. Customer success initiatives are vital to preserving and expanding revenue, boosting customer advocacy, and sustaining corporate profitability and growth. Customer success software often integrates with CRM, help desk, and social media management tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Customer Success category, a product must:

  • Build or identify customer profiles
  • Capture customer data, history, and feedback including survey results, invoice history, marketing engagement, and/or team interactions
  • Engage customers throughout the lifecycle
  • Provide feedback and customer success scores based on the analysis of historical data
  • Predict future customer growth or red flags based on data related to interactions, payments, inquiries, and more
  • Scale, according to size of company and method of customer adoption or engagement

Customer Success Software Grid® Overview

The best Customer Success Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: Gainsight, Totango, ClientSuccess, Whatfix, FullStory, and ChurnZero
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders. High Performers include: CXQuest, UserIQ, LiveCall, HelpCrunch, Strikedeck, Bolstra, Client Share, and STAMP
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution. Contenders include: MindTouch and Evergage
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: Woopra, Natero, CallPage, Salesmachine, Crisp, and Planhat
G2 Crowd Grid® for Customer Success
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    Customer Success reviews by real, verified users. Find unbiased ratings on user satisfaction, features, and price based on the most reviews available anywhere.

    Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, helps businesses grow faster by reducing churn, increasing upsell, and driving customer advocacy. Gainsight’s product helps you touch customers effectively, track customer health consistently and transform the way your company orients around the customer. Gainsight provides a 360° view of customers and drives retention across Customer Success, sales, marketing, executives and product management. Learn how leading companies like Adobe, Box, DocuSign, HP, Marketo, Nutanix and Workday use Gainsight to help their customers succeed at

    ClientSuccess is revolutionizing the way SaaS companies manage, retain, and grow their existing customer base. We deliver a holistic, personal approach to managing success throughout the customer lifecycle. Our true Customer Success Management Platform™ provides actionable insights, rich customer analytics, and best practices to reduce churn, increase revenue, and maximize the lifetime value of the customer. We believe that SaaS is more than software and service. It’s about relationships. Think beyond acquisition and support. You want a customer for life. And not one that exists because they’re locked into a contract. You want a customer that chooses to partner with you because you help them accomplish their goals and succeed—through personal relationships and delightful experiences. ClientSuccess is more than a reporting tool that users reference once or twice a week. We're a true customer management platform, providing a powerful solution for the front-line customer success managers and actionable insights for Executives.

    ChurnZero's real-time customer success platform helps subscription businesses fight customer churn. Our platform is uniquely designed to integrate with CRM systems and tightly into an application or service. In doing so, ChurnZero (1) helps businesses understand how their customers use their product, (2) assesses their health and their likelihood to renew, and (3) gives the business the means to automate and personalize the customer experience through timely and relevant touchpoints, including in-app content. ChurnZero customers find instant ROI as their customer success managers are immediately more productive and better informed and their customers are getting better just-in-time service from the automated playbooks.

    STAMP, The Customer Success Platform, That Helps You Systematically... 1. See how well you are delivering against their needs 2. Identify the key actions to improve your NPS 3. Alert you when you are under performing 4. Track trends and progress over time 5. Benchmark yourself against your peers and competitors STAMP creates a dashboard on every client account visualizing how well you are delivering on the needs of each client; STAMP also provides an account manager dashboard, enabling you to see how well each Account Manager is performing across their book of business. The data displayed within these dashboards are the results of you assessments you have sent to your clients. Did you know that less than 5% of companies systematically obtain feedback from their B2B customers? Use STAMP to help pitch a new account by showing your prospective clients how well their current supplier is performing, illuminating opportunities for you to do a better job than the current incumbent. Demonstrate to clients your commitment to meeting their unique needs by sharing their scorecards and developing customized action plans to continually improve your relationships. Client retention is key in obtaining and growing your business!

    Totango is the leading enterprise-grade customer success platform that helps organizations proactively impact business outcomes by driving the right level of engagement with their customers - increasing growth and retention. With solutions to empower Customer Success Teams and entire companies, Totango enables everyone to participate in customer success easily and securely.

    Meet FullStory, the app that captures all your customer experience data in one powerful, easy-to-use platform. Our tiny script unlocks pixel-perfect session playback, automatic insights, funnel analytics, and robust search and segmentation – empowering everyone in your organization to help build the best online experience for your customers.

    UserIQ empowers SaaS companies to deliver what each user needs to be successful in every moment, starting with adoption. Our platform collects user engagement data from your product and allows you to communicate to your users when they are most engaged: within the product itself. As a result, you’ll be able to scale onboarding, increase feature usage, accelerate time-to-value, and ultimately drive more revenue throughout the customer journey.

    Whatfix is a smarter way for businesses to ease onboarding, improve support and reduce training effort for its users

    Bolstra is a customer success platform that supports the work management function of CSMs so that they can deliver repeatably excellent customer experiences.

    HelpCrunch delivers a next-generation customer communication platform combining a perfect live chat, in-app messenger, email automation, and help desk for effective customer service and sales. Our solution is mainly aimed at web and mobile services, e-commerce owners, online-to-offline businesses that need a fast and powerful tool to interact with customers. Being flexibly priced, we’re ideal for companies of any size - from individual entrepreneurs, startups and SMBs to big players.

    Strikedeck is a comprehensive Customer Success solution that is rapidly deployable, and easy to implement. Out-of-the-box integrations and domain-specific customizations enable the customer to deploy a Customer Success solution in days, not months. Strikedeck’s BYOD, bring your own data model, platform easily implements all of your business processes and data fields within our extensible data architecture. Their proprietary formula calculates customer health, identifies at-risk customers, and triggers automated workflows to proactively address issues and reduce potential churn. Strikedeck provides real-time visibility into cohorts, market segments, and also allows you to drill down to a granular view of individual actionable items. Playbooks standardize best practices across an organization with powerful execution scripts of tasks, notifications, and escalations. Users can communicate with their customers through in-app emails, personalized surveys, and NPS & CSAT widgets. Campaigns can be customized and automated based on past behavioral trends. Reports enable sharing of key insights and milestones across the organization. See how leading companies like CallidusCloud, Apttus, HashiCorp, Thoughtspot, and more use Strikedeck to power Customer Success & happiness.

    CXQuest by CXGroup is an award winning customer engagement platform that helps businesses develop speed, attentiveness and customer intelligence when interacting with customers to reduce customer churn and increase referrals. CXQuest stands at the intersection between a real time customer feedback, case management system and a communication platform and supports customer interactions across diverse communication channel to create one great, unified customer experience.

    MindTouch is a SaaS company building self-service software that scales. Based in San Diego, MindTouch was named one of the 2017 Hot 100 best privately held software companies by JMP Securities and is customer-obsessed with 43 million monthly users. Learn more at Steve and Aaron met at the Advanced Systems Research Team at Microsoft. Steve was perplexed by the persistent lack of innovation around knowledge documentation systems. To Aaron, it seemed that every company was developing knowledge silos in every department. These silos were preventing companies and their customers from finding the answers they need to be successful. They realized that organizations were being held back by bad software. People were struggling with PDFs that were not mobile-friendly, expensive federated search systems that often did not work, and knowledge base systems that could not scale to the organizational need. At the same time, they recognized that people do not want to be guided, forced, or supported—they want the freedom to self-serve knowledge on demand. Together they designed an innovative, scalable knowledge system to meet certain requirements: - Deploy quickly with a turnkey setup - Customizable without costly services engagements - Extend into CRM software, websites, and product interfaces - Use machine learning to continually improve every time it is used It was time to revolutionize documentation. It was time to allow users to self-serve expert knowledge on demand. We call it MindTouch. MindTouch is a smarter knowledge base that improves support agent productivity, increases ticket deflection, and fuels self-service support. MindTouch allows support teams to create and publish content into a customizable self-service experience. Extra capabilities include multiple API endpoints, CRM integrations, and powerful reports. With MindTouch, your customers find your expert knowledge whenever and wherever they need it.

    Evergage’s cloud-based platform empowers marketers to increase engagement and conversions of website visitors and users through real-time personalization based on deep behavioral analytics…without the need for developers. The Evergage platform tracks each visitor’s or user’s actions enabling you to understand their needs and intent, and then respond in real time with targeted, relevant content, messages and calls-to-action. You can also A/B test your content for different audiences to optimize conversion rates. Evergage is delivering real-time web personalization to more than 500 million web visitors and users of over 120 organizations, including Rue La La, Publishers Clearing House, Intuit QuickBase, Endurance International Group, and many more.

    Client Share is the first Customer Success SaaS platform built to improve the relationship between Buyers and Suppliers. We enable Buyers to improve, analyse and manage the relationship with their strategic Suppliers, unlocking 25% of hidden value. We enable Suppliers to improve, analyse and manage the relationship across key accounts leading to account P&L growth and contract retention. Client Share is a private, digital community for a Buyer and a Supplier that focuses on, and is built around, B2B business relationships. Think of the best bits of Dropbox, Facebook, YouTube, Yammer, TripAdvisor, WeTransfer and LinkedIn all brought together in a private buyer-supplier community for relationship management. B2B deserves better. Start improving your results, today.

    Free Lead Generation & Callback Software Get more inbound sales calls from day one. Call back your customers in 25 seconds and increase conversions on your website. LiveCall enables communication with website users and increases the number of inbound sales calls up to 125%. How does it work? A potential customer sees our widget. He is being asked to enter his phone number on a fully customizable pop-up and when he does that, LiveCall automatically calls your sales manager, dials the customer and connects them to a single line. All this as quick as 25 seconds!

    Planhat is a Customer Success Platform built to make Customer Success simple. Planhat is beautiful and easy to use. It helps you reduce churn, upsell more, drive user engagement and maximize the lifetime value of your customers. Planhat is built for everyone from the CS rep to the C-Suite. It has all the functionality and features you would expect in a modern Customer Success Platform - the difference is in the design, usability and speed to implement.

    Natero is the first Customer Success software platform with a truly data-driven approach to managing your customers and your success team. Predict which customers are likely to churn, convert, or expand their business with you. Monitor customer health based on usage, custom KPIs, CSM scores, NPS, and more. Use Workflows, Tasks, and Playbooks to drive your Customer Success processes. This next generation solution helps Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies maximize customer lifetime value, while improving their products and processes.

    Woopra is a real-time customer journey analytics platform that is redefining how companies understand, analyze, engage, and retain their customers. Woopra harvests all your channels’ activities into a singular hub and gives you the controls to personalize the experience with the right content, through the right channel at the right time. In addition to abstracting analytics complexity, Woopra provides an integration layer, called AppConnect, that enables data gathering across all your CRM, Mobile, Email, Marketing Automation, Social, and Support tools. This layer takes away the burden of added development and integration efforts, and eases the orchestration of marketing campaigns. It allows you to speed up interaction cycles and deliver the right content through the right channel at the right time. The company was founded by analytics experts who were passionate about humanizing the digital customer journey in a seamless and intuitive way. Over 1000 enterprises rely on Woopra to maximize the utility and value of all digital channels as they acquire and retain customers. Woopra helps you convert visitors into customers and retain them to become your best advocates.

    Salesmachine is a realtime customer scoring platform for customer success and sales teams. Salesmachine monitors your customer health and activity so you can focus on the right customers at the right time.

    CallPage is modern support tool that tracks the behavior of your website visitors. When it detects a potential customer, it offers him a free call back in 28 seconds. With the built-in creator, you can design an interface that perfectly matches your company identity. CallPage collects call orders even after working hours. Thus, CallPage helps to increase conversion on your website, attract potential customers, build relationships, increase sales, and reduce the cost of customer service.

    Increase Your Conversion and Customer Satisfaction.

    AI-based Customer Success Solution - Embedded in Salesforce & Gainsight (optional) 1. Supports multiple signals including team’s engagement via email, usage data, order frequency and customer service. Advantage: Goes beyond SaaS companies. Currently supports industries like managed services, manufacturing and distribution, companies that do not have daily usage data. 2. Recommends Customer Success playbooks based on applying ML model on customer’s and benchmark data. Advantage: Cuts implementation time from months to days. 3. Predicts accounts retention and expansion probability (health score). Advantage: Not relying on subjective CSM judgment. 4. Provides on-going coaching and assistance for each Customer Success Manager. Advantage: Komiko’s coaching ensures proactive behavior and Komiko’s assistance boosts productivity. 5. Natively embedded in Salesforce, leveraging any relevant data including: accounts, opportunities, cases, contacts, activities. Days to get started.

    Awario is a social media & web monitoring tools that will help you track brand mentions, monitor competitors, find sales opportunities, and engage with your audience online. The platform takes the usual hassle of SMM away by letting you effortlessly: - Monitor Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, blogs, forums, and other online resources for mentions of any keywords, non-stop. - Get notified when new mentions appear with daily or weekly emails about the latest posts. - Prioritize mentions by their popularity for a smarter, more efficient SMM workflow. - React to mentions in-app by quickly syncing your social accounts with AWAR.IO to comment, like, share, and retweet posts. - Access the dashboard from any device and have your data with you at all times. Log in to your AWAR.IO account from your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop to see the latest mentions and react to them in time, wherever you are. Depending on your niche, AWAR.IO will help you achieve some (or all) of these business objectives: - Engage with customers. Put a face to your brand by being there when your customers are asking questions or sharing experiences about your product or service. - Build relationships with niche influencers. Easily identify key influencers by the popularity of their posts, and reach out to them instantly, in-app. - Raise brand awareness. Monitor mentions of niche-related keywords and contribute to conversations so your brand can reach new, bigger audiences. - Manage brand reputation. Keep the finger on the pulse of negative comments about your business to apologize and offer solutions to dissatisfied customers before they turn to competitors. - Find quality leads and close sales. Discover prospects looking for products and services like yours, or people complaining about competitors - and be there just in time to offer alternatives. Take a moment to set up an alert with Awario by simply entering your keywords, and never miss an important conversation again.

    Liferay Digital Experience Platform is an enterprise-grade platform that enables companies to create and connect personalized digital experiences across web, mobile, social, in store and other touchpoints. It provides the technical foundation (deep integration, security and modularity) for your digital business to orchestrate unique customer experiences, as well as business value features to support a deeper understanding of your customers.

    An academy builder for SaaS companies designed to engage and educate your customers for greater retention and satisfaction.

    A platform to build better user onboarding. Use Chameleon to build, manage and improve product tours for your web application without writing code. Using Chameleon you can show new users key functionality, highlight product changes, improve feature discoverability and reduce confusion and support requests. Non-technical team members can control the tours using our WYSIWYG editor so no need to wait for dev resources or engineering cycles. Chameleon automatically collects the data on tour performance that can be used to optimize tours. Variations can be shown to different users and all tours can be A/B tested. Connect to one of the hundreds of integrations Chameleon supports to see your data alongside your other usage data.

    Quality Driven Software helps labor service business owners scale their businesses with a streamlined, data rich customer survey.

    CustomerSuccessBox is a B2B SaaS Actionable customer success software. Backed with $1 Million in March 2018 by pi Ventures and Axilor Ventures, CustomerSuccessBox was built from a clear need for a solution which could deliver ‘proactive’ customer success. Customer Success tracks product adoption to understand customer onboarding, product adoption and usage analysis, and calculating customer health score. It enables success managers to deliver a consistent customer onboarding experience, improve retention, drive upsell and improve monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and lifetime value (LTV) for SaaS businesses. CustomerSuccessBox processes millions of activities from 100,000 plus end users every week and the patent pending technology is built to handle ~ 2,200 events/second to monitor customer account health. CustomerSuccessBox is being used by global clients like XebiaLabs, WizIQ, Synup and WoowUp.

    Magentrix Customer Community enables Customer Success teams to connect, engage and collaborate to deliver better customer service and support, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Seamlessly integrated with Salesforce CRM and fully configurable, Magentrix Customer Community redefines collaboration to increase employee productivity, enhance self-service and improve communication. Magentrix Customer Communities are mobile-friendly, brandable and pre-configured with social collaboration, file storage and sharing, blogs, knowledge bases, forums, help ticketing, ideas, eLearning LMS, and dashboards so you can launch in weeks not months. Introduce your customers to a full self-service experience in a mobile and highly secure all-in-one customer community.

    At Skilljar, we believe that the best LMS is easy to use and runs smoothly for students and admins. It works with your business, can be accessed anywhere and allows you to create a story with your content. That's what we've built - beautiful training experiences backed by data. Skilljar helps you accelerate product adoption, automate onboarding workflows, reduce support costs, and increase long-term customer satisfaction. Key features: ** Simple, intuitive, mobile-responsive user interface ** Multimedia content, including video, live training, PDF, built-in quizzing, and SCORM ** Certification engine ** White-label branding ** E-commerce for selling training ** Detailed analytics including groups and managers ** Single Sign On and REST APIs ** Integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, Active Directory, Okta, LinkedIn, Google, Stripe, Paypal, and more ** Cloud Learning Management System (LMS) ** US support team Founded in 2013, we're a technology startup based in Seattle, WA (TechStars Seattle 2013) and backed by Trilogy Equity Partners. Visit us at

    Amity provides the world's most powerful Customer Success software. Amity, senses changes in customer health or rhythms, recommends the right actions and measures effectiveness. The combination of real-time playbooks, intelligence and automation helps customer success organizations scale quickly and efficiently.

    Indicative is a behavioral analytics platform designed to help Marketing and Product teams optimize user engagement, conversion, and retention. It's easy to setup and easy to use—no SQL or coding knowledge required—and offers analysts a single view of customer behavior across all digital touchpoints, including web, app, marketing automation, support systems, databases and data warehouses.

    If you want to grow your business, you need a system, not a collection of tools. Accelo makes it easy to manage all of the client work, from prospect to payment, and everything in between. With powerful features like automatic email capture, automated time sheets and intelligent business processes that alert you if things are going off track, forecast the future and make sure you never get lost. Accelo lets you focus on more important things (like growing your business) so you can focus on doing the work you love. Try it now for free!

    Customer Thermometer is the only 1-click customer satisfaction and employee retention survey that can be answered from their inbox, giving you industry-leading response rates. It is an easy and unique way to gather the thoughts of your customers and staff. Write, create and send beautiful, branded emails in seconds. Your customers and employees can click directly from their email inbox. You track their responses in real time.

    Built-in help desk module. Help your user help themselves with intuitive sections of FAQs and complete help desk. Improve customer satisfaction, get positive reviews and higher ratings.

    ForeSee is the driving force behind more than 2,000 of the world's most revered brands and organizations — in retail, financial services, government, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and other industries — that understand the powerful intersection of CX and business impact. Understanding the full voice of your customer and an increasingly complex customer journey is challenging. Point solutions result in fragmented processes and systems. Data can lead to dead-end results or insights with no clear action. Piecing this together takes time and effort. Over the years, our clients and the market have asked for a better way to make complex CX decisions everyday. ForeSee CX Suite is the next evolution of ForeSee. It’s an integrated suite of CX applications that helps you manage all your CX intelligence needs from one central place. Best of all, it’s backed by the only proven methodology for CX measurement; 15 years of benchmarks; and an expert professional services team that can serve as an extension of your insights team. With ForeSee and ForeSee CX Suite, you’re co-investing with us in the future of CX. Because getting CX right is more important than ever.

    Gleantap is a customer engagement platform designed to help businesses drive growth.

    With Userlane you can create easy, step-by-step, interactive guides to explain your browser-based software to each user individually. A navigation system that guides people while actually carrying out tasks. The perfect solution to optimize SaaS user onboarding and automate staff training.

    BEynd facilitates a seamless transition between your sales and implementation staff. Our product simplifies complex implementation, on-boarding, and sales processes by keeping the customer, internal staff, and 3rd parties on the same page. This is done by an intuitive interface that communicates progress to all parties in a meaningful and thoughtful way.

    HR Mangtaa is a HCM Software that provide complete solution to manage all human resources and providing a leading edge in promoting business growth.

    Interakt is a simple All-In-One Customer Engagement and Support suite which helps you capture, engage and retain all your valuable users and customers. Capture: Acquire new leads through exit popups, notifications, live chat and custom forms. Engage: Use email marketing/automation, web/push notifications and automated chat triggers to engage your customers and increase conversions. Retain: Segment and manage leads and user activity data through in-built CRM. Provide real-time 24/7 support through live chat, helpdesk and a knowledge-base. All this and more through a one time simple javascript integration.

    Takes customer engagement to a new level with capabilities to orchestrate fully automated, comprehensive multi-step customer campaigns across email, social, mobile and web channels

    Making sense of customer feedback is hard, especially when is fragmented and spread in multiple systems and teams. NomNom helps you get instant visibility on what your customer are saying across the entire business, all in one place. NomNom makes customer feedback easy to search, organize and share with your team.

    Optimove’s Science-First Relationship Marketing Hub leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to foster emotionally intelligent relationships that maximize the value of every customer. Combining marketing art and data science, Optimove empowers marketers at over 300 brands with the “emotional intelligence” required to communicate with their customers most effectively at all times, via all available channels. By helping brands understand and impact customer behavior, Optimove helps them drive measurable growth through their existing customers. Optimove allows marketers to plan and manage customer marketing plans that automate the delivery of highly-effective personalized customer communications – both pre-scheduled and in response to realtime customer behaviors – across single or multiple channels (email, SMS, push notification, on-site, Facebook, Google Ads, etc.). Optimove is used by leading brands, including 1-800-Flowers, Glossier, B&H, Family Dollar, Lucky Vitamin,, Adore Me, Freshly, Deezer, Stitch Fix, Chubb, Outbrain,, Sporting Bet and Leo Vegas. Optimove serves its customers from offices in New York, London and Tel Aviv.

    ServiceSource International, Inc. (NASDAQ:SREV) helps the world’s leading brands grow closer to their customers. As a global leader in outsourced inside sales, customer success and recurring revenue growth and retention solutions, ServiceSource expands customer lifetime value by helping companies to more efficiently and effectively find, convert, grow and retain their B2B customer relationships. Trusted by global market leaders in the cloud/XaaS, software, technology hardware, medical device & diagnostic equipment and industrial IoT sectors, ServiceSource sells, manages or renews $9 billion of revenue annually on behalf of its clients. Leveraging a robust technology suite, predictive data models and more than 3,000 revenue delivery professionals speaking 45 languages, only ServiceSource brings to market nearly 20 years of expertise and the ability to drive recurring revenue growth to more than 170 countries.

    Structural is an employee success management platform designed to give organizations real time, mobile access to their employee data.

    90degree Team Task is implemented to provide a comprehensive web based platform to manage different projects, track tasks, users, and offer a collaboration framework for employees.

    Reduce response times, improve customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and improve billing accuracy. Create a case from captured web form inquiries or manual entry. Assign cases, escalate per your set policies. Ensure accurate billing through financial module integration.

    Agreement Express is an enterprise SaaS platform for automating the client onboarding process in financial services. Some of the biggest banks, payments companies, and wealth management firms across North America and the UK use Agreement Express to take the administrative, paper-heavy headaches out of the onboarding process.

    The Aimbase platform is unique compared to the competition because it is one of the only marketing automation technologies on the market to effectively manage the pre-sale and post-sale phases of the customer lifecycle for manufacturers. Aimbase is made up of two engines: the Marketing Engine helps manufacturers manage all pre-sale marketing initiatives, including media placement, lead nurturing, lead distribution to dealers, and content marketing strategy; and the Customer Satisfaction Engine helps manage post-sale marketing efforts, including survey distribution and reporting, utilizing a CSI (customer satisfaction index) methodology.

    Akita is a Customer Success Management Platform designed to help you reduce customer churn and increase revenue from your existing customers. With Akita you can: ⇒ Achieve a single, unified view of your customer data ⇒ Build intentional and effective Customer Success processes ⇒ Develop a scalable Customer Success program ⇒ Measure the performance of your Customer Success team ⇒ Be the driving force toward a customer-focused company culture Akita offers you: ⇒ One-click integrations with over 100 different SaaS tools ⇒ Unlimited segments for your accounts and contacts ⇒ Fully-customizable customer health scores ⇒ Unlimited playbooks—triggered by user behavior (good or bad) ⇒ Activity or health-related alerts ⇒ Goal-oriented Reviews feature ⇒ Hyper-focused CSM inbox ⇒ Team or company-wide Slack notifications ⇒ Two-way Salesforce sync (Pipedrive coming soon) ⇒ CSM activity reporting No contract • Unlimited users during your trial • White glove onboarding

    Answerbase is a knowledge management platform for customer support and e-commerce, allowing users to ask questions, receive quality answers, and browse relevant content and articles to meet their demand for information about your products and services. Each system comes with easy to use administration and moderation tools to customize, manage and grow an engaging platform that saves your business time and resources by reducing duplicate inquiries. Advanced features like moderation, user group management (giving users the appropriate content access and functional permissions), actionable content insights, collaboration notes, answer drafting and private question management give administrators the tools they need to effectively manage all of your content, users and access. Businesses have the ability to enable or disable community Q&A capabilities, giving you the ability to effectively leverage the expertise of your customers, product evangelists, and other industry experts. Allow select experts and thought leaders to answer questions, maintain a profile, vote on the quality of answers and be recognized for their contributions on leader boards with reputation points, badges and highlighted areas of expertise. Answerbase’s white-labeled platform allows you to easily customize the look and feel of your site. Simply add your logo and select a color scheme for your site for a quick setup, or use the advanced tools to add your own header, footer, CSS, and more, for full control over your platform's design and navigation. Widget builders and API’s empower you to accomplish even the most sophisticated integrations or even build your own Answerbase-powered Q&A applications. Answerbase Enterprise allows for 100% custom adaptations and developments to take whatever ideas, new functionalities or integration requirements you may have and make them a reality. Our knowledgeable team will manage setup, integration, and provide web-based education and training to make sure your team has all the tools and information they need to successfully manage and grow your site.

    APertain is a Mobile Customer Engagement Platform that provides User Engagement Tools such as Smart Rating Prompts, In-App Support, Push Notifications, User Onboarding, App Analytics, Pertain Engine etc, it has a pluggable SDK to integrate within Mobile Apps to add the User Engagement Tools inside the Mobile App.

    Aspect Via cloud contact center is the only solution that goes beyond the call center to unify the entire enterprise around the customer by eliminating barriers that divide departments and fragment work flows. As a SaaS offering tailor made for the cloud, Aspect Via offers native omni-channel Interaction Management (IM), Workforce Optimization (WFO) and Self-Service capabilities combined with a common user interface (UI) and shared, real-time and historical reporting.

    Get real time insights to drive customer loyalty and growth. Chattermill automatically analyses customer feedback and detects sentiment across multiple channels to identify trends in customer behaviour and helps teams answer questions faster. Listen to customers, uncover what drives behaviour and drive best in class experiences.

    CLYP’s Adaptive Personalization Platform is the most comprehensive 360° automated mobile marketing solution available to Brick & Mortar Retailers, Convention Centers, Sports Stadiums and other venues where companies seek to engage customers and influence purchase behavior.

    Newgen OmniOMS Customer Communication Management (CCM) Suite offers a unified communication platform that allows enterprises to enhance their customer experience by delivering personalized, targeted and consistent communication through various channels. The suite enables organizations to streamline their digital communication strategy and grow market share, mindshare, and share of customers’ wallet. It enables organizations to acquire customers, retain them and cross-sell/ upsell across various touch points, such as e-mail, SMS, web, and print. Businesses can leverage a broad range of pre-defined templates and create contextually accurate correspondences, and connect with the targeted audience in a user-friendly manner.

    CustomerGauge is a software-as-a-service platform that helps clients improve customer experiences. The system automatically measures, analyses feedback and has close-loop tools to retain customers better, and reduce churn, all based on the industry standard metric Net Promoter System®. Results are published and analyzed in real-time, using highly customizable and flexible reporting tool making it ideal for global enterprises.

    A full spectrum of engagement tools to help your business optimize customer experience.

    DigitalCX delivers highly personalised self-service, sales and community engagement across any digital channel and every digital device. Because it understands every customers’ context – who they are, what they want to achieve and even how they feel – it makes personal interaction achievable, at scale, via digital channels. Use DigitalCX to ensure that every customer journey ends in success – a question answered, a search resolved, a transaction secured.

    End-to-End customer engagement platform to increase productivity.

    Genivity is an AI SaaS platform designed to help advisors engage and retain clients.

    inSided delivers an enterprise-grade community platform that enables companies to drive revenue, improve satisfaction and lower support costs. The platform leverages the power of the crowd to enable conversational commerce and service for brands like A1, BNP Paribas, KPN, T-Mobile, Tele2, Sonos, and TomTom. Communities generate user generated content which can be used across all digital channels, turning them into social destinations where customers can get support & advice from other customers. enables teams to perform user & visitor recording at scale inside modern web apps. Not only are we going to automatically provide actionable insights about user behavior, they are going to generate "channels" filled with similar user activity, so that anyone on your team an understand how your users behave. We find patterns in user behavior, and then we show it to you, along with profiles of who your customers are and how they behave.

    Improved customer service with more timely communication.

    JuxTag helps businesses focus on customers through valuable customer insights and engagement tools.

    Katabat enables digital transformation with complete visibility across the consumer lifecycle. Experience our unified platform for improved customer experience.

    KIVI is a browser-supported software that improve internal and external communication of companies and enterprises it integrated tasks, data and customer management a targeted exchange of information, optimizing your work processes and results-oriented decision making.

    A unified communications, cognitive computing , smart workflows and analytics tool to deliver superior customer experiences

    LessChurn is a solution designed to help users increase revenue by reducing churn while tracking exit feedback.

    LiaCX Customer Experience Management software makes it easy to identify areas of a customer journey in need of focus, mobilize all levels of an organization to take the necessary actions for improvement and track the impact of those actions on business outcomes. It collects and combines feedback data including surveys, mobile checklists, mystery shopping, operational audits, social media, and call centers, and integrates data from 3rd-party systems like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and through Dell Boomi. Data is mapped to the customer journey and AI-powered features transform the data into meaningful CX insights. Organizations can take action on those insights to improve customer experience using patent-pending Action Campaign technology.

    Luminoso Compass applies artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language understanding (NLU) to accurately analyze streaming text-based data for any industry without lengthy setup time or training. Luminoso Compass allows clients to easily upload, process, predict, and monitor streams of unstructured data. Compass can analyze any type text-based data, including support tickets, call transcripts, chatbot or live chat transcripts, and open ended responses to real time surveys. Data can be processed natively in 13 languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic. Companies use Luminoso Compass to discover customer intent and appropriately label the data, categorize and label incoming data, and group similar data in real time to track trends. There are many ways customers utilize the insights that Compass uncovers including bot support, self-support automation, customer agent support, and issue tracking and prioritization to name a few. The product is flexible and can be deployed in standard or private Cloud or On-premise solution, or integrated into an end-to-end platform via the API.

    MiaRec is a compliance call recording and quality management solution for unified communications.

    Build interactive, code-free walkthroughs that onboard and convert every user. Our easy step-by-step guides can be added to any website WITHOUT code integration - you can create your first Nickelled website walkthrough in minutes and share with colleagues, customers or prospects in seconds. Train your customers or team on new website updates, work processes and online tools. Try Nickelled FREE today (no credit card required) - a no-obligation free trial is available for new users at

    You can have segmented in-app guides for your web product without writing code and real time deploying.

    Social media monitoring, customer feedback management customer service & help desk, requirements management, project management, and issue tracking.

    Open Loyalty is a technology for loyalty. It's 100% customizable loyalty platform with ready-to-use gamification and loyalty features, easy to set up and customize, ready to work on-line and off-line

    Convert customers into promoters. Boost your business by tracking and growing customer happiness with Positively and Net Promoter Score®. Positively calculates your Net Promoter Score (NPS®), a customer satisfaction metric used by over two-thirds of the Fortune 1000. The NPS survey asks a single question—"How likely are you to recommend our product or service to a friend or colleague?" Customers answer on a scale from 0 to 10, and their answers fall into three categories: Promoters (9-10), Passives (7-8), and Detractors (0-6). Your overall Net Promoter Score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters. Positively helps you send and analyze Net Promoter Score surveys easily and automatically. We'll do the calculation for you, and allow you to dig deep into what's driving customer satisfaction for your store—you can filter automatically on products purchased, number of orders, and more. Positively integrates with all the tools you use, with custom integrations available upon request—Slack, Intercom, Shopify, Klaviyo, API, Webhooks, and more.

    Identify and build stronger relationships with your customers to reduce churn and drive upsells

    Quadient provides customer experience technology designed to enable organizations to create better experiences for their customers through timely, optimized, contextual, individualized, and accurate communications for different channels.

    The #1 Training Reinforcement App.

    ROIALTY is a real-time prospect and customer profiling platform created to deliver personalized customer engagement and digital loyalty programs. Its flexibility enables the definition of profile-driven, interactive journeys aimed to maximize customer loyalty and retention, while providing key metrics to define the ROI of marketing initiatives.

    We believe organized data leads to organized action. salesEQUITY unifies a company around a single mission – improving the customer experience. We offer software that collects, manages, and distributes feedback data and delivers it to the desktop of the teams that matter.

    SmartCOMM helps businesses become more efficient internally, more compliant with regulators, and more relevant to customers, all while reducing IT costs.

    Sparked uses big data and predictive analytics to reduce churn and increase retention.

    The platform centralizes data from all customer interactions and data sources, monitors the health and product usage, and predicts customer behavior so that the customer success teams can proactively engage with their customers in a meaningful way.

    Tracksale is a reference technology in Brazil for monitoring and management of customer satisfaction.

    Trustfuel is the CRM custom-built for Client Success Managers. Stop using a sales platform to talk to your customers. Your renewal, upsell and cross-sell opportunities live here.

    Ultracomms provides a flexible cloud based call centre solutions that integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure to deliver the experience your customers expect.

    UsefulFeedback!, an on-demand customer complaint and feedback management software solution by iCaseworkTM, is specifically designed for capturing, managing and reporting on complaints and feedback across your entire business network. Our wide range of industry specific templates will enable your organization to adhere to regulations, improve service levels and enhance the customer experience.

    Viabl is relationship automation software that helps your sales team keep in contact with prospects and current customers. It makes your CRM data proactive and gives notifications to users when it’s time to reach out to customers and contacts. You can easily log calls, voicemail, set meetings, take notes and much more with Viabl’s one-click functionality. Also, you can easily send personalized email messages to ensure consistent follow up and outreach with every customer and contact.

    It is our premium product that meets all your back-end support the website/corporate/business etc., It is designed for those who need an administrative support in the industry which mainly deals with the invoice, clients, payment details etc., It has an enhanced functionality of my dashboard for analysing the reports for your business. It is a must-have product for any industry depends on the website.

    zenloop is a NPS feedback management platform which improves customer retention by using the Net Promoter System® (NPS) framework. zenloop's SaaS platform collects quantitative and qualitative feedback through various channels (link, email, website or each embedded). All surveys are easy to reply and achieve high response rates of 30-50%. Our smart label technology analyzes the feedback and automatically identifies all relevant insights and trends. Companies can easily close the feedback loop with their customers and initiate internal processual improvements. zenloop boost customer relationships and empowers customer centricity in organizations.

    Z-Insights provides customer success software that helps SaaS companies drive customer adoption, engagement and retention.

    Zoomin helps organizations deliver content on-demand, across all customer touchpoints, quickly, easily and precisely. Zoomin’s next generation publishing platform enables your customers to instantly zoom into the precise content they need, when and where they need it. Global brands like Jive, ServiceNow, Hitachi and Cisco trust Zoomin to deliver their content to documentation portals, knowledge bases, call centers, search engines, customer communities, and to devices that are part of the internet of things.

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