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Data extraction software allows companies to retrieve structured, poorly structured, and unstructured data from a variety of sources for storage or processing. Data extraction tools can pull data off of forms, scrape information from websites, extract data from emails, and more. Businesses can use this software to help generate leads, gather relevant information from competing business’ webpages, identify trends from document collections, and improve analysis of otherwise unstructured information. Data extraction software can help businesses that make the transition from paper to digital, as well as help fully digital companies make better use of the unstructured data they do not currently use.

Data extraction software works well with data quality software and data preparation software, as both help clean and organize data after scraping. It may also be beneficial to combine data extraction solutions with data integration software so that multiple data types and sources can be aggregated in one place.

To qualify for inclusion in the Data Extraction category, a product must:

  • Extract structured, poorly structured, and unstructured data
  • Pull data from multiple sources
  • Export extracted data in multiple readable formats
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    We turn web content into machine readable data feeds. We provide on-demand access to web data feeds anyone can consume. empowers you to build, launch, and scale data-driven operations as you grow -- whether you’re an entrepreneur, a researcher, or a senior executive at a Fortune 500 company. Developers get free access to the same web data feeds that power our growing customer base of global media analytics and monitoring leaders. Every web data feed is optimized to deliver up-to-the-minute coverage of a specific content domain, such as news, blogs, online discussions, and more. Just define your filters so you can focus on what you do best.

    #1 Email Data Extraction Sofware for SMBs Save hours of manual work by using our powerful email parser. Automatically extract data from emails and send it to hundreds of apps and databases including Excel and Google Sheets. Just point and click the text you want to extract in an email sample. We will do the heavy lifting for you and extract text of any similar email you send us afterwards. Turn emails into structured data Emails are full of valuable data that are needed on a daily basis in practically any business. Unfortunately emails are just unstructured text and making such text meaningful for a machine is hard. Parseur lets you easily transform any email content into structured data.

    Datawatch, an Altair company enables ordinary users to achieve extraordinary results with their data. Only Datawatch can unlock data from the widest variety of sources and prepare it for use in visualization and analytics tools, or for other business processes. When real-time visibility into rapidly changing data is critical, Datawatch also enables users to analyze streaming data, even in the most demanding environments, such as capital markets. Organizations of all sizes in more than 100 countries worldwide use Datawatch products, including 93 of the Fortune 100. To learn more about Datawatch or download a free version of its enterprise software, please visit:

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    Docparser is a cloud based document processing and workflow automation software. Docparser boils down incoming business documents to the essentials and moves the extracted data where it belongs. Say good-bye to manual data entry and automate your business. Businesses in various industries use Docparser to automatically extract data fields from incoming PDF documents and automate Procurement, HR, Accounting and other business processes. Docparser is a non-disruptive solution to automate document based workflows.

    Astera ReportMiner data extraction software provides a complete solution for end-to-end data ingestion and integration for unstructured data sources. ReportMiner enables you to liberate business data trapped in documents such as PDFs, PDF forms, PRN, TXT, RTF, DOC,DOCX, XLS, and XLSX. With features for data cleansing/scrubbing, business rules-based data quality verification, data transformation (merging, splitting, normalizing, denormalizing, and more), and loading into high-end database platforms, the perfect integration flow can be designed to extract, transform, and load data into the final destination for operations and business intelligence applications. ReportMiner Enterprise Edition also provides a built-in scheduler with real-time scheduling features, so not only is the extract/transform/load process automated, but also job scheduling and maintenance. ReportMiner Enterprise Edition ensures you get the best out of the automation process.

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    Get a Quote delivers a SaaS product that enables users to convert the mass of data on websites into structured, machine readable data with no coding required. The point and click interface transforms websites into data with a few simple clicks, enabling anyone to get the data they need even behind a login. Our highly efficient and scalable platform allows customers to process 1,000s of URLs concurrently or on a schedule and gain access to millions of rows of data that they use for hundreds of different use cases. Customers use their web data, images, and reporting for price monitoring, investment and market research, tracking consumer sentiment, gathering images and descriptions for online market places, data journalism, machine learning and AI, and so much more.

    Mozenda is the most used web data extraction software on the market.

    Octoparse is a free client-side Windows web scraping software that turns websites into structured tables of data without coding.

    Scrapinghub provides the leading technology and consulting services to deliver successful web crawling and data processing solutions.

    CaptureFast is the worlds first cloud-based and mobile-first document and data capture application. It aims to help businesses extract valuable information currently stuck in physical or digital documents. By creating different templates from our web application, you may utilize CaptureFast to manage various document types. The mobile capture app allows you to extract information right from the field without the time lost in messengering documents between field and HQ operations.

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    Get a Quote

    Content Grabber offers intuitive and powerful Big Data solutions for reliable web data extraction that scales with your enterprise.

    Get data from any website the way you need it. Get structured data from websites through our cloud based web scraping platform. No coding, Servers or Expensive Softwares required.

    Dexi provides an automated data intelligence environment. Its data extraction, monitoring and process software delivers rapid data insights leading to better decisions and business performance.

    Cloud based web scraping and data extraction platform. Helps to automate data flows, gather data from websites and documents for research, intel and other corporate needs. Rich featured and easy to use, even if you are non-tech.

    All-in-one scraping platform to automate all websites.