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    Virtualization benefits in M1000e blade deployments plus more bandwidth to critical network links with Dell Networking MXL 10/40GbE switch

    The Arista 7010T offers a purpose built high performance and power efficient solution for high density data center deployments. The Arista 7010T series delivers line rate switching at layer 2 and layer 3 to enable simpler network designs for data centers that lowers the network capital and operational expenses.

    The Arista 7020R Series expands the portfolio of Arista fixed and modular deep buffer systems with a high performance and power efficient solution.

    The Arista 7050X3 are members of Arista 7050X series and key components of the Arista portfolio of data center switches. The Arista 7050X Series are purpose built data center switches in compact and energy efficient form factors with wire speed layer 2 and layer 3 features combined with low latency and advanced EOS features for software defined cloud networking.

    The Arista 7060X and 7260X Series are a range of 1RU and 2RU high performance 40GbE and 100GbE high density, fixed configuration, data center switches with wire speed layer 2 and layer 3 features, and advanced features for software driven cloud networking.

    The Arista 7150 Series is the leading ultra low latency 1RU platform providing a unique combination of performance, advanced features and a balanced set of resources for low latency financial markets, HPC clusters and virtualized data centers

    The Arista 7160 Series are purpose built fixed configuration 10/25GbE and 100GbE systems with wire speed layer 2 and layer 3 features, built for the highest performance environments, and the largest scale data centers.

    The Arista 7170 Series of programmable switches combine high performance with a fully programmable pipeline for a range of flexible solutions at both the spine and leaf tiers. The 7170 Series allow the data plane to be customized using EOS and P4 profiles to address multiple use-cases for Cloud, Enterprise, Service Provider and Content Networks.

    The Arista 7250X Series are purpose built 10/40GbE switches with wire speed layer 2/3/4 performance combined with low latency and advanced features for software driven cloud networking, big data, cloud, virtualized and traditional deployments

    Designed for next generation IP storage, Content Delivery, leaf and spine networks and Data Center Interconnect the Arista 7280R Series fixed configuration switches combine dynamic and deep buffering for lossless forwarding with high density, internet scale table sizes and comprehensive L2 and L3 features

    Designed for large scale leaf / spine and Spline networks the Arista 7300X and 7320X Series modular switches deliver industry leading density and performance with a rich choice of interface types for server leaf and spine network deployment.

    Designed for large virtualized and cloud networks the Arista 7500R Series modular switches are the industrys highest performance universal spine switches. They combine 100GbE density with internet scale table sizes and comprehensive L2 and L3 features. Advanced EOS features for network monitoring, precision timing, VXLAN network virtualization and EVPN are combined with extensive hardware resources with a rich choice of systems and line cards to support lasting investment protection

    Cisco MDS 9132T 32-Gbps 32-Port Fibre Channel Switch (Figure 1) provides high-speed Fibre Channel connectivity from the server rack to the SAN core. It empowers small, midsize, and large enterprises that are rapidly deploying cloud-scale applications using extremely dense virtualized servers, providing the dual benefits of greater bandwidth and consolidation.

    Cisco delivers a comprehensive portfolio of switching solutions for Enterprise Networks, data centers, and smaller businesses. These solutions are optimized for a wide range of industries, including service providers, financial services, and the public sector.

    Designed for flexibility and high performance for today's demanding modern workloads and applications

    The Dell Networking C9010 is a centrally managed, highly scalable modular switch for enterprise campus and mid-market data center networks.

    Get the scalability and integration HPC deployments need. Increase computing density, reliability, and lower power consumption and costs.

    Get the scalability and integration HPC deployments need. Increase computing density, reliability, and lower power consumption and costs.

    Designed for reliable server aggregation and cost-effective deployment

    Designed for architectural agility and flexibility to help data centers smoothly migrate to a software-designed data center

    Optimize performance for todays applications with multi-rate, flexible solutions supporting 10/25/40/50/100GbE throughput.

    Deploy highly resilient, scalable and simplified SAN environments with Brocade high-performance 16 Gbps Fibre Channel rack and blade switches.

    Perfect for deployment in web-scale environments as a 10GbE server access switch; optimized for data center hot/cold aisle deployments with reversible airflow. Hardware support for VXLAN is ideal for deployment in multi-tenancy and overlay environments. Take advantage of the streamlined design and ONIE boot loader to deploy a choice of network operating systems with the freedom to select the management and orchestration tools.

    The HPE FlexFabric 12900E Switch Series is a next-generation modular data center core switch designed to support virtualized data centers and the evolving needs of private and public cloud deployments. It offers unprecedented levels of performance, buffering, scale, and availability with high-density GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE connectivity.

    The HPE FlexFabric 5940 Switch Series is a family of high-performance and low-latency 10GbE and 40GbE top-of-rack (ToR) data center switches. The 5940 Switch includes 100G uplink technology which is part of the HPE FlexFabric data center solution and is a cornerstone of the FlexNetwork architecture.

    The HPE FlexFabric 5950 Switch Series provides advanced features and high performance in a top-of-rack, data center switch architecture. Consisting of a 1U 32-port 100GbE QSFP28 switch, a fixed-port 48-port 25GbE SFP28 switch and a 4-slot chassis, the 5950 brings high density to a small footprint.

    Huawei CloudEngine 12800E (CE12800E for short) series switches are high-performance core switches designed for enterprise data centers. CE12800E switches provide open and standard NETCONF interfaces, enabling fast integration with third-party tools. CE12800E switches use the VRP8 operating system and an orthogonal design of Line Processing Units (LPUs) and Service Fabric Units (SFUs).

    CE12800 offers carrier-grade reliability, virtualization support, iStack clustering, and Software-Defined Networking features for building and scaling data centers and campus networks. CE12800 switches provide versatility and resilient performance for server-based multimedia applications, Big Data analytics, and cloud computing.

    Huawei CloudEngine 1800V (CE1800V) is a distributed Virtual Switch (vSwitch) designed by Huawei for data center virtualization environments. Supporting an abundance of functionality, the open and easy-to-manage CE1800V is compatible with VMware and Microsoft virtualization platforms, as well as other open-source virtualization platforms

    CE5800 Series Switches support standard Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) networks for flexible service provisioning and large-scale Virtual Machine (VM) migrations. Huawei's VRP system software and comprehensive security features ensure safe, secure, high-availability performance with low O&M costs

    Huawei CE6800 Series Switches provide high-throughput, low-latency performance for data centers and high-end campus networks. Four 40 GE uplink ports enable exceptional performance when bridging with core switches using a Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) network. Combine CE6800 and CE12800 switches to implement a non-blocking network platform.

    Combine CE7800 Series Switches with Huawei CE5800, 6800, and 12800 Switches in a virtualized environment that is easy to manage and optimized for high-bandwidth, server-based data processing and multimedia applications

    Combine CE8800 Series Switches with Huawei CE5800, CE6800, CE7800, and CE12800 Switches in a virtualized environment that is easy to manage and optimized for high-bandwidth, server-based data processing and multimedia applications

    Huawei OceanStor SNS2124, 2224, and 2248 are Fiber Channel (FC) switches designed for small-scale independent SANs and edge topologies of large-scale core switching networks

    Huawei OceanStor SNS2624/SNS3664/SNS3696E Switches are the purpose-built network infrastructure for mission-critical storage

    OceanStor SNS3096, SNS5192, and SNS5384 are switches proven in network infrastructures dedicated to data centers

    Huawei OceanStor SNS5604/SNS5608 Directors are proven and dedicated network infrastructure products oriented to data center's mission-critical business.

    Enable high bandwidth and low latency across InfiniBand-connected server nodes in your M1000e blade chassis high-performance computing (HPC) cluster.

    Enable multiple subnets with Mellanox InfiniBand switch devices that provide up to 56Gb/s full bidirectional bandwidth per port

    Deploy low-latency, high-performance, large-scale IB fabrics with unlimited scalability.

    IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) is an enterprise-class storage system that helps organizations achieve better data economics by supporting the new large scale workloads that are critical to success.

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