Customer Success Expert Insights

by Andre Ramsey ✓

What major trends do you see in the customer success space right now?

Disruptive technology companies like Apple, Uber, Netflix, and Amazon are just a few examples of companies that have disrupted industries, and have forever changed customer experiences within those industries. Additionally, consider the major benefactor of these advancements, "the customer." Customers today have smart phones, tablets, notebooks, 4G LTE and quick access to information. Moreover, as a result of these rapid technology advancements, customers have now become the disruptors. I call it, "Customer Disruption." Consider this, consumers are having conversations about your brand and millennial buyers have more power now than ever before. With online reviews and mobile access to social graphs, your customers likely know more about your products and services, your pricing (including your competitors) than you do.

How do these trends affect companies looking to purchase a customer success platform?

Now, what does all this mean for customer success? While customers are becoming more active on social media in this new era of customer disruption; brands are being forced to listen to the needs of their customers across channels. And are also expected to create positive human experiences across those channels. This is the secret to brand loyalty. This is a major challenge for any organization. Having a 360-degree view of customers across channels is the single most important antidote to address these challenges. Companies that choose not to allocate resources to their client success departments to achieve this will suffer an ill fate of "Digital Darwinism."

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Andre Ramsey ✓
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