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Best Demand Planning Software

Demand planning software provides businesses with forecasting solutions that help them prepare for future customer demand. Businesses implement demand planning tools to plan and manage future inventory and production. These solutions help businesses serve their customers by predicting their long-term needs. They can better prepare for upcoming demands by ensuring that the proper quantity and type of inventory is stocked when needed. Demand planning solutions rely heavily on predictive analysis and are often a part of supply chain management solutions. This tool can integrate machine learning software to increase predictions by analyzing historical data.

To qualify for inclusion in the Demand Planning category, a product must:

  • Extract key insights from inventory trackers and other metrics
  • Convert raw data into actionable forecasts
  • Support and facilitate automated forecast processes
  • Involve predictive analysis tools
  • Produce reliable predictions

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    JDA Platform is an integrated retail and supply chain management solution that helps you manage costs, revenue and time to value so you can deliver your customer promises.

    JDA Inventory Optimization provides companies with end-to-end capabilities for managing inventory strategy, planning and execution, enabling them to gain market share and reduce costs.

    Reduce cost and increase profit with our affordable supply and demand planning tools.

    Oracle's Demantra is a best-in-class provider of demand management, sales & operations planning, and trade promotions management solutions.

    EFI Metrix is a imposition, layout and planning tool. It transforms big data into actionable data in the most proven end-to-end integrated solution with a holistic view into manufacturing.

    GAINSystems is a pioneer in technology for optimizing supply chains, and our team has seen just about everything. That why we developed a comprehensive approach that considers error and variability across supply, demand & operations. You can rest assured that our supply chain experts will work side-by-side with yours and together weÕll think of everything -- ultimately producing stellar results.

    Oracle Demand Management Cloud combines proven forecasting algorithms with flexible analytics to anticipate customer demand. It gives you immediate feedback on new products, business segments and customer behaviors that drive demand, so you can respond to these changes.

    SkuBrain is web based demand forecasting and inventory optimization solution. It uses sales history to predict future demand for your products and then makes recommendations, based on current stock levels, as to what you should buy in order to be able to meet that demand or which products might be overstocked.

    EazyStock is a tool that helps small and medium sized, distributing companies optimize their inventory. Our customers see quick results like higher service levels, lower inventory costs and faster, more efficient processes. Keep in the forefront with a cloud solution that automates purchasing processes, calculates optimal inventory levels, re-order points and safety stock dynamically, and gives you full inventory control at a minimal effort. EazyStock is easy to use and the integration with your ERP is fast and hassle-free, thanks to the intuitive interface and our dedicated customer success managers.

    Epicor SCM activities begin with a customer order and ends when the purchase is paid for, a process often referred to as perfect order fulfillment—from quote-to-cash.

    Offering the industry’s only concurrent planning solution, Kinaxis is helping organizations around the world revolutionize their supply chain planning. Kinaxis RapidResponse, our cloud-based supply chain management software, connects your data, processes and people into a single harmonious environment. With a consolidated view of the entire supply chain, you can plan expected performance, monitor progress and respond to disconnects when reality hits. RapidResponse lets you know sooner and act faster, leading to reduced decision latency, and improved operational and financial performance. We can prove it. From implementation to expansion, we’re here to help our customers with every step of their supply chain journey.

    With more than 1,300 customers worldwide, Logility is a leading provider of collaborative supply chain optimization and advanced retail planning solutions that help small, medium, large, and Fortune 500 companies realize substantial bottom-line results in record time. Logility Voyager Solutions™ is a complete supply chain management and retail optimization solution that features advanced analytics and provides supply chain visibility; demand, inventory and replenishment planning; Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP); Integrated Business Planning (IBP); supply and inventory optimization; manufacturing planning and scheduling; and retail merchandise planning and allocation. Logility customers include Big Lots, Fender Musical Instruments, Husqvarna Group, Parker Hannifin, Verizon Wireless, and VF Corporation. Logility is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMSWA), named one of the 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America by Forbes. For more information about Logility, call 800-762-5207 USA or visit https://www.logility.com.

    Advanced inventory forecasting. Service more clients with less stocks. Display better prices. Outprice your competition but preserve your margins.

    Mycroft Assistant is a cloud SCM solution. It delivers SMB more profit and cuts cost by eliminating human error as well as the need for SMBs to maintain a staff of highly-paid experts to manage inventory. Helps increase profitability up to +30%

    Oracle Planning Central is a modern, easy-to-use supply chain planning solution that balances supply and demand, and monitors your supply chain for success.

    ProShop is a comprehensive shop management suite for manufacturing companies.

    Respond to new market expectations with real-time supply chain planning capabilities and fulfill future demand profitably supply chain management. Powered by in-memory computing technology within SAP HANA, this cloud-based solution combines capabilities for sales and operations; demand, response, and supply planning; and inventory optimization. - Cloud deployment - Real-time scenarios and simulation - Social collaboration - Powerful predictive Analytics KEY BENEFITS: Achieve a rapid deployment Get up and running quickly with SAP Integrated Business Planning by using preconfigured process templates for an accelerated implementation. Empower employees with intuitive features Offer a unified, intuitive user experience with SAP Fiori and planning and simulation capabilities based on Microsoft Excel. Plan resources effectively Optimize resource efficiency by creating supply plans based on prioritized demands, allocations, and supply chain constraints. KEY CAPABILITIES: Integration with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower Gain end-to-end visibility of your supply chain, decision support, and fast corrective action through integration with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower. Forecasting and demand management Get full demand transparency with short-term, mid-term, and long-term forecasting. Take advantage of best-in-class capabilities for demand sensing and statistical forecasting. Inventory optimization Establish optimal inventory targets that enable you to maximize profits, while leaving a buffer to help you meet unexpected demand. Sales and operations planning Deliver a cross-departmental sales and operations plan that balances inventory, service levels, and profitability. Response and supply planning Optimize resourcing efficiency by creating supply plans based on prioritized demands, allocations, and supply chain constraints.

    Create demand-driven, statistical forecasts with an analytics-driven framework that automates and manages the information exchange between everyone involved in the demand forecasting process. Sense demand signals. Predict and shape future demand more accurately. With the combined power of automation, analytics and workflow, you can generate the most unbiased and accurate large-scale demand forecasts.

    StockWise provides real time inventory management insights for small retailers and immediately identifies/predicts dead and excess stocks, reducing inventory costs.

    Absolute Value is a fit, formula-based forecasting and multi-site replenishment solution for distributors.

    Satisfy customer requirements while maintaining optimal inventory with the powerful Acumatica Manufacturing Edition MRP planning tool.

    With add*ONE you can have effective inventory management that harmonizes opposing requirements by simultaneously ensuring low stocks, enhanced liquidity and high availability of goods.

    The Arkieva Demand Planner is about bringing together people in a business that don't usually work side by side. This empowers them to be able to understand the totality of their business, from forecasting to inventory and sales.

    Atomli absorbs data from many different sources and automatically identifies which factors are important. Its platform assesses demand at the maximum level of granularity (eg at the SKU/store level), increasing accuracy and reliability.

    BidCue is an auction sourcing and inventory management solution, designed to makes it simple for dealers to stock and sell what the market demands faster and more profitably.

    CatalogForce is a product information management solution that provides tools to help you organize your products in a centralized database with separate style from content, and a variety of formats are supported.

    Teradata Demand Chain Management provides you with improved customer service levels, optimized inventory assortments and promotion management, fast ROI, and power and scalability.

    A complete end-to-end S&OP supply chain management software suite that can easily integrate into any ERP and be configured module by module

    Demand Solutions Forecast Management opens up a whole new world for supply chain management - better demand planning, improved inventory planning and, ultimately, increased efficiency and profits.

    It has all the collaborative planning features of Smoothie Server, but you pay for it in modest monthly payments and we deploy it for you on high-performing Microsoft or Amazon cloud servers.

    Leading Software Tools for Sales & Operations Planning

    Smoothie® Server enables wide scale concurrent use and automates integration with host systems.

    Direct Tech provides software and services to help multi-channel retailers and wholesalers with merchandise and inventory planning to help with sales and gross margin, in-stock inventory, and manage overstocks and cash flow.

    E2open enables global 1000 companies to run the most complex and responsive multi-enterprise supply chains in the world.

    Forecast Pro is a best and inclusive sales forecasting software. It supports budget and forecasting arrangement system. It can work in multiple hierarchies at the same time. It helps predict interest for products and services so you can enhance logistics, generation booking, stock management and financial planning.

    ForecastX Wizard is a software that makes detailed and accurate business forecasting easy it combines a powerful statistical forecasting engine with Microsoft Excel to give team an effective blend of forecast accuracy, ease of use, and flexibility.

    Foresite SPA is one of the best and completed sales forecasting software. It is a used to connect companies to combine sales. It is a very easy to way to directly connect to the users. Foresite's finished business change experts settled the down to earth needs of developing organizations.

    GMDH is most powerful of sales forecasting system. It augury income of some old data, today's market value and visitors estimate.It is a very faster to run visitor's business. It's best features like it gives ERP system detail, integrates data from disappearing sources within your company for correct statistical need forecasts.

    IMI is a supply chain management software solution whose architecture provides for extremely reliable and scalable transaction handling for companies for whom dynamic supply chain management is a key competitive advantage.

    Infor Automotive Exchange is a demand management solution for automotive suppliers that extends and complements traditional ERP order-to-cash capabilities by normalizing data across all customers.

    Infor Supply Chain Planning (SCP) balances supply and demand, synchronizing assets to optimize the delivery of product.

    INTUENDI is a best sales forecasting software for businesses of every size. It is a very easy to use and less time consuming, traditional methods. It follows the prescriptive action and supports inevitable requirement forecasting functionality, inventory fill software etc.

    JDA Demand gathers information from both passive and active data points, organizing and delivering proactive, prescriptive insights for improved forecast accuracy. This powerful cloud-based solution helps you develop a collaborative forecast that effectively predicts and shapes consumer-driven demand across segments and throughout complete product lifecycles. By segmenting orders by product, geography and channel, JDA Demand allows you to apply your resources strategically and profitably.

    JDA Order Promiser is a high-performance solution that increases order capture, enhances delivery confidence, provides full supply utilization and increases customer service levels.

    JustEnough’s innovative solutions help companies to forecast customer demand; plan assortments, allocations and inventory; shape demand with markdowns and promotions and then execute on those plans.

    Manhattan's Planning Solutions are designed to enable you to get in front of demand, blending both channel-specific and omni-channel capabilities to ensure the right products are offered to your customers.

    VMI is a demand forecasting software that helps you manage your trading relationships and improve customer service at the store level.

    RockySoft 12 delivers the tools you need to make stocking decisions so that you profitably achieve your growth plans while maintaining customer satisfaction.

    Ramco Logistics Suite is a unified cloud based software for Third Party Logistics providers, Freight forwarders and Courier service providers. Ramco Logistics enables to drive optimization and maximize productivity through disruptive tech around mobility, Command Center & in-memory optimization. Ramco Logistic’s unique offering encompasses but not limited to • Unified Logistics Software including HR & Finance • Flexible & Scalable solution to uberize operations. • In Memory based Optimization enabling real-time scheduling & routing • Command center for end to end visibility of operations • Predictive Analysis to measure profitability Ramco Logistics is scalable and can be deployed on cloud or on-premise. It supports integration with most of the existing business applications. Ramco Logistics is ideal for any organization who want to optimize their operations , embark on Digital transformation and thrive digitally. Ramco ERP caters to both medium and large scale enterprises. For more details, visit http://bit.ly/2d7OFwB. Ramco is a fast growing cloud enterprise software player disrupting the market with its multi-tenanted cloud and mobile-based enterprise software in the area of HCM and Global Payroll, Time & Attendance, ERP, Asset Management, Logistics and M&E MRO for Aviation. Ramco is a trusted cloud technology provider for 1000+ customers empowering 150,000+ end users globally.

    RastPro is a one-stop solution for supply-chain demand planning professionals: RastPro starts with demand forecasting by streamlining the collaborative forecasting process, segmentation and/or clustering, and finishing with key-answers to support your procurements decision.

    RELEX Solutions provides unified retail planning solutions that deliver impressive results for customers around the world. We are dedicated to helping retail businesses improve their competitiveness through localized assortments, profitable use of retail space, accurate forecasting and replenishment, and optimized workforce planning. Our SaaS solutions deliver quick return on investment and can be used independently or jointly for unified retail planning, enabling cross-functional optimization of retail’s core processes: merchandising, supply chain and store operations. Our unified retail planning technology adapts easily to changing operations and processes, whether you are a fast-growing challenger or a multinational. RELEX enables businesses to plan better, sell more and waste less however fast the market changes. Bring us your toughest challenge and we’ll help you solve it. Through our retail expertise, innovative technology and agility, we build strong, enduring, award-winning partnerships with our customers. We can introduce you to any RELEX customer you choose for a frank and independent assessment of our solutions. RELEX Solutions is trusted by leading brands including WHSmith, Morrisons, AO.com, Coop Denmark and Rossmann, and has offices across North America and Europe.

    A fully integrated, easily configurable and feature rich integrated planning suite in a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. This cloud-based SCP solution is extremely useful for SMEs looking for a user-friendly, feature-rich and cost-effective solution.

    JMS was formed by a group of logistics consultants who, after over 17 years of experience, were determined to offer the business world a powerful and affordable alternative to expensive, cumbersome supply chain programs. Our Mission is to provide flexible, high quality products and services while building long lasting relationships. We offer strong supply chain guidance and clear-cut exception oriented solutions. SCP has helped companies establish VMI relationships, improve planning, minimize stockouts, and lower inventory costs by giving them flexible, user-friendly tools that get the job done quickly and accurately.

    Plan. Perform. Profit. Steelwedge cloud-based S&OP solutions offer integrated business planning for your sales, finance, operations and executive teams.

    Global Inventory Management helps you identify and actively reduce excess stock, improve availability by understanding what and where to stock, and eliminate manual processes and multiple reviewers.

    Tensoft FSM is the web-based solution for technology companies with outsourced manufacturing operations and supply chain networks. Tensoft FSM supports the unique manufacturing, supply chain and financial needs of semiconductor and high tech businesses, and is designed to scale with growth and changing business requirements.

    Thrive helps distribution and retail companies needing to improve the demand forecasting and inventory replenishment functionality in their ERP systems.

    Valogix Inventory Planner is a forecasting and planning solution to plan the inventory. It optimizes and recommends stock levels for all items at all stocking locations.

    Vision Inventory Management solutions provide inventory visibility and demand planning to manufacturers and retailers, enabling them to respond quickly and bridge the gap between retail supply and demand to increase profitability.

    Voxware Intellestra helps to get a real-time perspective to anticipate demand and build customer loyalty.