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Best Dental Practice Management Software

Dental practice management software provides tools for dentists and related health professionals to oversee their day-to-day operations. The capabilities of these products can include appointment scheduling, document storage and sharing, contact databases, and reporting, as well as dental history charting, patient notes, and treatment plans. They may also include communication platforms for the employees within a dentistry and assist with filing and tracking insurance claims. Receptionists and dentists will utilize these tools to ensure their businesses run smoothly and critical information is safely stored and easily accessible. Dental practice management software often integrates or comes bundled with billing or accounting software to help assist with the financial side of a dentistry business and dental imaging to store and organize patient x-rays and images.

To qualify for inclusion in the Dental Practice Management category, a product must:

  • Provide one or more tools designed exclusively for managing operations within a dentist’s office such as patient scheduling, procedure database and pricing, and billing features

Dental Practice Management Software Grid® Overview

The best Dental Practice Management Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: Dentrix and EagleSoft
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders High Performers include: Open Dental Software, Solutionreach Dental, and RevenueWell
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution.
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: CS SoftDent Software
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    Dental Practice Management reviews by real, verified users. Find unbiased ratings on user satisfaction, features, and price based on the most reviews available anywhere.

    Dentrix is a practice management solution that provides charting capabilities and imaging connectivity that helps you manage your productivity and allows you to build your digital dental office.

    EagleSoft is a practice management software that has features to help you manage your daily routine from patient scheduling and insurance claim tracking to treatment plans and recalls, and more tools you need to manage your front office.

    RevenueWell is a solution built specifically for dental offices; it knows exactly what it takes to grow your practice. RevenueWell syncs with your practice software throughout the day to automate the marketing and patient communication processes that keep patients coming in, coming back, and paying you on time. These process used to need to be done manually, but with RevenueWell all communication happens automatically and in the way the patient prefers.

    A powerful, flexible, affordable dental practice management software. Made by a dentist, for dentists. For any practice, any size, anywhere. Free trial version: http://www.opendental.com/trial.html Learn about the basic features in our free hour long demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuYjT7UaOX8 Fees for software, support, and and other services: http://www.opendental.com/manual/fees.html

    Solutionreach Dental is a practice solutions platform that helps manage revenue, costs and provides your office the the tools to help manage time to care for patients.

    CS SoftDent Software is designed to help you dental practice manage efficiency with a suite of dental practice management tools to help manage your productivity.

    CS PracticeWorks gives you access information with features and scheduling that focuses on automation and is driven by the scheduler to help you manage your practice.

    Curve Hero is a dental practice management that delivers office management via the Cloud, allowing you to access your patient data from anywhere.

    Beautiful dental practice management software to help you strengthen relationships with your patients.

    Evolution is a solution designed to help you manage time and money providing information on demand that has what you need to run your practice with management tools that help to manage case scheduling, tracking as the cases flow through.

    CS OrthoTrac helps you build and maintain productive practices by tracking appointments, clinical information, billing, and patient correspondences with automated tools to help you manage daily tasks.

    CS WinOMS provides what you need to manage your OMS practice from medical and dental insurance billing with automatic cross-coding to scheduling and referral management.

    Denticon is a web-based dental practice management software application that can be configured to the needs of your dental practice in a single location or multiple locations.

    ExcelDent is a practice management software that is touch and tablet ready, with anti-fraud recrusive accounting, and allows you to manage your database.

    ViewPoint is a practice managment solution with imaging and communication capabilities and tools to help you manage your practice.

    Practice-Web Dental is a paperless dental office solution based on Microsoft.NET Platform that includes appointment scheduling, clinical and perio charting, patient & insurance e-billing, and more.

    ACE Dental is a web-based and on-premise practice management software solution that offers patient and family ledgers, paper and electronic insurance claims, appointment scheduling, appointment pre-locking, and more.

    Guarantee standards of care for your patients and make data driven decisions using axiUm for your dental academic institution.

    Bridge-IT is an application to manage your practice by booking appointments and managine patient records, finances, staff member's records, reporting charting, treatment notes and more.

    CareStack™ is a cloud-based platform that combines dental practice management, patient engagement and data analytics. Simply put, CareStack is rewriting the rules of what an intelligent solution should look like for dentistry - for groups, DSO's and solo practices. With fully integrated modules for scheduling, clinical, billing, patient engagement and business management, CareStack lets you manage all major functions of your practice through one intuitive platform. With an array of support and training options, the practice gets the one-on-one attention and support right from the start.

    Datacon Dental System is an all-in-one software solution that can be configured to meet your practice needs with the ability to integrate with digital radiopgraphy or image products.

    DentalWriter is a medical billing and diagnotstic report writing software that helps manage your practice with referals, medical insurance reimbursment, and more.

    Easy Dental is a practice management system that has features that provide management and clinical tools with the ability to add functionality when your practice grows.

    ePatient is an online patient registration and pre-clinical assessment system that allows your patients to register online using your ePatient portal to give you their information ahead of time.

    Exan Group specializes in dental software for every dental segment, from a single practitioner to multi facility enterprise.

    iDentalSoft is a cloud-based dental practice management software.

    Dentist Marketing 360 is a powerful marketing platform built for dental practices. Fully managed integrated marketing solution.

    MediaDent is a cloud-based electronic dental record and practice management solution integrated with digital X-rays. It offers tools to help you manage your practice such as scheduling, restorative and periodontal charting, treatment notes and planning, and more. Our EDR and PM solutions also meet the charting, billing, and reporting needs of community health centers, as well as the requirements of meaningful use, keeping practices and clinics competitive and financially healthy.

    With OPERATORY you can document, record chart and image information, write prescriptions, automatically create treatment plans that can be stored in patient files.

    OmegaBill Dental allows you to process dental insurance claims and provide billing services for dental practices by allowing you to receive claims electronically from dental offices in different formats.

    OmegaPrax Dental is the industries most affordable and efficient way of helping your practice simplify the daily tasks necessary to run a successful business. It will streamline your patient workflow from check-in to check-out. Our Office Manager allows for better office communications and simpler patient processing. You will know when your patients have arrived, when they are in the chair and when they are ready to be checked out. The practice schedule, patient information, insurance and billing functions are well organized and right at at your fingertips. The checkout function allows you to easily bill for services, accept payments, make adjustments, file any insurance and print walkout statements. Taking notes and scheduling future appointments are a breeze. If you signup for our Patient Reminders service, you won't have to worry about patients falling through the cracks and your patients will love getting those electronic reminders as well. The system knows when a patient is due for a recall and will notify both you and the patient that it's once again time for a checkup or regular maintenance. You and your staff will quickly realize that running the practice is no longer a pain but a pleasure. Everyone will be able to focus more on patient care and less on practice care.

    The Edge Cloud Management, Imaging, and Communication System is Ortho2's cloud-based practice management system designed to help maximize the offerings the cloud provides.

    Total Dental Imaging is a module that works with a variety of dental imaging systems that allows you to bring your practice device support for sensors and imaging software.

    YAPI is a paperless solution for your dental practice, that gets rid of the processes of filing, scanning, and shredding paper documents by using tablets and iPads to manage your business.

    ABELDent helps you manage efficiency, productivity and the success of your dental practice that allows you to control your priorities, secure 24/7 access to your data, scheduling, communication, and more.

    ADSTRA Dental Software Suite provides total office management: receivables, marketing, imaging, charting, messaging and more.

    ADSTRA Management™ dental practice management software easily and efficiently provides dental offices with total office management. From treatment to receivables, from patient administration to marketing, from clinical notes to financial statements and multi-level security, ADSTRA Management™ offers a variety of features. ADSTRA Management™ dental practice management software is designed to be extremely easy to use; everything you need is just a click away. - Flexible – use only what you need or want. - Detailed personal and medical records for patients. - Alerts can be set and will show in pertinent areas. - Treatment logs use a catalog of dental procedures. - Custom templates for creating clinical notes. - Ledger card for patients and financial dependents. - Prescription and Lab Case Tracking.

    AeronaDental is a web-based practice management solution that you can access anywhere at any time that allows you to purchase dental practice and patient management software as a service instead of installing the software.

    AeronaClinic, by Aerona Software Ltd, is a cloud based Practice Management solution which is web based.

    Dental practice management software. Insurance & Patient Billing, Electronic Claims, Appointments, and more.

    ASNAN SOLUTION is a modern dental EMR software that offers comprehensive clinical & practice management functionality for single dentist practice and corporate dental clinics.

    Axex is a solution that has what you need to run your practice, scheduling, e-claims, accounting, payments, charting, imaging, and more.

    ClearDent Reports & Management allows you to analyze data using reports that allows you to give your staff teh management insight necessary to manage and deliver care to patients, referral reports, aggregate management data, and custom reporting service.

    Scans your appointment book and automatically sends an email to your patients reminding them about their upcoming appointment.

    Core Practice is a web-based dental practice management software aimed at improving patient care and transforming the way you manage your practice. It provides the opportunity to merge the commercial, clinical and clerical into one invaluable tool. Optimise appointment and payment workflows, streamline dental charting and note compilation and track and measure your business with real-time insights and analytics. Being web-based, it eliminates the hassles of owning and maintaining your own servers. You also have the flexibility to use the software wherever you are, whenever you want on any device with an internet browser.

    Digital X-ray equipment, computer hardware and support, and full-featured dental practice management software for the modern dentist.

    Dental practice management solution with features such as record automation, email alerts, patient registration, and more.

    Cloud based Clinic & Dental solution with modules to mange your entire practice.

    DenChart is the most accurate, reliable and efficient Voice Activated Periodontal charting in the industry. From small to large multi-location practices, DenChart has what you need to get the job done.

    Dens PC is an all-in-one periodontal and dental charting, allowing you to create a chart, duplicat or share the chart via email, import or chart export.

    DentAdmin is a patient administration with automatic calculation of RZIV-codes and prices, the ability to print documents, electronic calender management that is synchronizable with MS-Outlook, and digital communication through email and SMS.

    Dental 4 Windows SQL is a practice management system designed for 3D skull charting, eChat, and eAppointments so you keep your patients connected.

    Dental software that handles appointment book, periodontal charting, practice marketing, patient details, etc.

    Dental practice management solution with e-charting functionality. Free for dental students.

    Scheduler, Patient Record, Billing, Treatment Planning, Reports, Recall Management, Task Manager, and more.

    Practice management software with family information, electronic insurance filing, confirmation lists for the family-focused practices.

    Manage and improve quality, reputation, and profit of your dental clinic through this easy to use management software.

    DentalPlus is a practice management software that has a consistent interface, access to core functions, real-time display of who is in the waiting room that is tailored to reception or the clinician and uses color to identify which is the current section.

    Single platform for the entry of patient dental information.

    Dentifi combines automation with hands-on service by checkign a task off of a to-do list, Dentifi completes the rest of the process including data entry leaving you with a completed treatment plan.

    DentiMax dental software offers a appointment book and ledger for the market and allows you to send prescriptions electronically.

    DentiMax Online allows you access to your practice data from any computer that has internet capability that helps multi-location practices and billing services.

    Dentisoft Office is a web-based dental software system that allows you to manage your practice from anywhere.

    Dent-O-Soft allwos you to manage your practice, patients, and finances in one system with the ability to enter patient appointments, charges, and payments as well as ther oral situation.

    Dentsoftware is designed to help you manage dental college, hospitals and dental clinics with control of a dental practice management that works with individual clinics an gives a consolidated and cetnralized way to manage your clinic.

    Dental software with an intuitive user interface, powerful features and the highest security.

    Diamond Dental Software is a dental practice management software written by dentists, for dentists that includes clinical and perio charting, digital imaging, electronic treatment notes, eClaims, PDA versions, and more.

    Windows-based practice management software that offers treatment planning, periodontal charting and analysis.

    Dovetail Office is a cloud-based dental software solution that is designed for mobile tablets and can be accessed through any platform that allows you to share files and collaborate on treatement plans without having to manage emails and faxes.

    Healthcare information platform that dental surgeries use to manage internal information requirements and/or to connect externally.

    eKlinikDENTAL is a dental information system with mobile wireless device touch screen capabilities for patient notes management with handwriting annotations for dental cahrs with auto appointment reminders.

    EXACT V11 is a practice management software that gives you the management tools to help manage revenue and profitability and automates management tasks that determine the finance sucess of your practice.

    An intelligent and powerful practice management system that delivers efficiency and enhances business performance.

    EXAMINE PRO software allows dentists to bring together and store a patient's digital images in one place

    EZ 2000 Dental Software is a practice management software solution that allows you to grow with the requirements for digital technology and paperless processing, with intra oral camera capabilities, electronic claims processing, digital x-rays, and more.

    From clinical and administrative to business-related tasks, Fuse was built to enhance every aspect of your practice.

    Galaxy Dental System is a dental accounts receivable system that supplies a dental practice with a method of managing insurance based and private pay billing.

    For dental offices with a focus on effective, premium, patient care, iKlyk provides a PIPEDA compliant dental software.

    Complete dental benefit plan information on local, state, and national employers including deductibles, percentages, etc.

    Easy to use practice growth platform custom crafted for the seasoned and successful medical or dental practice owner.

    iSmile Dental Software is an IT system which helps you manage your practice and patients ranging frm patient managemnet, treatments, and diary information to finance, day-to-day information and more.

    LabStar is a cloud-based dental lab software for dental lab management with the ability to access your account from any device that allows communication and service with clients, paperless billling, deliveries, and more.

    Lighthouse 360 is the all-in-one automated patient communication software that seamlessly integrates with your practice management software to save time, fill the schedule, and keep your practice running smoothly.

    MacPractice DDS is a Mac-based dental software application that give you acces to digital radiography, EMR/EHR, ePrescribe, attachments, scheduling, inventory management, auto reminders, and more

    Maxident 6 is a practice managment software that allows you to manage your productivity in your entire office from reception and check-in to check-out and overall office management.

    NetDent provides an integrated solution that is designed to work as a unified tool that addresses the front office, clinical treatment, and financial management of your practice.

    Dental office software. Now available by subscription license.

    OperaDDS helps you fill your schedule with recall reminders, build trust with direct 2-way texting/Email Campaigns, go paperless with HIPAA compliant digital forms that allow easy patient intake and cut down on wasted time with traditional forms.

    Software offering that provides online patient information management and engagement system to create loyal patient base for dentists.

    Pappyjoe is a multi-networkable software that helps you manage the day to day tasks of your practice.

    Comprehensive module-based dental practice management system with features such as appointment booking and patients records.

    Pearl is a practice managment solution for both private and NHS practices that can be configured to fit your practices needs with a patient records system, with the ability to capture the information you need for your patients, and more.

    PerfectByte Dental is a dental practice management software that prives features necessary to manage the profitability and efficiency of your practice that includes, billing, scheduling, recalls, image storage, customizable documents, charting, and more.

    Praktika is a cloud-based practice management software that offers secure remote data access and management based content and cloud computing technologies.

    Allows you to enter in insurance payments, and view the total amount of insurance payments received for any given day.

    Securely and easily send electronic referrals between dental professionals.

    Saral Dental Soft is a practice management software solution for dentists that allows you to maintain your patients registration detail, medial history, dental history, and more.

    Systems for Dentists is a dental practice managment software that allows you to configure the software to suite your practice needs.

    T32 Bundle is a cloud-based practice management software that allows you to manage your practice and revenue with scheduler, patient portal, web presence, charting, and more.

    Practice management system that includes referrals/recalls tracking, dental accounting, remote diagnostic support functionality.

    Viive is a practice management system built for Mac and is designed by dentists with a patient-centric workflow allowing you to access what you need with a single click.

    WYSdom ICONic is a dental practice management software that offers a full-featured dental charting system, administrative, reporting, and patient appointment fuctions and more to help you manage your practice,

    XLDent is a practice management system that has tools that automates key business processes and helps you manage your practice and profitability.

    A remote access solution that is designed to increase network speed and collaboration for dental practices with more than one office.