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Data quality tools analyze sets of information and identify incorrect or incomplete data. After profiling data concerns, the solution proceeds to cleanse that data based on previously established guidelines. Cleansing data can consist of removing abnormalities or deduplicating and merging repeat information. Data sets can range from customer contact information to granular financial statistics. By targeting and cleaning data lists, data quality software allows businesses to establish high-level standards for data integrity and monitor these standards based on the industry, market, or in-house regulations for specific large data sets or unique software products, such as CRM and marketing automation tools. This process of maintaining data integrity enhances the reliability of such information for use by a business. Data quality software products may also share features or coexist with master data management, data integration, or big data solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Data Quality category, a product must:

  • Identify data inaccuracies
  • Provide data cleansing functionality to correct such inaccuracies
  • Allow companies to maintain a higher level of data integrity

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    Data drives every aspect of customer communication, decision making, analytics and strategy. But, dirty data – stale, incorrect or incomplete data – leads to an inaccurate view of your customers, inefficient operations, suboptimal sales and marketing efforts, and waste. That’s where Melissa’s Listware comes in – it improves the quality of your customer relationship management (CRM) data by verifying, cleaning, consolidating and enriching the contacts in all of your lists: prospect, customer, donor, etc. Our capabilities help you with: • Data Cleansing – clean and dedupe lead, contact and account info for improved marketing • Deduping – get a single view of the customer to identify churn, renew, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities • Data Appends – add verified emails and callable phone numbers to your mailing lists for omni-channel marketing that yields high customer engagement and increased sales • Data Enrichment – add detailed demographics, firmographics, location and property info to your records for more precise segmentation, lead scoring, territory planning and sales intelligence With flexible solutions that meet the requirements of your business, you can clean your data your way. Listware is available in the Cloud or as a plugin for Microsoft® Excel or the world’s leading CRM platform, Salesforce®. Try Listware today for free!

    You cannot afford to run your business on questionable data. With SAP® Data Services software, you can access, transform, and connect data to fuel your critical business processes. Together, these enterprise-class solutions enable data integration and data quality, providing the right level of insight across your business so you can make better decisions and operate more effectively.

    Oceanos designs data management strategies that empower sales and marketing performance. We cleanse and enrich your data and help you find the key contacts missing within each account. Data Cleanse & Append Our Cleanse and Append application lives on the Oceanos Cloud Portal and is designed to handle projects within Eloqua, Marketo and Excel. API solutions available. Contact Discovery Powered by a network of third party data providers and social media intelligence, our contact discovery methodologies find verified, net-new contacts that match your target profiles. With the key contacts mapped at each account, your marketing initiatives reach a wider audience and deliver better results. API solutions available. We not only have the data, but we wrap professional expertise with technology to produce unique solutions and deliver better results. We solve your data challenges so you can focus on generating marketing-attributed revenue.

    Since 1985, Melissa has been providing enterprise data quality tools with wide capabilities including data profiling and standardization, cleansing, enriching, linking and deduping. Our mission is to provide organizations with best-of-breed solutions that deliver trusted, reliable, accurate information for greater insight. Our multiplatform products, services and integrations work seamlessly in .NET, SQL Server and Excel to help you: • Achieve better insight with clean, accurate customer data • Easily onboard, apply standards, enforce rules, cleanse and enrich big data • Run data quality on-premise and in the Cloud Our developer portal, APIs by Melissa, offers helpful tools and resources exclusively for developers, helping to build data cleaning and enrichment into your Apps to fuel growth. We offer single record and batch processing, affordable development and scalable pricing, and flexible Cloud APIs that supports REST, JSON, XML and SOAP for easy integration into your application. Join the thousands of companies worldwide using Melissa to ensure on-time deliveries, boost communications, amplify business intelligence, and improve the bottom line. For more information or start a free trial, visit www.Melissa.com.

    Clean & Match is WinPure’s award-winning data cleansing and data matching software suite, specially designed to increase the accuracy of business or consumer data. This software suite is ideal for cleaning, correcting and deduplicating mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets and CRMs. WinPure™ Clean & Match will help save your business time and money. * Increase the accuracy of virtually ANY list, spreadsheet, database, CRM, etc. * Locally installed Windows software so no need to worry about security as all processing is done on your own systems * Save hours of valuable time cleaning and removing duplicated records from your lists or databases using built-in sophisticated fuzzy and phonetic match algorithms. * Affordable licences available with World Class Support & Training. * Free Demo with Live Online Training available. How it Works: Our advanced data cleansing and ‘intelligent’ matching technology quickly and simply identifies, compares and removes duplicated records with a simple click through its user friendly interface. With our optional address verification module you can be sure that your outbound messages reach your desired location. You can specify the cleansing criteria and WinPure™ completes the clean up and provides you with purified data. Seeing is believing! Schedule a live demo today with one of our product specialist at your convenience. We can learn about your requirements, answer questions, and review ways WinPure can help you and your organization.

    Informatica Data Quality delivers trustworthy data to all stakeholders, projects, and data domains for all business applications on premise or in the cloud.

    Siftrock is a simple, passive way to clean your database and find fresh leads for B2B and ABM. It works by automatically mining the email replies and auto-responders that come back from your marketing campaigns. Siftrock works behind the scenes, and syncs data with Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, or Act-On, based on the rules you set. Top B2B marketers like Citrix, Avalara, SurveyMonkey, Glassdoor, RingCentral, and Payscale use Siftrock to improve database quality, find new leads, and save time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***Why Email Replies & Auto-Responders Matter?*** --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2-3% of emails get a reply and these replies (including those pesky OOO auto-responders) contain tons of useful data for marketing & sales. By passively mining email replies, you can answer: - Who has left their company? - Who replaced that person? - Who else can I contact when my prospect is on leave or vacation? - Which emails are no longer valid? ------------------------- ***Case Study:*** ------------------------- Payscale recognized value in replies, but was manually sifting through thousands of messages each week. Payscale's solution: Siftrock for Marketo - the simple way to mine every email reply,automatically clean or append data, and uncover fresh leads. The Results: - 15x ROI on Siftrock. - 6,500 new fresh contacts added to Marketo. - 5,000 job changes found & updated records. - 8+ hours/month saved for marketing ops. "Siftrock delivers high quality contact data and surfaces opportunities that we wouldn’t have seen in the past." -- Nichole Marsano, Director of Demand Generation, Payscale

    SAS Enterprise Miner is a software provide insights that drive better decision making, it streamline the data mining process to develop models quickly, understand key relationships and find the patterns that matter most.

    Oracle Enterprise Data Quality delivers a complete, best-of-breed approach to party and product data resulting in trustworthy master data that integrates with applications to improve business insight.

    Omni-Gen Master Data Management (MDM) Edition provides a single platform for generating applications that combine data integration, data quality, and master data management – in a fraction of the time such projects used to require. The benefits are huge – typical project times can be reduced from a year-and-a-half to six months or less. (NOTE: Other iWay components, such as iWay Service Manager, are included as part of the Omni-Gen platform.)

    SAS Data Quality meets you where you are, addressing your data quality issues without requiring you to move your data.

    Cloudingo solves the biggest problem with Salesforce data: duplicate records. What’s unique about Cloudingo is its ability to comb through Salesforce to find duplicated records while giving you the most flexibility and control, with the least headaches of any deduplication tool on the market. And while removing duplicates is at the core of what Cloudingo does, there’s a lot more to data cleansing. Developed with user feedback in mind, it’s no wonder Cloudingo is a favorite app among Salesforce users. With Cloudingo you can: - Remove duplicates in Salesforce or from imports files - Build an unlimited number of filters using various matching styles - Merge duplicates manually, in bulk, or automatically - Update and delete records - Clean lists before records reach Salesforce by matching import records with existing Salesforce records to ensure no duplicates enter your data and existing records get updated - Validate mailing addresses and add geocodes - Schedule Cloudingo to run in the background, searching for a merging duplicates - Monitor your progress with sharable reports and audit activity - Integrate other systems with Cloudingo via API integrations - Create multiple permission-based user logins for added security and auditing - Dedupe Marketo records and keep Salesforce and Marketo synched and aligned Try Cloudingo free for 10 days, and within minutes you’ll see how many duplicate records exist in your org.

    SAS Data Management technology is truly integrated, which means you're not forced to work with a solution that's been cobbled together.

    Loqate, a GBG solution (formerly Addressy), is the world’s most trusted data specialist in location intelligence for businesses of all sizes and sectors. By combining our leading technology with the richest data we give businesses anywhere in the world the precision and reliability they need to give their customers the best possible experiences. From one, simple-to-use source, our customers can access our global data and knowledge repository for hyper-local insights, helping them to generate more business and retain more customers. Our market-leading verification technology makes it quick and easy to enter an address, email or phone number on any device. Loqate technology works just like a search engine, suggesting accurate results as the user types, making it quicker and easier to enter data, as well as ensuring data quality at the point of entry. Our address verification search uses advanced Fuzzy error correction, even recognizing when users misspell words, leave out part of the address or make typos. The service also eliminates common customer address issues such as unknown ZIP+4 codes or problems with mail delivery to apartments and suites. Data Coverage Verification of addresses in over 240 countries globally comes as standard, and because we source our data from official partners you know accurate customer data will be captured in your systems. Global API Full HTTPS API is available for all of our services, with multiple endpoints provided so you can access the data in whichever way suits you. Should you need it we can provide you with documentation to support this. Deployment options Our single API for all countries enables us to offer flexible deployment options – on premises, cloud or private cloud – to meet our partners and customers’ specific implementation requirements. * Improve user experience for increased conversion rates. * Search on any part of an address, not just the zip/postcode and results as soon as you start typing. * Even recognizes common misspellings. * A single click auto-fills the whole address form. * Works in over 240 countries, correctly formatting international addresses. * Improve delivery rates and customer satisfaction. * Avoid the costs of failed deliveries and qualify for postal discounts. We help every business in the world reach every customer in the world Loqate is a GBG solution. GBG is the world’s leading Identity Data Intelligence specialist, giving organisations in over 70 countries the ability to make sense of data about nearly 4.5 billion people. By combining trillions of data records, we help our customers make informed decisions about capturing and managing personal data, risk management, fighting fraud and employment. Our global, award-winning solutions are delivered via customisable SaaS, mobile and on-premise platforms.

    Better understand your data and cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver it. Build confidence in your data Delivers clean, consistent and timely information for your data warehouses or big data projects and applications. Create a flexible governance strategy Helps you adapt a data governance strategy to suit your organizational objectives, while shaping business information in unique ways to meet your needs. Modernize and consolidate your systems Enables you to consolidate applications, retire outdated databases and modernize your infrastructure, as well as automate business processes for improved cost savings. Connect business and IT Provides a unified platform that enables collaboration, which can help you bridge the gap between business and IT and align objectives.

    RingLead offers a complete end-to-end suite of products to clean, protect and enhance company and contact information, leading to improved organizational efficiency, reliable business intelligence, and maximized ROI on CRM and marketing automation investments. Streamline the health of your database by continuously capturing, cleansing, protecting, and enriching your data with customizable technology and real-time, crowdsourced intelligence. Partnered with leading data vendors and social platforms, RingLead provides the highest level of accurate company, contact, and direct dial data in order to fuel your funnel and deliver a 360° view of your target audience to deliver the right message, at the right time. Align sales and marketing with a scalable, secure platform that boosts performance, enables advanced account-based marketing strategies, and generates a pipeline that consistently translates to revenue. Since 2003 RingLead has helped solve the dirty data problems of large enterprises, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses across the globe. RingLead’s premier DMS platform includes: DMS Capture: Collect 1000+ leads within minutes and seamlessly export your lists to multiple CRM’s, or an Excel spreadsheet to decrease your prospecting time by half. Detect and prevent duplicates from entering your database, and enrich the remaining leads all from one main screen. DMS Cleanse: Remove all duplicate records in your CRM by merging leads, contacts, and accounts with the click of a button. Increase productivity by automating your cleanse tasks to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly with our scheduler tool and receive email updates when the task is complete. DMS Duplicate Prevention: Prevent duplicates from entering your system for leads, contacts and accounts, through list imports, web submissions and manual entry. Choose from over 55 custom matching logic rules that are specific to your company in order to identify duplicates. DMS Enrichment: Append all of the data in your CRM with real-time contact and firmographic information. Our intelligent proprietary aggregation technology boasts the highest match rates in the industry, giving users access to mobile numbers, email addresses, direct dials and more improving your overall conversion metrics.

    DataMatch Enterprise 2015 is a highly visual desktop data cleansing application specifically designed to resolve customer and contact data quality issues. The suite consists of scalable configurations for deduplication & record linking, suppression, enhancement, extraction, and standardization of business and customer data.

    Process Any Data, From Any Source. Centralize data processing of all types. Normalize varying schema and formats. Quickly extend to custom log formats. Easily add plugins for custom data sources

    DupeCatcher is a real-time app that blocks duplicate leads, contacts, & accounts before they enter Salesforce.com

    When it comes to targeted marketing and sales efforts, your results are only as good as your data. You know how it works: garbage in, garbage out. ReachForce provides automatic contact and account data verification and enrichment for a full view of your customers and accounts. Our products verify, correct, standardize and flag duplicate data automatically either at the time of acquisition on your landing pages or continuously checking your database. This saves your company valuable time and resources by allowing your team to skip manual data cleansing and execute thoughtful and timely marketing and sales campaigns.

    One simple data management supertool for cloud platforms. Effortlessly organize, manage, and cleanse data in Salesforce, Marketo, Intercom, Zendesk, Hubspot, Yext.

    Improve end-to-end business performance with a single platform that integrates quality data, location intelligence and decisive customer insight.

    Because you need to understand, analyze, and quantify the impact of data and data quality on your enterprise processes.

    SQL Server Data Quality Services (DQS) is a knowledge-driven data quality product.

    Apache Atlas provides scalable governance for Enterprise Hadoop that is driven by metadata.

    ArcGIS Data Reviewer helps you to make data quality a component of your overall data management strategy.

    Email Validation helps getting the email list clean and validated from bounced emails before sending your email campaigns.

    Informatica LLC is the worlds number one independent provider of data integration software.

    Access Database Recovery software is a solution for Microsoft Access users that can fix corrupt Access database showing "unrecognized database format" and other error messages.

    RedPoint creates enterprise data management and omnichannel marketing solutions that simplify the complexity of harnessing data to drive business growth.

    Monitor, analyze, and improve data integrity with SAP Information Steward software. Combine data profiling and metadata management tools for continuous insight into the quality of enterprise information to optimize processes, and enhance operational, analytical, and data governance initiatives.

    Talends open source products and open architecture create unmatched flexibility so you can solve integration challenges your way.

    Trillium Software provides data quality, data governance, data cleansing, and data profiling solutions.

    Fully CASS Certified by the USPS®, SmartSoftDQ’s AccuMail solutions provide the most powerful industry-leading address verification software that standardizes, validates, and corrects information at point-of-entry or in batch mode across an entire database. AccuMail frameworks provides a wide array of valuable features designed to save you and time and money: • Cuts waste with advanced duplicate detection technology • Is easily integrated into virtually any application housing customer data • Is fully scalable to the size of your organization, including multiuser environments • Offers optional integrated real-time change-of-address processing • Lets you enjoy the benefits of greater efficiency, lower costs and increased ROI • Is available in a Mailers Edition, with PAVE Certified postal presorting to maximize postal discounts If you appreciate the power of accurate data, you’ll appreciate the power of AccuMail.

    ActivePrime provides innovative, automated customer intelligence solutions helping more than 120,000 users in 42 countries. Our data quality and fuzzy search technologies enable our customers to generate consolidated, actionable customer intelligence from both cloud and on-premise data.

    Anchor Computer Software provides postal processing, data quality, and document design solutions for the direct mail/marketing industry with tools to create personalized documents, maximize postal discounts, and keep data files in good condition.

    Ataccama Data Quality products provide powerful, easy-to-use solutions to different aspects of the data quality process. Together, they provide an integrated platform with the performance and scalability to tackle the most advanced data quality, master data management and data governance projects.

    Code-1 Plus validates, corrects and standardizes customer address data.

    Datactics, a market leader in data quality and matching software, is ideally positioned to meet the specific data requirements of firms operating in the financial sector as they prepare for emerging regulations. We provide sophisticated tools to help financial institutions get their data in order and quickly respond to new standards. We offer agile data quality and powerful matching software for reference, entity and instrument data. Datactics utilises edit distance (fuzzy) matching, equipping the business user to access information held in multiple formats and languages, at blistering speed through massively parallel processing (MPP). Our software populates missing fields and realigns the data by parsing unstructured data and using adaptive master reference files, capturing the knowledge held by the data experts in your organization.

    i/Lytics Data Management can also be used to identify and extract textual information in free-form data for use in validating or organizing data.

    B2B business, people and technology information, database

    iugum Data Software helps Improve your data management software to cleanse, match and merge your lists, datasets or databases.

    Data quality platform for continuous, active management of data from any source.

    Making Sure Your Data is Accurate, Genuine, & Up-To-Date

    Software repairs and recovers all the information related to the customers, vendors, employees from a corrupt QuickBooks (.qbw) file.

    Talend Data Quality has the potential to reduce costs, increase sales, and improve performance by making trusted data available in every style of integration. Talend Data Quality delivers trusted data everywhere with easy onboarding, standards and rules application across all Talend integration platforms. Data is enriched, protected, and available.

    mDesktop is designed to resolve complex contact data quality issues.It includes a robust Data Matching Engine to handle matching, merging and suppression tasks. The built in ETL parsing engine Identifies, extracts, and transforms data ensuring even the most inconsistent data entries are properly cleansed.

    AcaStat is a data analysis and summary statistics package. Helps to import tab or comma delimited data files or use drag and drop from a spreadsheet. Format, set missing values, and recode data.

    Secure the benefits of real-time postal address verification across all business-critical systems, databases and applications. Available as REST or SOAP services, SmartSoftDQ’s AccuMail address verification API deploys rapidly and prevents inaccurate or incomplete data from entering any system. Ensure each address is parsed, analyzed, verified, formatted with USPS® CASS certified data, standardized with ZIP+4® Codes, updated with DPV™, SuiteLink™, or LACSLink® information, enhanced with carrier routes and LOT codes, and inspected for duplicates before it enters your database. Simple Integration – The AccuMail Verify address verification API is designed for rapid deployment, in both REST and SOAP environments, so you’ll be up and running in as little as an hour! Certified by the USPS - CASS Certified for accuracy, the AccuMail Verify API instantly validates addresses against the very latest postal database from the USPS. Total Address Accuracy - addresses are verified, standardized, and any missing elements such as ZIP+4 or County Code are added to each record. Built-in RDI - the Residential Delivery Indicator feature lets you know whether each address is a residential or business address - which can lower your shipping costs, as well as give you greater insight into the addresses in your database for marketing purposes. Full Customization – AccuMail Verify API gives you control over the look and feel of your web forms for seamless integration within your website or other applications. Labels, buttons, input fields and tabs can all be customized with different sizes, colors, fonts and placements.

    AccuZIP provides solutions to manage contact data quality, address hygiene, USPS Postal presorting and compliance and mail tracking and reporting.

    Used to implement and efficiently operate an enterprise-wide compliance and risk management system. Read more

    SQL Database Recovery software is designed to repair MDF file and recover SQL Server Database from corrupted.

    Audit & Analytics Services continuously scans corporate information regardless of type, source and volume to discover and alert of patterns, deviations and inconsistencies related to enterprise data and content. It helps to improve operational performance, strengthen internal controls, reduce occupational fraud and elevate compliance by automating business audit and reconciliation rules to deliver policy-driven results.

    ASG Technologies’ Enterprise Data Intelligence Solution delivers a tool-agnostic solution that supports the creation of custom metadata interfaces for your enterprise sources, providing a complete data lineage knowledge base. The range and flexibility offered by ASG includes discovery of mainframe, distributed and other ETL code, analyzing to ensure there are no gaps in your end-to-end lineage.

    Data-as-a-service: virtualized & collaborative commercial support model

    We help businesses capture address data quickly and accurately. Our postcode & address lookup solutions improve the usability of address entry forms and boost address data quality. All address data is cleansed at the point of capture.

    The Premier Open Source Data Quality Solution

    Spotless is an API designed to automate data cleaning to validate data coming into a platform.

    Data Match 2015 can be used by anyone, not just IT professionals.

    DataMD performs simple data services like basic hygiene and standardization, appending demographics, or even licensing new contacts.

    SheetData Quality Center (DQC) provides a consistent, comprehensive tool that will allow you to address the full range of data quality issues.

    The demands on the master data's quality are rising since they are a basic requirement for the success of your business.

    BackOffice Associates is a worldwide leader in information governance and data modernization solutions, focusing on helping customers manage one of their most critical assets – data. Our range of award-winning products, built on a revolutionary platform, address the needs of business users seeking to unlock the value of their data assets. Our products and services enable organizations to accelerate growth, gain actionable visibility and reduce risks. Founded in 1996, we have an unparalleled record of success in the most complex data environments across a variety of industries. Customers include many Fortune 1000 companies including Eli Lilly, Kraft and Graybar. BackOffice Associates is a global corporation headquartered in Massachusetts with additional offices in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Dubai, India, Singapore, Switzerland and the U.K.

    Datiris Profiler is a powerful tool with thoughtful, well-designed features. Features you'll actually use, in part because they're easy to use.

    dbMonitor is an easy-to-use tool designed to provide visual monitoring of database applications.

    The only de-duping tool that allows you to identify duplicates based on your own business rules. You select how to define a duplicate by setting up your own rules of identifying which record is going to be the surviving (master) record. StrategicDB's de-duping tool also normalizes fields such as: Website, Address and Company Name for better identification of duplicates. To ensure that the selected master record is the right choice among duplicates, our deduping tool is equipped with the confidence level feature. Your final file shows the confidence level of the selected duplicate. It also provides you with the data completeness score that helps with your master/merge selection.

    Since 2001, Service Objects has provided real-time data quality services that verify and improve the quality of your leads and contact records. Our DOTS Lead Validation is a real-time API combining our validation expertise in contact, business name, email, address, phone, and device verification into a single, robust solution that corrects and appends contact records and provides an actionable lead quality score. Our service cross-validates five critical lead quality components: name, street address, phone number, email address and IP address. This lead scoring software analyzes 130+ data points to return a validation score of 1-100, helping companies identify acceptable customer data at the point-of-entry. There are 3 ways to enjoy DOTS Lead Validation: Real-time API - Validate leads at the point of entry and provides a Lead Quality score for lead routing and business decisions. Batch - Validate and correct existing leads in your contact records. Cloud-Connector - For CRM and Marketing Automation users. Service Objects has made it simple for CRM and Marketing Automation users to take advantage of our lead validation services with our easy of use connector designed to work within your account. Once connected, we can validate incoming leads and monitor and correct your existing ones. Our team can have you up and running in minutes. Think your contact records are already accurate? According to SiriusDecisions, 25% of all contact records contain critical errors. With simple validation, you could easily reach those contacts. Learn more about our DOTS - Lead Validation on Service Objects' website or sign up for our free Data Quality Scan and learn about the health and viability of your leads and how Service Objects can help correct them and improve your campaigns' performance.

    DQA may be simple, but it is not simplistic.

    DQ Components API™ Software can be used as an SDK or API by developers. It allows powerful data quality functionality to be embedded into applications, databases or ETL processes.

    Ataccamas Data Quality Dashboard (DQD) application provides a quick, accurate snapshot of the current state of your data.

    DQ Issue Tracker (DQIT) is designed to help you constantly improve your data.

    Our easy to use Match™ Software links directly to disparate data sources, identifies matches fast and produces duplicate free databases and mailing files, providing you with a Single Customer View you can trust. Process potential matching records with ease, searching across an unlimited number of database fields – even when data is misaligned by column. Allowing users to: review, enhance, flag, group, link, update or delete as required. Match™ is very extensible using the power of its Visual Basic scripting capability, enabling developers to define and implement their own matching criteria by writing and including those scripts directly into the product. Integrate with virtually any other application, perform specific pre or post-processing functions, including: Data Warehouses, ETL, CRM, ERP, GIS, EIS, BI and any other data visualisation or migration application.

    Ixsights data quality audit doesn't end with a simple report of the results.

    Egon is a data quality software tool available directly by the web that provides all-round operations for international postal address verification.

    Enlightens detailed reporting components help ensure exceptional accuracy by providing a set of up to 180 statistics for each data column.

    Experian Pandora is an end to end data management platform for such data-driven initiatives as: Data Quality, Data Profiling, Data Migration, Data Governance, Data Preparation and the establishment of a Single Customer View.

    Cut costs, speed cash flow and increase customer satisfaction with timely delivery of communications.

    GBG is a global specialist in Identity Data Intelligence.

    DataCleaner is your comprehensive data quality Swiss army knife.

    DataCleaner Cloud will manage and improve your marketing data for you in no time.

    DataEntry is the gatekeeper for your customer data system.

    Hyperfish provides complete and up-to-date directory and people profiles across the entire Microsoft experience.

    IBM® InfoSphere® Information Analyzer, a component of Information Server evaluates data quality and structure within and across heterogeneous systems. It utilizes a reusable rules library and supports multi-level evaluations by rule record and pattern. It also facilitates the management of exceptions to established rules. Analyzer helps identify data inconsistencies, redundancies and anomalies and makes inferences about the best choices for structure. Analyzing data is the primary purpose of Information Analyzer. Learn More: https://ibm.co/2MJE08X

    iCEDQ is an ETL testing & monitoring software developed by Torana Incorporation. It is a DataOps Automation Software for ETL Testing and Data Migration Testing as well as a Data Quality Governance platform for enterprises. Reports generated by iCEDQ help businesses with better decision making. iCEDQ performs data auditing & data testing wherever huge amount of data is involved. iCEDQ provides a complete automated solution with a built-in ability to audit, validate and reconcile data across heterogeneous data sets. It is an automated platform used for testing data during development and then monitoring it once it goes into the production. It is an independent rules engine specifically designed for data validation/ auditing/ reconciliation between the source and target system. iCEDQ is built around a flexible, scalable and portable rules engine capable of combating challenges faced by QA in DDLC (Data Development Life Cycle) projects.

    i/Lytics Data Cleanse combines Innovatives advanced processing capabilities.


    Infogix Data3Sixty enables users to source data from multiple data platforms and applications, including other Infogix products, as well as external databases, enabling collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and user.

    InsideView’s targeting intelligence platform lets you identify the best targets, get relevant insights at the right time, and see exactly who your customers are and what they really need. It delivers consistent, real-time access to data, insights, and connections that unify your siloed systems and align your customer engagement around a single, reliable view of the customer.

    The all-in-one platform for Enterprise Data Management

    LexisNexis Business Data Enrichment Suite facilitates that process. Drawing from an unparalleled reach of fresh data filtered by sophisticated analytics, you can quickly update customer profiles, fill in gaps and stay in the loop on developments that impact your risk.

    MemberPoint cleans and enhances your membership files with information from our vast public records repository which uses our proprietary LexID linking technology and HPCC computing platform.

    LexisNexis Provider Data Enhancements provides correct, current and comprehensive provider information in a way that is easy to integrate, automate and use.

    LexisNexis ProviderPoint is a proven, powerful hosted solution that gives payers and other health care stakeholders a systematic way to keep provider information accurate and up-to-date, while significantly reducing operating costs. It delivers unrivaled depth, breadth and quality of information in a way that's easy to integrate and use.

    MasterDataOnline (MDO )is a tool that helps in governance and standardization of all types of master data across the business using workflows and approval processes.

    More accurate, actionable data is what sets ThinkSmart apart. We provide merge purge processing with response matchbacks as a standalone capability as well as fully integrated solutions combining merge purge, database and web-based analytic tools.

    Monyog is an agentless MySQL monitoring tool that helps DBAs pro-actively identify issues affecting MySQL database performance. Monyog reduces downtime, tightens security, provides performance insights and optimizes the performance of MySQL powered systems. It is easy to setup and ships with 600+ monitors and advisors that continuously check the health status of your MySQL servers. Monyog makes monitoring MySQL databases easy and uncovers valuable MySQL server performance insight within 2 minutes.

    DEYDE is a 100% Spanish-owned company specializing in Data Quality (DQ).

    Naveego DQS is a new, easy way to track, analyze, and monitor the quality of the data you use every day to make critical business decisions -- all in one, centralized tool. You will spend less time fighting data quality issues and more time building data you can actually trust.

    Openprise is a data automation solution that automates the analysis, cleansing, enrichment, and unification of data and deliver data-driven marketing programs and deploy advanced marketing technologies such as marketing automation, account-based marketing, and predictive marketing solutions.

    LexisNexis Patient Data MasterFile is a patient data hygiene solution that helps to verify,standardize and update patient records, improving the quality of operational patient datasets.

    Perfect & Merge™ Software is more powerful than the out-of-the-box duplicate detection in MS Dynamics CRM and allows for multi-record merge. DQ Global’s Perfect & Merge™ Data Quality Software is a companion product which can be used in a web browser to address data quality for MS Dynamics CRM. Our Software allows multiple duplicate records to be reviewed and processed side by side within MS CRM to perfect and merge duplicate records with ease. Perfect & Merge™ for MS Dynamics CRM can be deployed in three flexible and secure ways. The options are: On Premise Online Private Cloud DQ Global’s Perfect & Merge™ data quality software embeds directly into your CRM system as a plugin. Authorised users can manipulate duplicate records using capabilities not provided in the default MS Dynamics CRM system. With Perfect & Merge™ data quality software you will: Manage data in real time in the CRM system, no data leaves the CRM environment Remove duplicates and enhance your levels of data quality instantly Merge duplicate data to create a surviving best record Improve the consistency of records and create a Single Customer View (SCV) Re-assign data linked to any duplicate to its surviving parent entity Validate important pieces of business information like phone and email Collaborate to improve CRM system data quality through multiple concurrent logins Make better informed decisions and prevent unnecessary data waste.

    ProductMatch is a semantic data integration and classification software that maps product data into common hierarchies and attribute trees quickly and automatically with visual tools and semantic based machine learning.

    Designed to manage and analyze data, help with metadata and data structuring and anomalies detection.

    QIWare is an agile analytics solution that delivers a complete suite of capabilities to support end-to-end data mining cycle. Simplify data preparation and modeling while increasing business productivity, minimizing human error, and significantly improving usability.

    QuerySurge is the leading Data Testing solution built specifically to automate the testing of Data Warehouses, Big Data, & BI Reports, ensuring that the data extracted from data sources remains intact in the target data store by analyzing and pinpointing any differences quickly.

    Refine My Data is a quick and easy way of making sure your data is top quality. They can run your data through any number of our bespoke cleansing routines to ensure that your campaigns are as effective as they can be.

    Rocket Mainstar FastAudit is a data integration solution that enables high-speed, accurate, and flexible audits of your IBM z Systems data - reducing or eliminating single points of failure. Storage administrators can maintain healthy metadata environments and prevent temporary or permanent loss of data access. With fast, accurate metadata audits, your IBM z/OS environment stays trouble-free.

    To run at the speed of business, accurate business data is crucial, especially the location data for your customers, your suppliers, and your people. SAP® Data Quality Management, microservices for location data, smoothly embeds address cleansing, validation, and other location-enrichment services within every business process and application interface. It is powered by SAP Cloud Platform, which means no IT or data maintenance tasks and per transaction pricing that keeps costs in line with your needs.

    SAS Data Governance gives your data guidance and context. It enables you to align business and IT, monitor quality and pinpoint problems, all within the same environment.

    SAS Data Quality Accelerator for Teradata is the ultimate way for Teradata customers to improve and maintain data quality. There's no need to extract your data for quality improvements – the process takes place directly in Teradata, where your data resides.

    Transform your messy, duplicate-laden data into clean, reliable and actionable data with the cloud-based Satori data solutions platform.

    AI Data Analysis Technologies for Business

    Trillium Cloud is the solution you need.

    Trillium Refine enables you to anticipate opportunities.

    Uniserv is the largest expert of data quality, data integration and data management solutions in Europe.

    uProc offers tools to enhance and enrich database fields. Organizations can benefit from improved internal data flows, better campaigns, classification, and cost reduction. uProc can validate emails, phones or add several fields to a database for better a segmentation. Also, uProc improves forms, and unifies databases. The uProc API supports JSON for responses.

    Veeva Vault QualityOne helps companies improve efficiency, visibility and control in quality management with an easy-to-use, secure cloud solution that unifies processes, documents and data.

    Winshuttle Foundation™ allows companies to automate complex SAP-based business processes across the organization using workflow applications that include web-form or Excel-based capabilities.

    WizRule, data auditing, automatically reveals the patterns in the data under analysis and points at cases deviating from these patterns as suspected errors or frauds. A suspected fraud is defined as a case that deviates from a strong rules. Detects interesting phenomena that may lead to fraudulent cases. This tool is used for fraud detection and investigations.

    Developed by data, technology and analytics experts, XOR helps organizations optimize and monetize data they own, as well as data from across competing and noncompeting companies and industries.