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Data loss prevention (DLP) software is used to secure control, and ensure compliance, of sensitive business information. A key component of DLP solutions is distribution control, which ensures users do not send private information outside of corporate business networks. Security staff and network administrators set business rules that determine who can view, change, and share confidential data. DLP tools often control data on both the network and endpoint level to ensure policies remain consistent across the company. These tools are used to ensure the protection of data and prevent leaks by internal sources.

There are overlaps between DLP tools and some governance, risk & compliance (GRC) software, but these tools are specifically geared toward data control. DLP solutions are also used alongside backup software, but as a complement to the software rather than a replacement.

To qualify for inclusion in the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) category, a product must:

  • Monitor data storage and sharing for compliance
  • Allow administrative control over data governance
  • Detect data leaks or misuse
  • Facilitate data identification and discovery
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    Symantec’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution discovers, monitors, and protects sensitive data wherever it goes – across cloud apps, endpoints, networks and data centers. With DLP, businesses are able to keep their data safe from accidental, negligent and malicious data loss by company insiders.

    Endpoint Protector is a full DLP and MDM solution that prevents users from storing sensitive data on their workstations and from taking critical data outside the company or bringing potential harmful files on storage devices inside the network.

    inDefend User Behavior Analytics and Data Loss Prevention Solution (DLP) offers a mechanism designed to allow users to detect and tackle various kinds of sensitive activities pertaining to data loss and data theft.

    CA Data Protection enables you to discover, classify and control information in-use, in-motion, at-rest and at-access. CA DataMinder not only prevents data leakage from occurring but controls it throughout its lifecycle.

    Clearswift's Adaptive DLP is a software that offers a unique, non-disruptive approach to protecting the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data wherever it lives at the endpoint, on premise or in the cloud.

    DeviceLock provides DLP solutions protecting organizations from data leak threats.

    DG Data Protection Platform detects threats and stops data exfiltration from both well-meaning and malicious insiders as well as external adversaries.

    Data loss prevention. A single policy to protect your data, wherever it is.

    Web Security. Next generation web security for tomorrow's global workforce

    UTM solutions are compact, cost-effective, all-in-one small business firewall appliances. Powered by dedicated security, rather than general purpose, processors, they deliver high-performance next-generation firewall, web, and email filtering, data loss prevention and more, easily managed via a single console. In addition, you can solve your networking needs with extensive routing, switching, Wi-Fi, LAN, and WAN capabilities.

    Data Loss Prevention is defined as a system which performs Real-Time Data Classification on Data at Rest and in Motion while automatically enforcing data security policies. Data in Motion is data going to the cloud, internet, devices or the printer.

    MYDLP SUITE Data Loss Prevention software keeps your data safe. MYDLP SUITE Data Loss Prevention software secures your customers' data.

    McAfee Data Loss Prevention solution suite protects your data using a combination of powerful encryption, access control, and user-behavior monitoring.

    Proofpoint Email DLP simplifies data loss prevention by giving you complete visibility and control of email leaving your enterprise.

    SecureTower is an enterprise DLP solution with a lot of functionality for user monitoring and analysis. The tool intercepts vast majority of communication and data transfer channels of the corporate network.

    Somansa Data Loss Prevention solutions are designed to quickly and effectively discover, monitor, and prevent confidential and sensitive data wherever it may be and help companies reduce the cost and complexity of managing DLP solutions.

    Spirion Data Platform is an enterprise data management software that helps businesses reduce their sensitive data footprint and proactively minimize the risks, costs and reputational damage of successful cyber attacks.

    Extend visibility and control to cloud apps with a cloud security solution that combines best-in-class DLP and CASB technologies from Symantec.

    Teramind provides a user-centric security approach to monitor employee's PC behavior. Our software streamlines employee data collection in order to identify suspicious activity, detect possible threats, monitor employee efficiency, and ensure industry compliance. We help reduce security incidents by providing real-time access to user activities by offering alerts, warnings, redirects and user lock-outs to keep your business running as efficiently and secure as possible.

    Integrated DLP allows you to deploy data security for a fraction of the cost and time of traditional enterprise DLP solutions.

    For over 20 years, WatchGuard has pioneered cutting-edge cyber security technology and delivered it as easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solutions. With industry-leading network security, secure Wi-Fi, multi-factor authentication, and network intelligence products and services, WatchGuard enables businesses from around the globe to protect their most important assets.

    Zecurion data loss prevention (DLP) solution is an easy-to-use solution for securing confidential data at rest, in motion, at the endpoint or on network, in the cloud, and to demonstrate regulatory compliance. With pricing and configurations that are SMB as well as large-enterprise friendly, Zecurion DLP is quick and easy to integrate into the existing IT infrastructure without any complexity. The solution supports network, endpoint and agent-based discovery functions. Zecurion is continuously developing technologies including those addressing risk of leaks through social and mobile applications.

    Zscaler Internet Access delivers the complete security stack as a service from the cloud.